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  1. Ladybug, Those old 17 Channel rigs are a lot of fun for us older guys. If you have a desire to upgrade and leave that one behind, please let this old CB buff know. I am interested. Smiles. Thanks, Don
  2. Looks like it was a great time! Dan - I didn't know you had picked up a TJ, that's cool man! Thanks for sharing the pics, I miss being close to 4 peaks.
  3. Thanks George, Yes, that's horsehair, (good eye George) it's actually a "stampede string" it helps me keep my hat on. Sometimes the winds reach up to 70mph... but usually its only a steady 30mph haha. Not really, but we do have some gusty days up here. Miss 'ya George!
  4. LOL Mac - that's true, they do, haha!
  5. In Tucson, it is illegal for women to wear pants...
  6. George - I can recommend Garcia's in Mesa. On Broadway road just east of Mesa Drive, south side. Very knowledgeable and hyper-honest.
  7. Hey mbuckner, Guernsey is a good side trip if you are coming up on the I-25. You can see some nice trail ruts here (Oregon Trail) and Register Cliff. We're a half an hour from the I-25. If you decide to stop, let me know and I'll meet up with you if you'd like. Also, Custer's battlefield is just across the border as you cross into MT. That's always a nice side trip as well.
  8. The town is my new home, Guernsey Wyoming, that pic was taken from an overlook in Guernsey State park. Guernsey's train trestle is one of my favorite scenes. The water is Guernsey reservoir which is in the State park. Lots of camping and fishing areas in the park.
  9. A new one of me, taken yesterday, I've lost about 30lbs since November, no more double chin...
  10. I've had a chance to get out a little more. Here are a few pics from recent adventures: I hope everyone had a nice Independence Day celebration, it was great up here.
  11. Well It's all good here - the cold hasn't bothered me, and I breathe better. Liking the deer in the front yard, and everyone thinks they have a Jeep... even people in little cars do the "Jeep Wave" LOL.
  12. Hi all, Here are a few photos around my new home in Wyoming. All of this is within a 15 minute drive. All is well here - hope all of you are well too. Take care, --------------------- Register Cliff on the Oregon Trail Register Cliff on the Oregon Trail: Outside my front door: Outside my front door:
  13. Happy New Year everybody!
  14. A new laptop and (finally) an IPOD yay! Got my wife a new macbook pro - yay again!
  15. Hi Mike, Sorry to say that I haven't learned that yet either... Sorry - LOL, Don
  16. Yep - I do remember the "old" AZ, with Valley National Bank, Yellow Front stores, and Bill Johnson's Big apple being the place to frequent on Friday... and Starlight Stables rodeos on Fridays... Regarding a move on your part... Probably true OB1 - 'Cause even at my age, I am likely pushing it a bit. That said though, not bad so far, and it's pretty dry too... heck, the snow doesn't melt, it actually evaporates... (seriously) kinda' weird... so the joints are doing ok... no problem other than the change for colder weather... like goosebumps and cold cheeks (both kind, LOL)
  17. I have heard the same thing. I plan to do just that, (pre-run) on whatever parts I can find, where travel is allowed. After I explore some, I'll be posting up what's "runnable" for trails around my area so folks can plan to visit WY when it's warm. I met another offroad guy already and hope to explore a little with him. I'll keep you posted!
  18. The area where I live is relatively mild in comparison to the rest of the State. Guernsey is nestled in a valley on the North Platte river, along the Oregon Trail. Not much wind, light snow, and usually above 0* F. Here are a few pics: Register Cliff on the Oregon Trail: Jeep at Register Cliff: 10 minutes from the house: 15 minutes from the house:
  19. Hi everyone, Just checking in to say Merry Christmas, I am in town here in AZ for the holidays. I love Wyoming, there are deer everywhere I look, bald eagles, and lots of other game. I have been getting accustomed to eating buffalo, and it's better tasting than beef in my book! The folks are the nicest I've ever met. Everyone thinks they have a Jeep up there though, it's wierd... ... ... everyony waves at everyone... LOL. The daily attire is cowboy casual, so I fit in really well. The cost of living is significantly lower than here, which is great. I love Wyoming. Hope everyone here is doing ok, I have missed you guys! Merry Christmas, Don
  20. Thanks George - Gonna miss you guys.
  21. Thanks for the tip - Lingle is near where I'll be.
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