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  1. Moved the horns. Had to make space under the hood for the next project and horns are pretty easy to move. I know, I moved them once before..
  2. They are pretty amazing offroad.
  3. Except for Friday night there are no runs planned this weekend so anyone want to do another easy BULLDOG run? Either Saturday or Sunday, whomever signs up first can set the date. The weather should be nice. This time we will keep the option of going out south on FR10 and exiting at Wolverine. We'll start in around 9:30 am. We will enter in on 3554 but if the weather is nice and anyone wants to go south on FR10 we will take it out to Wolverine. If you want to go North on Fr10 and exit Bush due to time constraints we will make sure someone tags along with you and you get to the gate. It's a short quick run from the 3554/10 intersection. A permit is required, it's $6, lasts 6 months and is specific to the Bulldog Canyon area: https://www.recreation.gov/vehiclepermits/3332401 Technical Rating: 2-3 (easy) if you exit off of Bush, I'd give it a 4 if we go South to Wolverine. There is one tipsy spot going downhill that can be a little exciting. REQUIREMENTS: A stock clearance 4x4 with a low range transfer case option, suitable front OR rear recovery point (trailer hitch is fine), stock tires. (I've done this trail in a ZR2 our to Wolverine) Rigs & drivers must meet all the typical state/federal legal requirements for on-highway vehicles (license, insurance, registration, seat belts, lights, etc.) $6 permit per vehicle. Each OPERATOR must have a permit, families can share a permit This is a great trail for people with little to no experience. Everyone must stay on the designated trails Radios: Not required. Ham on 462.700, CB or FRS all work for me. Trail finding is easy and we'll keep you in our mirrors. Itinerary: Meet up time will be 9:30am at fr3554 trail head off of Usery Pass. We'll air down (optional) and chat a bit. We'll stop at least twice to enjoy the view and chat. I'll make some cheese crisps for anyone interested in a snack if we stop for lunch. At FR10 you can head North to Bush Highway exit or South to Wolverine. The trail is about 7 or 8 miles long to Bush. Wolverine is another 10 or so miles and takes another 45 or so minutes (we will stop less on 10). Bring the kids, the pets, Grandma. Bring something for lunch. We'll stop for about an hour for lunch under the shade of some mesquite trees. 3554 trail head: https://www.google.com/maps/place/West+Gate+to+Bulldog+Canyon+OHV+Area/@33.5026963,-111.6133648,15.5z/data=!4m13!1m7!3m6!1s0x872bbb81761e8ac7:0xc24136abcb51c998!2sUsery+Pass+Rd,+Mesa,+AZ+85207!3b1!8m2!3d33.5240835!4d-111.61566!3m4!1s0x872bbba068b5c437:0xe103b51b92f8ed81!8m2!3d33.5047988!4d-111.6172384 Signed Up: WILL: 83' Cherokee
  4. It allowed me 15 connected images, that should be more than enough. I am going to put together a 'build' thread.
  5. There is usually a maximum number of images that can be linked in a single post. I will do a bit of testing.
  6. That was next on the list.. I had photosuckit but who can forget the day they broke the internet. haha What's the maximum links/pictures in each posting?
  7. Testing IMG options
  8. Well that was easy!
  9. Adding test between pics moving pics around
  10. I get both sides on the idea of locking gates and requiring permits for 'public land' (even more so now that they charge a small fee). Fundamentally I am against the idea but I also have seen the realities of 'the public' not respecting the reasonable rules regarding staying on trails, littering and just plain dumping their trash. We only have to drive across the Beeline to the Sycamore creek area to see the alternatives.
  11. I hope you have better luck here! I posted up quite a bit on VJC but there wasn't much enthusiasm on the board for runs. Nate is trying to get the board on line again and I offered to help with some of the computer stuff. I have a small bit of experience in the SQL database it uses but no practical experience in the board software. But it can't be too hard. It's just a bummer that so many groups kinda migrated to facebook. I am just happy this group seems to do a decent number of runs including camping trips. I will be posting a fair number of bulldog runs with perhaps a box canyon or something tossed in every once in a while. I will be looking for weekends where nothing else is planned and probably just toss up a bulldog run with just a week or so notice. The best part of Bulldog is it doesn't take the entire day like many of the other runs do. I don't mind the all day trips but am going to try to get out every other weekend or so.
  12. I am glad everyone had fun on my inaugural OP run. It's a short but fun little part of the Bull Dog canyon area. I enjoyed meeting you all and wheeling with a mellow group of folks. Ken, I am glad you've discovered this area! It will become a favorite, especially if you are showing off the desert to out of towners. Unlike a lot of other areas around Saguaro lake it is still pretty clean and the lack of target shooting makes for a nice little gem of an area. Jason and Sarah, it was great meeting you guys and I am happy Sarah got some seat time. You did great Sarah! We just need to get the kids out of the truck more. Stacy and Scott, thanks for joining along, being the tail gunners and taking and posting the photos. I am glad you came nd it was great meeting you both. This run was just what I was hoping for. A chance to meet some of the OP members on one of my favorite runs. I look forward to wheeling with all of you again. I'll start signing up for other runs but keep an eye open for more Bull Dog runs. I tend to run it at least once a month, sometimes this shorter version, sometimes out to Wolverine, sometimes out to Apache Trail. (We stop a bit less on the longer runs...) Thanks again for making a great Saturday!
  13. No worries. But you did miss a nice day out wheel'n.
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