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  1. I'm going to get more steel tomorrow. I can add that strap to the list if you want. I get a pretty decent discount. How much do you need?
  2. I'm close by and have a few different sizes of expanded if you don't have what your wanting. I also have some different sizes of perforated too in aluminum or steel. Yours for free in the size you need. Nice looking W!
  3. Are your pinion angles correct? If yes, I'll say u-joints in ds or as or possibly unit bearings.
  4. I'll volunteer my house. I have a few outlets 110 & 220. I've had good success with teaching others to weld. I have an overwhelming amount of scrap, large welding table and a swamp cooler. S/E Mesa Signal Butte & Warner. Available anytime.
  5. [url= ][/url]http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vHfKFo1ELio&feature=player_detailpage
  6. Has this one been posted yet? I burst out laughing every time. Enjoy,
  7. The durango can be built but its a LOT more work. Heres a good build on a Dakota to give you an idea. http://ttora.com/forum/showthread.php?t=158703 Do you have the knowledge, time and money? If so, then go for it. If not, go with the XJ
  8. Maddog went another direction so the winch is still for sale. Make an offer!
  9. Well the deal fell through. The guy has to leave town for two weeks. Still want it?
  10. Lol, phone numbers in the post and in the sig. Its pending sale. Your next in line.
  11. High lift is your typical 48" jack. In used but good condition $50 Winch is a HS9500I. HIGH SPEED! It was just gone through and serviced. Didnt need it, just wanted to make sure it was in good working order for you. Comes with controller. Asking $700 for the winch. They are $1200 new. 48O56O3852 A little info, http://www.off-road.com/trucks-4x4/review/reviewers-notebook-warn-hs9500i-winch-20657.html Warn's release of the HS9500(i) {HS95i} rocked the Self Recovery world with its release late last year. Ever since this winch was put into production, the others have been playing catch up to this new improved production of the XD9000(i) {XD9i} line. HS stands for High Speed, the 9500 stands for rated line pull. The i means integrated solenoid. With a newly redesigned 4.6 hp motor and 500lbs more recovery capability over the XD9(i) series, the HS95(i) would be perfect for almost any vehicle recovery scenario. The HS95(i) boasts a faster line speed than the XD9(i) platform. With a line speed comparable to the legendary M8274-50, along with 1500lbs of extra grunt, and its reconfigured the drive train to a planetary gearing to improve speed and efficiency, this 86 lb. winch is simply the best bolt-on self-recovery improvement for the money. With Warn using the XD9(i) series as a platform for production of the HS95(I) series winches, the mounting options are the same as those of the XD9(i) Series winches. So, if you currently have a XD9 Series winch, or looking at purchasing a HS95(i) winch, they will bolt up to any of the mounting bases currently being produced. With this in consideration, you will not have any problem finding a bumper / mounting option to match your vehicle, or application. So, now that you're thinking of selling your wife's car to support you four wheeling habit, here are the spec's on the HS95(i): (Please note, the HS9500 & HS9500(i)'s specifications, dimension, and capabilities are the same. The only difference is the integrated solenoid on the (i) version, and part number. For further information on the HS9500, please contact the manufacture) URL: http://www.warn.com/Home/Products/Winches/hs95.htm Part Number: 47550 12V DC, Roller Fairlead Rated Line Pull: 9500 lbs. (4309 kgs.) single-line Motor: 4.6 hp/3.43 kw, Series Wound Control: Remote switch, 12' (3.7m) lead Gear Train: 3-Stage Planetary Gear Ratio: 156:1 Lubrication: Molylube #1 or Aeroshell #17 Clutch (freespooling): Sliding Ring Gear Brake: Automatic Direct Drive Cone Drum Diameter/Length: 2.5"/9.0"(6.4cm/23cm) Weight: 86 lbs. (39 kgs.) Wire Rope: 125' 5/16"diameter (38m, 8mm diameter) Replacement wire rope: PN 25987 Fairlead: Roller Remote Control: Included Recommended Battery: 650 CCA minimum for winching Battery Leads: 2 gauge, 72"(1.83m) Finish: Argent Powder Coat Nuts/Bolts: PN 37829 Warranty: Limited Lifetime HS9500i 12V DC Performance Specifications: Line Pull lbs. (kgs.) Line Speed Ft./Min (m/min) Motor Current Pull by layer layer/lbs. (kgs.) 0 62.0 (18.90) 67 amps 1/9500 (4309) 2000 (907) 16.3 (4.97) 160 amps 2/8650 (3924) 4000 (1814) 11.8 (3.60) ) 230 amps 3/7920 (3593) 6000 (2722) 9.31 (2.84) 305 amps 4/7400 (3357) 8000 (3629) 7.59 (2.31) 370 amps 5/6940 (3148) 9500 (4309) 6.67 (2.03) 425 amps Above specs are based on the first layer of the drum.
  12. (I can also make you some in any style if you need some for something other than an FJ ) These are ready for paint or Powder. (I can have them powdercoated for an extra $70) They are made out of, very strong 1.75x.120 and 2"x.120 DOM tubing. They come with all the hardware and are ready to bolt on. $450 OBO 48O56O3852
  13. Right on. Have a pic? Right now my Jeep is out of commission. I cooked the motor up by Sedona last month. I havent even had the time to check it out. At the very least im sure its a head gasket but it made some "not so nice noises" before it gave up. It had good oil pressure and temp was fine when it started making some noise then it lost power and ...kaput. I was trying to limp it back to camp but I think it got too hot too many times. I had to let it cool and add water about six times in 20 miles. When it reached 250 I would shut it down. Turns over but nothing. No water in the oil and no oil in the water (that I can see). Any leads on a 5.2 (or 6.4 ) would be greatly appreciated. Even if its just the heads.
  14. High Lift Stabilizer Support & Foot Extension Washing Machine Tub Fire Pit/Grill
  15. High Lift Stabilizer Support & Foot Extension Washing Machine Tub Fire Pit/Grill
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