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  1. Do you mean the heat exchanger or general? The heat exchanger is from Helton. The vehicle build up is documented in my transafrica blog: http://transafrica2012.blogspot.com/p/die-schlafplattform.html Surfy
  2. This is my hot shower setup since 10 years, by using a heat exchanger to get hot water when the engine is running. Here I did start to collect solutions and components for a hot shower by gas, diesel, 12v, 110v/220v and solar at this link: US Market: https://vanlife.4x4tripping.com/2021/06/hot-water-and-shower-for-vanlife.html European Market (german): https://www.4x4tripping.com/2021/06/heisse-dusche-fuer-Overlanding-Vanlife.html For portable shower solutions the us market delivers more stuff, for components for DIY Shower Projects, Water Boilers (geyser) - the european market delivers more, therefore both are listened. Funny to try too get an overview over the international market. Like at example the Ironman 4×4 Eco Pressure Shower from south africa is sold a DrPrepare at the US market. trippin
  3. I was so lucky to be able to work on my rig! And to test my new power setup at severall trips I did went the way with crowdfunding to get one of the Ecoflow R600 Pro. Lucky me, because it will not hit the market with lifepo4. But the Ecoflow River Pro is near the same with Lithium batterys. The shipping did arrive late, at december 2020. I did remove my 95 AH Battery, a 25a DC DC Booster, a 600w Sine-Inverter, MTTP Solar charger, a Wall Charger and cables - it was 35kg - 77 lbs where I did spent around 1500$ 10 years ago. And I just add this small and lightweigt Ecoflow device with 8.5kg / 18.7lbs what isnt near that expensive. Here is my detailed review and new setup: Vanlife offgrid power solution with solar - [Leaving Land Cruiser Club] It is a perfect fit for overlanding purpose! Did was able to stay a week self-sufficent offgrid just with solar (and still full batterys afterwards). Would work too in a boat, a tiny house or similar. There are severall competitor products - but no one was able to fulfil our need that well. trippin
  4. I never did finish the trip description in english - time during corona to complete! --------------------------- I had lost a lot of time, had to be in 4 days in La Paz where my GF will arrive. And I had to head back - many miles more in front of me. Had a lot of fun while pushing over dirttracks - having fun has mostly their own cost.... After 4 hours having a lot of fun, with pushing with speed over dirt - something broke: My engine hood get hood hangs crooked. Later I recognize that that Part is broken: Toyota Parts 53420-60050 Hood Hinge Assembly How easy will the replacement be in Bolivia? Hopefully I`m able to follow my plans with tight timeframe.... I got it welded at a small mechanic at the road side - and did drive again with a bit less speed in direction of bolivia. Blogpost of the day in German with more pictures: PPP und die Panamericana With doing more harder offroad stuff - and with speeding in dirt my repair bill starts to get more expensive: These Parts wasnt available in Salta and my german mechanic has listed the repair parts till today - and my GF will try to bring them from Switzerland, if the parts will arrive quick enough. 53420-60050 Hood Hinge Assembly 43,24€ 88710-6B580 Tube Assy, Air Conditioner 340,91€ 88460-60400 CONDENSER ASSY 499,15€ That is was can happen - if you have fun during offroad driving.
  5. I did too wrote about recently. Never use the tow ball for recovery. You never know before, how much power will be necessary. In the Article is not just pictures and videos about what can happen... You find links to deadly accidents too. Article: Don`t use the tow-ball for vehicle recovery The article is too available in german language. Be always careful with 4x4 recoverys - just use gear who is rated for that purpose. Surfy
  6. @4x4tographer Thank you for mention the frontrunner tank! That looks pretty similar to my custom made one - I had bought 9 years ago. It was around 660$ to buy... And your link is the first one, who is pretty affordable - and also easy to strap them down. Above you can see, how they is mounted too. Surfy
  7. Very nice fotos! Like the idea for taking a fee for track maintenance and keeping a track clean! Optionally putting some trash bins, restrooms - even with optional fireplaces and firewood - would be a dream. Would hope to see something like this here in europe too! It did start in some mountain tracks between french/italy/switzerland - with just a fee - and no goodies jet Surfy
  8. I did detect this kind of flexible water tank inside of a facebook group recently. I really like this solution compared to other ways of water storage. They are a perfect mobile solution, easy to install and remove. And no water noise out of the tank, compared to classic water tanks. Article: https://vanlife.4x4tripping.com/2021/04/flexible-watertank-or-water-bladder.htm There I start to collect links to competitors too. Which water tank solution do you use? Feel free to add a comment here or at my blog - i will add them too. I guess the water tank gains on priority when you start do do extended trips. For weekends a jerry can is enough capacity for most of us... Surfy
  9. At the summer of last year, we was very lucky to be able to travel. Not many countrys in europe did allows travelling during the first covid lockdown... So we was very lucky to be able to travel in sweden for three weeks! Here is our trip report with a lot of pictures: https://vanlife.4x4tripping.com/2021/03/vanlife-and-overlanding-in-sweden.html Surfy
  10. Oh, pooor Jeep! Surfy
  11. That many owners of travelling vehicles are fighting the weight with too much load is pretty common. That even travellers with Roof top tents have to take care, is less known. Not all cars are able to carry a roof top tent (RTT) under offroad conditions. Because the offroad calculation change the bill. Here is the calculation for a Ford Ranger Ute: 75 kg roof load capacity, 50kg on-road, 33.5kg offroad allowance. I try to collect the calculations for different cars and models together at the same place. Even for on-road trips you have to choose your RTT wisely to staying legally, the most roof top tent are above 50kg. Details of the calculation with the weight of different RTTs and diffrerent roof racks you find here: Article: https://vanlife.4x4tripping.com/2021/03/roof-load-weight-and-roof-top-tent.html Please consider the weight for your Buildup at a early planning stage. Surfy
  12. After some discussions about data crawlers and privacy I did try to do a writeup, about how you can get privacy. I want to show with that - that most of us dont have any privacy jet. And that it is not easy to get privacy, without starting new virtual identities anywhere.. At Facebook, at Offroadpassport and similar. Article: https://vanlife.4x4tripping.com/2021/03/howto-avoid-that-datacrawlers-can-catch-you.html I try to write in a easy understandable way, did a kind of very simplified presentation which can discussed controvers at detail, but hopefully helps to understand. Personally I try another way than staying complete anomyous. I try to sepearate the Data I`m providing to different providers. If you are using google, google drive and gmail you give any information just to one provider. If you split them (at example outlook.com for email, using startpage.com for websearches and Apple for Cloudstorage) the picture about you is incomplete (for each Datacrawlers). The mess about privacy is, that Crawlers are not really interested who you are. If you are using this "anonymous" device with new Accounts at Facebook, Insta, Youtube and use them daily lat logged in state - you will get too the custom advertising they assume out of your interests - like before... So to be honest - if you really dont want to feed the Datacrawlers - dont use them... No FB, no Offroadpassport, no smartphone Hope that help a bit, for understanding how privacy can work. If you dont want that your provider knows what you do - vpn will do the job. But that is not enough against the Datacrawlers.. And yes, I did start to publish my content too in english: https://vanlife.4x4tripping.com/ Hope without too many spelling failures?! Surfy
  13. No others like to test the App here? in Europe, Asia or even south america are more users online than in the us Here are the link to the Appstores, for those who dont want to read the review: https://www.surletapisduvent.fr/travelersmap/travelersmap.html Surfy
  14. Good everything runs well! For that I did carry a Delorme (Garmin) inReach at 2012 at my Transafrica and at 2015 for my south america journey. If something went wrong, you are happy you just have to press "sos" and a help signal with coordinates are sent automatically. Travelling without out of cell coverage is asking for the darwin award - at least in my eyes.... Surfy
  15. Happy Birthday from switzerland! Surfy
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