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  1. We all know this, (I hope) but here is reminder. Checkout this article and video. https://www.thedrive.com/news/40217/off-roader-escapes-decapitation-after-recovery-strap-snaps-and-flies-through-windshield Talk about a close call! Hopefully the stuck driver packed clean underwear.
  2. Thanks everyone but with the 3/8” ice spikes I was using along with my poles I felt very secure. Hiking uphill that afternoon the spikes worked really well handling the semi frozen mud.
  3. Nice rig! Good luck with the search. BTW: If you need a hand loading a pod or whatever, let me know
  4. About a week after @johnpa completed his Canyon backpack trip I hiked down the Bright Angel trail for one of my volunteer patrol shifts. The canyon received 5 to 7 inches of snow that Tuesday. Early that morning there was about two inches on top of a lot of ice. It was very, very slick! I was using shoe traction devices with 3/8” spikes and taking a very short stride. I was told that the mules didn’t attempt the trails that morning. Doesn’t say much for my good sense does it?
  5. I’ve “messaged” quite a few brake lines and usually used anything from a D cell battery to. large socket to form a radius into the line. As Kris said, several bends is usually safer.
  6. Happy Birthday John!
  7. Loctite and a torque retention nut is a bit like a belt and suspenders approach IMO. Not that there’s anything wrong with that. I don’t think that either of the torque retention methods you used will contribute to seizing up your joint. What does your shock rod look like at the top end? Hex, double D, something else? In my experience, it’s a bit difficult to correctly torque the upper shock nut even with a std. nut. The rod tends to spin in the shock body. I would think a nylock nut would make this more difficult if you aren’t able to hold the rod while you torque the nut. I’m not familiar with a JK ft. shocks but can you get a socket on the rod and a box or end wrench on the nut? This is a “double D”;socket that I’ve used for years. I believe there are a couple of sizes.
  8. Sorry. I’ve never come across “TLG” in a fastener designation. A quick search thru my Machinery’s Handbook did not turn up anything. I did see that Fox seems to use this designation when describing some of their other fasteners. Fastener vendor maybe? I’d be confident using any nut of the correct thread as Kris said. I am curious about this though. Maybe @ob1jeeper would be a better person to ask
  9. A few more details from the original article https://www.thedrive.com/news/39794/rv-driver-annihilates-their-new-jeep-wrangler-by-flat-towing-it-in-4-low
  10. Ryan, I’m not sure where in Peoria you are located, (I’m at 74th and Happy Valley) but in the future if you need a tool that isn’t that common hit me up. I might just have it.
  11. Nice job John! Love that picture!
  12. Update: I continue to use and like this light for the purpose I bought it for originally, more light at my machine tools. HOWEVER, because it doesn’t hold a charge for all that long, I wouldn’t recommend storing it in a vehicle to use for trail side repairs.
  13. I think I saw the road runner flash by at the 18:18 mark.
  14. Good eye......and memory, since that top box didn’t make the last trip out from Michigan
  15. Maybe there will have to be a recall to rearrange the letters.
  16. Excellent write up! Thanks Diane for sharing that well written summary. Nice job George! That sounded like one heck of a recovery. The Rhino operator having a PLB was huge in this case. Can you imagine the difference it would have made if someone was injured? Edit: Also a thumbs up to the MCSO officers and SAR personnel
  17. My experience mimics Kris’s. Maybe it depends who you talk to, but in my experience they aren’t excited about a small order. However, they aren’t the only metal supplier I could say that about here in the Phoenix area. Also, and I know this is my fault, most places I’ve been expect you have an in depth knowledge of the properties of the aluminum they have for sale. I know enough to be dangerous but, as an example, my last purchase of aluminum was 3003 instead of 6061. Until I read about the alloys I didn’t know that 3003 had better corrosion resistance and therefore was better for my project. When I’m standing at the counter and the guy rattles off the alloys they stock I’m sure he labels me a dumb ass when I’m not instantly sure what I want. YMMV.
  18. I don’t know what everyone’s experiences are when it comes to metal suppliers in the Phoenix area. Compared to Detroit my Phoenix experiences have been hit or miss. I know that @theksmith spoke of using https://www.onlinemetals.com/?gclid=EAIaIQobChMIpJnJiZrl7gIVXjytBh2NZwBFEAAYASAAEgKhEvD_BwE as a source for, I believe, his water tank skid plate and mount. I’ve used this supplier myself in the past. Quick service, but their shipping can be expensive especially when the ordered item will fit in a USPPS flat rate box but they still use UPS. I recently completed a project that required some aluminum. I needed three pieces 8” x 30.75” x .125”. I can cut aluminum on my bandsaw but really wanted them sheared to the correct size. I first checked with online Metals. Total price, custom size, shipped, $102.57!!! This was WITH a 15% discount on the material! Too rich for my blood. Shopped around and found the same material, same alloy, custom size, shipped for $55.41! Yahoo!!! The vendor I used for the lower price was https://www.midweststeelsupply.com/store/?gclid=EAIaIQobChMIiJPxzp7l7gIVYg2tBh1vGQa_EAAYASAAEgJz1_D_BwE They were a bit slower than Online Metals but for the price difference I didn’t care. Just for fun, I checked both of the above vendors for a piece of 12x12” 1/4” 6061 aluminum and found Midwest to again be quite a bit cheaper than Online Metals. YMMV but this is at least, another option to try.
  19. Thought of a couple more meals Ive used that can be eaten cold. https://www.sportsmans.com/camping-gear-supplies/food-nutrition/entrees/bridgeford-pepperoni-cheese-pizza-2-pack/p/1500069 Kinda like average (for Phoenix) gas station pizza. Pretty good if microwaved (not an option, I know). Not bad if heated in the pouch in boiling water. Okay eaten cold. https://www.sportsmans.com/camping-gear-supplies/food-nutrition/entrees/bridgford-ready-to-eat-wraps/p/p45176 BBQ pork is decent warmed. BBQ beef is better but doesn't seem to be in stock. I’ve eaten the beef cold and it’s not bad, especially if you’re tired of cheese and crackers and trail mix. BTW: You can field strip the meal and discard the outer package. There is an inner package that will take up less room and leave you with less waste to pack out.
  20. Mountain House is a good choice if you can tolerate the high sodium content. Most do their meals, and many other brands, contain more sodium then my system likes. This fact drove me to get into dehydrating my own meals. That’s a whole subject in itself. One bit of advice. Mountain House chili mac is a very tasty choice. My group has one rule though. Everybody eats that meal on the same night. If you try one I think you’ll understand Taste testing any of your choices before hand is a good idea, no matter what you choose.
  21. Steve, I spoke prematurely. I haven’t been to Phantom since Oct. of 2019 and I was working off experienceI had before COVID. I knew they were still running mule trips even though the dorms are closed but I had no idea things were that restrictive. Xanterra must be running the Phantom Ranch concession with their own COVID guidelines. I’m only up on the NPS rules for trail patrol volunteers like myself. Sorry for the misinformation. Crazy times for sure.
  22. If you want to plan for a good meal while at phantom ranch you might look into either a steak or stew dinner at the dining hall. I’ve had both, the steak is more than I really want to eat at one setting. For more info look on the Xanterra Grand Cayon web site.
  23. What trail(s)? Will you pass thru or stay at Phantom ranch? Ive used this company in the past. A bit pricy but I liked the meals. https://www.packitgourmet.com They have a selection of cool water meals. I’ve had the all American burger (hot) in a tortilla and one of the chicken salads (cold). I’m not sure what your experience level is but I find on a multi day trip that I want my food dry weight per day to be close to 1 1/2 pounds. Much less then that and by about day three I’m looking for a tree to chew on. You’re a big guy as I remember (meet you once) so I’d think you’d want/need at least that. Tuna and/or Chicken pkgs, mixed with small mayo packets, add your choice of seasonings, roll in a tortilla. Frys has a decent size sausage near the deli that I really like. I’ve eaten half on crackers at lunch and finished it as an appetizer before dinner. No refrigeration needed until opened and I’ve never had an issue for four or five hours without it even in warm weather. I add vanilla Carnation instant breakfast to my oatmeal or granola in place of milk. It adds flavor, protein, and calories. If I may ask, why no stove? In March your weather there could be almost anything. I’ve seen 80+ at the bottom where one year earlier the same week, we needed Yaktrax when hiking out the last mile or so below the rim because the mules had packed the snow into a sheet of ice on the shaded sections. If you’re interested I can send you NOAA weather links for the airport, Indian Garden, and Phantom Ranch. These are the same sites that are posted in the fire station, ranger stations, and back country office. Feel free to reach out if you need/want more info.
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