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    You’ve got competition in the “Trail Limo” segment, @SonoranWanderer
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    Another great Sunday wheeling with a good group of guys. Really appreciate Kevin leading and Woody as Tail gunner, showing us the trails. Would have been more fun if the water at the Gila River was a little lower but after watching the tail end of Woody's Gladiator floating lose..... Kevin (Trail Boss) made the right call about NOT crossing and doubling back the same way we came in. We did get the opportunity to help pull out a fellow Jeeper out of the river bank! Spinning wheels with mud shooting strait up.....only to come back down inside there stuck jeep was price less! Another Saturday incredible views and fun GMRS Chatter! Thanks everyone!
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    @CAVU2 and I went out with @Ken Ford, @Franko, and @LaZorraRoja and run the FunTreks Walnut Canyon trail. The Gila River turned out to be flowing a bit high for everyone to cross so that option was not taken except by me as an experiment. Oh and by another group of Jeepers who weren’t going to do it into that saw me run my Mojave across. More on the mild debacle in the photos. Here are some initial pictures from the tail gunner.
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    @SonoranWanderer fording the Gila (Exploratory) the group didn't cross. https://www.amazon.com/photos/shared/cY70mGd3SdWb1fBCd3nV7w.pwspaSQcqVnoQzvlqKx-Al
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    Thanks @Sonoranrunner more info and pics soon! Great meeting the group and hope the return home was all safe!
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