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  1. Nnnice.. i'm coming over
  3. Just empty every pocket
  4. Wrenching party with my buds.. thanks again for all your help boys
  5. ..did some horse trading with @Number7 for a new 2.5” manifold back Frankexhaust system & got this replacement flangeless precat pipe from Pacesetter, which are made here in Phoenix Arizona flange on the previous Walker unit would rub against my driveshaft at full stuff you can see where the yoke made contact nearly smashing a hole in it at one point Fun fact: took me, G & theK 3+ hours to get this 1 bolt off
  6. Still hard start & rough idle, 250rpm or less. This old Jeep needs love Removed TB again replaced all intake sensors with MOPA units replaced o2 sensors then bank 2 sensor welded itself to my manifold from constant heat cycles over a decade great..
  7. scottL

    Flex Friday

    Looks like log corral trail & nice
  8. thanks ob1 I’ll measure for fitment see what I can find!
  9. Cool..do I gotta put it together?
  10. All good Steve appreciate feedback. Ps u got me on YMMV fyi btw Do you know if they sell conical style oem type filters? Issue becomes no space for factory filter box with my air compressor mount
  11. mine interferes with the satellite radio, noise goes away when I turn it off but I need the beats. This will require technical assistance from my electrician..
  12. Rad day on the rocks indeed. Thanks for posting Diane!
  13. Nnnice on the shock fix metal cloak seems to have quality stuff & whoa on 111k miles K!! mine just flipped 180
  14. General Maintenance: cleaned up my TB, intake & sensors.. yuck 63mm of fury.. lucky for me the gasket stayed in 1 piece intake wasn’t too bad but there was thick dark brown goo around the inside rim Didn’t get as lucky with the iac housing gasket.. ripped it at the corner. No one sells them so I superglued it back together & got busy cleaning all the sensors dirty dirty sparkle plenty Found my Jeep’s firing order after all these years Clean enough wash rinse repeat
  15. Little bit of knowledge.. like to know when Aimee’s gonna let me take her for a rip ride
  16. Cows? I love cows here’s a few pics ive been meaning to post from the other side of camp
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