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  1. I have to cancel on this trip. I have some contractors working on our house next few weekends. I'm bummed but I'll catch another trip with the group hopefully soon and meet everyone.
  2. Is it likely that this trip will cancel due to low attendance/signup? It is scheduled in 18 days and only two willing and two tentative. I might bail if there are not enough people going.
  3. Hi Guys! Long time no hear or see. I'm thinking that this trip might get me out of my Jeep retirement. So the plan is meet and leave Saturday May 5th instead of the what the calendar shows as Friday? I'm hoping I can tag along with my daughter (7/yo), so I have to pick an easy one for her =)
  4. I'm having car (not Jeep) trouble that I'd like to diagnose and hopefully resolve this weekend. Please put me down as a tentative on this one now. If anything, I might just pop my head in the camp =).
  5. I little change in my plans for this trip. My daughter has a school function I want to attend Friday night so I will come up early Saturday. What time you guys planning on rolling out of camp to Cinders Saturday morning?
  6. Are we planning to do any trails while around the Rim? If not...maybe I'll drive my car =)
  7. Woohoo I'm excited... It'll be perfect timing while its 110 in the valley. Nice to see the Ruts and Grunt sign up.
  8. CB is ok as well. If you plan to camp within CB distance of waypoint "A" I'll find you!! Woohoo! I'm excited too!
  9. I'd really love to join this camping run, please put me down as tentative. Since I will still have a full day of work Friday-June 18, I will up there late. Can someone suggest a HAM simplex frequency you guys will monitor? I'm sure I can find that waypoint on the first thread, I just want to make sure I can find all of you. Slider
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