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  1. I'm sure they aren't the 3.73 gears. That was one of the reasons I swaped in the V8 WJ axles, for the 3.73's.
  2. I do still have them. I belive they are 3.55 gears. The axles were bad so the are gone and the brakes are gone as well. Basically just a knuckle to knuckle with the center section for the front. Rear is basically same situation. I belive I hav the shafts but they need new seals.
  3. That's a lot of money in shipping for them not to go in the trash. I'll keep them around till someone needs them to save you the money on the shipping. Unless you really want them.
  4. Are you looking for the whole axle, or just the knuckles?
  5. Now I'm seriously rethinking my plan of attack. The turbo kit from On3 is looking like it may be the way to go. It's got good power and is very upgradable when the need arises in the future. Thanks for the info Scott. Now I just need to get the jeep finished up so I can get the fox in the garage and start working on it. Sorry, didn't mean to hijack your thread. You can delete whatever you want to get it back on track.
  6. You may have drastically change my ideas with my fox!! I was going to throw some nitrous at it till the LS was done but I am seriously rethinking that after checking out on3's turbo setups. Something new to think about on my part!!
  7. Are you still running the supercharger or did it get damaged when you threw the belt? That's some pretty impressive HP, bet that little fox really moves. Those are the hp numbers I would like to get to eventually, but I'm not a ford purest so we're going to give it a go with some LS power. I do love your car, thanks for the inspiration.
  8. What kind of power are you putting out with the new motor?
  9. Still have this. I'll also throw in the d35 from the rear. Any one interested? Going in the dumpster if not.
  10. It is odd to see everything under the jeep cleaner than the jeep itself.
  11. Meant 3.73 gears. A buddy got an 8.8 with everything in it when he bought another project and wasnt going to use it so I picked up the whole carrier with everything in it for cheap.
  12. Finaly got working on he WJ again. Front end is now officially done!! http://offroadpassport.com/forum/attachment.php?attachmentid=2873&stc=1&d=1444888414
  13. I'm just finishing some minor body work. I have a buddy that does a lot of plastikoting so we are going to do it white with as much pearl as I can get on it. Got the new gears (3.73) with the ford racing carbon LSD and 31 spline 5 lugs ready to go in. Interior pulled and ready for the cage to go in. I'm doing a color change from red to black on the interior so I have been painting a lot. Just a fun project!!
  14. Hey Scott, tried to find your fox build thread with no luck. How's yours doing? You Kinda inspired me!!
  15. That's one good looking group!! I'm hoping to be back together in the next couple weeks!!
  16. We will see where this one goes. All comments welcome. 1991 fox pretty much stock, plan is to do an LS swap. Let the haters begin!!http://offroadpassport.com/forum/attachment.php?attachmentid=2857&stc=1&d=1444622860
  17. Where did you have everything pressed on? I've got to do this to the axle I'm building.
  18. I've got the afore mentioned item up for grabs. I know that people swap in the WJ knuckes to other jeeps just not sure which ones. It's free to a good home so let me know if your interested. Axle shaftes, brakes, and unit bearings are removed.
  19. Have to throw in a picture of the next generation!!
  20. She in the garage for her axle swap and some PM.
  21. From past experience I would not go with the spacers and the lift on short arms. The 4" lift will be fine, but with the spacers that put your arms at a pretty steep angle and the ride will be terrible and you will go through bushings in the front end very quickly. Not to mention that you will probably have some issues with the rear drive shaft. I'm not an expert by any means just been down that same path. Not sure what your ultimate plan is, but it always changes as many here can attest to. If we only knew then what we know now. Just my $.02.
  22. Does sound like a pain in the a#%!! My one advantage is that I'm going to install them before I install the axle. Just hope they last a long time so there will be no need to replace them.
  23. I picked up a set of the Ruske bushings for my axle im building? Havent heard of many people using them but they looked like a good option. I had some stock bushings that I was going to install so I just cut, melted and made a huge mess getting the clevite bushing material out so I could use the sleeves. I havent installed them yet but would be interested to hear how you like them. Seems like it would be a good option for them to sell the sleeves as well because it is such an ordeal to get out the old ones.
  24. Speed sensor didn't fix the problem, did find that the wires for the sensor were worn out to the point that the insulation was gone. Cut, cleaned up, and added heat shrink and electrical tape, still nothing. Allan was you ground coming from the transfer case or the tranny? Which side of the back seat?
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