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  1. Not going to be able to make this trip. I will probably still be in the hospital, hoping to get out. Even if I do get out early, I will recuperating for quite awhile. Hope ya'll have fun!!! Tony
  2. Hey All! I am going to have to back out of this weekend. I had a routine medical procedure yesterday that has turned out to be a not so routine recovery. Lots of pain involved where there is not supposed to be any. Hope y'all have fun! Tony
  3. Not sure about the firewood since I am really not sure where to get it. I will gladly chip in for firewood if someone wants to bring some extra. I will be leaving from around Kierland Commons sometime after noon, but do not plan to get to the campsite until 3:PM to 4:PM. I will have a few errands to run in Flagstaff before I get there. May also take the long way up through Sedona. Tony
  4. Nice report! Would love to go if my stock Liberty could handle it?
  5. Please sign me up for this trip! I will be just by myself unless somebody needs a ride from the Phoenix area. It will be good to see Number 7 and dzJeepChic again. Been a long time since last year's Death Valley trip!
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