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  1. Sorry Ladies and Gentleman I'm new to OP, I was just wondering how the Sunflower Mine Trail is doing and is it completely passible the whole 13 mile trail? I was out there once about 10 yrs ago as a teenager and I would like to go out there soon but have been reading online the trail has basically dissapeared gotten to narrow/steep in an area after the mine around the 8 mile mark, is this true and do you have to turn around or is it completely passible again? Thanks for all info! Sunny
  2. Hello, My name is Sunny, I am new to Offroad Passport, I came here today to let you all know that I was out at the Four Peaks/Sycamore Creek cleanup today (11/5/2011) and in the raffle I won a Certificate for $10,000 off the purchase of a V8 Hemi Jeep. If anyone is interested in this certificate and is seriously in the market to buy a V8 Hemi Jeep I am willing to sell this cerficate to any buyer. The certificate unfortunately expires 11/30/2011 so you literally have to be in the market to purchase one in the next 3 weeks. The website is: www.v8hj.com, so take a look. Honestly gentleman this is not a scam, I own a 2007 Nissan Xterra 4x4 and I am a member of the AZ Xterra Club and post on www.thenewx.org as sunny1881, my stepdad has a 1974 Jeep CJ5 and growing up in AZ he got me into 4wheelin as a young kid and I have done it ever since, my whole life. If you are interested in this certificate, have a friend that may be or know someone in this club that is, please forward this Thread to him/her and/or PM me or email me at: sunny1881@hotmail.com, I am a honest AZ 4wheeler that is not in the market for a Jeep, I won this certificate today and dont want it to go unused, so I would love to help out someone that is in the market with this steep awesome discount. If you post on other Jeep forums please repost this thread over there if you can. Thanks for looking and please let me know, Sunny
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