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  1. Hey everyone! Looking forward to seeing you all this weekend. Remember your salsa! You wouldn't believe how many times we've heard about 'fresh salsa left on the kitchen counter'! If you have not already sent it, please bring your Fundraiser Donation to camp. We'll have ORP Swag on SALE and there will be a 50/50 Raffle, so bring a few extra $$! Please print out, fill out, and bring an Offroad Passport Waiver & Emergency Contact Safe travels, see you there!!!
  2. Welcome to the long overdue Offroad Passport website Version 2.0! We hope you enjoy all the awesome new features. We know... everything's different - but we think you'll love it if you give it a chance! Of course we've worked hard to get things in tip-top shape, but please just let us know if you find a bug that slipped through the cracks. You can also start a new topic in the Site Help & Test Area if you can't figure something out (or want to test out a new feature). If you're having trouble with the new sign-in, contact us directly. Pull up a seat and take your time looking around - then please do vote in the poll or reply here to let us know what you think! P.S. Keep an eye out over the next few weeks, we'll be posting tips & tricks for using this crazy new stuff every few days!
  3. Here's some of the trips we're working on: Parker Trails 4x4 Difficult, Dec 2019 Researching to see if there are also some fun moderate trails in the area Holiday Partay January 4th, 2020 Island in the Sky District of Canyonlands / White Rim Trail, Schafer Trail / Potash Road 4x4 Easy to Moderate, 2 - 3 Days April/May 2020 Going to try for Canyonland camping permits for dates soon after Easter Jeep Safari Exact dates will depend on what permits we can get, should be around January/February when we know Optional - stay in Utah (or join us) after the Canyonlands for 3 - 4 days running moderate & difficult trails from hotel/cabins - location tba Details to follow Ducy Ershim Trail 4x4 Difficult, late summer 2020 Kingman Easy & Moderate Trails dates unk. Working on a possible 3 - 4 days of easy to moderate trails in the Kingman area Possible camping or hotel/airbnb Possible trails: Gold King Mansion, Secret Pass, Painted Rocks, Safelite, Sleeping Princess, Jeep Cove at Lake Mohave
  4. Where do you want to go offroad in 2020? The Offroad Passport Team has already started shaping up some really great trip ideas that we are going to lead this fall, and in 2020. Like every year, we're planning a year in advance so you guys can get time off from work, or whatever, and go. And again this year, we're reaching out to our members to help round out the trips & events calendar. This is a club, and to keep it going, we need participation in the form of folks leading or co-leading trips. We are looking for people with trip ideas, who are willing to lead a trip with our support. We can help with planning, permits, posting in the forum, routes, maps, GPS tracks, etc. (we love this stuff ). No guarantee, but most likely we'll sign up for your run or alt-lead it because that's how we roll. NEW this year, we need people willing sign up as Alt-leader. Alternate leaders will take over leadership of a trip if the original leader gets sick, or for whatever reason, can't go, or needs to meet later, or whatever. The Alt-leader would be fully supported with gpx tracks, maps, review of the the trip plan, any permits, etc. We hope to eliminate last minute cancellations. The more people willing to try their hand at leading a trip of any kind, the better! In fact, day runs and one night camp-outs are the most popular; most people can't take off for a week, except maybe once a year. We think it would even be awesome to see us start having meet-n-greets, BBQ's, or similar non-wheeling events here and there! So now is the time to let us know what trails you'd be up for leading this fall or in 2020. We had such great response last year; let's keep it going! We want to see this club really take on a life of it's own! Post in this thread or PM us. Thanks in Advance to Everyone!
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    Located in the cool pines near Strawberry AZ, there's fun for everyone! Enter the Salsa Contest, play a whacky game, win a tee shirt, kick back by the fire! Spend a weekend tent or RV camping with Offroad Passport on the beautiful Mogollon Rim. It's an extremely scenic area with plenty of little gravel roads along the rim to explore. We will be dry camping with no facilities, and while most of us tent camp, the area is accessible by small RV too. Don't be that person hearing about all the great stuff you missed for the next whole year - sign up now! Open to Everyone: Sign up & more info...
  6. 9/13 - 9/15/2019: The Event Formerly Known as the Cinders 10 Annual Celebration!, 4x4 EZ, Dry Camp, RV Access, Salsa Contest, Games, Prizes, Fun! Located in the cool pines near Strawberry AZ, there's fun for everyone! Enter the Salsa Contest, play a whacky game, win a tee shirt, kick back by the fire! Spend a weekend tent or RV camping with Offroad Passport on the beautiful Mogollon Rim. It's an extremely scenic area with plenty of little gravel roads along the rim to explore. We will be dry camping with no facilities, and while most of us tent camp, the area is accessible by small RV too. Don't be that person hearing about all the great stuff you missed for the next whole year - sign up now! Event Details: What: 1 or 2 Nights Dry Camping on Mogollon Rim near Strawberry, AZ! Tentative hike to abandonned train tunnel Saturday morning Play Navigator Game to win ORP Swag Enter Salsa Contest to win ORP Swag When: Kristoffer, George and Diane will head up first thing Friday (9/13) morning and stake a claim on our spot. Everyone is welcome to join us anytime Friday or Saturday morning. We'll head home Sunday morning (9/15). Location: NOTE: We will hit our SPOT 'Checking in with Location' button as soon as we claim a spot. The directions below will get you to the general vacinity, the SPOT ping will confirm the exact location. Our First Choice (about 1/4 mile on dirt from main gravel road): GPS: N34 25.082 W111 24.054 - Map Here... Our Second Choice (a few hundred feet from main gravel road): <<<<<< PROBABLY GOING WITH THIS ONE GPS: N34 25.544 W111 24.079 - Map Here... Driving Directions: - take Hwy 87 (Country Club in Mesa) NORTH past Payson, past Pine, past Strawberry - about 9 miles past Strawberry, watch for the green sign: "Knoll Lake / Rim Road" - just after the sign turn RIGHT on Forest Road 300 - after only 200 feet there is a "Y", go RIGHT onto clearly marked 218A - from there go about 1.5 miles and there is another "Y", again go RIGHT - then start watching on your LEFT for our camp, probably between 0.5 and 2.5 miles from the "Y" - camp may be within a couple hundred feet of the main gravel road, or back 1/4 mile on dirt max - we will put up our small Offroad Passport sign next to the road so you can find us easy! UPDATE 9/13/19 Bradywgn SPOT check in map/This is where the event will be: https://share.findmespot.com/shared/faces/viewspots.jsp?glId=0Co9kBLjd97tNbm0Ay7gMajqcF3SdHOdm&fbclid=IwAR0tPT1psSDxM8AupUrDiDZ51DQ0qRvT6RY-8UUMmyflkA_-gaFZ1FjmqTE Suggested Donation: $10 Per Person This event is our annual fundraiser! Help Offroad Passport maintain the website, and expand our organizational memberships such as Tread Lightly! and the Blue Ribbon Coalition. To Donate in Advance: Be sure to include 'Fundraiser', your Offroad Passport User Name, and #of campers with your donation. Send payment via Paypal to info@offroadpassport.com Or mail a Check or Money Order: Offroad Passport P.O. Box 20011 Fountain Hills, AZ 85269-0011 To Donate at the Event: Please bring cash or check, see Diane at the event. Event Itinerary: Friday Gather at camp anytime Friday Evening Social Hour and Camp Fire Time Saturday Morning Continue gathering at camp whenever you can make it! George will lead a hike to the abandoned train tunnel if there is enough interest. There are plenty of easy roads and side trails for anyone who wants to go exploring. The area where we camp offers great views, photography, walks, naps. Saturday Afternoon / Evening Offroad Passport Annual Salsa Contest! Details below. Top 2 Salsas win Offroad Passport Swag!! GAMES! Lots of ways to win Offroad Passport Swag!! Social Hour and Camp Fire Time Sunday Leisurely break camp & head home About the Annual Cinders Salsa Contest: Enter your homemade salsa! Keep your salsa on ice until Saturday evening Offroad Passport will supply chips, and you're welcome to bring more Everyone come sample salsas and vote, even if you didn't enter the contest The TOP 2 Salsas win Offroad Passport T-Shirts! How you can help out: Bring your corn hole or other lawn games to play at camp. We could use some tables, trash bags, easy-ups to use for salsa contest, gathering, etc. If you have extra please bring! Familiarize yourself with Offroad Passport's Pet Policy Abandoned Train Tunnel Hike Option Details: Please let us know if you want to go! See separate thread for Railroad Tunnel Hike Sign ups Offroad Passport Tee's & Hats Available at the Event: Special Event Pricing!! White Value Shirts: $10 (+ $2 for 2X or 3X) Color Shirts: $18 (+ $2 for 2X or 3X) Hats: $15 & $20 Photo credit: Sarah aka kaspily. Attending: TheKSmith, Aimee & Brady DZJeepChic & Number7 Bradywgn71 & kaspily (donations received) scottL Grunt Curly Ladybug & Ob1jeeper 4x4tographer & crew (donations received) Ghostrider (donations received) MzPriss & Cher's Dad Johnpa Lichen (donations received) Mynr1 AZRNintheJeep242 DGR61 Robert lofreqjeff (donations received) Redrock Tonihawk (donations received) Nillabean1999
  7. If you have a printer - please print and fill out the waiver & emergency form here and bring it with you: http://www.offroadpassport.com/forum/showthread.php?t=966 We will have some on-hand, but it would be easier if you can have it ready when you show up. We need one from everyone participating - drivers and adult passengers (okay if couples share one form). Also, please fill this out again even if you have done so before - we need one each trip. Thank you! Safe Travels - See everyone there!!!
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    Come run some trails north of Tucson! On Saturday we will be running Charouleau Gap from Oracle to Tucson. We will camp halfway through the trail. If you live in the Phoenix area, you'll be amazed at how much cooler the nights are in Tucson; the camping should be perfect. Club Members Only: Sign up & more info...
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    Hummingbird Springs Wilderness, near Tonopah AZ - 4x4 Easy to Moderate, primitive camping The Hummingbird Springs Wilderness is located at the northwest end of the Belmont Mountains, and the the southwest border of the wilderness is the northeast border of the Big Horn Mountains Wilderness, of the Big Horn Mountains (Arizona). This group's first exploratory trip to the area turned up lots of wildlife viewing, multiple stops at abandoned mining ruins, spectacular scenery, and "best camp site in the state". Premium Members Only - sign up and more info...
  10. Take a short relaxing trail ride high on the ridges alongside Eleven Mile Wash, from Carefree to Rio Verde! Terrain ranges from well-packed two track, decomposing granite and sandy washes. With the McDowell Mountains' and their prominent 'Tom's Thumb' visible to the south, and Four Peaks off to the east, the scenery is spectacular from this area. Premium Members Only - sign up and more info...
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    Enjoy the beauty and remoteness of the Arizona Strip. There can be found overlooks like Kelly Point, Twin Point, Whitmore Point, Mollies Point, Kanab Point and much more. All are seldom visited and allow great views into the Grand Canyon and its vicinity. Club Members Only: Sign up & more info...
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    Enjoy the beauty of the Vermilion Cliffs NM in northern Arizona. It is known for 'The Wave', Coyote Buttes South and White Pocket, but there is way more to find. There are Indian ruins, rock art, wonderful rim overlooks and fantastic scenery. Premium Members Only - sign up and more info...
  13. We're planning to offer a 4x4 Clinic in early 2019, and we want to know which of these interests you? These are the types of clinic we're considering; please choose one and vote! 1. Absolute Beginner 4x4 Clinic: Learn about the various basic features of your 4x4 vehicle and go on a mild trail ride to practice new techniques. Topics will include the difference between 4-high and 4-low, how and when to shift into 4-high or 4-low, how to read the terrain while driving on dirt roads and easy trails, common trail etiquette, your specific questions and answers. 2. Moderate Trails 4x4 Clinic: Learn about driving on various more moderate level terrains such as off-camber, ledges, rock gardens (creek bed), sand, etc. Gain a better understanding of spotting terminology, hand signals, and 'how to be spotted'. Discussion of the why's and how's of tire placement, sway bar disconnecting, air-up & air-down. Practice new techniques on short moderate trail ride while assisted by trainers. 3. Rock Crawling 4x4 Clinic: Learn how to rock crawl! Discussion and demonstrations will involve reading an obstacle in relation to your rig, going slow and using finesse, when and how to use 'the bump', understanding approach and departure angles, using your lockers. Participants will have the opportunity to practice new techniques on various obstacles while assisted by trainers.
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    Sand Hollow OHV: near Hurricane, UT: 4x4 Moderate to Difficult: Camping or Hotel: Join us for any portion! Trails range from mildly moderate to difficult. There are several moderate trails that follow the outer edges of the park, offering amazing scenery (photography). There are also quite a few trails that go from the OHV area to other historical or scenic destinations nearby. Members are welcome to join us for all or any part of the adventure! We may break into smaller groups depending on what trails everyone wants to run. There are primitive camping, improved camp sites, and improved group sites at Sand Hollow State Park with bathrooms (flush toilets and showers!) and there are hotels, airbnbs, restaurants, shopping, nearby. Premium Club Members Only - Sign-up and more info here...
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