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  1. Could you crack a cover and verify for sure the gearing? I am looking for the 3.73 gears.
  2. That is slick. nice low profile. I've been working on a WJ bumper off and on for a while now with no end in sight. The angles are such a PITA. This one is perfect I love it!
  3. Just like it says ISO stock WJ D30 front and D35 rear with 3.73 gears. These are usually found in 4.0 WJs with factory tow packages. Not in any real hurry just would like to get a bit better gears than my 3.54s
  4. Still have these? Are these complete axles and do you know the gear ratio?
  5. ERR ok I fixed it This Saturday 7-9 and Sunday 7-10 Thanks for the catch I had that wrong on all posts on FB as well! WHat would I do with out you?
  6. Its been long over due. I am cleaning out the corners of my shop and getting organized. This will be a sale worthy of Oden himself! Sorry guys I totally forgot about letting ORP members know. East Apache Juntion (MT. View Rod and hwy 60) July 9th and 10th Saturday and Sunday 6AM – 2PM Cash, or card (on $20 or higher purchases) A whole bunch of “man” stuff. No baby clothes or girly nick nacks! Brand new 12 volt accessories for your off-road vehicle or custom sand rail New electrical components High quality self -sealing heatshrink tubing High quality regular heatshrink tubing Camping gear Hunting gear Reloading equipment ATV parts Dual sport MX dirt bike parts Tools Shop equipment Raw steel materials Ridding gear 2-way radio equipment Amateur Radio equipment CB accessories Storage containers and organizers Electronics DLP Projector I am still digging stuff out and cleaning it up. Will be all organized and tagged for the sale. Email me for an address
  7. That's pretty awesome grunt. I hope to be doing the same next spring. The block and crank have been "on ice" sitting at the machine shop since 2014 and new heads in storage. Time i do something with it.
  8. Yeah, its been a different year for us. for me getting back into dual sport bikes, Bridget getting into them for the first time. We picked up an RV last fall. The Mule (click here) has just kind of been sitting there. We were holding onto it until we knew for sure which we we were heading. The one thing we had the most fun in and missed the most was our CJ7. So the plan is to get some fixes done on the truck and get it on the market. Also, as awesome as the truck is it just felt too big for what we want to do. We really want to get back with the ORP crowd. Not that you guys deny other rigs in any ways it jsut feels more right for us personally in a jeep The plan: To find a 83-86 CJ7 in the Southwest. Preferably with a Automatic. we want the 83-86 for a couple reasons. 1) the Dana 300 T-case, 2) wide track axles, 3) lockouts, 4) AMC 20 rear axle). Also with the CJ7 its carbureted so less wires to pull as we will be installing the 5.7 Tuned Port motor that was planned for the truck with a 700r4 mated tot he Dana 300. This will give us more power and much better MPG. a modest 4" lift with the Rough Country Ez-ride springs and Bilstein shocks. update the CJ rollbars o the 93-95 YJ cage. Update the dashboard with a custom setup add A/C Add onboard air with a York pump. Lock right locker in rear Upgrade hubs to 76-80 6 bolt lockouts Steering brace Steering box bracket Skids fresh 5.7 TPI motor with 700r4 but the current motor will do for now. We will pretty much recreate the same bumpers and sliders but with some updates from metal fab and CAD work I've learned over the last decade. They were cheap effective and looked good (and that was with a torch and arc welder!) Pics of our old CJ7 in Minnesota It might be a while before the next post.
  9. Hey guys Im still around. Just been busy with life. As much as I love the truck it is going to be hitting the market and we are going to get back into a CJ, maybe a YJ. Its been a fun truck and a great building experience. We have since purchased a class C RV and some Dual sport bikes so we have been doing that a lot. The truck is almost sad sitting there all alone. Ive learned a lot from this build and I plan to implement some of these ideas into the CJ. I will also take the planned 5.7 TPI that was slated for the truck and move it in top the Jeep. We want to be able to pull the Jeep behind the RV and we plan to get mor einto local 4x4 search and Rescue to having a smaller vehicle will help in tighter spots. We miss that Open air feeling of the CJ.
  10. Thanks, I guess when we tag along we will be replacing large marge's shoes!
  11. Hey guys, Yeah Im still alive. We got back from our Cross country trip last october and just got busy. so here are some updates. I got back into Motorcycles so I have been riding my dual sport a lot lately. My wife got into it for the first time so we have been riding a lot. In fact I've got so far into the bikes that I am starting to offer parts for them. I also got some classic Honda ATVs and am doing a partial resurrection/restoration on an '85 HOnda 250SX 3 wheeler. As I mentioned in a earlier post I have to fix the dual swing outs. Hoping to finally get to that next week. The motor project is still on the table. The block and crank is all machined and in storage for now. I still have to acquire almost all the parts. Never got to painting the Mule last winter. I hope to finally get to it this fall. Just hope the paint is still good. I am no longer selling the cheap LED lights. I had too many issues and the company decided to handle all the problems by dropping all their dealers. I am now selling Rigids and have not had one come back yet. When I get around to it I am pulling all the lights off the Mule and changing over to Rigids. I may have a line on a small bench top 1/2" tube bender. If I can nab that I can bend up a new roof rack and make it slimmer and more aerodynamic. I got the new axles shafts in a while back and they are still working just fine which makes me suspect i did not have enough fluid in the diff. Typically you reach your correct amount of fluid when it spills out the drain hole. well I did that the first time then drove cross country and toasted the shafts. This time I measured out the amount needed and tilted the axle up on one end and fill it up. so far so good. The pinion is at the correct angle and not aiming straight so that was not a fill issue. A few of us suspect the Auburn is displacing the fluid a bit but even that seems odd. Either way it's working now. As overkill awesome (and a bit novel) as the center control panel was I am going to cut back the amount of switches and add a few more USB charging parts and make most of that panel section a little "cubby hole" so there is a place to put all the camera gear and gopros and such to charge while on the road. On that subject the whole wiring and console project really paid off during our trip. really made things a lot easier. The A/C is out in the Mule so thats another reason no trips this summer. We brokes records just last week. Fry an egg on concrete you say? There is a guy that posted a video of pan frying a steak on his driveway a couple days ago. Another thing is a few months ago I quit my day job and took my business full time so thats added a challenge in life and has kept me busy. The other thing that's been on our mind and is sucking up my research time is we are considering purchasing a Class C RV this winter. So to recap YES... I am still alive Been busy Still love my Mule!
  12. God knows these days. I got SKF bearings and National seals. the trusted mix I've used for years.
  13. Pulled the pass side yesterday and found it was starting to do same thing. Scored a whole other axle for $50 and Oreilly is warranting the bearings, seals and the brake shoes. so I am just out time and a couple extra qts of gear oil I had on the shelf. not sure what caused it. bad batcj of bearings, not enough fluid. did the seal leak and cause the fluid to get low enough. I drained 1.5qts of a 2qt diff so whos knows. I will install these shafts then pull them in 1000 miles and check then.
  14. Been a while since I posted, Everything has been running fine and the truck has been doing great... until now. Started getting a howl in the rear. Found the rear left axle seal was leaking. Pulled it a part and it was not pretty. I got 6k miles on these new National bearings and seals and this happens! I still have to pull the right side to verify that side is still good. talking with the manager at O'reilly in the morning.
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