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  1. Great video! When in July? We took the pass last July also, but it was still blocked with snow. You must have been on it late July? I've taken Black Bear like 4 friggin times and every time its either blocked with snow from the summit on or has snow farther down, blocking the road to Telluride. Thanks for sharing. Black Bear is one of my favorites.
  2. Think its time to move on to a Power Wagon. I got three boys and I need more of an expedition size vehicle. My rig is a 2003 Grand Cherokee Overland. Brilliant black pearl, 4.7 H.O. 5 speed auto. 4" IRO lift kit with rear adjustable a arm. It has Rubicon wheels and tires, probably 6000 miles on the tires? Also has the hard to find and discontinued Icelandic Offroad front bumper with a Warn 9000 winch, complete with LED lightbar. The Jeep has 129.500 miles, runs great, its always ran great for me. Never overheated, spark plugs are recent, diff fluids always changed before and after wheeling trips. I also change the oil very frequently, the day before a trip and then when I get home. Leather interior with sunroof, all door speakers are aftermarket, can't remember what brand. The head unit is a Pioneer DVD player, perfect for long road trips. All four wheels have Poison Spyder wheel spacers, rear brakes are recently all new. I flew to Denver to buy this truck about 4 years ago. Its virtually rust free. Maybe not compared to a Arizona truck but compared to probably 90% of WJ's left, its super clean. Has a mount above rear drivers taillight for Firestik. The truck is setup and ready to wheel. I"ve taken it on probably about 12-15 Colorado trails and it never disappointed. Varilocks take a little wheelspin sometimes but I've taken video of myself to witness them engaging. Its a fun rig, super fast, comfy and pretty capable. And cheap. It has LATCH hooks for carseats incase you're wondering. I use it primarily for trips out west, it sits inside all year long with a battery tender when I'm not using it. Newer AGM battery. Asking $8500
  3. I meant the WJ is cheap. They can be had for a song compared to Wranglers. Aaaaaaand its got a V8.
  4. Soooooooooooooooooooooo badass! His work looks excellent. I love to see this kinda work go into a WJ. Its still a great and CHEAP platform to start with. Especially when it comes with that 4.7 H.O. Can't wait to see the finished product.
  5. This is crazy. Whats the new build gonna be? JKU? JKU's are awesome, but totally need a V8.
  6. Holy shitballs. Well.. its made room for a 242HD now!
  7. Awesome shots, thanks so much for sharing. Colorado is my heaven but i am really excited to explore Moab.
  8. So jealous, What happened to the Wrangler? I like how you had the hazards on while towing him.
  9. Nothing beats the LED lightbars. It makes the headlights almost useless.
  10. Ha! Good idea, never thought about that section of the tail light. I might have to steal that idea.
  11. Oh and I carry a Kershaw spring assisted half straight half serrated blade knife every day of my life. I've carried many pocket knives in my life but once I got the Kershaw, I want nothing else. Plus its made here. I've sent it back to them for work and they fix it and sharpen for free. Couldn't be without it.
  12. Not bad, I like it. Surprised someone is making a WJ bumper. It says sold out on the site.
  13. Huge difference, looks awesome. I actually really like the grill. However, pretty soon I'm gonna drive out there and install a front bumper myself. You won't know what i'll install, just wake up the next morning and boom. New bumper. Then I'm going southwestern wheeling. I wish they still made the Icelandic bumper, I think it in gloss black would look sick on your Dubya.
  14. New headlights make such a ridiculous difference. Looks great! I"m telling ya though, the little 13" LED lightbar I have on the front of my Jeep is amazing. I can barely tell the headlights are on when its on. Everyone needs one, I want one on every vehicle I own. Just hard to figure out where to mount them. The one on the jeep is mounted on a mount that attaches to the winch fairlead. I can't remember who I ordered it from... edit: Oh and I like the rock lights too! I'd like to add those someday.
  15. Hmpf. Mine leaks also but I don't think from the valve covers. I think its more towards the front of the engine, I will have to take a closer look next time I'm in the barn. Speaking of reman engines, can you still get a new or reman 4.7 H.O.? Or parts to rebuild one ?
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