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    Opened my rear deck lid & noticed the dome lights flickering out Found a wire split up by the 3rd brake light so I soldered an extension to snake through the grommet Extra length should keep it from rubbing on the back of the ‘lid Viola’ Tight
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    This is a cool video of the Jeep JL assembly line.
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    saw this on FB and it made my actually laugh out loud!
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    i'm working on installing Nemesis Industries' Notorious front & rear aluminum flares on my 2016 JKUR. the Notorious rears are similar width to stock and the fronts are a couple inches narrower. Nemesis also offers Odyssey (full-width) and Crawler (narrow) versions. old front flares off, ready for something new: i always liked the look of aftermarket flares, but they had been low on the priority list until i recently trashed my stock rears pretty bad. all 4 of my flares had been heavily scratched and pitted for a while and the color-matched OEM flares are really difficult to touch up because the plastic gouges so easily even with tree limbs. i still love the look of body color-matched flares, but i'm just using spray paint on these new Nemesis ones because i'm sure i'll need to touch them up eventually too. i just couldn't justify paying a body-shop for a professional paint job on something i know i'll be damaging. i do hope them being slightly narrower helps them stay out of the rocks a little better though. i ordered the new Notorious front and rear flares separately just to space out my large purchases a bit. the fronts arrived last week, well packaged and damage free. Nemesis' online instructions for installing the flares are very detailed and easy to follow. it's pretty straightforward with only a couple reinforcement brackets on each side and a few holes to drill. first test-fit and marking where to drill: upper aluminum support bracket: the lower support bracket turned into its own project on the passenger side because of my K&N snorkel... on the driver side you can see how the lower brackets are supposed to install: the snorkel routes though that exact spot though: i was able to cut the bracket into a couple pieces and make it work around the snorkel. after all that, i was ready to paint the flares. i ordered the "raw" flares but you can also get them powder coated black from Nemesis. the tops came well prepped (sanded), i just gave them a quick wash and scrub of mild vinegar solution with a 3M Red Scotch Brite sanding pad and then rinsed them and let dry. i'm trying Rust-Oleum's Aluminum Primer on these instead of the self-etching primer that i've used before. it went on fairly heavy and was easy to get an even coat. it's a high-build soft primer that sands smooth easily. after priming and sanding, i put a couple coats of Krylon Fusion Satin Black on the under-sides. this morning i taped the bottom sides off and put a first coat of Granite Crystal color match on the tops, and now they just need to sit and dry so i can put on a second coat and then i'll finish with a clear. stay tuned!
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    I felt extremely small next to this JK on 35’s and what looked like a 4” Rough Country lift. In other news, she’s OFFICIALLY PAID OFF! Got my title in the mail this week.
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    We have 4 spots open on our permit. Plan to meet in Jerome 8am monday morning and run smiley rock trail. Lunch in Jerome or Cottonwood then up Casner trail. We will camp somewhere up in the pines and drive home tuesday.
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    Same for me when I read this
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    Met up with @theksmith & son, @CAVU2, @SonoranWanderer for a nice little run through the Prescott NF to explore a loop south of Camp Wood Road and south of Hyde Mountain. A large portion of this area was damaged by the 2018 Subbs Fire caused by lightning. Originally, we were trying to escape the heat in the valley with the seasonal high in the area being 85-ish degrees. Little did we know that there would be a record 116-118 heatwave across the valley. Our average high was 93 while we were on the run, but then we got slammed with a monsoon on the way home and the mercury dropped FOURTY DEGREES. It was amazing. We meet up at the Chevon on Outer Loop Road north of Prescott for fuel and coffee and made our way to Camp Wood Road which took us into the heart of the Prescott NF. This gas station is a great place to meet up before exploring PNF, situated about 10-15min south of the east end of Camp Wood Road. The below links rate these trails as “moderate”, but I’d have to completely disagree, coming from a stock tire/suspension Rubicon. Only Sheridan Mountain warranted a moderate rating. Conger and South Mesa were both in the easy range. Sheridan Mountain - This 12mi trail took us into the heart of the damage left by the 2018 Stubbs Fire which leveled almost 13 sq/mi of forest and desert. Views will included the sad but impressive damage left by the fire, granite outcroppings, views of the BT Butte, and panoramic views. The trail was overall very easy, growing much more technical by the “end” of the trail where it beings to fade at the top of Smith Mesa. The trail actually continues on much further and might make for a nice technical run some day when it’s cooler. Conger Water - We doubled back and grabbed the connecting 6mi Conger Water Trail. Overall, this trail was pretty unremarkable (IMHO), but had a few interesting views here and there. There was a large number of hiking trail heads and a lush pygmy juniper forest known for Alligator Juniper trees. We broke for lunch at about noon under the shade of the tallest juniper we could find, which is saying a lot. Lunch was surprisingly comfortable with a nice breeze cooling the air down for us a bit. South Mesa - We dumped out on to the South Mesa trail with the option to either take an easier route north into the pines, or south along a rougher road to some views from South Mesa. We took the northern route, which was pretty smooth, and were in the tall Ponderosa Pines before we knew it. We came across some HUGE campsites that could accommodate up to around 50 rigs and some pretty impressive granite boulder fields. We wrapped up the day headed back east on Camp Wood Road and aired up near the end. On the horizon we could see the monsoon doing its thing, pretty much developing from nothing over the course of the day. The rain was dumping all over the entire Prescott region on our way back to the Phoenix valley. The day’s route: Now for some pictures! Our little caravan rolling through the damage left by the Stubbs Fire Here’s an excellent demonstration of how quickly the monsoon can pop up here in AZ. The below 2 images were taken about an hour apart from each other. Damage from the Stubbs Fire can be seen in the foreground. From the top of the Smith Mesa. At this point the trail fades and becomes pretty technical in a few spots. This is about the only section to grant it it’s “moderate” rating. Climbing back up in elevation towards the cooler pine forest The area we stopped at to air up had just recently seen rain, so it was a touch cooler, which was welcome. This was also Luna the Jeep Dog’s very first off-road trip with me. Monsoon action over Prescott A drive through the heart of the storm and proof the temps fell to darn near hypothermia-levels. I saw @CAVU2 & @SonoranWanderer cruise past me at a light with the top down on K2’s Rubicon. Hope you guys didn’t get too wet! Original trip discussion here:
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    Finally got the winch plate to mount the winch. Had to relocate the vacuum pump but otherwise no it to bad.
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    thanks for the photos @scottL - good times with the Lake Pleasant desert meth-head community! and yup, the new front flares are on and just waiting for the rears to show up.
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    Thanks for the awesome info and thanks for the welcome. the Clayton 4 inch long arm was kinda the way i was leaning. with the 4" clayton and 33's is there some trimming i will need to do? The plan is to build a solid starting point that will allow us to get out and have some fun on the trails without braking the bank but still allowing for upgrades in the future. If i start with the 4" clayton, how hard is it to upgrade to a a 6" if i want to up the game so to speak? i will post pics of them in there bone stock glory so you guys can see the starting point. The 04 is my daily and the 02 we just picked up. found it cheap..... ($500) only catch is it might need a motor. rest is in decent shape. It does run though so thats good.... just smokes.
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    painting the top side is being a beeyotch! i had bought both Dupli-Color's Perfect Match in Granite Crystal as well as some official Mopar 68183830AB and figured i would do the final coat with whichever matched better. i couldn't really tell a difference in color, but neither one sprayed great. the Dupli-Color has a nice wide pattern but all 3 cans kept spitting and sputtering. the Mopar paint comes in tiny little cans but sprays consistently. the only downside to the Mopar, besides cost, is the small circular spray pattern. the spray pattern and the fact that it's just too hot out made getting an even coat of the metallic really difficult. i finally got a slightly better coat when it was cooler at 2am this morning. just after the sun was up, my first coat of Dupli-Color Clear Coat was actually going pretty well... until one of the spray cans dripped a couple giant boogers - now i have to wait for that flare to dry really well and try to sand those out, d@mn1t! i'm going through more paint than i expected as well. so in retrospect, i might should have just had one of those cheap ghetto body shops downtown paint them!
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    I drained the diff oil and took the pan out in the sun and stirred the oil and saw lots of shiny glitter. The glitter makes me think the the damage might mean all bearings and possibly gears. I have decided to rent a U-haul trailer and take it to 4Wheel Parts in Mesa.
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    My 1992 XJ (Clifford) is making whining a noise from the rear diff area, that gets louder with speed. I put the Jeep on jack stands (after reassuring Diane that they weren't from Harbor Freight) and determined that the noise is coming from the pinion bearing. I'm planning to disassemble the diff, and replace the pinion bearings (and maybe the carrier bearings while I'm in there). My question is, if I put everything back together the way it is, and only replace the bearings, will it throw anything off? Like gear tolerances? What can go wrong? What should I be cautious of? I am no gear expert, I have never done this before. I am venturing into uncharted waters here!
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    working on getting the new Nemesis front flares installed, writeup here... i love how the rig looks without any flares, but that's just not practical for a daily driver!
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    @theksmith helped wire up & fire up some new led rock lights and KC offroaders now that my solteks are toast out with the old.. New KC Hilites with custom blue rings and rock shields I love em.. so much better than my old halogens & don't burn near as hot. Thanks to K for his hospitality and unmatched electrical skillz. Stoked! Thanks again theK! (aka Gadget aka Goldmember)
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    I added to the fist post: NEW!! Pumpkin Carving Contest: Bring your own pumpkin and carving tools Trash bags and votive candles provided Carve at camp Friday afternoon or evening, or Saturday after the trail rides Finished Jack-o-lanterns on display Saturday evening - Everyone come VOTE for your favorite! Jack-o-lantern with the most votes wins a Offroad Passport T-Shirt! Itinerary: Friday Gather at camp anytime after 2:00 PM. NEW: Pumpkin carving anytime after arrival. Friday Evening Campfire time and social hours at the main Ramada. New: Pumpkin carving continues! Saturday Morning Depart camp 9 AM for trail ride (details TBA). Bring your lunch and chairs! Saturday Afternoon / Evening Offroad Passport Annual Salsa Contest! Jack-o-Lanterns go on display! GAMES!!! Navigation Challenge, Tent Erection Challenge and MORE! Join the fun and win Offroad Passport t-shirts and hats!! Campfire Time and Social Hours at the main Ramada. Sunday Leisurely break camp & head home
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    Reason #503 I like the JL. In-dash on demand owners manual for when you need to look something up! They built in some great shortcuts for fluids and capacities, maintenance intervals, and a nifty search function to search the entire owners manual by keyword.
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    So I got a few questions about this on the last run and figured I’d share some information about this pretty nice little gadget I picked up a few months back. I’ve had a set of super cheap X-Bull traction boards since I owned my Cherokee KL and used to mount them on the Frontrunner roof rack I had installed on the KL. As for my JL, I didn’t have a good way to carry them, and when I’m loaded down with kids and gear, there’s no good place inside for them as well. Someday I’m hoping to get a decent rear bumper with tire carrier, 5gal jerry can mounts, hi-lift mount, and a place to attach these traction boards - BUT - I’m not there yet, and this Rockslide Engineering EZ Rack is a great alternative with some staying power for the future as things evolve. So the EZ Rack comes with 2 plates that are powder-coated and pre-drilled for popular Rotopax mounts. It attaches around the spare tire with a heavy duty ratchet strap. You can supposedly use this on a tire up to 40”! The pre-drilled holes give you a lot of flexibility to carry more than just Rotopax containers though. I’m thinking about grabbing a few “quick fists” for a shovel and my axe. For the traction boards, I found a $2 metal plate in the building materials section at Lowes and a pair of ubolts with nuts and a plate. Probably $10 in total parts. Drilled some holes in the plate to match up with the EZ Rack and installed some bolts/nylock nuts. I had to modify the boards themselves by drilling a few 1/2 holes in them to fit the u-bolts and the plates. Everything is tightened down with a ratchet. I’m on the lookout for some quick-release “hand knobs” to make it easier to pull the boards off if I need to use them in a pinch. I’m not overly concerned about security seeing as how someone could steal the whole contraption by releasing the ratchet strap.
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    Saw this video this morning - they do a side by side "graphical" size comparison. TLDR, the 4dr Bronco is a few inches wider and longer than the JLU. https://www.cnet.com/roadshow/videos/bronco-vs-wrangler-comparing-young-gun-with-old-faithful/
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    I was laughing my butt off over the Jeep marketing team trolling the Ford Bronco in their teaser spot for it.
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    She's thinking carving on site! We'll have the nice ramada in the middle of the loop. Every brings their favorite gourd and some carving tools. We're happy to volunteer to bring a big honking' bag of votive candles and some extra large extra tough garbage bags to manage the pumpkin fillings/leftovers. Costumes for the kids are a good idea too!
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    Happy Independence Day Gang!!! Wishing you fun with friends and family this weekend!!!!
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    a couple minor tweaks... leaky flush tee the Dorman flush tee i had installed as a fill/bleed port at the new high-point in the system was leaking a tad. i didn't like that plastic thing when i got it and had already purchased a metal replacement from For Seasons but just not gotten around to installing it. leaky part: replacement: too hot! after idling for a long time or doing a slow 4-low rock crawl type trail and then using the water, i was still getting an initial surge of scalding water. i talked about trying to insulate the supply line to prevent this before: that attempted solution was obviously not working out, so my new idea was to re-run the supply line from the tank out along the edge of the Jeep, away from the hot "tunnel" area. then route it up inside the passenger fender as far away from the engine as i could realistically get it. i'm not sure if this is the final fix for the too-hot water - i still need to test it on a hot day after a long slow crawl. other than those 2 minor things, the water system has been working great so far.
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    That can shaker attachment looks waaaay nicer then my “red neck” shaker, aka, two hose clamps and a long blade. Good luck
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    Notice they didn't even use a Rubicon for comparison. It is probably a sport model.
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    the instructions are great, so here are just a few additional tips and tidbits about the install of the fronts... - use anti-seize or even just a dab of grease on all the bolts. the stainless fasteners from Nemesis are a nice touch, but SS is a soft metal and the threads can get doinked slightly while trying to line up all the layers of metal, which makes it easy to cross-thread or gall them. - a ratchet with a really small head and/or a wobble adapter along with a 3/16" allen head socket makes things way easier, a 1/2 ratcheting wrench is all but required as well since a driver won't fit in behind some of the places. - the nut and washer is really hard to get on the bottom-most bolt, so i ended up just going ahead and putting in a riv-nut. the rear flares attach using a ton of those, so it's good to go ahead and buy a tool for them if you don't have one. i used this 14" one from Tacklife on Amazon, but a 16" would be better for these large inserts. - i mentioned having to cut-up the one inner support bracket to fit around my K&N snorkel. beyond that everything worked out well with the snorkel and the flares, i just had to leave a little extra width when trimming the factory inner plastic liner for that side: - the flares have a provision for a 3/4" marker light to replace the OEM side lights. it's barely visible so i guess it's really just for liability/legal reasons. Nemesis sells amber ones separately but i went with these white LED in smoked housing versions from Amazon to match my other lights. - the flares include strips of adhesive foam to go on the inner top edge. i still had a problem with some sections pinching against the factory fenders which rolled the paint on the new flares and looked bad... i ended up removing both flares, touching up those spots, and then getting some thicker foam from Home Depot. the thicker black foam shows and looks OK since i have a dark colored Jeep, but would not work on a light colored rig... my recommendation would be to just ease that inner top hard edge with sandpaper pretty well before painting - that's my plan for the rears anyway.
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    The flares look good Kris. It’s such a pain when you do all the prep and the can lets you down during the finish coats. Have you ever used something like this to shake the heck out of a spray can? MixKwik Tool https://www.amazon.com/dp/B0055S7DJS/ref=cm_sw_r_cp_tai_lmUhFbS80RNXT I’ve had some luck in the past salvaging cans of Rust-Oleum by soaking the cans in hot water and shaking the heck out of them by hose clamping the cans to a long recip saw blade. Just a thought
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    Great video Diane. It shows a lot of detail of the assembly process. Ive spent a lot of hours in various production plants and never saw anyone I wanted to trade jobs with. Just an FYI : If anyone is ever visiting Michigan in the Detroit area, be sure to stop by the Henry Ford Museum. The museum itself is excellent but the optional Ford Rouge assembly plant tour is not to be missed if you’re interested in automotive assembly. https://www.thehenryford.org
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    Clifford's not fat, he's just "big boned"
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    Clifford is on his way to the Jeep Doctor. Smurftruck is squatting! He's heavier than he looks, just carries it really well.
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    That’s a lot of paint cant wait to go out and scratch em all up again with you.
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    This is the best I can do without being home to look into my manuals for specs you will need G... https://www.drivetrainspecialists.com/setup-specs
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    i have a dial indicator if you want to borrow it G
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    Dana 44 uses a shim pack, not a crush sleeve, so you shouldn't have any problems with gear lash when reassembling. Differential gears are not my area of expertise either. Not much call for that in a High School setting, although I remember doing at least 2. Both of those used crush sleeves. They were a PITA.
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    After travelling over 100`000 Kilometers in the last years (Transafrica, Southamerica, US, Europe) , with just an iPad / iPhone as Navigation Unit - I found some Apps very helpful. Here are my favorite Apps - and the reason why they are important for me: https://www.4x4tripping.com/2020/07/die-besten-reise-apps-im-2020-fur.html Apps for offline Navigation with Turn-by-Turn, Apps for finding a decent wildcamping spot, to Apps for 4x4 offroad-tracks to other tools who are helpful abroad. With a detailed description why they did help me. There is a Language switch to the right, if you like to read in detail. Hope you find something for you - and maybe you have too some additional tips here! About the Panamerica I did worte at offroadpassport here: Surfy
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    @Lichen I wondered why I hadn't seen you on FB for a while. That's okay, you can hang out with us here!!
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    I deleted my Facebook account.
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    Jeep reps have said before that though the V8s fit into the JK, they never offered that because it didn't leave enough room for crumple zones and would fail safety tests... is the JL/JT engine bay that different? i'm thinking they will announce an official swap kit for the JL/JT (motor mounts, wiring, etc.) to work with their Mopar crate 6.4 and/or 5.7 engines - that offloads liability onto the installer and bypasses the EPA (CAFE) and safety regs that govern new vehicle sales. an official Mopar V8 swap kit would still be an exciting prospect since i'm sure you'd see quite a few dealerships offering brand new rigs with it pre-installed. i'd think a new dealer warrantied Hemi JLUR would easily fetch $85k though!
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    ...now i just need the flares to actually ship!
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    Well - granted we're a week out, the forecast is a tad higher than expected. With PHX looking to scorch at 116 on Saturday, the Prescott NF is looking at a low of 65 and a high of 95. Good thing we're going early in the day! Keeping an eye on this and any fire restriction changes.
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    Honestly, 90% of the stuff posted in the AZVJC needs to be taken with a few pounds of salt I have found. Lots of blowhards in that group.
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