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  1. Thank you! I try again to set the correct link: English: https://vanlife.4x4tripping.com/2022/09/magic-earth-navigation-app.html German: https://www.4x4tripping.com/2022/09/offline-navigation-magic-earth-review.html Surfy
  2. Shortly before the holidays I read about a new app (for me) - Magic Earth. Curious as I am, I sighed at first (not yet an app) - but then downloaded the (free) app anyway. I'm still completely amazed - what the little helper can do. The "Magic Earth" app has the potential to take over or replace several apps for travel needs from the smartphone, at least for me. These include notable candidates such as Mapout, Maps.Me, Here, MotionX, and Google Maps. - 2D & 3D map view - Satellite/terrain/road view - hybrid view satellite & 3D - offline capable (download per country) - Traffic jam bypass (if online) - Carplay integration - and much more(!!!) The app is available free of charge in your app store (Android/iOS). I wrote a more detailed review here: https://vanlife.4x4tripping.com/2022/09/magic-earth-navigation-app.html For holidays in more expensive roaming-fee countries, making the map material available in advance in several apps for offline use - this will no longer apply to me in the future. Happy testing! Surfy
  3. After our Trans-Africa and South America trip, I had taken a more relaxed view of the topic of "safety on the road", at least for our overlanding trips within Europe. Of course, we prepared for eventualities, thought through possible incidents and our possible reactions to them. I would never have thought that even after more than 400 nights of lonely wild camping, the pump could go so badly again - even on a seemingly tranquil trip in Europe or Spain. We were simply in the wrong place at the wrong time, on a deserted beach in Spain. Article: In the wrong place at the wrong time - pure adrenaline - https://vanlife.4x4tripping.com/2022/05/in-wrong-place-at-wrong-time-vanlife-wildcamp-overlanding Not only was my ticker going - I was scared. Afraid that this was not going to end well. And with our reaction - we probably didn't improve safety for other travellers wild camping on the beach. The article is also available in german language Surfy
  4. Thanks for the hint! Here is the link to the Blog in english language: https://vanlife.4x4tripping.com/2022/03/travel-tip-4x4-adventure-in-thailand-by-rental.html Surfy
  5. We had a wonderful off-road adventure in Thailand. It's been quite a while, but while rummaging through my data I stumbled across photos and our travel diary - and have incorporated this into a travelogue. The country offers a lot, apart from fords, rivers, dusty and muddy tracks. We were there in the dry season, in December - in the rainy season (May to October) many of our dirttracks would not have been possible at all, with a rental car with street tires. Friends of ours were on our tracks in 2018 in January and are still raving about their trip on their own. Outside the tourist areas, you can experience a much more untouched Thailand. Probably it is more a teaser than a travelogue. I try to show that we can live an adventure, without a lot of preparation or even to own a 4x4. And that you even dont have to spend a lot of $$$, to get addicted by that way of travelling, an 4x4 overlanding adventure. To travel solo abroad, without beiyng in a group - is part of the adventure in my eyes. Link: https://vanlife.4x4tripping.com/2022/03/travel-tip-4x4-adventure-in-thailand-by-rental.html The article is also available in german language Surfy
  6. Surfy

    We’re back!!!

    Too the dog seems to be happy! Whish you nice trips with both of them, dog and rig!
  7. Another french overlander got jailed in 2020 in iran because of using a drone. We Overlander should avoid to fly them there. Specially if we do carry a passport labeled with one of those (military) actors against the 'axis of e...' Jailed for 8 Years, 8 Months - that is pretty long term. trippin
  8. I received a belated Christmas present from myself, an Ecoflow River Mini Wifi. I hereby announce a small Review - but I still need some time for it. If you have any test scenarios, just let me know here in the forum, via PM, or directly via blog. The first impression is quite passable in terms of performance, but it's already foreseeable that not everything is quite as rounded as it was with the big River Pro from the crowdfunding campaign in 2020. But: the thing is small, light, handy - and the key data (including USB-C with 100W) should be sufficient for travel purposes. I'm curious! The bigger River Pro was still too powerful, so I try again a downsizing for weight/space inside of my rig. Surfy
  9. There are some pretty deep detailed reviews around for the travel buddy: It is a device you should start using at driving time, because it needs an huge amount of time. And it is depending on the voltage you can optain, Those reviews are linked inside of the article. With those values - you should be able to do a pizza. Yes, at the restaurant they use 300 (c) degrees - and it is more cripy. But it works. At expo are more statements about those ovens. I love the engine bay solution - I have to do a basic test by myself too - using aluminum foil to cook something there Happy new year @ all!! Surfy
  10. After over 68350 miles of international overlanding (110`000km) with the rig showed above, done in the past 9 years it is definitively time for an analytic view. Which mod wouldnt we do again, which mod would we install on a newly buildup? From a Transafrica to journeys in Europe, Iceland, South America I had a lot of different terrain to use those mods listened below. My list of mods isn`t short: - Snorkel ( +Higher various types of venting ) - Front bar - winch - Ground anchor - Underride protection - Differential locks - Maxtrax sand plate / recovery - Larger tires (33") - Mudterrain tire tread (MT) - only 1x spare tire with rim - Spare tire carrier at the rear - Air heater (air vs water heater I explain below) - Additional fuel tank 180Liter - Heat exchanger to the engine (hot shower) Which mod was helpful? Which one was waste of money? Which one was really bad? And why? I did wrote an Article about: Mods I wouldn`t do again for overlanding or vanlife Here is the map of the journey till today: Surfy
  11. Good to see that nothing more happened! Wish u a quick recovery! Surfy
  12. Thanks for the Alternative! Too my 2nd Trasharoo is end of life, but was too abused with a lot of firewood (weight) during many of my trips.
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