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  1. Thanks, I'm getting one soon and was just wondering if you still liked them.
  2. I'm thinking about buying a fridge and was wondering how they're working out for you that have them.
  3. Nice easy setup, I bet it pulls nice. I had a CombiCamp trailer in the 80's that I pulled behind my motorcycle. It opened the same way and was real easy to set up.
  4. Hey, welcome and I really like your Jeep;) We're from Oskaloosa and have never regreted moving here, Jeep and camp year round.
  5. Bring me the trailer and I'll get started:D
  6. It has a 10 gal. rv water tank with 12 volt pump and all the lights are 12 volt. Tounge mounted deep cycle battery that is charged when hooked up to the Jeep.
  7. It pulls great. no wagging or jerking at all, and going to Quartzite running 65mph it got 10.3 both ways. Not that great but hey it's a Jeep, right?
  8. My latest project is finally done and with one shakedown camping trip we think its awsome. As some of you know we already have an 18ft. travel trailer but wanted something lighter and easier to pull with my TJ. My goals were to have a full size house mattress,running water,a rear galley and a place for a potty. I also didn't want to make it look like an RV but have a rugged Redneck look to it which was the easiest part. It started out as a 2011 6x10 Look cargo trailer with a 4" drop axle with brakes. The full size bed has storage under it for the spare tire,all the shower stuff and extra water,generator etc. The rear galley idea was stolen from the old teardrop trailer and has a ten gallon water supply. That's about it, now we need to get out and use it.
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