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    I've been in AZ many years and a Copperstate four wheelers member for 14 years. I recently retired from being club President and I want to branch out and meet some new people and become reacquainted with some old friends in ORP. I am an I4WDTA trainer.

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  1. Great to meet you and thank you. I can't wait to get signed up for a run and meet some new people.
  2. Thanks! Can't wait to get out on the trail.
  3. Good morning, I just joined, and wanted to introduce myself. My name is Chad and this is my 14 JKR. I've been a follower for a while but never a member. I recently retired from President from Copperstate 4 Wheelers though still a member, I wanted to branch out, meet some new people, and reacquaint myself with some old friends. I am an I4WDTA trainer and I've very active in the 4x4 scene. I've got a Youtube channel called The Right Line and that's where I post all my adventures including my overland trailer build. I'm looking forward to some ORP trips.
  4. I tried, I think I have to be on my laptop to do it rather than my phone.
  5. Good evening everyone, I dusted off the cobwebs and will be setting up a new club membership tomorrow, if you'll have me. You've got some good looking events on your calendar. It's been a long time. Chad
  6. Hello everybody. It's Chad from Copperstate 4 Wheelers and I wanted to let you know that it’s about that time of the year to start thinking about the Fourpeaks Cleanup. This year it’s our 6th annual cleanup and it’s scheduled for Saturday November 7th, 2015. Please come and join the Copperstate 4 wheelers and the Tonto Recreation Alliance (TRAL) to clean up the Fourpeaks & Sugarloaf Mountain areas from 8-430pm. There will be 2 sessions for the cleanup. Registration starts at 730 am. The first cleanup session is scheduled from 8 am-12 pm with lunch from 12 to 1230 pm followed by our first raffle at 1230 pm. The 2nd cleanup session is from 1 pm to 4 pm followed by our second raffle at 415 pm. Lunch will be provided this year! Volunteers will receive a free raffle ticket for each cleanup session they attend. Must be present to win. Volunteers can come for the morning, afternoon, or both cleanup sessions. Children will also be entered into a special raffle. Copperstate 4 Wheelers will be working closely with TRAL. Contributions to the cleanup are tax deductible. Donations can be made to The Tonto Recreational Alliance who has a 501c3 status. Those donations may be in the form of supplies like contractor trash bags, water, or possibly a raffle item. Sponsors/vendors are encouraged to come out and set up an information booth. To find the cleanup site, travel North on highway 87 to the Fourpeaks turn off, East of highway 87 between mile markers 203 and 204 on forest service road 143. The cleanup will be staged approx 1/2 mile from highway 87 in the Fourpeaks staging area. Please bring lunch, shovels, rakes, gloves, sunscreen, small trailers to help haul trash, pop up canopies, and any other equipment that may be useful. If you any questions, would like to donate to the cleanup or items for our raffle, or you are a vendor or sponsor and have questions, please can contact us at: http://www.facebook.com/Fourpeakscleanup Or 4peakscleanup@gmail.com Thank you for your support and we hope to see you on Nov 7th. Chad Chaney JB save the date.pdf
  7. Hey Rusty, The I bought the inserts from http://www.goferitoffroad.com/products.htm you drill out the knuckles to 3/4 of an inch and then weld in the inserts. They flip the taper so you can install the link ends on top of the knuckles. The passenger side upper TRE needs to be replaced with this one: http://www.quadratec.com/products/56118_0035.htm or the Chrysler number is 52088512. It is an exact mirror image of the stock TRE. Unfortunately, Jeep uses a 24 mm TRE. Hopefully, I should have the jeep done tonight after the new axle shafts come in and if I remember, I'll take a front on picture. Apparently, Eaton has fit this locker with non-quadradrive front axle shafts. With a flip of the coin, I bought the quadradrive shafts since that is what this GC had in it from the factory, oops. Chad
  8. So more work on the GC front locker and steering flip today. We got a lot of work done until I realized that with this new locker, I need non-quadradrive front axles instead of quadradrive axles. So, I had to reorder the non-quadradrive and they should be in tomorrow. With the quadradrive axles, the PS is way too long and the DS is way to short. Anyways, here are pictures from the work. All apart. Factory hydralock on the floor Nifty new Eaton tag for the front diff cover All of the places I had to notch are in red. This steering flip moves the drag link and tie rod up on top of the knuckles I had to put a small notch in the PS steering knuckle, the PS steering stabilizer bracket, and the DS coil bucket Here is the finished product. This upper TRE is a right hand thread, right hand drive, 24 mm part number 52088512 from Chrysler. Now, the tie rod and drag link are more parallel than what they were before. Hopefully, it will steer a bit nicer too. Chad.
  9. Hey Ryan, actually the ones in the picture are borrowed from one of my tents. I replaced them with ones from Walmart that are telescoping. They telescope in 3 sections. They are heavier and fold up nice in the awning. If I remember, I'll take a picture of them and post it up here. Chad.
  10. Hey everybody, I started my front locker and steering flip today, hopefully lots of pictures tomorrow. Chad.
  11. Hello everybody. I just got back from Four peaks. Republic services came bright and early to pick up the dumpsters from the clean up. CS4W want to thank a few folks that made this years clean up possible and go so smoothly. In no particular order we want to thank The Tonto National Forest (Amy Racki, Allen Cross, and all the other members, and volunteers), The Tonto Recreational Alliance for renting our dumpsters for us, Desert Rat, Sierra Expeditions, Expeditioneers, Barlow's Adventures, Off Road Passport, Republic Services, all the Copperstate 4 Wheelers in attendance, Jeff LaBelle for the water and use of the canopy, Arizona 4x4 Off road recovery & Wild West Paintball, Dave and company from the construction company (I'm very sorry but I cant remember the name) who brought the dump trailer and skid steer, and all the volunteers who were in attendance. The volunteers worked their butts off. Last year there were 196 volunteers who filled 2 40 yrd roll off dumpsters. This year there were 100 volunteers who filled the dumpsters to capacity! Awesome job! Had the skid steer not been there we would have had a much more difficult task. Thank you all for the raffle prize donations, awesome contributions from those businesses that support the clean up effort. We can only try our best to keep these areas clean. And we will be out there again next year so please try to join us again. Thank you.
  12. Hey Jomax, I'm glad I checked in at home, I tried to reply to your message from my phone but apparently it didn't work. The dump trailer and skidsteer will be very helpful. Last year Tonto had one and it was a great help. Thank you and see you out there, Chad.
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