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  1. Going to start learning about and trying Lo/Ra (Long Range 915mhz) Meshtastic gear. Have a LilyGo T-Echo on order. Wondering if anyone here is running something and what you have learned. Useful on the trails?
  2. I have an old Coleman lantern that has the sock element in it and it takes these canisters. I keep telling myself, as soon as it breaks, I'm out of the 1lb propane business and going LED only. But the damn thing - JUST - WONT - DIE. Guess I better snag a 4 pack. TKS for the heads up.
  3. https://www.daisymountainfire.org/2024-03-22-cert-basic-class-register-today If anyone is interested, the Daisy Mountain Fire and Medical, Citizen Corps, Community Emergency Response Team (CERT) is holding a G-317 CERT Basic class. Class is open to anyone who wants to learn more about disaster preparedness and there is absolutely no obligation to become a CERT Volunteer. The class seats 20. As of right now there are 5 seats taken. 15 seats available. All Classes are held at DMFM Station 141 43814 N. New River Rd., New River, Arizona 85087 March 22, 2024 Friday: 6:00 - 10:00pm March 23, 2024 Saturday: 8:30 - 4:30pm March 24,2024 Sunday: 8:30 - 4:30pm Prerequisite - Complete IS-317 Online CERT G-317 Covers Community Preparedness Hazards and their Potential Impact Home and Workplace Preparedness Hazard Impact Reduction CERT Disaster Response Within these topics there is a fair amount of first aid, stop the bleed, comms, and a final exam which consists of using the CERT Deployment Trailer as an EOC to conduct search and rescue, cribbing to save a patient, light first aid and utilities management. I've done it twice and taught it twice and will tell you I learn something new each time. If you are at all remotely interested in learning more about these topics and becoming better prepared to serve your family and community (officially or unofficially), I invite you to come out and join us for a great weekend of learning.
  4. Awesome and Great News! Thank you for looking out and being proactive on this one. My daughter just completed her on-boarding at a new job. HR showed them where all of the Fire Extinguishers and AED's are located but then told them that the AED's were "Only for certified and trained individuals to use." Which is total BS because the AED is designed for ANYONE to use. It will walk you through the steps and has "Idiot Proof" Pictograms of what to do. The whole point of the AED Philosophy of use was to put this very powerful tool into the hands of the everyday common man. Everyone should take a CPR / AED class and be certified. In leiu of that or until you can get certified and familiar, here's a video so no one is intimidated by this fantastic piece of equipment! They all look a little different but they all function 99% the same way.
  5. With just 9,400 miles on the OEM battery that came with the truck, I started noticing odd electrical issues. Then one day it wouldn't start. I turned my ham radio on because it has a volt meter on it and the battery was sitting at 8.4v. Did as much diagnosing and trouble shooting as possible. No lights or accessories left on, unhooked the dash cam, unhooked the ham radio, all of it. Hooked up a trickle charger and it couldn't get it to take a full charge. Bell Road Toyota serviced it today and confirmed the battery was bad and replaced it. Quite literally the shortest lifespan of a car battery I have ever had. Noco Jump Pack is on order and will be keeping that bit of kit in the truck from now on. New battery has an 84 month prorated warranty but I don't want to start using that warranty on top of a mesa somewhere that's 30 miles from pavement. Good news is that I haven't had a battery last much more than 2 years in AZ, so the next one might be free too, at most 50% off. But if I have to pay anything, I'll probably let Toyota off the hook and just upgrade. Would like to get an AGM battery and this gives me time to figure out what I need to do so the Toyota alternator will charge it effectively. So check your batteries! And if you are running an AGM, let me know what you had to do to make it work.
  6. YET! Not a Jeep Guy YET! 😉 Maybe my next one.
  7. Not a Jeep guy so YMMV, but I prefer to keep all of my camping stuff in a pelican case. It's modularized so I can grab the base camp pelican (tent, air mattress, cooking gear) and then accessorize as needed with other pelicans: winter gear pelican (sleeping bag, hand warmers, blankets, tarps), gold panning pelican, ham radio pelican, etc. I don't know why but I don't like sleeping in or on my vehicle. I know a lot of folks here do and that's a fine way to go too. I just find it easier to keep the vehicle light without being burdened by gear until that gear is needed. I also have the luxury of an RV gate that I normally park behind and a shed with all of this gear in it right next to the truck. So I can walk outside and throw two or three pelicans in the bed and a sleeping bag. and be off in less time than I'm going to spend at the grocery store filling the cooler. I am considering upgrading to a tear drop / square drop and some connectivity with it so I can work remote from the National Forest. Would be nice to drive out somewhere far off, toss out the Sky-Link, and then spend a half day working / every other day working, something like that.
  8. Funny - I was just looking at this run this weekend. Came here this morning to post up and ask if anyone had comments and thought on it.
  9. I know this sounds small but I have had an issue with dirt and water filling up the bed of my Tacoma (with Toyota Tri-Fold Cover). Off road is sucks in trail dust - volumes of trail dust. When Bell Road Toyota installed the cover, they just left the drain tubes floating loose in the bed so it would fill up with water when it rains. The other day I had to take it off to move furniture so I took it as a chance to install it RIGHT and sealed up some of the leaks and gaps, plumbed the drain tubes out the bed too. Now it is MUCH improved. I'd be happy with it like it is now but seeing how much better it already is and how much more I could do, I'll be adding a little more gap-gasket around the tail gate. Now it's a challenge to see how much I can keep out.
  10. Hey! Glad to see you here. KF on here as well? I think everything sucks in the canyons. 6M bends further over the horizon though. Agreed about another antenna if you have many already. Or compromising and getting a 2/70/6 triband.
  11. Was going to edit to add - the one thing in my bag that DOES expire rather quickly is medical tape. All it takes is a day or two parked in the AZ sun and that medical tape becomes one solid chunk of fused adhesive and backing material. The Coban (for pets is cheaper than for people - same stuff) seems to last longer but still has a melting / fusing point.
  12. Liquid meds usually expire on or near their exp date - especially if left in your car (temperature extremes). Things like Advil "Liqui-Gel" pills fall into this. But your more solid medications in pill / tablet form can last years beyond the exp date. Obviously if they are vacuum sealed and kept in a coll refrigerator they would last longer (almost indefinitely) than in your truck, but meds in the truck are still good for a long time. Don't hesitate to go 4 or 5 years past the exp.
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