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04 Wj Overland build - Trailhawks Revenge

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All work and no play makes for a dull jeeper.


Since the baby has been born and I work from home 75% of the time, I'm usually pretty tied down inside the house, at least until the baby is napping or until the mother unit comes home. And while I have been working on some small jobs on the jeep, I've been getting a bit anxious to get out on a trail. Looking at photos from here and other wj's, I've been watching a lot of dirt lifestyle and listening to budget overland on spotify.. Lets say, I finally had a bit of a break down today and as soon as Mother unit came home, I needed to hit a trail! 


I've been eyeballing this run on on X off-road for some time now. It was rated pretty tame, some technical sections but 75-90% doable in stock form. I ended up making my own trail of it that would be a little longer. I didn't have much time today but I was able to successfully run about half of it. I was pretty cautious overall because I still feel I'm fairly untested and I really went up alone, obviously I don't recommend this, but once I was in the area I was more relaxed to see another rig passing by every 30min-1hr, plus listening to local GMRS traffic I didn't feel so alone. 

I Definitely still have some kinks to work out, rear end really needs some attention, still quite clunky... 


Maybe next time I'll have a friend with to grab a few more action shots rather than the occasional scenic pose. 



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looks good, glad to see you getting out there!

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Been a minute since the last update.


Only a few new things going on, 


A month or two ago I did apply to be a trail guide for On X offroad and was approved so I'm very happy to be able to contribute to their software and help more people like me feel confident in the trails they're hitting.


Got all LED lighting replaced on the interior, I haven't replaced the selectable map lights yet due to my overhead console screw being nearly stripped. However, once removed I intend to replace those 2 with Red LEDs. I also Picked up a nice little cargo box for the back, I do intend to mount my new fridge to it but I keep going back and forth with the loadout in the rear so I maintain having a spare with me as much as I feel i need to and until I have a rear mounted tire carrier. 





I was doing some research on all these dual piston high cfm compressors. Seems its mostly all the same compressor with different branding, maxi tracs, morrflate(although this does come with a pressure switch, stop and go, trickflate... ect. I got the stop and go compressor from amazon and did mod it for a QD and pressure switch. I did also piece together and assemble a 4 way tire inflation kit, however I used Plastic PTC hoses and fittings. The only down fall seems to be it prefers to stayed in its coiled position and has just been a handful. So I have some flexzilla hose on its way to switch over to. I would like to hard mount this in the future with an air tank. 



I did also Find ICECO sells 'Second Hand' portable fridges on their ebay website so I decided for 230 it was worth finally pulling the trigger on a 12v fridge. This one is the JP40 and it seems to be working fairly well, however it is making me look into solar solutions to keep an adequate recharge on my battery when I'm not driving for a few days at a time.




As I mentioned before, I have had a notable rattle in the rear of my jeep pretty much since the long arm kit was installed, I did find a leaky shock not long ago and after talking with IRO about getting it replaced under warranty(I found warranty was  90 days from time of purchase) even though the shock wasn't installed until late January and been installed for approx. 60 days, it was not able to be warrantied. I did finally pull the shock and found it to be bottoming out with about 4" of extension still left. Now that the shock is replaced, it still unfortunately did not fix my rattle. 


I do have a Warn Winch and new front bumper to go on in the near future. I have a trip to kentucky this weekend, should be fairly easy run and a few 'more difficult trails' but doesn't sound like anything a long arm v8 wj with varilocks can't handle. 

I will try to get as many shots as I can this weekend, hopefully all goes smoothly.

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