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  1. I just want to give a crazy loud, obnoxious shout out to THEKSMITH, for fighting off hookers, pimps and dope dealers this morning to gather up the cajones to not only stop by just to say HELLO, But also bring me not 1, but 2 Doughnuts! One even had sprinkles and chocolate filling..... Okay, I guess I had better introduce myself.....Some of you may know me previously from being the owner of Absolute Offroad....Sold AO to explore other things, and that worked out, but last year, July 2015, I opened another shop, called OnPoint Performance and Offroad. We are located in Glendale, its just me, so no kids or dirty shaggy mechanics workin on your stuff. I am also the only one that can answer the phone, so, I do have an answering machine, and call everyone back either right at lunch time or about 4:30-5ish right before I leave. A little about me....18 year ASE Master L1 Certified auto tech, have worked in Dodge. Jeep and General repair shops before opening my original shop, AO. Strong diagnostic capabilities, axle and gear set up, Auto Transmission Diag and complete rebuild, great with wiring and all aspects of General maint...I also enjoy doing and planning performance modifications too....I will take good care of the Offroad Passport Community, give honest answers and offer all the info that I know to repair, build or maintain your vehicle. Please feel free to also check out my Facebook page, https://www.facebook.com/onpointperformanceandoffroad/?fref=ts Joe Daro OnPoint Performance and Offroad 5237 W Montebello Ave Glendale, Arizona, 85310 623-234-3339
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