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  1. Little side (repair) project this weekend. My RuggedRidge RRC "sliders" are pretty flexible, in addition to being frame mounted. Any motion in the ocean from the body of the Jeep, or flexing of the sliders is causing contact between any grit, mud, and rocks unfortunate enough to be caught between. In a few places, we've worn down through the primer and to the sheet metal underneath. Initially, my project idea was to remove the sliders, lay down a coat of clear coat to prevent rust, and then add a layer of Xpel Bed Rail/Rocker Guard Film over the top of the affected area. Picked up a can of Duple-Color automotive clear coat and a roll of Xpel on The 'Zon. Laid down some painter's tape and some trash bags to mask off the area we wanted to paint. Visually, it's clear coat, so not much to show on that front. I laid down 3 coats of clear and let it dry overnight. It should take a few days to cure, based on the label. While I was waiting, I freshened up the sliders a bit with a few hits of Rustoleum Bedliner spray - they had several areas of surface rust from previous scratches. Sanded down the rust and went to town. I ended up NOT installing the Xpel film (yet). The bodywork is a little more complex than I first though, with 1 painted "overlapping" body panel (right of the above photo), and a body panel gap (left in above photo) that will take a little more finesse than I was prepared to summon this weekend. Here's the "finished look". Looks pretty much the same. I was able to adjust the rails away from the body, but if they take a big enough impact nothing will prevent it from pushing back to its original position closer to the rockers. There is about a 1" gap at the moment on both sides. The body of the JL is surprisingly not just straight lines. There are subtle curves on the rockers, rear hatch, etc... which become more noticeable when you set something straight right next to it. The next project might be to attack the 3 years of Arizona Pin-striping I've collected since I bought the Jeep! I'll have to ping theksmith and ask him about his buffing process since Gadget is always shiny! Our last exploratory run to visit the town of Packer was extremely brushy!
  2. Nice work Marty! Sounds like you guys had a great time checking out the rim. It's definitely been the year for changing trails, hasn't it? It's interesting to hear about Willow Valley. That photo you took from Buck Spring Road is *chefs kiss*. Love Rim Country!
  3. Wow that’s a hell of a story! Love the photos. I’m sure you guys are going to remember that run for a long time!
  4. Glad you hear you guys are alright. I was following the carnage report over on the RAW Facebook page, but wasn't sure if that was the same trail ya'll were running. Hope you're having a great time!
  5. Thanks for sharing @shellback91! I submitted as well. I remember reading this, or some other article, a little while back about public lands access issues. I think it was during one of the recent Travel Management Plan fights. https://modernjeeper.com/6-tips-on-land-use-letter-writing-for-impact/ It was a pretty good "how to" on writing an impactful letter to government representatives. It became important to have "custom letters" and not "cookie cutter" letters for things like public commentary on things like Travel Management Plans since the public commentary rules had noted that all "cut and copy" letters would be ignored by the Dept of the Interior/BLM/etc... A pretty interesting take on stripping away your access to your lands.
  6. Theres something positive to be said on mud's behalf. It sure does make it easy to see how much up-travel you have left on your shocks. I've got about 1 3/4" of unused stroke available on the rears. The zip-ties were a nifty idea by @theksmith when he helped me install the suspension earlier this year to help mark your max up-travel with your bump stops. I've never messed with the zip tie since it was added. The mud marks and zippies are in alignment in terms of measurement - and I know I've absolutely bottomed out several times over the last 6 months. Rear driver: Rear passenger: Clayton Offroad's Overland+ 2.5" lift kit ships with 3" bumps for the rear which are metal (and of course, unadjustable). Planning to pick up a few of Metalcloak's 1" adjustable pucks to see if we can't get a little extra out of the up-travel. Going to a 2" bump will probably get me pretty close with a bit of a safety buffer. Rear bump from Clayton: Gratuitous Flex-Shot:
  7. Found some history on Packer: http://www.apcrp.org/PACKER/PACKER_071707.htm
  8. Some photos of the Jeep from this weekend's exploring: Thanks to @johnpa for this shot!
  9. Some photos from a 13 hour exploratory run on Sunday (10/10). We attempted to find (and were successful!) the townsite of Packer, an old ranching camp, which is tucked away deep in the Bradshaw Mountains. @johnpa & @theksmith were excellent company, as always! We started the day out at one of the Table Mesa staging areas, hoping to form a loop up through the Bradshaws to Packer, then southwest towards Lake Pleasant or the Crown King Trail. The views were, frankly, stunning. Some of the best I've seen along all of the trails along the entire I-17 corridor. You could tell that the trail is almost never run. We didn't encounter another vehicle on the trail all day, and there were zero signs of tire tracks in the dirt. The trail conditions ranged from "Typical Table Mesa" to narrow shelf, rocky/bouldery to rough/bumpy, grassy 2 track to recently bladed. There were multiple wash crossings and many, many, many mountain passes. The trail was a heavy moderate to difficult in some areas with some ledge obstacles, boulder crawling, and some narrow shelf sections with fallen boulders. A few spots were needed in the shelf+boulder areas due to lack of visibility. Along the way we found some pretty well preserved ruins, several windmills, and panoramic vistas. Black Canyon City is in at the base of the canyon in this image. There wasn't a lot of space to turn around, so you really need to commit, especially along the shelf roads. We did find a few clearings where there was enough space for 2-3 rigs to park/turn/camp, but little-no shade. Our lunch spot was insanely gorgeous - you had sweeping southerly views of Black Canyon, Table Mesa, all the way to Lake Pleasant. Here's a windmill and coral we found along the way. Here's a video of the windmill in action (video). Here are some photos of the Packer townsite. The set up was interesting - the site itself was on a spring, down in a sort of box canyon. There were a ton of lush trees, green grass, and the breeze and temps were cool. Pretty ideal place for Arizona! If you look closely in the following image, you can see something very large died in that shed. Just above Willow Creek on the way to Packer we discovered that Arizona has its very own Monolith. This rock was approximately 2x the size of a full size pick-up and was somehow, impossibly, standing on edge in what was an absolute freak of nature. Unfortunately, our idea to form a loop didn't quite go as planned. We ran into a rancher that is denying passthrough access due to vandalism that has occured on their property. They noted that folks have been shooting at their building, solar powered water pumps, and even cattle. We ended up needing to back track about 4-5 hours as there are no alternate routes out of the area. As frustrating as it was, this is an excellent example of "the few ruining it for all". On the way back, some cows decided to slow things down a bit (video). We made pretty quick work on the way back, getting a great second look at the trail from the reverse direction. We stopped again in the canyon above Boulder Creek just as the sun set and the moon rose.
  10. Welcome (back) to ORP @AZLugz! Hoep to see you on the trails some time. I'd love to see that good-lookin' JT in person.
  11. Clearly a valid method for "spanning the gap"
  12. Hey Marty, I need to drop out as well. I hope you guys have an awesome time exploring the Rim Country!
  13. Obviously this is still 2 years away - but I was putzing around tonight and found this fun set of GPX files that you can use to overlay the 2023 Annular Eclipse path into Gaia GPS. https://www.gaiagps.com/public/MQD88ywqm0sERI2spiOLUxID You can download the files for your own use at that link by clicking the "data" drop down on the menu above the map. Another fun possible location could be Shiprock, New Mexico as well. Here's an off-roader perspective to the area:
  14. @theksmith can probably tell you for sure. He set all of this up.
  15. I think it's more total space per account than a limit per post. Members receive 250mb of total storage space on their account.
  16. Photo sharing is pretty simple on these boards. Something you might find interest is IMGUR, if you're not familiar with it. I've found that I ate through my ORP hosting space pretty quickly, so moving to IMGUR made sense for me to be able to host/post some pretty large image files. You can organize your images over there for quick reference later down the line, which is nice. I can then just copy the address for the photos I uploaded to Imgur and just past them in the body of my post here.
  17. Open to ORP Club Members. Click here for information on how to become a Club Member! This is an open invitation to any ORP Club Member who wants to be involved! In an ongoing effort to beef up the Premium/Official Club trips, we're setting up a meeting for anyone that would like to have a positive impact on the future of ORP! Click here for Meeting Details
  18. it depends.. does he owe you money? haha. Yeah, that's probably me. I make them most every run. Did we ever run together as part of the VJC? Hahaha leave it to @shellback91 to hone in on the snacks! Also, what I’m hearing you say is that cheese crisps are standard on every run, right?
  19. Out of curiosity - what are you putting in? Ratio/brand?
  20. You sure about @theksmith? I heard he was a Luddite.
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