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  1. Sorry Kris, I have to cancel. Something going on w/lift on the Jeep I won't be able to figure out in time.
  2. Thanks folks!!!....Mmmmmmhmmmmm....
  3. Thanks G & D for leading! Enjoyed the ride, company and great views. Just about forgot how beautiful this back country is! Great trail to get my feet wet again!
  4. Hi Folks, wanted to reintroduce myself. My name is Dave and I was living in PHX for a few years from 2010 to 2014 and went on a number of runs with the folks here and always enjoyed them. We moved back to Ohio for a time and have now may our way back to AZ. Currently living/working full time in an RV and staying in Apache Junction for the winter. Looking forward to rekindling some relationships and having some fun on the trails. We took a couple months to make our way down to the valley, mostly staying at state parks along the way. Here are a few pics from the trip. RV is a 2006 Born Free Class C 8.1l gasser and Jeep is a '14 JKUR newly lifted running a 3.5" lift and 35's. Headin' West Overnight in Anita, Iowa Spent a couple nights in Ogallala, NE and then onto Jackson Lake, CO. Hanging out in Pueblo, CO for a couple weeks. Rode the Rio Grand to the Royal Gorge and enjoyed many a margarita.... Next stop was Trinidad State Park, CO. View from our campsite. Spent some time in Santa Fe and Albuquerque, NM then worked our way to Show Low for a week. Weather was colder, but enjoyed Fool Hollow State Park. And finally down to PHX and enjoying the warm weather and cool water....
  5. Hahaha, yeah, been holed up in the midwest. Planning to change that soon! Missin' the desert...
  6. Very Cool! White/Black combo is real nice!
  7. Very sorry to hear this. I wheeled with John only a couple times but quickly admired his generosity and kindness.....RIP John.
  8. Not mine, was actually surfing for some wrangler build ideas and see this expedition ready Rubicon for sale. Rubicon
  9. Good resuse on the grab handles. Those paracord ones are pretty fancy with a real fancy price tag too....Why not make your own for a lot less....Grab me! Oh, still waiting on the rear door table design/build......
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