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  1. There was attempted theft of a 2016 Wrangler in our community last week. A neighbor heard something, turned on lights, and saw people running to a pickup and driving off. They probably came back later to to get mine. Guess that just because one lives in a nice community, doesn't keep the criminals from making late night visits. :-(
  2. We returned from vacation on Thursday evening to find that our 1998 Jeep Wrangler had been stolen from in front of our house while we were gone. If you see this vehicle, call the police immediately. It has a "Sulcata Edition" decal on both front quarter panels where the normal "Sahara Edition" decals would be.
  3. The estimated range of the BearTooth seems to be greater than either of the GoTenna options. But yeah, wish there was a common standard so they could all talk together on the same network. I think the BearTooth will need to get into REI stores, etc. too if they want to be successful. As far as satellite goes, I see this as a compliment to not a replacement for an Iridium phone. The satellite phone will always be good for emergencies. But these off-grid communication systems seem like a better tool for general in-group communication as there is no per-use cost. It is like CB radio for the modern age.
  4. HEMA now offers an app for North America: http://www.hemamaps.com/Home/~/link.aspx?_id=ED5D922B06094C73BC53D158A73721E2&_z=z Before they only were available in Australia.
  5. This was actually their second season. Their first season went to Alaska. It proved to be so successful online that they added a sponsorship from Toyota in the second season. They have a new season in the works but not sure where it is being filmed. Here is their website: http://www.xoverland.com
  6. I finally got around to replacing the resistor last week. The old one was a brittle rusty thing lodged full of cobwebs. I put in the new one, and cool... I now have all four fan speeds.
  7. My Wrangler has the A/C control with the knob (for controlling fan speed) and two sliders (for controlling temperature and mode). The fan only works on positions 3 and 4. After 30 minutes or so my face has formed icicles and there are penguins playing in the back seat. I really would prefer that the fan also operated on the 1 and 2 positions. Before I go tearing things apart, is there anything else I should be looking at besides replacing the fan speed knob?
  8. If you want a military-style gauge, check out these: http://shop.classicinstruments.com/ma00blfbz#
  9. I currently have the Rampage MSR H4 enclosures on my TJ with Silverstar Ultra bulbs. I have take a few large stones to the driver side light and now the lens is completely destroyed. This seems like a good time/excuse to upgrade to LED. I am trying to find the brightest DOT-approved LED replacements. I see Quadratec has a new LED housing... but the output is rated at at 599/1085 lumens vs. the Silverstar Ultra's 910/1500 lumens??? I definitely don't want anything dimmer than what I have now. What other alternatives are there?
  10. Oh yeah, I bought a set on ebay from a salvage yard. Color matched and everything.
  11. Thanks. What year was yours on? Auto or stick?
  12. Anyone here with a TJ have an AEV tummy tucker skid plate? If so, what are your impressions? The shovel of a stock skid plate is the only place I am really contacting on the mid-diffuiculty trails I run.
  13. Did anyone end up ordering one of these? I am looking for a replacement for my Garmin Rino 520. The tiny screen on the Rino just doesn't cut it anymore.
  14. I am looking for a set of functioning full doors for my Moss Green Pearlcoat-colored 1998 Sahara with the Saddle Interior. The glass and interior should be in good condition (no cracks).
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