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  1. I've got the older model of the Spot. Gives a nice secure feeling having it on the trails. I need to remember to renew my subscription before I hit the trails again. *regarding my gifts I get for Christmas this year... I've got some good inside information that I will get some new jeans, running socks, wool beanie hat. the rest is a mystery and I'll just have to wait and see
  2. Hey Brad, good to see you here! We met a number of years ago... sold you a couple of rear rubicon driveshafts I think. That camera sounds pretty sweet. Take some scenic photos and post them up
  3. My sister Becca and I ran from my home to the gateway loop trail up to Gateway Saddle, down the other side and then back home again. was about 9 miles total with a rest before and after heading onto the trails. Was a blast. We are going to try the tom thumb this coming weekend if we're not too exhausted from the holidays.
  4. My sister, Rebecca, has been showing me some really nice hiking trails here in North Scottsdale. They've recently added a good number of new trails. Its the mountains located North East of Thompson Peak Rd and E. Bell Rd. I think they call it SOnoran Preserve. We've been running alot this last year and in that last few months we've taken to the hiking trails. We just did 6 miles of trails this morning... Horseshoe, gateway loop and the Levee. Its very well maintained and beautiful... much funner than running the streets
  5. Thanks for the warm welcome. Would love to go on some trail rides with you guys again soon. I'll see you all at Hunters later Ben
  6. Hi, my name is Ben... "Ygohome" on the other forums. Very nice place you've got here! Think I'll get comfortable and stay for awhile See ya
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