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  1. Had a great time meeting and running with you all today! Beautiful country. Not crossing the river looked like this: https://youtu.be/AM7FyM7OUpE
  2. I love fishing there. Lots of big smallmouth bass! My dad lives in bhc and I've been wanting to take him on a run so maybe we can set something up out by you!
  3. Oh no. This sucks! For Jeepers it's more than a car out of commission- you can't just take a rental out on the trail Glad nobody was hurt. Maybe you can copilot on runs until you get your baby back.
  4. Thanks Jason for mapping this out. This was a surprisingly fun little run! I never thought much about how much we have in our own backyard to play in. here come the pics!
  5. I'm limited to 40 carry over hours. It would be nice to be able to cash out for Christmas shopping!
  6. I sit on my PTO all year and then at the end of the year realize I have a couple weeks of it to use or lose!
  7. I'm home earlier than I thought I'd be from a Vegas trip which means I have tomorrow and Tuesday off for meeeee. Anyone doing anything fun n dirty?
  8. Ouch. Not a fun trail fix. I used to have a 74 J10. Loved that truck, but have to be honest ... the gladiator is more funner.
  9. Oh I need to get one of those for sure! I spent half the day cleaning off all the trail grime.
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