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  1. I guess, I am a little bit late. Happy Birthday, George!. Hope to meet you guys at Rocktoberfest.
  2. Sehr schöner Ausbau. Habe ich da ITEM-Profile gesehen ?
  3. Thanks Kris, nice report. I know a couple of guys here in Germany, which are doing those kind of trips.
  4. @gearhead: And you can exit the wash via the regular shelf road. No need to do the plus section.
  5. You could do Candy Ass, but not Jack Ass. Jack Ass is very narrow and you are ripping off your hard top. I did Hard Ass, but you would have a lot of scratching and some tricky spots. I would not recommend it. HomeCourt should also be ok. There are 2 or 3 bailouts, if it is getting too much. And Safelite Plus is an extension of Safelite, which goes to the Hualapai Lodge. It has a lot of bypasses and you could still go out that normal shelf road, if the plus section is too washed out. We also talked about Black Inky as an option, which would also be ok, in my opinion.
  6. We had registrations before on my website, but cancelled that now. Just show up and you are good to go.
  7. Thanks for putting up the event here, Diane. I am still messing around with my flight and whether your administration will let me in or not.
  8. Great trip and great pictures, Kevin. Freshed up my memories on a lot of those locations. There was also a road going up at the start of Snap Canyon (when coming from Grand Gulch Mine) to the right to the real Snap Point. Not sure, whether it is still passable or not. It was already beaten up 8 years ago, when we did a trip down there. Was the weather stone still there, when crossing Pigeon Canyon ?
  9. Happy Birthday, young man !!
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