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  1. Selling a NIB Poison Spyder hood louver for 97-02 TJ/LJ (2 washer squirters). It is the Black Powder coated version. Never got around to installing it on my Jeep. $100
  2. On 2 other forums Ive frequented for the past 7yrs (both Duramax. One heavily "geared" tward truck pulling/ drag racing modifications ) there will be fools who will post the question, How do I get my truck to "roll coal"? or they will post a video or something of them doing it. In every case Ive seen they IMMEDIATELY gotten flamed to submission by the other members of the forum......Im talking pages and pages of language that shouldent even be typed or spoken in a sailors bar. Typically you never see or hear again from the OP (some times the OP learns the error of their ways and sticks around). The members of the forums that im familiar with look at "rolling coal" the same way we in the 4wd world look at some schmuck out tearing up the desert/forests. But like most things its the few AZZHATS out there ruining it for the many.
  3. Sunday I pulled the transfer case outa my truck and replaced the pump with an upgraded one to try and stop the dreaded "Pump rub" (good thing too! she was a rubbin). Then I put it back and installed a tailhousing support bracket between the transmission and transfer case................Thats when I realized that the fluid I coulda swore I had for the transfercase was no where to be found . So yesterday (Monday) I put fluid in it.
  4. Yup, Great class. And a big Mucho Gracias for hosting this at Casa d' Krisoffer. Ive been playin with those apps all night. But alas the fun is over, now I need to go pull the xfer case outa my truck.
  5. I have NO phone or tablet GPS experience at all! I have used an old handheld GPS and paper maps ALOT. With that said, for Fathers Day I was given a Galaxy Tab Pro 8.4 that I will be bringing along to learn on.
  6. J.R.

    The Truck

    Yeah Id like to get more stuff from him as well. Thanks!
  7. All it needs is a 12 valve and it would be PERFECT!
  8. J.R.

    The Truck

    Yeah, I'm pretty happy with it.
  9. J.R.

    The Truck

    Thanks, Its a '48. Currently as it sits its all original. 6cyl flathead, 6 volt....even the paint, which is thin, is the original.
  10. Do you guys that use these things find that your "onboard" GPS receiver inside the tablet is sufficient when your out in the middle of nowhere? Or do you need to use something like an external (bluetooth or other) GPS receiver?
  11. J.R.

    The Truck

    Those who I have been on runs with are familiar with my Jeep. So I should introduce y'all to my D.D. / tow rig. Its a '05 Sliverado 4x4 CrewCab Short bed with the Duramax/Allison combo. My intentions are to eventually mount a popup cabover camper and use it for a base camp rig while driving my TJ out exploring. The other day while perusing CraigsList for things that I just couldnt live without, I actually stumbled on to something! (see the post in Craigslist finds for linky) A 4wd supplier was shutting his doors and selling off everything at dirt cheep prices! So I bought a new front bumper for my pickup. The bumper is made by ASFIR which is out Israel and from what I understand is known for building the armor/ upgrades for the military vehicles over there. The before picture. Parts Off with the old. Winch plate Bumper wings on. Crossbar on, Winch cover removed. I didnt get started installing the bumper until about 5pm my wife came out and informed me I was done for the night at 10pm so I quickly threw the winch coverplate on (8 bolts) and cleaned up for the night. After taking an hour for dinner Ive only got about 4 hours into the install. So this is where we stand this morning. Just some minor adjustments and trimming the plastic wheel well liner to match the new contour and Im done.........Oh except now I need to buy a winch.
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