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  1. That site has some clever products. Thanks for posting that link. Im not a huge hi-lift fan but when you really need one……. Any product that helps eliminate one more point that you need to focus on is a good idea IMO.
  2. Those look interesting This is what I use for a food box when I spend multiple days at the Grand Canyon to do my volunteer gig. I got mine at Sportsman warehouse but I think I’ve seen them at HD My DIY dividers I
  3. I went to the SEMA show in 2019. The number of attendees running around photographing and even measuring! a vendor’s product just blew my mind. Im sure it was just a coincidence that for most of these individuals English was not their primary language
  4. Back story: I was headed down the Bright Angel trail this past June at the Grand Canyon. It was late afternoon and I was doing the three mile, evening trail sweep. I was down trail about 3/4 of a mile and could hear a pounding? noise coming from around the next switchback. I thought at first some kid was banging on a tree with a rock. Don’t laugh, it happens. Turns out it was two big horn sheep butting heads! By the time I turned the corner the larger ram had driven off the younger one. I didn’t witness the altercation but later saw a video of it taken by one of the hikers you can see in the background. This shot was taken with my phone. Std. setting, no zoom. This was as close as I wanted to get. Zoomed in. Ive seen quite a few sheep this year, especially early morning, but never this close.
  5. Kris, I looked at your creation again while showing it to a friend. He was extremely impressed by the way. Especially with the wheel grabber. I thought I’d share his comment. He looked at the date of your post and said “some Chinese company has already copied this and will have it in the catalogs by Xmas” So true.
  6. Beautiful! Love the granite. And, I have serious garage envy
  7. I’ve never tried the Refelctix material on the inside of a cooler but I have used it to make an exterior coozy around the outside. I assembled mine out of leftover material that I used on my garage door. It’s held together with duct tape and foil tape. I have a small roto molded cooler that I take camping and I’ve found the ice lasts several days longer with the coozy in place, especially if there is a lot of sun. Im away from my campsite a good portion of the day so I can’t always move the cooler into the shade.
  8. Check out the short dash cam video in the link below. https://www.thedrive.com/news/41371/watch-a-jeep-grand-cherokee-get-kod-by-lightning-in-terrifying-video I don’t think I’d want to try and tackle that electrical repair. You can see the brake lights fade out as it coasts to a stop.
  9. While we are on the wildfire subject, yesterday, June 30, was the 8th anniversary of the Granite Mountain Hotshots tragedy near Yarnell. RIP boys.
  10. Cue the Beverly Hillbilly’s theme song.
  11. @shellback The Mopar parts link you provided is a good place to deal. It is a Larry Miller affiliated company. I’ve had some luck getting one of their Mopar family dealers to honor the online price, pick it up at the dealer, and avoid the shipping charges. YMMV
  12. jgaz

    Forest closures

    Amen!!! Anybody that thinks fireworks are a good idea with the wildfire danger we have is nuts!
  13. Now that you chased the mechanical gremlin all over your Jeep before it jumped off let’s just hope it doesn’t end up on B’s Jeep. The gremlins are never really gone. They are just hanging around waiting. Seriously, nice work. And before the heat index goes nuclear.
  14. Thank you so much Kris for looking into this! I’m up at the canyon and am just now able to get online. I have two (I think) code numbers that I asked politely (forced) the dealer to give me before I would take delivery of my truck. One number I’m sure is correct. I used it to have a couple conventional keys cut to use in case of a lock out. I will look into pulling my Programing PIN and compare it to what I already have. It must be worth something because getting the dealer to give the numbers to me was like pulling teeth. Thanks for the RAM forum link I’ll check it out.
  15. Nice write up as always Kris. Question: Will the Alf OBD App. Program aftermarket key fobs? I asking specifically about a 2017 RAM and I’m computer illiterate.
  16. Off Roaders look like the good guys for a change! https://www.thedrive.com/news/40873/off-road-recovery-facebook-groups-help-find-5-year-old-missing-in-mojave-desert to all who volunteered their time
  17. We used “rattlesnake ready” for our dog this spring. https://rattlesnakeready.com I was pleased with the trainer. It is however difficult to tell how well the dog will respond out of the course. I did try to walk our dog near a fresh road kill rattler that was dead in the gutter near our house. He is normally very observant and will check out anything that seems out of place. He did not want to get anywhere near the dead snake. Cant be sure if it was because of the training but I’d like to think so. Not familiar with Danger noodles. Rattlesnake ready does use a shock collar only as required
  18. Sycamore Canyon is also listed in this book I have. I’d be happy to loan it to you or copy the 2 pages or...... Ive found the driving directions for in the book to be somewhat outdated for a couple of the hikes, but the trail info is usually very accurate Just let me know
  19. Good plan. Many of the forts we hiked to in the Tonto required at least some pretty tough bushwhacking. We did our hikes between Dec. and late March mostly to lessen the chance of a rattlesnake encounter. I don’t know what the brush is like there but I do my bushwhacking in long pants and keep a pair of gloves handy. I also always carry hiking poles and make good use of them at least coming back down. Those look like some great ruins! I hope you get to see them up close.
  20. Ryan, You found a good site for AZ ruins. From the home page on that site I used #6 extensively a couple years ago when a friend and I were searching for hilltop forts in the area north of Phoenix. We visited the 4 that were talked about on the site as well as 4 others. Do you plan to hike to the Sycamore Canyon ruins?
  21. Thank you Ryan, I remember this thread but completely forgot about it. Im basically considering a small trailer to use instead of a tent when I stay up at the grand canyon during my volunteer work. The only way I’ll pull the trigger is if our program gets a camping/ parking spot that has an electrical hook up so I can run AC. It’s getting harder to hike all day for three or four straight days and not be able to cool off. I’ve even considered building out a cargo trailer but haven’t looked into that idea very closely.
  22. @theksmith At the risk of derailing this thread do you mind reveling the two small trailers you’re talking about? I like the idea of being able to stand up or at least close to it
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