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  1. Great pictures and great trip, Kris !
  2. Happy Birthday, John !
  3. First post is updated. As Diane wrote, we meet at 9 am each day at the Powerhouse Visitor Center. Trails might change according to weather conditions.
  4. Great, if you can make it for those days. It will be a big event this year. We might even run some of the trails on two days with different leaders, to keep the group size smaller. Regarding accommodation, some people are camping, some are going to Motel 6 or BW and some are using airbnb.
  5. That looks pretty need. Unfortunately, I might never make it to Montrose.CO.
  6. I am sorry to hear this. I am counting on you in October ! Thank you, I somehow forgot about adding it to the calendar this time.
  7. Happy Birthday, Diane !
  8. From the mall-crawlin’ folks, who brought you March Madness and Rocktoberfest in 2019: MARCH MADNESS 2020 This year’s version of March Madness features several of the Kingman area's most historic, scenic and challenging off-road runs. We’ll open with Home Court, Kingman’s original rock crawling trail that was reopened a few years ago and remains one of the most challenging trails in the area. Day 2, Features Safelite with obstacles that will challenge the most aggressive 4x4s with bypasses for the mortal among us. Day 3, We move to The Wedges. The biggest obstacle is the wedge, of course. Or, it could be the waterfall at the end. One of the more challenging trails in the area. Day 4, Serendipity has the most memorable Gatekeeper most drivers will ever attempt. It also closes with a very tricky waterfall. One thing about this run - no one ever forgets the Gatekeeper. Day 5, Mile High Loop is the only run that is not in the Hualapai Mountains south of Kingman. This one is in the Cerbats that west of town. This is the easiest of our runs, but it’ll still grab a differential or two. It also has spectacular views and numerous old mines you can explore. It begins on the desert floor and climbs to 6,000 feet and follows the ridgeline of the mountains. MARCH MADNESS (Start times and locations TBA) Wednesday, March 18: Home Court Thursday, March 19: Safelite Friday, March 20: The Wedges Saturday, March 21: Serendipity Sunday, March 22: Mile High Loop All runs require a minimum of 33-inch tires, high clearance and a hardtop, cage or roll bar (specifics will be updated). The most central town to all runs is Kingman, AZ. Local motel rooms are usually in high demand in march, so reservations should be made ASAP. Extensive dispersed camping is available near the trailheads off of Blake Ranch Road south of I-40 (Exit 66). There is ample room for RVs and trailers at a number of locations off of Blake Ranch Road and a large camping area just past the end of the pavement. There is an RV park, truck stop and general store at I-40 and Blake Ranch Road (Exit 66). Kingman is the nearest location for beer, liquor and other general shopping. 4x4 parts and accessories are not readily available in Kingman. The nearest extensive parts sources are 100 miles away in the Las Vegas area. Meet at 9 am at the Kingman Powerhouse. Feel free to post here, if you wanna come. Sponsored by: OffRoadDance.com, OffRoadPassport Rocks And Wheels
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