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  1. Happy belated birthday Sarah Beth Kaspily Nale
  2. scottL

    Cherry CJ's

    Video showing Dennis Collins of Collin's Brothers Jeep and a few rare, low mile jeeps in inventory. Mint condition, 26k mile Scrambler anyone? Or how about an 1,100 mile all original triple black CJ7. They're all going up for sale in the next couple days..
  3. One of my favorite trails too. Thanks for the invitation to wheel among the giants.
  4. Looks like different wheels too. Jeep looks good out there.
  5. Definitely not necessary, however, if you decide to jet coat or ceramic coat it you'll be stoked every time you pop the hood and it will keep engine temps down slightly but not enough to justify the cost. The old adage, "chrome don't get you home" comes to mind:rolleyes:
  6. Rolling valvetrain goodness.. Very nice! I had a Scat crank shaft and rods in my Mustang.
  7. Happy Birthday you big Hound!
  8. ~HAPPY BIRTHDAY GEORGE!~ ~And Many More!~
  9. Have you thought about ceramic coating your header? Motor's going to look great when it's all back together!
  10. Here’s my angle.. on top of the world with the kbro
  11. Looks like mostly lifted truck guys not seeing too many jeeps involved in the fracas
  12. Thanks for the link Kbro, you crack me up! Looks like a stout unit which mounts to the factory radio I wonder if it would still work with my after market Pioneer set up?
  13. Thanks guys! Still running strong, no fuel leaks or any other issues at this point.
  14. Jeep Fuel Rail and Injector cover kit arrived yesterday Kit covers all the bases Time to get to work First, get a fuel rag ready and relieve fuel pressure at the Schrader valve then disconnect the fuel rail.. I used this quick disconnect tool purchased at Vatozone for $11 (gray one works for XJ's) After removing my throttle, cruise control and transmission kick down cables, the instructions say to tape and number your injectors which I'm glad I did Factory injector O rings were crusty so good timing to lube up the supplied new ones and pop them on. Resprayed my fuel rail in semi gloss black even though I know it's gonna get covered up soon Wrapped the fuel rail and injectors then reinstalled back in to the intake with plenty of lube. All but one of the plug retainers broke off on removal from endless heat cycling but they went back in snug so keeping my fingers crossed.. I'll get a new injector harness when upgrading to 4 hole injectors soon All buttoned up and ready to roll Took a quick trip to the 101 and got the Jeep up to 75mph with no fuel leaks. The real test will be a hot restart out on the trail.. hopefully this solves my fuel vaporization issue.
  15. Indeed! The Jeep was heavily chiefed in prior to my purchasing & I'm still finding burnt remnants to this day:rolleyes:
  16. Thanks Steve! It's a far cry from your Garage Wonderland but I do enjoy the extra space:)
  17. Got inspired by AA's '98 XJ Limited build & recently did a little eBayin'.. most interesting package I've ever received Welcome to Limited country. Bling bling Old, cracked & fuzzy Next to new(er) wood grained goodness. A/c vents included so now I have spares GPS & iphone mount took their toll on my original even after several attempts to bond the plastic back together. You can see cracks on either side of the bezel's tab insert & where I wedged a strip of cotton from an old argyle sock between the mount in attempt to keep rattles away. I hate rattles Thanks for the link Adriaan! Even though I don't have baller leather seats or two toned woody door panels, I'm stoked how it looks & no more squeaky rattle on my drive to work:cool: Got the garage all to my Jeep now
  18. Thanks for posting video links Diane!! Trails I wanna do, in order: Double Sammy: John's Trail Milt's Mile Sliplock Gulch Toquerville Falls and the trail to toquerville falls if they're one in the same.. looks cool and i'll bring my swim trunks! Other trails I like: West Rim Trail Maze trail I prefer not running trails longer than 50miles. We will be driving far enough just to get to Sand Hollow.
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