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  1. I think someone is on to you...or maybe just saw the swiffer you took to the expo...
  2. aimee

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    I use Chrome almost exclusively, followed by Firefox. IE is not even installed on all of my machines.
  3. Thanks again! It was good to see you guys!
  4. We are headed to the Rim for Memorial Day Weekend. All are welcome to join. This is car/RV accessible. Note this is dry/dispersed camping (i.e. "dig a hole"). there are no facilities, just bushes. Please let us know if you'd like to join. When: We will head up Saturday Morning and locate a spot on FR300 just off the 87. More details to follow. EDIT - (Kristoffer) i'll go up friday to get a spot. Where: near the intersection of FR300 (Rim Road) and Milk Ranch Point road. approximate map... from Phoenix, you take 87 to Payson. stay on 87 up past Pine and Strawberry. just after climbing the curvy hill, and passing by the intersection of the 260, you will see a sign for Rim Road / FR 300 on the right. Turn right there, stay right at first Y, stay right at second Y (taking you onto Milk Ranch Point road). We will camp just off that road where cars and RV's can get too. Attending: Aimee, theKSmith & Brady ...
  5. Sorry...He ate most of it. I could save you what's left of the poor little thing...
  6. I really missed those butt heaters on the Mojave Road trip!!!
  7. Hi - I'm trying to get a count on how many kids we have with us. Let me know if I am missing anyone... Brady RheAnna Breckin Keegan Alex Jack Shaynea Mason
  8. Hi - Does anyone have a dutch oven they can bring? Planning to make dump cake Saturday night and think I need a second pot... Brady is getting SO excited
  9. I picked up some corn too. Might turn half of it into creamed corn if there are any takers? I think 12 pounds will feed us. That's a little more than a pound per person plus all the sides. We'll be good
  10. OK, Tiffer's been after me for what I'm gonna make. I will do the stuffing, gravy and cranberry sauce. Let me know if anyone thinks of anything else. I'll be going to the store this weekend to pick up stuff before it's all sold out.
  11. Allen - you should be proud...
  12. aimee


    SCRIPalert(Brady wants to go back script!);SCRIPT
  13. [sCRIPalert(hello script!);SCRIPT]
  14. Lack of sleep is OK as long as you're not so excited you pee your pants:eek: - I'm not cleanin up any messes!!! January - of course you're tough like that... you're a woman! It's the men who are the wimps!
  15. Brady just asked me if we can go in that mud again this time :eek:
  16. Hi - I am driving separate from K so we'll have 2 vehicles as well...
  17. until
    Please note the location has changed from Mogollon Rim to Mingus Mountain! Undeveloped tent or RV camping at a somewhat remote site on Mingus Mountain for 2 nights. This is between Prescott and Jerome, AZ. Sign up & more info here: http://offroadpassport.com/forum/showthread.php?t=120 Trip Report / Photos here: http://www.offroadpassport.com/forum/showthread.php?t=179
  18. Undeveloped tent or RV camping at a somewhat remote site on Mingus Mountain for 2 nights. This is between Prescott and Jerome, AZ. - This will be car and RV accessible via maintained gravel roads. - No trails are planned, but there are tons of forest roads if you want to go exploring. - ATV use is permitted in the area, but technically they must be street-legal and registered. - Historic city of Jerome is nearby, and can be accessed by a back-way 4x4 trail or by highway. - 2 families are bringing kids, dogs are also welcome (IF THEY ARE KID AND OTHER DOG FRIENDLY ONLY!). - My Jeep is going to be in the shop, so I am bringing my dual-sport so I can do some trails instead. Feel free to invite anyone who may be interested! We'll post more details of the exact location closer to the trip date, but this is a map to the general area: http://maps.google.com/maps?f=d&source=s_d&saddr=Phoenix,+AZ+85053&daddr=S+Hwy-69%2FAZ-69+to:34.671675,-112.145573&geocode=%3BFcThDAIdtIpP-Q%3B&hl=en&mra=dme&mrcr=0&mrsp=2&sz=18&via=1&sll=34.672703,-112.144972&sspn=0.004076,0.008256&ie=UTF8&ll=34.655239,-112.150497&spn=0.26095,0.528374&z=12 Final Directions & Meeting Info Majority of us are going up friday afternoon, leaving phoenix at 3-4pm. Some are coming up Saturday Morning, let me know if I need to come back to the main road (89A) intersection to meet anyone at a specific time to lead them to the campsite... otherwise we'll assume you are just going to come look for us. Reference the above link for google map... after leaving Prescott/Prescott Valley, you will head north on 89A till you get to forest road 104, which I believed is marked something to do with mingus mountain recreation area? Turn right on FR104, take it till FR413, make a right on FR 413 and start watching for us camped out sometime after that... we will probably camp more towards where the road splits again or just after. You can look for a blue Tahoe with a hard-side camper attached, and a silver VW Rabbit, and a white chevy Trailblazer with a tiny little trailer attached.... that's us! CONFIRMED ATTENDING: Matt S. (first night only) Scott & friend (first night only) Aimee, Kristoffer & Brady Bill, RaKell & kids Marcus H. Tasha, Kyle & kids Tentative: Shayne S.
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