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  1. Great trip and great pictures, Kevin. Freshed up my memories on a lot of those locations. There was also a road going up at the start of Snap Canyon (when coming from Grand Gulch Mine) to the right to the real Snap Point. Not sure, whether it is still passable or not. It was already beaten up 8 years ago, when we did a trip down there. Was the weather stone still there, when crossing Pigeon Canyon ?
  2. Happy Birthday, young man !!
  3. Great pictures and great trip, Kris !
  4. Happy Birthday, John !
  5. First post is updated. As Diane wrote, we meet at 9 am each day at the Powerhouse Visitor Center. Trails might change according to weather conditions.
  6. Great, if you can make it for those days. It will be a big event this year. We might even run some of the trails on two days with different leaders, to keep the group size smaller. Regarding accommodation, some people are camping, some are going to Motel 6 or BW and some are using airbnb.
  7. That looks pretty need. Unfortunately, I might never make it to Montrose.CO.
  8. I am sorry to hear this. I am counting on you in October ! Thank you, I somehow forgot about adding it to the calendar this time.
  9. Happy Birthday, Diane !
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