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  1. The red rock looks like my smitty built. STAY AWAY. lock will open and pivot is crap.
  2. You may get it 5.9 are able to be overhauled! Just install new sleeves and pistons and your back to factory tolerances. best light duty engine made!
  3. Just by some sea foam and follow the instruction.
  4. I replaced mine a few years ago with the kicker and had no problems, but they may have changed them. I just wish I had a small amp. Nothing better than Johnny Cash with some bass tones.
  5. Did you get the kicker sub?
  6. Fuel regulator is either on the fuel rail or mounted to the top of the pump assembly (in the tank). You can check for air in the fuel by hooking up fuel pressure gauge and using the valve on the gauge assembly if you see bubbles in the fuel you have air (more than likely not the problem). I would also check for vacuum leaks they can cause rough idling. Most sensors when bad will have a code pop up if they are outside of the acceptable parameters. Since they are monitored by the ecm for emissions controls. A bad gas cap would more than likely cause a small leak code in evap system (I think it is the evap system). Just my thoughts.
  7. Have you checked fuel pressure and the fuel for air?
  8. Yep that would be the problem. You can check the resistance. Resistance should go down as speed increases.
  9. I do not know why you would but if you want to help my wife you can here: http://fightcf.cff.org/site/TR/Cycle/6_Arizona_Phoenix?px=2517977&pg=personal&fr_id=3721
  10. Hello my name is Michael Lackey aka INARUT I am participating in the 2015 20 mile Cycle for Life event. I am asking anyone who can to donate to this worthy cause. My goal is a mere $300 dollars. I would like to beat my wife so any amount will be EXTREMELY welcomed. Please follow the below link to donate. http://fightcf.cff.org/site/TR/Cycle/6_Arizona_Phoenix?px=2517976&pg=personal&fr_id=3721
  11. Yes! It is my 1980 cj7. It is a blueish purple.
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