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  1. Fun times, thanks for the pictures and write up Diane, great work as usual
  2. great pictures Diane, that was a fun day
  3. not the line I intended. My motto is to make easy stuff difficult Hey Kristoffer are you ready to rock n roll at march madness?
  4. it was a ton of fun, hope to do this again next year
  5. we went to this event, and it rained everyday except Saturday. No complaints it was a great time but the traction was sketchy. this is our 4th time to go and I would highly recommend it.
  6. I need to change the heater core in the TJ and have been putting it off for a couple of years. still on the fence if I want to tackle it or have it done. just looks like a major pita. the labor estimate is $500, so with the core and evap, recharging the ac etc it could be close to a grand.
  7. thanks everyone, had a great day
  8. you guys spanked it, looks like a ton of fun. thanks for posting the pics
  9. looks good to me, I will have to plagiarize your design btw wish I had your garage
  10. we'll start with this one then. the mount is a great idea, we borrowed a handheld unit for a few days last summer and with all the other stuff in the jeep it kept falling or was in the way. I appreciate the info everyone, thanks
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