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  1. Kris, What about an automotive seam sealer product? I have limited experience with the stuff but have used it while repairing rust on a couple of my old daily drivers. The above video was the best I could find on the subject.
  2. The helicopter footage (one minute) of the river and road destruction on the NPS Yellowstone site is incredible. I think it’s also on Instagram but I don’t do that site.
  3. Looks good Kris. I hear you on the heat chasing you indoors. It was tough to even work in the garage yesterday and I wasn’t welding.
  4. I’m going to post a series of photos of a big horn ram that I encountered on the South Kaibab trail in the Grand Canyon last month. I was headed up, almost finished with a shift, a few switchbacks from the top in a section we refer to as “the chimney“ when heard a few rocks rolling down. I looked up a small side cut in the canyon wall and a big horn Ram stepped out on to the trail about 25 feet in front of me! I started to back down the trail and the Ram thankfully headed up the next switchback. This was taken when I got my phone out of my pocket and backed a safe distance away. Note the two hikers headed downhill. Ram is headed up the hikers are headed down and I’m trying to warn the hikers without spooking the ram. This photo is a bit deceptive. It doesn’t really show that the canyon wall sticks out a bit and the hikers can’t yet see the ram Now they see each other! The Ram politely gives up the trail to the hikers and steps off. He's now headed for a shady overhang that’s not so crowded.
  5. Seems tailor made for Jeeps in our Phoenix environment. https://www.thedrive.com/news/nanotech-coating-inspired-by-black-holes-can-keep-cars-cooler-without-ac
  6. From another forum https://www.costco.com/5-lbs.-steel-propane-cylinder-with-opd-valve-%26-built-in-gauge.product.100734956.html If your looking for one this seems like a good deal considering Home Depot is getting almost $60 for a std. 20 lb tank
  7. Here’s a new backpacking meal that I tried a couple weeks ago on my latest Grand Canyon backpack trip. I started with this package of instant potatoes. I know what you’re thinking, “instant potatoes” Yuk! My wife is one heck of a cook and when she said “I’d eat those” I knew it was a winner You will need to bring two cups of water to a boil. While the water was being heated I dumped two packages of this chicken into the water. Remove the boiling water with the chicken from the stove. Stir in the potatoes. Add this package of bacon bits. Let the concoction sit for one minute and serve. My sister (that eats like a bird) and I had no problem eating the whole 4oz package. Tasted great! This meal checks a lot of boxes: Quick, no soaking (rehydrating) necessary Not much water required Very little stove fuel needed ( No ten minute simmer etc.) Light, easy to carry, ingredients Not much trash bulk Filling Tasty (mmm bacon) Chicken adds a lot of protein Easy clean up (wipe out the pot with tortilla) I would make this again in a heartbeat.
  8. I’m not sure exactly what inserts goose gear uses but I’m going to assume you used a pronged tee nut to secure your fridge slide. Not trying to be “that guy” but I’m going to show you what I ended up doing on the DIY base board in my LJ that I used to own. This shows the slide minus the fridge. Here is a shot of the bottom of the baseboard. I installed my tee nuts in a counterbore to keep them below the face of the p,y wood. Early on one of the tee nuts dropped loose from the base board when nothing was screwed into it. Not a difficult repair but a bit time consuming. When I fixed the loose insert I bedded it in epoxy and while I was at it I embedded the rest of the nuts the same way. My issue might well have been a fluke but I thought I’d mention this to you.
  9. Good looking table Kris. Your modifications are a great addition. I especially like the added fasteners and casters. Nice review and write up, as always.
  10. Happy Birthday John
  11. Excellent review Kris! Its real world advice like this that makes this site so useful. Whose welding table are you using in the last pic?
  12. A quick trailhead check of your alternator if you get access to a volt meter this weekend Key on, vehicle engine not running, battery voltage at the battery posts should read approx. 12.5 volts. Start the engine and the voltage should increase to close to 14 volts.
  13. Thank you Kris. Very helpful as always. I apologize for the derail. I love to see Brady “hands on” with the mods on his Jeep.
  14. Thank you Kris. Ever seen any decent installations with a stand alone screen?
  15. Does the rear view camera use the stock rear view mirror as a screen? Details?
  16. @SonoranWanderer Thanks for the info to “Cable Ties and More”. Interesting you mention Chrysler spec loom product, the last loom I ordered from Amazon just did “feel” like the product that I used to use at work. ??? I’m going to give your vendor a try. BTW: It may be me but I can only see your first pic in the above post
  17. Your 3 part animation is the best light comparison I’ve ever seen. You should think about getting into the IT field.
  18. Well thought out, clean installation (as usual)
  19. I’ll bet you were waaaay more careful and observant than the average lube tech. Glad that it seems like you have a handle on the problem
  20. Did you change the oil, or was it a quick lube shop? Its not unheard of for the plastic washer or rubber gasket to stick to the pan and to stay there when the plug is removed, especially if the plug as been overtightened. Sometimes it then falls into the oil drain container and the unskilled “tech” replaces the plug with no sealing part at all. For sure I’ve never seen OEM drain plug with no sealing washer at all. X2 to remove the old plug, stop the flow with your finger and install the new plug. Top off with fresh.
  21. Nice! That column looks so familiar. I spent many, many hours working on those. How is the tilt joint? Hopefully still nice and tight.
  22. New River Road could be a decent alternate to the posted detour.
  23. @dzJeepChic Diane, Im not sure where you would find an exact match for the factory connector. Maybe the OB1 Jeep Spa?! I do however have a decent assortment of matching connectors, seals, and terminals for different gauge wires. I complied a kit at Chrysler Engineering during a project I was assigned to in the late 80’s or early 90’s. The kit contained everything I could need to work on the air suspension system I was responsible for. There are several styles of two wire connectors shown in the close up below (gray and red seals). I’m not sure what wire gauge your Jeep connector is using but I’d think those two wire connectors would handle 16 gauge wires. If you needed to go 14 gauge or heavier you could use a mating four way and install factory pins in the unused holes in the rear seals. The film canisters have a wide assortment of terminal pins for different gauge wires. Now that you’ve moved to the other side of the earth I’d be happy to see if pony express comes out that far. Seriously, I’d be glad to drop a few option in the mail if George thinks they might work. BTW. Nice roadside find and repair George!
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