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  1. I might be on my lonesome, Chris is on call that weekend!! I hope Goldie can handle the paved campground road!! Ha
  2. Bring it old man!! My salsa is so hot you'll break your hip!! That's right I said it!!
  3. Oh you better believe it's hot!!! I refer to it as the flamethrower, because one taste and you'll be shooting fire!! Ha
  4. Chris and I and 1 of our friends will be attending, and we will come up Friday night, since it's 30 minutes from our house . Yay!! I'm so excited to see all you guys!!
  5. Oh, I almost forgot!! I'm coming for my 'Hottest Salsa' title Mike!! You better bring it!!
  6. So a little birdie told me that The Ruts isn't a afraid of any salsa! We will see about that!! (Evil scientist laugh...)
  7. Wow!! That looks like such a cool trip! I'm so jealous!
  8. This just proves that you should never under estimate how much you can pack in a Jeep Wrangler!! Go Daddy!!
  9. I was told that it was because he had an umbilical hernia... Cronic itching sores, blahhh, gross!!
  10. Hey Phil I'm a little late but Happy Birthday buddy!!
  11. Awesome the jar of Ghost Chilis that I ordered should be here next week! Just kidding!
  12. It did turn out cute. Even though I think I was in the process of saying "You better not be taking a picture of my lame fire making skills!" Haha
  13. I told you not to take a picture of my lame campfire!!
  14. Hell yes I'm going buddy buddy!! And yes we are going to get kruncked on pimp juice!!
  15. Chris and I are going. But not sure whether we will be spending the night. Still not sure if my "city slicker" boyfriend understands that he is going to have to dig a hole to poo.
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