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  1. Hahaha, yeah, been holed up in the midwest. Planning to change that soon! Missin' the desert...
  2. Very Cool! White/Black combo is real nice!
  3. Very sorry to hear this. I wheeled with John only a couple times but quickly admired his generosity and kindness.....RIP John.
  4. Not mine, was actually surfing for some wrangler build ideas and see this expedition ready Rubicon for sale. Rubicon
  5. Good resuse on the grab handles. Those paracord ones are pretty fancy with a real fancy price tag too....Why not make your own for a lot less....Grab me! Oh, still waiting on the rear door table design/build......
  6. Thanks Diane and Sarah, I will check these out!
  7. Glad you guys had a fun trip. Would you still consider the trail easy to moderate? Did anyone keep GPS tracks? I would be interested to see how you made it out.
  8. As of 2 years ago, the main road as i remember it was fine for stock jeeps. So not sure what your monsoons and winter storms have done to it though. The parallel trail was narrower and you will get (more ) pin striping on that beauty queen of yours, but a nice change of pace. I'll have to look at the map for what that trail number is. As for the open area, I did attempt to follow one of the roads heading south, thinking it went back towards the lake, but the trail was narrow, not even room for vehicles coming the other way to pass, and it was late and I was by myself so didn't venture any further. I believe there is a way to get back to the lake or 74, but never did it. Here is some reading light reading about the mine: Tip Top
  9. I was down this trail a few times. Not a whole lot of parking by or around the mine, but still can park quite a few rigs along the trail there. Be sure to venture past the mines a bit and on the left side of the trail you should come across a rusted out windmill, supposedly where a cemetery might have been and a little further down is where I believe the Tip Top post office was. Just the foundation is left though. If you keep going a little farther you will eventually cross a cattle guard and into a larger open area where you could park for lunch too. On the way to the mine, should you want to venture off the main road, there is a side trail, just after the entrance to Terminator, which may be 9999F (?). can't remember for sure, but it runs parallel with the main road for a bit, and then connects back to the main trail before you get to Tip Top. I always enjoyed this trail, have fun out there!
  10. ^^^^ Damn, and I thought it was just my suck-azz drivin'.....
  11. Kris, here is the link where I saw that. She doesn't go into details though... https://www.facebook.com/barlowadventures/videos/914139638639343/
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