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    George @Number7 had a little adventure over last weekend, rescuing his friend's Rhino SxS. Below is his friend's write up about their experience. When he mentions in the story that they had to go over a spot that he had marked on his map as 'impassable' he's talking about Rocker Panel Pass (which G says is rougher than ever right now). If you were with ORP on a trail ride in 2010 and we found a tortoise out past Rocker Panel Pass, that's about where the Rhino was. Rhino Side by Side Adventure On Monday 2/8/21 we did a fairly strenuous hike on a high ridge above Horseshoe Canyon so we planned an easy ride on our Rhino side by side for Tuesday. The plan was to visit the area of the 2019 Verde forest fire shown on the map below. We had been on the trails in this area on a small 2WD quad ATV in 2001 2001 2021 The Rhino we now have is 4WD and well equipped with large oversized tires, skid plates, etc. We started out from the Bush trail head and went north on forest trails 1848,403,1852 and 1096. The trip took about four hours and was unusually tough with many rocks, boulders, washouts, steep up and downs, etc., so we decided to take a different route back. Plan was to take 160 east to 1855 south, then 1851,403 and 1847. Many times we have found that trails numbered with 3 digits are more traveled and in much better shape than 4 digit trails, hence we choose 160 going east. Surprise, the 160 trail was TERRIBLE. The further we went the worse it got. The downhills were so steep and rutted that we were at the point of no return back up those hills. We have driven our Rhinos 15,000 miles on all types forest trails in the last 16 years with no accidents, this time we flipped ours on its side. We were stuck on this very steep hill, miles from any help and no cell phone service. For about 10 years we have carried at Spot device which can send a SOS message to search and rescue folks and provide them our exact location. We had never had occasion to use it before but needless to say we did now. The device indicates when a SOS is sent but there is no feedback showing the message was received. We waited on site for 1 hour and then started hiking on down the trail realizing we would probably not reach help by nightfall. A short while later a low flying helicopter went past us and hovered directly over the Rhino. A short while later they spotted us and landed a short distance ahead of us and got us onboard. LIFT OFF…..OUR RHINO CIRCLED IN RED The Maricopa Sheriffs copter took us directly to the Bush trail head where our car and trailer were parked. . There two officers awaited us along with our daughter who had been notified of the SOS by them. They checked our health and asked for identification so they could complete a report AND SEND US A BILL FOR THE HELICOPTER SERVICE! I once heard someone was charged $1700 for the service. We got our drivers licenses from the car and I inquired as to the possible cost, the officer replied he was JOKING, hallelujah and many thanks to the Sheriff’s search and rescue team. The officers said that we were on our own as far as retrieving our Rhino and they would not be helping in that endeavor. Retrieving the Rhino turned into exciting 1.5 day adventure which will be documented in the near future. RETRIEVING OUR RHINO 1/10/21 The rescue helicopter took us to our car at the Bush trailhead. While driving home I called our friend George Zalman who operates the OFFROAD PASSPORT jeep club. We live close to each other and only about 10 miles from the trailhead. He was home and told us to swing by which we did. We showed him where our Rhino was on a topo map and he was very familiar with the area. He said he could retrieve the Rhino with his jeep and would pick me up at our house in a few minutes. The shortest way to the Rhino from Highway 87 was the dreaded 160 trail. The Jeep folks are aware of how bad that trail is and about 2 miles in we came to a section I had marked on my topo map 20 years ago as an IMPASSE (see red X on attached map). George has modified his jeep to handle about any terrain and I cannot describe how tough this section of 160 is, I’m still in disbelief that we got through it (sorry no photos). We got to the Rhino and got it upright by winching to a large hillside boulder (again no photos). Next problem was it would not start. All the gas had run out on the ground but an onboard spare gallon tank was full and we used it but still no luck starting. We tried dripping gas directly into the intake, bypassed brake starting switches, and everything else we could think of to get it started but with no success. It was getting dark and the decision was made to tow it out. Without describing all the details I will just say that doing this in the dark was a nightmare. Because of sharp switchbacks it was not possible to hook the Rhino directly to the jeep but instead we had to drag it using the winch cable and I was onboard steering it in the dark with no lights or power steering because the battery was rundown. It was critical to drag the Rhino brakes on the steep down hills to avoid smashing into the jeep. After about an hour of this my 87 year old arms gave out (they had been steering the Rhino for over 5 hours earlier that day). George said we only had two more hours to go but I wimped out. We left the Rhino and it took us an hour just to jeep out. I got home about 10:30 that night. ANOTHER DAY ANOTHER TRY 1/10/21 George was available Tuesday afternoon and I recruited our grandson Kramer to be the Rhino pilot. He and George went in the Jeep to get the Rhino while Del and I towed our trailer to the Sugar Loaf trailhead and several miles on the 402 trail so as to shorten the Rhino towing distance. To our surprise the tow crew appeared with the Rhino in less than 2 hours. In the daylight they had unhooked the winch on some steep hills and let Kramer freewheel down. In summary, it was an interesting 2 day adventure with lots of lucky happenings after the not so lucky wheels up flip. The most important lessons learned are: 1. Do not proceed beyond the point of no return 2. Do not proceed where passage is doubtful Many thanks to George and Kramer and the Guardian Angel that kept us injury free.
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    My wife and I have a friend in town for the weekend that wanted to hit a trail. I decided to take them on an easy run to Four Peaks. It's an easy trail and I've been wanting to check it out for a while. Nothing to terribly exciting to report back other than it's open, in good condition and wasn't too busy. We ran across FR 143 with no side detours. Only saw a couple other rigs out there(One Jeep and a Yota), an Audi SUV that seemed to be in a hurry, some bicyclists and a minivan at the roundabout. Here are some pics. Great View of Lake Roosevelt Time to air up with my helper.
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    this is off-topic from outdoor/4x4, but it's still a destination we went to iFly Indoor Skydiving this past weekend and i have to say it was an experience worth doing! Aimee got us a family pass for Christmas after i'd been talking about wanting to do it for months. we each had a couple runs and then paid extra for the "high fly" experience on our last flight. Aimee & B were both chicken to try it at first, but ended up loving it too! here's Brady kicking ass in the tube: i doubt it's much like actual skydiving, but i don't plan on jumping out of a perfectly good airplane anytime soon! one instructor was showing off between groups - flips, spins, walking on the walks, all sorts of poses, dives, and then exited the tube with a backwards flip while hands were crossed on his shoulders! it was pretty impressive and made us want to keep going back until we get enough experience to fly solo.
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    Update on the Metalcloak drop down brackets: After yesterdays run and more freeway driving there's a HUGE difference in how my Jeep drives now. When I first bought my rig it had terrible handling, especially on the freeway, actually kinda scary with how bad it wandered. Always had to have 2 hands on the wheel to keep it under control. Now I can drive with one hand barely holding the steering wheel and my rig drives basically like a normal vehicle, nice and straight for the most part and no wandering. Bumps, pot holes, etc. are barely noticeable to where as before they were a bit violent when hitting them. Offroading is much better now, smoother and my steering wheel doesn't jerk back and forth nearly as violent as before. Braking is a hint better than before as well. All in all, these drop down brackets are awesome! If I had known about control arm angle/geometry and how important it is and how much difference it makes I would have bought and installed them much sooner. I want to thank @Stacey and Scott & @4x4tographer for explaining (while on the Bolder Pass run) about the geometry and opening my eyes, so to speak, about the importance of control arm positioning.
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    For those of you who drove Robert Camp Trail with me this weekend, and for those that joined me on that trail back in March of 2020 - here's an eye opening comparison. The 2020 fire season brought a lot of changes to a huge swath of the landscape out there. Photos from the same spot, 1 year apart. March 2020: February 2021:
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    For anyone interested, here is some history related to Copperopolis. https://www.apcrp.org/Copperopolis/Copperopolis_Text_Master_120207.htm We didn’t pop by there, but the link contains additional information about the small fenced off grave we saw on the way to/from the site. It was the Copperopolis cemetery.
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    Thanks again @4x4tographer for putting this all run together. Spending the day wheeling and seeing the area with some good folks is never a bad thing. The "Beast of Briarwood" was also out roaring along. I would agree with the trail rating and say it was on the HIGH side of moderate in a few spots.(For me anyways) The trail was definitely very,very bouncy for some long runs but still a blast to run. All the bouncing around, and my headache today, has got me thinking about shocks, but that is for another thread. Some of it could be me picking sh#&&y lines so there's that. Here are some of the ones Stephanie took. Sunrise at the meetup spot. Mini Hell's Gate. The white in the rock looked like a cow or a horse to us. A helpful sign. A weird and random stack of rocks. Chillin' in the ruins.
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    Absolutely awesome pics as usual! Here are a few Sarah took, and videos in the link https://photos.app.goo.gl/zatjqYE1qScFg48H7
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    This run was originally going to be a route that took the group through the Wickenburg Mountains, through Boulder Pass, Minniehaha, and into Crown King. However, with snow, ice, and weather, hitting the higher elevations, we changed the route to a tour of the Wickenburg Mountains. The first half of the route will took us up the Morgan City Wash and past Copperopolis and Bradshaw's Grave. For the 2nd half, rather than going north, we connected to Robert Camp Trail, moving south through an area that was devastated by wildfires in 2020. We then connected up with Buckhorn Springs Trail which took us by Buckhorn Springs which is normally flowing with water. From there, we'll connected to Castle Hot Springs/Cow Creek and end up back at Lake Pleasant. I'd peg this particular route firmly as MODERATE. The way down from Copperopolis/Bradshaw's Grave had a few pucker-inducing off-camber areas, and Roberts Camp is pretty torn up from erosion, due to the fires stripping away all of the vegetation. The trail took all day, from sunrise to sunset, all in all we spent 7 hours and 40 minutes in motion, hit 4,500ft in elevation, and gained/lost 6,200ft throughout the day. Highlights included: Copperopolis Bradshaw's Grave Briggs town site Castle Creek Canyon Buckhorn Springs We had a solid crew for the day, including: @Trail Toy, @gearhead, @Stacey and Scott, @shellback91, @Bradywgn71. Here are some photos from the day! Overlooking Cedar Basin On the road to Copperopolis The ruins at Copperopolis Look closely down in the creek and you'll see a pretty large opening for a mineshaft Hitting the next trail to visit Isaac Bradshaw's gravesite. The grave of Isaac Bradshaw. Here's some great information from the folks that caretake this site and many other historical sites throughout the area. This forest of Saguaro cacti watch over the grave We then hit the road again, heading west, past the Crown Point mine (in the hills behind @gearhead in this photo) We then turned south, connecting with the Robert Camp Trail. A wildfire swept through this area in the summer of 2020. It's been completely wiped out. Because of this, the going was pretty rough as we climbed Table Mountain. Since the fire cleared all of the brush and destroyed some historic structures, it was pretty easy to spot some presumed storerooms from mining operations back in the day. We ended our at at Buckhorn Spring, nestled at the base of the Buckhorn Mountains.
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    Home safe, ready for some dinner! Big ups to everyone that came out. Hope you had a great time and I loved seeing all of you again!
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    Save The Date! Death Valley Experience 2021 The California Four Wheel Drive Association is happy to announce our inaugural Death ValleyExperience event March 10-14, 2021. This event is a fund raiser for the Association. Each day will feature a choice of runs to somefamous, some infamous and some secretive points of interest within Death Valley National Park. The runs will depart from Furnace Creek and from Stovepipe Wells. Registration includes your choice of one run, a special inaugural edition Death Valley Experience shirt, and a delicious box lunch. You can choose additional runs for an additional charge. We are still working out the run details and will have online registration open soon so you can register and choose your trail run(s). Our permit places a limit to the number of vehicles allowed on each run. We expect that the runs will fill up fast, so be sure to put your name on the notification list and we will alert you as soon as we are ready to accept registrations. Some of the points of interest we will visit during Death Valley Experience 2021 include Zabriskie Point (famous), Barker Ranch (infamous) and the Racetrack (learn the secret of the moving rocks). Other points of interest include Dante’s View, 20 Mule Team Canyon, Artists’ Drive, Chloride Cliffs, Aguereberry Point, Skidoo, Titus Canyon, and Darwin Falls. All of the trails will be rated by difficulty and are suitable for unmodified vehicles with high clearance and 4 wheel drive. You will be on your own to arrange for accommodations. Death Valley National Park has a range of developed campgrounds, primitive backcountry camping, and luxurious hotels. We will provide you a list of campgrounds and hotels in the Park. Website: https://cal4wheel.com/events/death-valley-experience #cal4wheel #dve2021 #deathvalleyexperience
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    Has anyone ever wondered what "STP" stands for? Studebaker Transmission Product
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    i've been getting a ton of dust inside the rear cargo area. at first i thought the tailgate wasn't sealing at the edges correctly because i recently adjusted the latch and guide-plate... but it turned out to be the flapper vent doohickey behind the spare that lets cabin air pressure escape when you close a door. every single flap had broken off and flown away! that vent is called a "Bodyside Aperture Exhauster" - Mopar part number 5058636AD. a new one came yesterday, just need to put it in still.
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    Day 2 | Things got interesting: Holy Joe Rim Trail & Smelter Wash The mountains were shrouded in cloud, rain, and sleet. This view of of Table Mountain, of which the top is completely hidden. The squad lined up @theksmith @shellback91 @4x4tographer @johnpa & Gunny tail gunned for us both days, making sure nobody screwed up and drove off a cliff TheKSmith waiting for us to finish taking pictures This shot is looking off towards the towering skyline of Mammoth, AZ Note the clouds mowwing down on some mountains to the left. John, still looking (mostly) shiny. Eventually the weather started to build up and the rain became pretty continuous. The trail got pretty sloppy in a few places with a lot of steep descents/ascents into gullies. John, looking (sorta) muddy. @shellback91 lined up below a strange cinderblock cabin on one of the peaks. Later on, we gassed up and hit the Smelter Wash Trail, which has several pretty interesting tunnels which made for some great photos By the end of Smelter Wash, the rain turned to sleet. The sleet turned to snow. When we were airing up, the temps had dropped to the mid-30's and we had some decent snowflakes!
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    Here are a few of mine. There were Saguaros all over the place. Abandoned cabin and what appeared to be a barn at the campsite. Me and my copilot. Thanks @johnpa for snapping the pic!
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    wow! sounds like the lesson there was: if you venture off-road, you should always know a George! a few of the trails in that area really are quite rough... i once ended up on some of those trails in my XJ with a small budget lift. i had started out from Lower Sycamore and just kept exploring further and further. as it got close to dark, i didn't want to try and return the difficult way i had come, so i was trying to exit the nearest way i could find back to the 87... i ended up getting stuck on a berm trying to get off the trails at a nearby ranch. it was just after sunset and i was pretty sure i was on private land at that point, so i was getting nervous about getting shot or in some form of trouble. i didn't have a Hi-Lift, winch, SPOT or even a decent sized shovel - total noob and completely unprepared. eventually some nice farmhand dudes saw my headlights out at the edge of the field and came over in their pickup. the one thing i did have was a tow-strap, and they easily pulled me off the berm and showed me the way back out to the 87.
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    I don’t know what everyone’s experiences are when it comes to metal suppliers in the Phoenix area. Compared to Detroit my Phoenix experiences have been hit or miss. I know that @theksmith spoke of using https://www.onlinemetals.com/?gclid=EAIaIQobChMIpJnJiZrl7gIVXjytBh2NZwBFEAAYASAAEgKhEvD_BwE as a source for, I believe, his water tank skid plate and mount. I’ve used this supplier myself in the past. Quick service, but their shipping can be expensive especially when the ordered item will fit in a USPPS flat rate box but they still use UPS. I recently completed a project that required some aluminum. I needed three pieces 8” x 30.75” x .125”. I can cut aluminum on my bandsaw but really wanted them sheared to the correct size. I first checked with online Metals. Total price, custom size, shipped, $102.57!!! This was WITH a 15% discount on the material! Too rich for my blood. Shopped around and found the same material, same alloy, custom size, shipped for $55.41! Yahoo!!! The vendor I used for the lower price was https://www.midweststeelsupply.com/store/?gclid=EAIaIQobChMIiJPxzp7l7gIVYg2tBh1vGQa_EAAYASAAEgJz1_D_BwE They were a bit slower than Online Metals but for the price difference I didn’t care. Just for fun, I checked both of the above vendors for a piece of 12x12” 1/4” 6061 aluminum and found Midwest to again be quite a bit cheaper than Online Metals. YMMV but this is at least, another option to try.
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    NO MORE OIL LEAK! Had the upper oil pan gasket replaced today so no more oil leaks/drips or burning oil smell.
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    Link to photos. Feel free to use any. Sarah's Photos
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    Great pics! I finally got a chance to watch your video's. That's some great camera work holding it steady as possible, I am impressed. I am not sure we would have been able to pull that off considering the bouncing around(hitting my head a few times too) we were doing. I'm going to use what I learned and re-evaluate my approach and lines on future runs.
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    Made it home. Thanks @4x4tographer for putting this run together. It was good to see everyone.
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    Had a blast today, by far the best run I've been on!
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    Fantastic day. Thanks to Ryan for taking the time to put this one together.
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    There's a slight chance of rain Friday afternoon/evening! Wouldn't that be awesome if we got just enough rain to get the ground nice and wet to keep the dust down for the run, here's to hoping we get a hint of rain!
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    Lift update! Got it off tarmac for a little shakedown run last weekend to see how it flexed out. I’m super happy with the stance. We hit up a “sexy flexy” spot to check for any rubs, binds, or errant hoses. During the test we found that the bump stop extensions Clayton provided were a little too long, eating into some lost articulation. The rears look great with just enough room for some 35’s, probably 37’s. The front was pretty limited, with enough spare space on the stuff corner to stuff my entire head in and look around. Between the extensions and my new Metalcloak Durospring bump stops, there was approx 1” of space before they’d engage. This was not only limited flex, but was leading to a noticeable *bump* just backing out of my driveway. It didn’t seem to cause any real issues on the trail. I’m guessing that’s a testament to the durosprings. Here’s a shot of the small gap. Ended up pulling the extensions and cutting 1.75” off in my miter saw. They’re now 2” of total extension. Bonus, they’re thin enough to remove without needing to remove the coils, which is a PITA solo. No longer getting into the bumpstopa so quickly backing out of my driveway or hitting the local speed humps. Looking forward to hitting that spot again to see how much flex Oki gained. Heres a few more shots from the shakedown run.
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    Took some of our chalcedony rocks from this run and tossed them into a tumbler with some other rocks that were included with the kit. This particular chalcedony is the coolest of them all because of it's shape. Special thank you to Mrs. @shellback91 for finding this one and giving it to the twins. Measures 1.625" across and 1.25" tall. Front & back.
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    4Runner mishap update - had the dent pushed out last week and it looks perfect - it’s like it was never dented in the first place. The guy who did it exclusively works on Toyota’s Now I’m waiting for the new trim piece and it’ll be like it never happened
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    Tired of high centering? For a small fee we can eliminate that problem.
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    great photos everyone! here's a few i snapped...
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    Day 1 Fun | Tucson Wash Hanging out at the train bridge trestle: @johnpa @4x4tographer @gearhead @Trail Toy @shellback91 @theksmith @johnpa looking imposing in his new rig (so shiny!) Group shot from a pretty tight slot canyon: @shellback91 @Trail Toy @theksmith This was shot with a 16mm lens, which is pretty wide and really doesn't do the canyon justice. KSmith acting like a mountain goat The view from the peak of a nearby unnamed butte at 3,790 ft. In the distance is Table Mountain, Martinez Mountain, and the Holy Joe Rim Trail that we ran later on Sunday. Another view from the butte looking South. John pushing through an interesting "squeeze and ledge" in the Tar Wash Canyon on our way out off the Tucson Wash Trail.
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    What did the shirt say to the pants? . . . . . . "WHAT'S UP BRITCHES"
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    This is now the site used to get the permit: https://luke.isportsman.net/
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    Trail/Area: Heading down Bonanza Wash on Tuesday, March 9. Where the heck?! Head north on US Highway 93, get fuel in Wickenburg, then meet us at the intersection of Highway 93 and Highway 71. From there we continue to drive north on 93, towards Burro Creek. (Yes, you know - one of my favorite areas!) We'll pause in the deserted "town" of Nothing Arizona and head off trail from there. This is a short trail - 4.3 miles one way, and I have done it once before....I'd rate it moderate because there is this one section.....If we cannot get past this one section, we may have to walk a bit, or catch rides with those who can get through. This is a spur trail - in and out. It ends at Burro Creek. There's an old mine there and remains of the assayer's office. Here's an image of a map of the area....You can google Burro Creek Campground and we are due east of that. Itinerary: Yes, this is a Tuesday. March 9. The benefits of being retired.... Meet at 9 am at the intersection of highways 93 and 71. Make sure you get gas in Wickenburg (Maverik on 60 westbound after going through town, is cheapest) as there is no gas anywhere else. One full tank from there will do you ok. Pack a lunch. If we can't get through to the end of this trail, we'll most likely find another in the area....I'll dig around for something....We'll get off trail mid-afternoon...probably. Most of you know me by now...bring a smile and willingness to explore, maybe be prepared for AZ pin-striping, maybe take a plan a or b or c. Trip limit to 6 vehicles. We'll be running ham 146.46 If the weather turns nasty, we'll have to cancel...this is a wash - although the maps call it a Stream - we're planning on running. Signed: Moses Sign-Up: Leading: Ladybug Tailgun: John Pa Attending: Big Al TheKSmith Trail Toy Stacey and Scott Gearhead Curly Standby: Sarah and Chris Mike Buckner
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    TRAIL RIDE UPDATE! ****updating main post as well**** Hi everyone, while the ride is still going to happen, I'm needing to make some pretty big changes to the route for a few reasons: Safety - There is still a good amount of snow and ice reported along our route north of Hozoni Ranch. Much of that section of the trail are narrow shelf roads with quite a bit of risk in the snow. Time - in talking with a few folks familiar with the area, we're probably looking at a 10-12 hour day on the original route, getting us into Crown King around dark + another 2-3 hours for some to get home from CK. Apologies for any confusion or inconvenience. This spring I'd like to turn the route into a 2 day overnight/overland trip to give us more time to enjoy the trails without the need to push through for time's sake. The New Updated Route! The first half of the new route will remain the same taking us up the Morgan City Wash and past Copperopolis and Bradshaw's Grave. For the 2nd half, rather than going north, we'll connect to the beautiful Buckhorn Springs Trail which will take us by Buckhorn Springs which is normally flowing with water. From there, we'll connect to Castle Hot Springs and end up back at Lake Pleasant. The overall distance of the run is still the same (64mi) but we'll be on faster trails and make better time (and no ice!). The difficulty rating is still MODERATE due to the area around Copperopolis/Grave (north-end of the below trial map). It should still be a great day of exploring! Meeting time and place are unchanged. Here's a map/GPX of the new route (in purple below). Photo from Buckhorn Spring (Rainy season last time I was there).
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    Trust me, it's not that deep.
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    Stone Temple Pilots?
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    I found what I needed for this repair. Big thanks to @theksmith for helping me out and thanks to everyone who responded with thoughts and ideas.
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    I'm always on the lookout for rocks of that particular shape.
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    That turned out real nice even with those big-honkin' wheel wells. Having good people like @theksmith help is a bonus. Can't wait to see how she does on the trail.
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    First off, MASSIVE THANKS to @theksmith for spending 16 hours with me over 2 days in my garage. I learned A LOT about the process, and how things don't necessarily go as planned. Went with Clayton Offroad's OVERLAND+ 2.5" lift kit, which comes with all 8 adjustable arms and adjustable front/rear trackbars. The shocks are Fox Pro 2.0 IFPs. Here's some photos of the process. I didn't capture as many as I wanted too, but was pretty wrapped up in the enthralling install process! I def need to pick up some bigger jack stands and a much larger floor jack. My little 3 tons barely reach the frame! ^^ the bowl contains a blend of Girl Scout "Tagalong" cookies and Cheese-Its, courtesy of my 6 year old! ^^ front end lifted, rear end is stock in this image. Some more randoms, post-install: 33's look so small in the JL's big-honkin' wheel wells! 35's are in the near future, but need to finish wearing these KO2's out! Also, I'm not entirely convinced this was reallllllllly a 2.5" lift. No before/after measurements, but it certainly feels closer to 3.5-4" of lift.
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    Great pics, especially them "sexy flexy" ones!
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