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  1. I like your new light. Do I see some sort of cover to keep the sun off of your winch line? And since I am being nosey, is that a toggle switch located above and to the left of the new light? Maybe it controls a water pump for what looks like a water nozzle? Maybe I see another toggle switch on the far right side on the winch controller. What does it do?
  2. I did it! So many gadgets - I feel like I should take a class.
  3. Thank so much for the info/tips! I now have my sights set on a 2020 Grand Cherokee Trailhawk - I think!
  4. Thank you both for the replies. Yes, I believe that I am considering the Grand Cherokee Trailhawk and Cherokee Trailhawk as the same vehicle. That must be my mistake. I really want a Trailhawk as an upgrade to my daily driver which is a 2013 Ford Explorer. I like the Explorer but it has so little ground clearance that I really don't like to drive it anywhere that isn't on pavement. When I have to go off road, I have a 2007 Rubicon on 37s but often in my day job when I normally drive the Explorer, I need to drive up snowy mountains or deeply rutted fields or roads. This probably isn't the place, but can you help me decide between a Grand Cherokee Trailhawk and Cherokee Trailhawk? Maybe even the best year to get if I go for a used one?
  5. Hi Kris, Thanks for sharing all of the details on this vehicle. It looks great! I'm thinking of buying a (probably used) Trailhawk and am wondering about the rear axle locker. Can you tell me if your year's version of the Trailhawk has one? Or is it maybe something you get when you don't get the V8?
  6. Genius! Always enjoy seeing things from someone else's point of view. I've been wanting to do a trash bag but didn't want to cover up the camera. This is very clever.
  7. Have you considered mounting the switch inside the cab? It will stay dry and probably be easier to reach.
  8. I want to play... With all that wiring, my guess is that it is a security system.
  9. Just wanted to mention the head liner that I made for my JKU from EVA foam. This stuff is pretty inexpensive and very easy to work with. You often find it like this: The stuff I used came in a roll meant for a larger surface: Covering the freedom panels was easy as I just removed them and flipped them upside down. Tracing and measuring, I was able to come up with a good fit. I had some trouble keeping them glued in place. Can't remember what I tried first, but I ended up using Shoo Goo and it has been holding fine for a few years now. To cover the rest, I just measured and held them in place with some tape and a couple of thin strips of lumber while the glue set. Where I live, it doesn't get Arizona heat, but on our sunny days, it helps a lot as you don't feel as much heat blasting on your head. In the winter I think it helps insulate too. I think my install cost maybe $35 Doesn't look as the manufactured liner and not as easy to install. I like it though!
  10. Here is what I made. I'm always looking for a flat surface. I use this to hold tools and as a work bench. Probably wouldn't hold up too well if you were to sit on it but it is surprisingly strong. Some paracord is being used for the supports. Originally I was going to use cable but the paracord is easy to work with and doesn't rattle around when the shelf is folded up. Nutserts are used to hold the aluminum angle to the gate. The shelf is just a piece of pine shelf. The hinge is nothing more than a 1/4 - 20 bolt that threads into a threaded insert on each side. To help keep the bolt from ripping out of the wood, another piece of angle was used. It distributes the force over a much larger area and keeps the wood from splitting. These pictures are a couple of years old now. Eventually I replaced the wood shelf with a piece of Baltic birch plywood. The paracord is holding up fine as I have only had to adjust it one time.
  11. I like this! Want something like this on my JKU but I don't have a roof rack. So far, I have a couple of extendable poles and a few bungee cords. Progress has stopped.
  12. I went out wheeling so I didn't have a bunch of time to try different things, but I did give this one a shot: "Autosleeper Auto power ON-OFF" This was perfect. Start up my Jeep and the tablet comes on and when I turn off the key, it shuts off. Sometimes it resumes the last program I was running, but sometimes it goes to the home screen. I used Waze and Locus Map Pro for navigation, Torque Pro to see what the engine was up to and DoubeTwist for tunes. I want to check out some other navigation apps for off road use. Maybe just looking over the operating instructions for what I have will help. So far though, I don't seem to understand it enough to be of much use. The mount I'm trying out is the XENOMIX SHG-NX4000 I think the mount is fine for use on a paved road but offroad, it would be nice if it held more firmly. Sorry for the thread hijack - I hope I didn't detour it too much. Thank you again for helping get me started. Al
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