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  1. Wow that Class A looks beautiful! You guys are going to have so much fun. I’m with Jim. You guys need some extra hands moving things, give a shout!
  2. Happy Birthday John! Get yourself something shiny!
  3. Just from past experience (3 runs), plan for about 10 hours for sure You're in for a treat! It's a gorgeous drive and the river/bridge are really cool. There are a few areas where you can drive straight down to the water and picnic on the "beach". There is also a natural spring near the bridge that someone bricked up into a "hot tub", though I've never found it. If you leave by way of Bloody Basin Road towards the i17, you'll pass through one of the largest ranches in the USA (tons of cows everywhere) and be treated to some spectacular views of the basin as you climb the rim of Hutch Mesa.
  4. No, this isn't the latest title in your favorite series of books in the wizarding world - its a collection of interesting information I stumbled across and thought might be interesting to some of you! This post has no particular point other than to share what I found, and walk you some strange series of "one thing led to another" as I was browsing for "dream trip ideas". As some of you know, I'm an astronomy and astrophotography junkie, so this type of stuff had me pretty excited. The Loneliest Road in America Starting off - here is a great article I read on Nevada leg of the US-50 which was dubbed "the Loneliest Road in America" back in the 80's - the premise being that there was literally nothing along this 280+ mile stretch of tarmac. The Dark Rangers & The Great Basin I then ended up on this amazing article about the Dark Rangers who are experienced Forest Rangers who specialize in dark sky astronomy. There are apparently a number of them at Great Basin National Park, one of our newer National Parks. Great Basin is in Bortle Class 1 skies and ranked as the BEST dark sky park in the USA. Link to Great Basin's astronomy program Great map for finding a dark sky site near you What is the Bortle scale? Nevada Offroad Trails So finally, as I unwrap this stream of consciousnesses, I found this fantastic map of trails in Nevada. It honestly reminded me a lot of TrailsOffroad.com, but state sponsored. Nevada has really pulled out all of the stops when it comes to OHV travel on state lands. Every trail has a description, tracks, PDF downloads of maps, directions and more. All of their information ties back in to responsible off-road recreation, safety, and other related information. It's pretty genius, and thats coming from someone commonly critical of government. This particular set of tracks is just north of the Great Basin NP and is noted for some excellent views of the mountains, like Wheeler Peak. Another great thing about Nevada's OHV site is that you can click on any of their tracks to see updated information regarding status, trails width, vehicle types, etc...
  5. I'd probably look a little more man. A lot of those "amazon specials" are primarily plastic. With a 1/2 pound of tablet mated up to it, you're going to get a lot of vibration off-road. Maybe consider a genuine RAM ball mount and arm on your passenger grab handle. 100% metal, arm and all. It's worth noting that you'll want to be careful with placement. If your airbag goes off, you can get into a situation where your tablet becomes a claymore.
  6. Yeah that 20mm ball works with 67Designs’ stuff. I love the CMM stuff, but they’re straight up silly when it comes to JL owners. They want $95 for what is practically the same ball mount they offer for the JK. What are we made of money? Just ‘cuz we’re driving the JL doesn’t mean we’ll pay triple for the same stuff! We spent it all on the JL! This makes the drool though...
  7. @gearhead didn't you just buy those tires, and you're already ripping them up?!! What happened!?
  8. Sick photos and videos @SonoranWanderer!
  9. Almost any iPad or Android-based tablet with a GPS antenna will work. No need for a unit with cellular service (as long as you download all of your map files in advance). Used iPad minis can be had for a nice price, Samsung tablets are probably even cheaper. For mounts there are a ton of options, so it really depends o your preferences and budget. RAM Mounts are well regarded and tough. Carolina Metal Mashers makes some unique products too. I really like the solutions where the tablet is situated to the left of the driver on the A-pillar and away from the center stack. Personally, I'm using my iPhone 11Pro mounted to my 67Designs dash rail (almost 6" screen). The iPhone screen is extended to my UConnect system via Apple Car Play for an extra 8" screen that is also running Gaia. This lets me run a zoomed in or detail view of the trail on my iPhone while simultaneously having a "whole trail" look on the in dash screen. Any aftermarket headhunt with CarPlay will have the same dual-screen capability. Android Auto is currently out in the cold right now, Gaia GPS doesn't support it (yet).
  10. We've got a taker for the free permit - new ORP member @JL Goat!
  11. Wow you guys are productive!! It’s looking great!
  12. You know, it might also be the photo/reflections - but it looks like the tailgate might be sagging slightly? The crease in the sheet metal of the door and the adjacent tub seems to show the tailgate is a little lower.
  13. I can't speak to the JK OEM, but the JL OEM soft top has the tailgate door touching at about 1/2 to 1/3 of the way up the seal. You might try hitting it with a garden hose to see if you get any leaks from natural "roll off" from the window. You could also have someone jump in the back and shine a flashlight along the seal to see if you can see any light. My understanding is that you should be able to close a 1 dollar bill into the seal and not be able to pull it out without tearing it.
  14. Wow that’s a hell of a story guys. Glad you guys had a good time. I’m also glad you guys were there to help pitch in with that whole situation!
  15. While I don't have any hands-on experience with them, they're well regarded. Dick Cepek was bought by Mickey Thompson a while back. Both brands are now manufactured by Cooper right here in the USA. http://coopertire.com/our-brands
  16. Wow! This is super exciting. Can't wait to see Brady join in on some trail fun! It's awesome that you guys share the Jeep passion and can work on this type of project together! I'm hoping one day one of my girls will be interested in "continuing the Jeep line".
  17. If you've got low range and good aggressive tires, I think you'll be fine. If you have rock sliders, even better. I ran Soldier Pass in a stock 2018 Cherokee about 3-4 years back. However I did have rock rails that I struck in 1 spot. I was driving too quickly. Longer wheel-base vehicles will need to be careful over some of the minor ledges on the trail. Here's a recent video of someone taking a fancy Range Rover Discovery down Oak Creek Homestead with with Cliffhanger section of trail. Fast forward to 3:45 for the more moderate part of the trail. We'll go down, and back up this section called "Cliffhanger".
  18. No idea what’s wrong, but do you need someone to come pick you guys up? Bring you anything? Are you able to get back into 2High?
  19. This is absolutely fantastic. Thank you for coordinating this @dzJeepChic! Please count myself, @Yodamom + our 2 kids in for this event.
  20. Awesome! It’s yours! We’ll have to connect so I can get it to you guys
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