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  1. Dad says thanks you guys, he is just too busy to get on the forum right now. With Mom in the hospital, and some personal issues going on, things are pretty crazy. Mom is getting better, but its going slow and she is still in the hospital.
  2. 52 to be exact. The top ones are so stinkin tough to get to I almost left them open.
  3. Progress: Drilled out rear wheel covers for the hub. Welded up the holes with fender washers. Then grinded off the high spots. Put on some filler. Sealed and undercoated the welded areas. Debadged the tailgate and fixed a couple dents. The center light still needs to be removed bu that will be later. This is where we ended up today. Still need to get my hands on a set of fender flares, and work the body work a little more. Its coming along nicely. I pick up the rear driveshaft in the morning. It just got rebuilt.
  4. Just need to get this out of the way, any body need it? Its pretty much brand new, I pulled a trailer 1 time for 2 miles with it to test drive a truck. Its a really heavy duty pin, not a light weight. $50.00
  5. This is going to be a bit time consuming, because the truck needs A LOT of work, but we got a good deal done already. I am converting my 2003 Dodge dually 4x4 into a sing rear wheel. I was going to find a standard bed and sell the dually bed before I realized that they go from $1500 to $1800. So, I decided to go ahead and pull the fenders off, and do some body work. A little history on the truck: I started a "hot shot" company about 3 years ago with this truck. It had 75,000 miles on it when my Parents brought it home. I quickly put an AFE stage 2 intake, and a 5" turbo back exhaust on it. I put Amsoil in all the boxes and hit the road. I switched gears with the company and decided to haul cars about a year later. The truck now has 310,000 miles on it. It runs great, but doesnt drive so well. If you ever think about hauling 30,ooo pounds plus on a regular basis with a 1 ton pick up truck, think again, not a great idea!!!!!! The truck needs new brakes, u joints, tranny, tires, axle seals, pinion seals, and a little lighter load from now on. I closed the doors on my company because hauling rates are in the pooper!!!!! So now I need the truck to be my daily driver for work. I will not need a dually any longer. Step 1: Front end rebuild and u-joints. I didnt get any pics of this process because it pretty much kicked my butt!!!! New front brakes, wheel bearings or hub assembly, and new u-joints in the axle shafts and driveshafts. Being that I do not have the proper tools for this job, in hind sight I really should have had a shop do the work. My Father in Law has a 40 ton press that I used for the axle u-joints, not cool. The longer axle shaft should have been on a table with a flippin bench vise. The press broke loose on me and the axle shaft hit my elbow dead on. It quickly went from the size of a soft ball to about the size of a cantaloupe, OUCH!!!!!!!!!!. It took me 2 days to get the front end done, and in the end saved about $1,000 doing it myself. The rear driveshaft was a different story, I pulled out the 6' 3" 2 piece shaft and didnt even bother trying to man handle it on the press. Its at the DS shop getting a rebuild for $250.00. Since there is a good chance that I would have broke my leg using the press, $250.00 is a pretty good deal. Plus its getting balanced and a new carrier bearing. Step 2: Getting wheels and tires, and getting the fenders off. First thing that I needed was a nice set of wheels and tires. George, YOU ARE THE MAN!!!!!!!!!!!!!! George hooked me up with a VERY sweet deal. Thanks George. I got 4 factory polished aluminum wheels with some decent 315 tires. These babies really dolled the truck up a lot. Before I put them on I wanted to get the dually fenders off. I really didnt realize how much CRAP was holding the fenders on, what a pain in the BUTT!!!!!!! Before: After: There is going to be a lot of holes to patch and weld, then filler and paint. I dont know when I am going to get started on that process, as I need to get a job! It may be a weekend thing, and when I get bored of looking for a job, but I will keep updating as I have more progress. This is where it stands right now.
  6. Thats gotta be the most insane boat racing I have ever seen! VERY COOL!
  7. Try this one, its crazy addictive! http://dsc.discovery.com/tv/future-weapons/games/cannon/cannon.html
  8. I didnt know we were allowed to post porno's.
  9. Thats one of the greatest movie lines EVER.
  10. The Rounders, that was a great movie.
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