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  1. nice, what gauge did you end up using?
  2. Thanks.. No issues so far (knock on wood) though they dont get used too often. The single puma worked ok with my 35X12.5's going from about 9 or 10psi to about 28ish. But when I went to a 36x13.5, I became a little impatient. I figured if I was going to go through all the work of hard mounting, I'd try 2. Somehow it trips the 80 amp breaker every now and then, I'm assuming its to do with the gauge wire I used. Technically I should have an upgraded alternator, but I've filled up a few trucks tires in a row, without issue. Looking back I should have just gone with a extreme air.
  3. hey man, currently have two of those compressors. I use to use the complete puma set up. Then I broke it down and add a second puma. Not nearly as clean as your install. But gets the job done.
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