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  1. Getting ready to head out. If there are any last minute peeps come on and join us. Will be a good time and this is a trip you will never forget. See ya soon TNA
  2. Thanks... I'm sure I screwed up some how. It is normal with me.
  3. I treid to put this on the calendar but could not. Is it only for premium members? Or can someone put it up there incase any one wanted to join us.
  4. Hope you are able to make it. Looking forward to wheeling with you.
  5. Well come on... You don't need to trick or treat. Lets do the Rug Road again.
  6. This is originally a Savage Sun run but the more the better. Hope to see you there. To reach Turkey Creek, drive 15 miles northwest of Safford on Highway 70. Turn west on Aravaipa-Klondyke Road and go approximately 45 miles, passing through the town of Klondyke, to the Aravaipa Canyon trailhead parking lot. Turn left and travel up Turkey Creek for two miles. The Rug Road leaves Turkey Creek just below the confluence of Oak Grove Canyon and Turkey Creek. The west end of the road begins across the San Pedro River from Mammoth. Rug Road got its name from the remnants of carpet that people have used to fill holes and ledges along the road to make it more passable. The road is one of the roughest roads in the southeastern Arizona - it is not for the faint of heart. Travel on the Rug Road requires a good high-clearance, four-wheel-drive vehicle and experience driving in these conditions. The road transverses Table Mountain between Turkey Creek on the east end and Mammoth on the west end. It is only about 20 miles long but will take a full day to traverse. Friday I will be leaving Tucson at 1100 hrs and if there is anyone going the same way as I am and would like to drive along with me please give me a shout. I will be going through Willcox to Bonita and then on to Klondyke. I would like to have everyone at the Klondyke Store by 1500 hrs. The store is next to the Ranger Station in Klondyke and there is only one way into the town and you cannot miss it. I will be there waiting for everyone to show. I know a lot of you will be coming down from the North so when coming down 70 you will need to go South/West on Aravaipa/Klondyke Rd this road will seem like it goes forever and yes it is dirt (Might want to air down some). When you get to the end of the road, take a right into the little town of Klondyke. From the Store in Klondyke we will be heading into Turkey Creek. We want to get down there at a good time. The canyon walls are high and it gets dark down there quick. Time and day light permitting hope we can make a trip over to the Indian ruins in the canyon. Remember this is dry camping and there is no water, no toilets, and please remember to bring trash bags so you can pack out what you bring in. You will be required to bring what ever food or drink that you need for the weekend, there will not be anyone making meals for you. I do not believe we need to bring any wood, there was plenty of it all over the place last year and should still be that way. We will plan on getting the same spot as last year. We can build a fire up against the canyon wall so the light can reflect off of it and light up the canyon. Trust me this is a great spot with plenty of room on either side of the trail. If you do forget to bring something please let us know as there are several of us that over prepare for trips and we may have extra. To get to this site there might be some water crossings that we will encounter nothing very deep. There are more when it has had some rain prior to going into the canyon. Please ensure you air down you tires this evening prior to us climbing out of the canyon. The ride on Rug Road is rough and you will need to use you 4WD. Running at higher pressure is hard on your body, suspension and will slow us all down. Please air down!!! Saturday we will get up, pack up and have your bite to eat and cup o-jo and be ready to beat feet on the trail @ 0900 This trail is full of great sites and plenty of history. Pending on our time through the trail will decide on our camp spot for this evening. Last year we saw some nice spots for camping so we have a better idea on what is up ahead on the trail and we can decide as the day unfolds. Sunday I would like to get a start as we did the day before. Hopefully we will not be too far from the Cooper Creek area because there is a lot of really nice areas to explore in this area. Landmark UTM Easting UTM Northing Altitude Turkey Creek North (junction with Aravaipa) 12 5 51 500 E 36 39 900 N +3065 Turkey Creek South (access to trail) 12 5 53 230 E 36 36 610 N +3221 turnoff for corral 12 5 50 350 E 36 32 525 N +4589 Corral in Oak Grove Canyon 12 5 50 792 E 36 32 421 N +4175 Parson's Grove 12 5 49 026 E 36 31 900 N +4500 Table Mountain Mine 12 5 48 100 E 36 30 900 N +4740 Saddle Canyon (the saddle) 12 5 46 340 E 36 30 200 N +5376 Carpet Hill / Road Canyon (at the top) 12 5 47 100 E 36 25 850 N +5050 Copper Creek North Intersection 12 5 46 849 E 36 25 321 N +4658
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