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  1. A few scraps and a couple near flops but no breakage. "Thank you" to George for leading us through a fun and exciting trail!
  2. I can't wait!! A nice run should be just the thing to get my mind off the fact I will soon be another year older.
  3. Dam, caught in another compromising position!! First holding hands at Sycamore and now hanging off the front of LoPhat's rig in "The Crack "!!
  4. Welcome!! This a good time to not be in MN!!
  5. What a fun day!!! "Thank you" to Dzjeepchick, Number 7, Ladybug and everyone else involved in making this such a success! A special thanks to Stockjeep (Wayne) for the u-jount clip, without it I think it would have been a long night!!
  6. I picked up a couple extra items just in case: Bag of hot dog buns Bag of hamburger buns Paper towels Paper plates Hand wipes See y'all tomorrow!!!!
  7. I'm looking at the list above however I'm still not sure what to bring?? With a Jeep TJ I have very limited space so tables and trash hauling are not an option. Any suggestions?
  8. Diane, nice pics however the link above doesn't appear for be working.
  9. I have only run this trail once however as mentioned above you should seriously consider passing on this one. It is a fun trail but they are not exaggerating about the potential for body damage. Just my 2 cents
  10. I had a great time today!!! As LO PHAT mentioned, we kept playing till it was dark. Just couldn't get enough.
  11. Yikes!!! I got caught holding hands!! LOL!!
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