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  1. Yep, you got me. But not so safe on highways with no shoulders and Truckers From Hell. Very Safe in San Carlos, except Gov Jan Brewer is frequently seen hiding here from her Constituents. Beautiful place. Factoid: Catch 22 filmed here. Gas about $1 cheaper here, but only take cash. Not used to that when it comes to filling up 55 gal RV tank. But yes, they even have ATM's here. Take Care, Dan
  2. I am currently providing ministry to Drug Cartels in San Carlos, Sonora, Mexico. Well, while waiting to do so (since I've just arrived), am spending time snorkel, scuba, kayaking, hookah (that's pressurizing air down the hose - yes air only!) and scuba kayaking. Actually so far, just making sure my RV has air conditioning. HUMID! See you soon in the land of Cinders (unless otherwise delayed here - keep checking the news), Dan
  3. Please sign me up for an RV spot. Hope I get there earlier rather than late at night. My parallel parking between tents is, as yet, untried. I'll get that check written. Thanks, Dan
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