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  1. Had a great time out there ! Awesome pics and video ! @4x4tographer I especially like the :37 mark of your vid....Driver front tire "Krushin'" rocks.....lol...Get it...klaykrusher........🤪
  2. Hey Di! Yep, have a couple. Here’s the best sales pitch for it: And link to the website: https://vectoroffroad.com/products/jk-highland-platform
  3. What are ya, the weight police? Brackets & Screws 11.64 lbs. Shelf 28.5 lbs. Total 40.14 lbs. (18.207 kg for the metric folks)
  4. $375 - Great condition, cash only, sorry no trades. From Vector: The Vector Offroad JKU Highland Platform practically doubles the usable space in the rear cargo area. It's a must for overlanders, campers, or serious grocery getters! This high strength solution is a perfect place to put gear for your next adventure. The JKU Highland Platform provides the following benefits: Mounting hole patterns cut into the platform for RotoPax Water/Fuel/Storage mounts. The platform can hold up to two 4-gallon RotoPax containers on the underside of the deck Light weight aluminum construction on the main deck, weight tested to 230 lbs without failure Bolt-on installation, requires no permanent modifications to the vehicle. Standard finish - Black powder coat, with powder coat hammer tone Gray accent components brackets and clamps Multiple lashing points for straps and/or cargo nets. Included quick release wing nut set allows easy removal of the main platform deck without the use of tools. Wing nuts allow for quick removal if you need to transport large items in the back of your rig from time to time Approximately 24 1/2" clearance from the floor to the bottom of the platform, and 17.5" clearance form Platform deck to the JKU ceiling. 44” wide x 23” Deep inner dimensions. Fits: 2007-Current Jeep Wrangler 4 door Hard Top or No Top only
  5. FCC has reduced the GMRS Application License Fee from $70 to $35. Once processed, the license is good for 10 years. The new fee goes into effect April 19th, 2021. Here is a good step-by-step process to register and apply for the license: https://www.azgmrs.org/how-to-get-a-gmrs-license.php
  6. Hey, Happy Birthday Kris, hope you have a great day!!
  7. KDude, you are a wild man!! I've seen folks use this too: Electric Griddle I thought you had a HF press? That also works great....
  8. Trail 11 at 4 Peaks, a few weeks back. Lots of whoops and a few play areas....Actually went to run trail 143 to the peaks, but gate was bolted shut.
  9. Happy Birthday Diane!! Hope you have a great day!!!
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