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  1. I was just looking into OBA setups for filling tires and actuating the ARB's. I'm glad I came back to read your thread, because that OB2 is a crazy awesome compressor! Looks like that's going to get mounted externally underneath the rig, either above the flat belly skid or maybe back above the rear axle with a splash/rock guard along with about a 2 gallon tank. Then I'll hard mount a quick disco somewhere, probably on/in the rear bumper for airing up tires. The JK is looking great, K!
  2. Haha, yeah. Just a little joke at my own expense about me throwing money at my rig. Money well spent, though! I'm so excited to see it done and wheel it again.
  3. Haha. I'm not sure I'd call much of what I've done/am doing "cheap", but thanks for the compliment. Greg is definitely the go-to guy for any WJ work you need done. He wheels one himself, and has another that he DD's, so he's very familiar with just about every aspect of them and knows how to make some pretty extreme stuff work on them. His wheeling WJ is a 3-slot grill dove-nosed beast. It may look beat up on the outside, but if you look under it where it counts, it's absolutely immaculate.
  4. That's good to hear about the new motor mounts. I'd heard of them, but this is the first I've read of first-hand experience with them. I just placed my order for a set about a minute ago. I'm pretty sure mine are still factory original and I know they're very very cracked and brittle. Nice looking WJ! I'm digging what you've done with it, both modding and wheeling!
  5. Hey man, I'm late to the Late to the Party build, but I'm digging your JK, man. Still bummed you got rid of the WJ, but I'm pretty excited to see what all you do with this. If Lafawndah is any indication, this is going to be an amazing expedition rig!
  6. My builder's info is: Greg Wall http://www.tremormotorsports.com Facebook: Frobot Fabrication Email: Greg@tremormotorsports.com Amazing builder with an attention to detail second to none. He's also building his own Ultra4 4400 class buggy. At least when he's not building rigs like mine. If any of you are in California, especially northern Cali, he's the man you want to work on your rig. His shop is 3 1/2 hours away and I still took my WJ to him for him to work his magic. He's the first person I've trusted to do anything on it other than routine stuff like alignments and whatnot, if that tells you anything. Highly recommended. If you frequent some of the other forums, you might be familiar with his screen name "Agitated Pancake".
  7. Thanks, y'all. I'm going for a pretty extreme build, but it'll still be used as a DD/expedition rig as well. I wanted everything as bulletproof as possible for little worry on gnarly trails and extended trips far from civilization. Was originally going to use those 79 F250 axles, but decided I wanted something a little stronger and high clearance, hence the 9's with 1-ton outers. I had to compromise a little on the gear ratio to suit both highway and wheeling. Hopefully I chose well or I'll be going back in to change that, but it will still put me geared over the stock final drive ratio even with true 37's, which the KM2's are not. All the body modification was added after I dropped it off with Greg and it just sort of snowballed from there. I'll probably end up heavily modifying that front bumper if not building totally custom for higher clearance to go along with a radiator swap to get rid of that ridiculous rad support in the front.
  8. I found a few misc pics he sent me while I was on the boat. In no particular order: Here are the RuffStuff housings right after they were delivered. They were both just standard width housings that he cut down and built to fit. 3.5" .375 wall awesomeness! And the identical Strange 3rd members with ARB air lockers. I decided on 4.88's with 37's as that will still put me geared over stock, not counting the fact that KM2's are notoriously undersized, so they'll be closer to 36's. Here you can see how he flipped the front crossmember and notched it to accept the transmission mount. This will be gusseted and reinforced so any strength lost from the notching won't be an issue. Here's how he stitched the new rectangular tube rockers to the body just under the door sill. Quoted from a message from Greg: "So i cut the front knuckles off [the donor '06 Super Duty axles], then cut them back to the weld but left the axle tube in there. 3.75" OD, 3.04 ID. Nearly 3/8" wall thickness beef. But bigger than the 3.5" 3/8" wall ruffstuff housings. So I took some kingpin 60 axle tube I have which is 3.125" .500" wall, and turned it into a sleeve to adapt the two inside diameters while keeping perfectly true, and reinforcing the weld area. Whats nice is that's also right where the lower control arm and ORI mount will be, so the strength will be nice"
  9. That's everything up to do as of right now. He's in the process of drawing up the CAD file for the rear bumper and tire carrier right now. I might make another trip up to Sacramento to check out the progress in person this weekend, but we'll see how my plans work out. I'll try to make it a point to keep this thread more up to date from now on! This thing should be beastly when it's done, and hopefully I can make it out to some ORP events if y'all make it out west a bit further!
  10. Here's the right rear quarter panel cut out. He took the outer panel all the way up to the body line and the inner up to the floor of the interior. And here's the start of replating it for structural rigidity. The crumple zone in the back will also be chopped out and the custom bumper will use that space for storage for things like tree savers and tow straps. It'll be a much higher clearance bumper than anything prefabbed and should greatly improve departure angles and allow more space for the axle to be moved back. It'll allow enough clearance for up to a 40" tire.
  11. Here you can see the final frame plating including the bottom of the rail and the beefy upper mount for the rear ORIs that he fabbed up.
  12. A few shots of the work on the rear so far. Greg built a new rear crossmember from scratch to double triangulate the rear 4-link. The links seen in the pictures are the old Clayton links. These will be replaced with longer (roughly 36" lowers similar to the front) custom ones out of the same square tube Clayton uses and the axle will be located far enough back that even with 40's, I'll have about 1/2-1" of clearance between tire and fender, if I decide to go bigger. The new rear crossmember will also let use raise the belly skid to be flat up against the frame rails, gaining almost 2" of belly clearance. If he can't clock the new 241 tcase, it might have a shallow pocket of about 1/2" to clear that, but it'll be a gentle slope and not something to get hung up on the rocks. The frame plating in the back is pretty sweet. He even plated it in from the frame rail (if you can call it that on a WJ) to the front of the wheel well to add some more rigidity. Not shown is the plating he added on the underside as well. He just finished that in the last couple days after I left. The joints on all the links will be the same size to facilitate carrying fewers spares. The front will be getting a similar suspension treatment with a true 4-link will all custom links instead of the radius setup. He also got some custom milling done on the super duty knuckles for true high steer with hydro assist. Pretty trick setup he's got planned for it, to be honest. As for the picture of the rear quarters, most of that junk previously covered by the factory bumper will be cut out and replated to keep everything strong and tight to the body. Then he's going to build a new bumper and tire carrier to follow the higher lines. Departure angle between that, the stretch, and the tank tuck should be vastly improved over what it was. It's getting close. Wheels and tires have been ordered. Raceline beadlocks and 37" KM2's will be in the shop in about a week and a half, hopefully just in time to turn thing into a roller. I couldn't be happier with the work Greg has done or his attention to detail with this build.
  13. From this point on is me taking over the updating of the thread with pictures sent to me by Greg: Spent a day up at Greg's shop drinking a few beers and crawling all over the build. This thing is coming together awesome and I can't wait to get her back all buttoned up and ready to go! We decided to just clear coat the rear frame plating and both axle housings since the welds and workmanship are just too good to cover up with paint.
  14. the second rocker is up in place, the Ruffstuff 9" housings are on order for the front and rear, ORI's are getting ordered this week, and this just showed up today for the hydro assist hehe. A little outside the norm, with better results
  15. So let's see here....knocking the paint off things, getting the fitment as tight as I wanted it to be. Now instead of the traditional box tube supports we always use I've come up with a sweet solution . I'm boxing in all the original sheetmetal supports in 3/16" plate off the Torchmate, and creating another frame tie in for a total of 4 extremely high clearance supports, that could be skinned flat across if desired. So here's the factory support, reinforced A couple of them in place along one rail. They'll also be getting laminations to spread the loading across the unibody instead of directly landing on it Then, an upgrade for the shop arrived. One that I've been waiting ENTIRELY too long for. Hopefully it'll lessen the aches and pains at the end of the day. OH YEAH. I've got to reorganize my space to get things operating smooth with the new addition, but my capabilities just went through the roof...literally . Handling the axle work for this project will be much easier to manage now that it won't be done on the floor!
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