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  1. That truly is a great shot. Even with the crop/chop the shot looks terrific in that header. Nice job!
  2. Darn, looks like I am going to have to back out at this time. I was really hoping to get out and meet some of you, but it will have to wait for another trip. And, since I haven't been on Smiley Rock yet, I'll look forward to the writeup and pictures that I'm sure are to follow.
  3. Thanks! Yes, they're dog friendly, and people friendly as well. They've been on a lot of Jeeping trips with us and are quite used to being around others in a group setting. Very social. We're in the east valley just outside of AJ. Depending on how early we may want to bug out on Friday, we may tag along in the afternoon, or just decide to take off earlier and beat the heat on the drive.
  4. We'd like to join up for this one. Hopefully it would be a dog friendly weekend? We'd like to head up on Friday sometime, so if there is anybody we can tag along with, that would be great.
  5. Been on the VJC site for awhile and keep coming across the great trip reports that Diane posts over there. Every time I see another one I say, "gee, I'd like to have gone on that one." Offroad Passport seems to find such wonderful and interesting places to visit.
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