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  1. You will like the extra grunt.
  2. You will like the kit from Russ.
  3. Does anyone make a battery box for a group size 34 battery? I have not been able to find one. I'm planning to relocate the battery in my XJ to the rear car area.
  4. I have the Brown Dog motor mounts with the rubber bushings in XJ. The bushings are stiff and allow a lot of engine vibration to enter the unibody. While idling in park or with the brake on, I can feel the vibrations and hear the body vibrate. I'll put the transmission in neutral at times, when idling at a stop light or sign, to help reduce the vibrations. It's not alway successful.
  5. This radio does look interesting. I replaced the same Cobra unit in the last few months, because performance was getting worse, and after 15+ years, the wire jacket for the power cable and the mic cable were cracking and falling off. The replacement radio is a Uniden Pro 520 XL. It has an external speaker on the bottom. Performance so far has been very good. David
  6. k9bxj

    The other blue XJ

    New bling for the XJ, that you won't see. Front axle still had the original spindles. The spindles were rough and pitted, where the wheel bearing sit. The axle is noticeably quieter, when the hubs are locked. We also put in new bearings and seals.
  7. k9bxj

    The other blue XJ

    Before the brace, I had the XJ on an RTI ramp to gauge suspension flex and any interference. I noticed the gap between the bumper and the driver-side headlight was greater than between the bump and the passenger-side headlight. This told me that the front unirails were moving to do the weight and leverage of the bumper and front axle. After installing the brace, the gap change is now minimal or eliminated. I'm fore anything that helps tie-in the unirails. IMO, every XJ should have a two hitch in the rear and this brace (or toe hitch) in the front. The front crossmember is too lightweight.
  8. k9bxj

    The other blue XJ

    Couple mods done in the last couple years. Hood vents. I got these to help with the engine overheating (before the stroker), when driving the grades to Payson. The true test will be this summer, when driving the grades with the stoker. Sector shaft reinforcement from Boostwerks. I didn't need this, since the XJ has the hydro-assist steering. I got it, because it ties in the front of the unirails at four bolts per side. http://www.boostwerksengineering.com/The-Ultimate-XJ-Steering-Brace_p_8.html
  9. k9bxj

    The other blue XJ

    Here's the basic build list for my stroker: Scat 4.2 crankshaft and forged connecting rods. Racetec pistons Comp Cam 68-235-4 camshaft with 114 LSA Eldebrock aluminum header with full port and polish and larger LS1 valves .030 overbore 10:1 compression Harland Sharp 1.6:1 roller rockers with forged push rods F&B 68mm throttle body Port-matched intake manifold with enlarged throttle body opening Bosch '703 injectors This is considered a medium build. A competent stroker can be build for less.
  10. k9bxj

    The other blue XJ

    I'm already signed up for March 31 in Payson.
  11. k9bxj

    The other blue XJ

    I have over 1500 miles.
  12. k9bxj

    The other blue XJ

    True, but what's the fun when all four wheels are alway on the ground?
  13. The stroker as been smooth and strong. I did get engine codes last Saturday, that are related to misfires for cylinders 4 and 5. The usual root cause is the ignition system. I'm going to replace the coil pack (2001 w/ distributerless ignition) and swap the spark plugs for cylinders 4 & 5 with 1 & 2. Of the two sets of parts, the coil pack is the oldest. The spark plugs are a few years old.
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