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    well the "lost" motor mounts decided to show up late last night! i was able to get the engine in and put everything mostly back together today. probably need a couple more hours in the morning to wrap up and then hopefully it runs!
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    Gadget started to have short spikes of running a little hot (230*) randomly even though it's been cool weather. i also noticed the coolant overflow tank getting filled almost every time i drove (then getting sucked back to nearly empty when the rig cooled as it should). i bled the system multiple times and replaced the radiator cap, but then i also noticed the exhaust smelling sweet on initial startup. so last week i used a block check type fluid test and confirmed my suspicion, Gadget has a combustion leak. she continues to seemingly run fine (other than getting warm) and does not throw any codes. however, i spoke with Joe at On Point Performance and Offroad and he informed me that continuing do drive with coolant entering the exhaust could ruin the catalytic converters. those are over $1k each, so she's been parked since confirming the leak. Joe also said in his experience with the 3.6L it was about equal chance of being a cracked head vs just a head gasket. the only way to know for sure was to take it apart and send the head out to be checked. based on several factors, i decided to put in a whole reman engine instead of digging into the top end... Gadget has 164k miles on her and I've had horrible luck with this engine since day 1. besides the typical oil cooler replacements, she's already had 1 complete new head, another camshaft, and had rocker arms & lifters replaced at least 4 times (i've lost count)! and i have what appears to be a large rear main seal leak currently. there's also not that much more labor to replace the entire thing versus a head. i'd hate to spend the effort on a head replacement only to have the other side leak soon after or need to replace the oil pump, etc. the 3.6L engines are at least plentiful. so despite the overall complexity of the DOHC layout and VVT system, a remanufactured long block can be had for $3,500. or, a completely new long block from Mopar is just under $7k. for that price difference i've decided to roll the dice on the reman and just hope to get 100k miles before i have to tear into it again. i also still have a dream of swapping in a 5.7L and 8 speed trans at some point. so if the remain can get me by for another few years, maybe i could acquire parts for that swap in the meantime - a man can dream right? FYI, a full gasket set for these engines is over $300! while i'm in there, i'll also replace a few sensors and the only remaining original coolant hoses (to the heater core and oil cooler). so that will bring the project total with tax & shipping closer to $4,400. ouch! thankfully i can do all the labor myself which saves several thousand dollars. the reman engine should be here Thursday or Friday, so I'll start working on pulling the old one mid-week.
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    well, after several test drives - nothing is spewing or burning, so i guess good? ;) i noticed 2 differences right away... first, it doesn't rattle like crazy on startup for a few seconds anymore! not sure what that was about. i didn't find any sloppy rocker arms in the old engine. i read somewhere it might have been the timing chain until the hydraulic tensioners came up to pressure? second, there's a bit more vibration now in cab. i don't know if that is because the motor mounts are just new or because i went with a random brand instead of OEM. it's not horrible, i'd still choose some vibes over the additional $300 for the OEM mounts in an offroad rig. oh and seems like it fires up slightly faster. it's not like the old one cranked for a long time, but the new one just seems to start a split second faster. otherwise there's no noticeable difference in power that i can tell. i mean the old engine seemed to run OK too, it was just a time bomb.
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    Sunday was spent swapping everything over to the reman engine, including plenty of time cleaning parts. this "abrasive filament" die grinder cup works well to remove RTV after an initial scraping. i use carb/choke cleaner rather than brake cleaner for a final wipe-down as it seems to be less harsh on any surrounding plastic parts. it's a good idea to check all the block bolt holes before putting the engine back in. sometimes a few will get gunked up during the reman engine cleaning process and it's a lot easier to fix them up with a tap before anything is back in the engine bay. i had one motor mount bolt hole and this bellhousing mounting hole that needed a little love. i'm just waiting on my new engine mounts, there was a delay in shipping but hopefully they show up today. as far as the reman engine, it's all put together now except the rear main seal and flexplate which i can do once it's off the stand and on the hoist.
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    received the new engine yesterday and got it mounted to the engine stand. i needed to work so that was the only progress made toward this project!
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    got the engine nearly ready to pull today, but stopped to assemble my new engine hoist and folding engine stand. the reman engine is on schedule to arrive tomorrow and i'll need the hoist to unload it. i also made some quick attachment points for the hoist out of a 1/4" thick bar i had in my scrap pile and some thick washers. apparently the exhaust header mounting bolts are the generally accepted place to lift the 3.6L from. i could hook the leveler's tabs to those 4 bolts directly, but it takes up a lot of vertical space and i'm trying to pull this thing without removing the front clip/radiator/condenser/etc. so instead i'm using a 6'x1" lift sling (strap) doubled over to 3' to hook the hoist too. tomorrow i need to remove: a/c compressor, power steering pump, flex-plate bolts, bellhousing bolts, loosen the motor mount bolts, and take the wheels off to lower the front end - then i can try to yank this POS! total time into this project so far is 9 hours.
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    great day, perfect weather! everyone conquered this trail - no straps or winches deployed - woot! everyone did a great job of helping spot each other too. thanks @gearhead for leading, and thank you @4x4tographer for letting me ride along. as our fearless leader, Mike got the honor of going first through the tippy section of Chevy Hill. then it was Ryan's turn. here's Glen's well built rig climbing one of the several long, loose, steep hills: Mike coming down the "hill of many ledges", followed by Ryan as second-victim again... apparently i only took photos of red Jeeps yesterday, lol! it was really cool to see you all taking on something a bit more challenging than you might be used to and kicking its ass!
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    Thanks everyone! Had a great day with the kids, ate a bunch of Thai food, and Brynna baked a cake and icing from scratch!
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    Amazon shipping apparently lost my new motor mounts! the replacements are supposed to arrive Saturday. :( i took a few minutes yesterday to clean up the OEM wiring harness. all of the loom had cracked off - i guess due to heat, time, and having moved it around to work on the top-end so many times before. i re-wrapped all the exposed wire sections with Tesa 51036 tape.
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    I left my favorite camera at home, so here are some shots from my phone!
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    that's even funnier because i was just outside figuring out how to position Gadget to do this project in the garage - can't work on her in the driveway (HOA). got a nice diagonal parking job going on... just had to deflate the front tires to 5psi to get the flipped-up hood beneath the garage door opener! 😅
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    Another year, another great run to Crown King in the books! Had a great time with @REDROCK TONIHAWK, @OffroadFun and @K2man56 This was one of the most "dynamic" trips I've had up to CK via the back way, thanks in part due to a great weather system that brought a ton of much-needed rain a few days prior. The surrounding area received about .75" of rain on average, and Crown King itself had about 4" of snow. Our day consisted of some mud, some dramatic clouds, and some snow to cap it off! Ironically, despite the rain and snow - all of the creeks were bone dry - a big disappointment, as I was looking forward to some water crossings! The road in was MUDDY. Those of us with narrow fenders rued the day 😅. After we arrived at the CK rock, the road surface changes from dirt to a more sandy/rocky texture and the mud was pretty minimal. As we climbed higher into the Bradshaw Mountains the clouds decided to get a little dramatic. They hugged the terrain, and at one point we were driving through the clouds themselves. The crew kicked butt, crushing obstacle after obstacle. Every challenge was more interesting due to the slick rocks and wet ground causing traction to become our elusive friend. We were feeling pretty good and decided to take on "The Escalator" which is one of the most challenging of the optional obstacles on the trail. Smattered with boulders, none of the group had ever tried it. @REDROCK TONIHAWK was the first up and spanked it. @OffroadFun also nailed it All 4 of us made it to the top with minimal drama! Speaking of drama, more from the clouds. We cruised through the active mine at Burro John and broke for lunch in the shade of a huge oak tree. I was hoping for Humbug Creek to be flowing with water from the recent rains, but no joy. After lunch, we made our way down to the final pair of obstacles - the waterfall/ledge obstacles at Oro Belle Mine. And of course, it was a crap-show. 😆 The trail changes every year - and this year was no exception. About 2021, a new by-pass popped up at the first ledge. It was still there in 2023. Today, it was completely gone - washed away. The red pick-up in the below photo is at the top of where the by-pass used to be. There was a group of about 6-7 Jeeps working out how to get up the ledge when we arrived. Some SxSs and dirt bikes joined the fun. There was much rock stacking and tow strap tugging. @REDROCK TONIHAWK and @OffroadFun both noticed fresh oil all over the top of the waterfall. Someone had obviously peel led open a differential cover or damaged an oil pan and were in for a bad day later. When it was my turn, I tried the "usual" way of climbing the ledge from the front, but kept landing on my belly skids, despite rock stacking. We decided to take a different tactic and run the same line in this video from a few weeks back: @REDROCK TONIHAWK did a great job spotting me though it! You have to hug the wall to the right and then pivot on your rock sliders. After the 3rd attempt, my rig was up and over the ledge! I was able to give the next in line a tug, and they pulled up the next, and so on. A blended group of SxS and Jeeps jumped in to help stack rocks and keep things moving, which was nice! After we got through the ledges we started our climb up the mountain and into Crown King! The scenery quickly changed: Much of the snow on the ground in town had melted into mud. On the flip side - the large group of SxSs that was in town when we arrived all left and we pretty much had the town to ourselves. We stopped for a burger at the saloon and were soon back on the road with great views of the snowcapped Bradshaws.
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    I decided to upgrade my air compressor game recently. My Smittybilt compressor still works great, I just needed something to work better with my quad hose kit. I decided to go with the MORRFlate TenSix compressor that goes with the MORRFlate Quad Hose Kit I purchased a while ago. This compressor was designed/updated with the quad hose kit in mind. I tested it out yesterday and I like the results. The compressor gets hot of course as do the stainless steel fittings. Nothing unexpected, just have to wear gloves which I normally do.
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    happy birthday @4x4tographer - thanks for all you do around here!
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    Ken was a nice guy. RIP friend.
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    Amen, we sure missed Ken after he moved to Florida but it was a good move for him. Our prayers go out to his family and friends. Rest in Peace good Buddy.
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    I may have about 100ish pictures and video....😆 New to posting, so give some grace please🙏
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    Kris, Just a clarification... From a compressive strength standpoint, wood is a fine material for a vehicle support, provided (just like steel jack stands) it has a sufficiently wide base to help prevent it from tipping, should side loading be encountered. I have several wood blocks, which I utilize for vehicle support, copied from the ones we used @ work.
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    Thanks, Marty for a great run. Couldn't have had better weather and a good group. Just an aside... we found one of the best ice cream shops in AZ...we stopped in Gold Canyon at a place called Oldies Ice Cream Shop...Bluebell Ice Cream and a very generous portions at a very reasonable price...definitely worth the stop!
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    My only two photos that don’t duplicate the ones already posted! Had a great time, enjoyed meeting the attendees, and looking forward to future trips, both day and overnights. Thankyou!
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    Well it's been some time since the last build update. With some good reason. I was once again admitted to the hospital with severe headaches again and spent 37 days at the university of Tennessee hospital the another 8 days of rehabilitation. I ultimately did get a brain biopsy due to signs of the leason in my brain showing signs of getting larger. I was admitted on October 28 and missed time with my family for trick or treating, Thanksgiving and after rehabilitation we booked it to Mayo clinic in Rochester, mn and barely made it home for Christmas. To say the last few months have been a rollercoaster would be an understatement. I do have a YouTube channel where I was posting updates when I was conscious enough to. The 8 days in rehab were basically relearning how to walk, I was wheelchair and walker bound for most of the time. I will post a link if you're interested. I am still traveling to Mayo occasionally and currently agreed to be a case study for future research. As for the jeep stuff! Before going in, my local mechanic was able to finish welding out the ends of my new front bumper, I did the final painting on it. It does look good but I wish I had my welder here to have done it myself. I also did finally get new driveshafts front and rear from iron rock, honestly, for the price and it seems like Adams actually builds them for iro from what I can tell, it's a good deal and they've been good so far. I did also change my gmrs antenna to a taller one from Midland over the stealth unit. While traveling to Mayo, I did end up dropping off my jeep with my local jeep mechanic to have all the brake lines replaced as well, hard and flex lines are all brand new stainless steel lines. This was a job I've been waiting to have done since it is a northern jeep and any vehicle at 20 years old with steel lines are going to need attention, especially wjs. Right now the next steps are to replace the tires, the jk rubi take offs are dated anywhere from 2014-2018... I am planning to size up to a 285/70/17 nitto trail grapplers. This may also make me throw my 1" taller springs in as well but that will be no big deal. I've been holding out on new bump stops for this exact reason. No sense in buying 3" bumps if they need to change with tires and springs changing soon too. The shocks are too long(11") anyway and would probably appreciate a little more daily up travel from the 3" ride height they sit at now. Lol Imgr is being funny ATM so I will upload new photos later but it's good to be back in the jeep again. Even if they gave me a handicap sign to put up in the mirror, at least I get excellent parking now lol
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    Have been tinkering with the new-to-me trailer getting it set up to suit my needs/tastes. Below are a few items I've been futzing with... In order to enable loading of "dead" vehicles, and for those instances when it's safer to load, I added a receiver to provide for an ATV winch that I've had for many years and used on my other trailers. Not visible is the "loops" that were apart of this trailer, which I elected to use rather than drilling additional holes to mount the receiver. This is the mobile ATV winch I've had for many years and used on my open -car-hauler trailers. It has; both a winch mounted switch and a wireless remote, which makes for safer and simple loading, and quick-connect load wiring. For the load wiring, I modified a set of HD jumper cables with these quick-connects, so I don't have to carry both jumper cables, AND a separate set or a "20-odd ft coil" of load wiring for the trailer winch. It is located at the front of the trailer, to the right and below the "house" battery, and directly below the "house" electrical box, and is attached with no extra holes drilled into the trailer, as it has several "loop" welded to multiple locations already available. You can just glimpse on of the loops peeking out from behind the receiver mount plate. I recently replaced the original steel winch line with synthetic. The house battery was DOA when I got the trailer, whose battery mount was sized specifically for it. Since I had on-hand a spare RV battery of a slightly larger size, rather than purchasing a new battery, I welded up an adapter that allows the new battery to sit directly on top of the original battery bracket. It is shown sitting statically in place, but a proper tie-down is in the works. When it fails, it will be replaced with sealed AGM marine battery. Pic of the interior front-end. The large dark panel, is a folding workbench top that folds up and latches out of the way for travel and ease of loading the heavier objects (such as the generators, which are not yet secured for travel), but I'm futzing with that as well... ;) Pic looking towards the rear/right side interior. And left side of the trailer. The air compressor and the two 4ft lighting units are 120VAC, while the other lights are 12VDC, using the "house" battery. It has more storage overhead than I believe I will ever need, but it was equipped like this when I bought it.
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    We had a great day on the trail. It had numerous challenging obstacles and great scenery. Thanks to everyone who came out and special thanks to Kristoffer for his valuable trail knowledge.
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    Had a great time out there ! Awesome pics and video ! @4x4tographer I especially like the :37 mark of your vid....Driver front tire "Krushin'" rocks.....lol...Get it...klaykrusher........🤪
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    I will always remember our camping trip to Swansea when Ken and Al exposed their true radically funny personalities. BBBAAAA.... That's when we found out that the three of us all worked for the same employer....That following Monday, my secretary came into my office with a surprised look on her face - there were 2 bus drivers here to see me. What a pair Ken and Al were! It was hard to see Ken move to Florida, but we all knew it was good for him to be with family. (I think he moved to the Northeast first) Ken fought the cancer shit....gave it a good fight. My heart to Al and JohnPa, as he was such a dear friend to them. Prayers for Ken's family and friends. God Bless you Ken. smiles, ladybug
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    Yesterday we ran Box Canyon from North to South,it was good to see some familiar faces and meet some new ORP members that I had not met yet. The weather was perfect for this run and it was good to get out after not running any trails for a while. We had a good crew along for the ride. Those in attendance were: @Zavala @Dennis Szymanski & Mrs. Z @Alexis @Tim V @JEMSA Th recent rains helped keep the dust down most all of the day which was a bonus. The rains also had the landscape alive and green which is always good to see. There were some mud holes on the trail but there were bypasses around the bigger ones. Mineral Mountain Road/trail overall is in good condition, nothing to challenging. At 5 Points we veered of to the left to ride the ridges overlooking the area. This trail is also known as Waterfall Bypass and is the northern section of Box Canyon. TrailsOffroad has a good write up on it. This trail has narrow ledges and some spectacular views all around. Nothing to challenging, once you make the turn 4 Low is your friend all the way across and down the switchbacks. We ran into a few groups coming in the other direction but everyone cooperated and we all managed to avoid each other, we even worked around a grouchy old man on a motorcycle that wanted to yell at us. Once down the switchbacks we made our way to the Stagecoach stop for lunch. Everyone found a shady spot to have some grub, shoot the breeze, and enjoy the weather. Once we finished up lunch we made our way into the best part of the trail, Box Canyon itself. On the way we managed to avoid a group of SXS drivers that decided standing in the middle of the trail and not moving was a good idea. Once in the canyon there was some traffic coming the other direction, as expected, but all groups managed to work around each other without incident. The ride through the canyon was awesome as always. Overall the trails are in good condition minus a little wear and tear as is the case on popular trails. I did not have my wife/photographer with me today so I did not grab many pics,only a couple of the stagecoach stop. ☹️ Or company at lunch. Thanks again to everyone who joined me yesterday. If you have any pictures you'd like to share this is the spot.
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    Awesome pics!! Can you imagine the geological forces that created that magnificence? smiles, ladybug
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    Sorry for the delay, lot of pics and videos from that day were too large to load? This link should be open to everyone. https://photos.app.goo.gl/nQjDqbwUqQxWFyDw9
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    Going to miss ya buddy! We certainly had good times, I'll always remember our jeep trips up to CO, among others. So many stories. RIP Ken....
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    Have a great birthday and remember it's not the years that gets ya, it's the milage.
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    Ken was certianly a fun guy to have on a trip. the antics between he and Al were always a hoot to witness. Add in John Pa to the mix and they kept us all in stitches. It hasn't been the same since his move, but it was what was best for him and his family... RIP Ken... 😥 Prayers for the family, and friends... 🙏
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    Happy Birthday Kris! I’ll bet it was a great early present when your Jeep fired up yesterday
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    Aww, that's sad news! I knew he was sick but I thought he'd gotten the upper hand. That's too bad, he was quite a character and a lot of fun. RIP Ken.
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    I really glad on the ORP Forum we aren’t having the usual online debate that starts anytime someone shows a vehicle strapped down to a trailer. Should the tie downs be straight or angled? You have your tie downs pulling straight to an anchor point, as they should be. However, there is always some internet “ expert” that will argue the “fact” that the tie downs should be criss crossed in order to tie down the vehicle properly. Thankfully, we have been spared that discussion.
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    well i did manage to extract the old engine on Friday... yes, those are 2x4's supporting the axle. no, it's not a great idea to support a vehicle with wood. just don't get under it while doing so! had a couple bummers while doing this. found that the driver's side motor mount is pretty trashed. passenger side not horrible, but might as well do them both i guess. a set of Mopar ones is $500, which is ridiculous, IMO. so i went aftermarket on those for $190. second issue was as soon as i moved the a/c compressor, one of the rubber lines sprung a leak and started spewing all the 1234YF refrigerant out. one of the reasons i didn't remove the front clip was so i wouldn't need to have the a/c system evacuated and then re-charged. but now i need a new line AND will need to have it filled. at least it was the shorter/cheaper discharge line that leaked - Mopar part # 68214489AB.
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    Made it home and finished cleaning up.Thanks for coming out everyone, I had a blast. It was good to get out on the dirt again. I will get a trip report written up and posted soon.
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    Kris, The angled tongue pieces are the removable lateral stabilizers for the main portion of the tongue (the large square tube to which the coupler is welded). The main tube lays fore-aft, and inserts into a similar tube of sufficient size to allow the tongue to be moved fore/aft to alter the length of the tongue. The hidden/large tube is welded into the frame crossmembers under the decking. While only a fraction of trailer's in use, utilize this type of tongue construction, the use of this layout, is intended to both allow for adjustable tongue lengths, as well as to allow total tongue removal for compactness of storage if desired/necessary. Not to mention becoming a pretty effective means to slow thieves down. Perhaps the largest downside to the removal is that the removable tongue piece weighs right at 145-150 lbs, making it a huge chore to do by one's self. Luckily, I had a small tractor with a set of forks to assist when I removed it for painting and length re-adjustment. Hi Jim, As you surmised by the pics, I am indeed a bit of a rookie with trailers and the loading of same... ;)
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    Loading the TR this morning Tied down for the trip home to Wickenburg, then on to Detroit next month
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    went out for a little bit yesterday and managed to avoid most of the mud!
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    nice trip report, thanks for leading this Ryan. glad i decided not to go, i hate mud! great photos though - especially like the winter wonderland shots.
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    Couple of favorites from today's Crown King run!
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    I am still so very pleased that Brady is OK! AND what a nice looking rig! AND what a blessing that Brady has a dad and mom who love him so very much and Dad Kris - you are just doing an awesome job!! smiles, ladybug
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    We were talking on the radio about you and Gadget when we hit that first stretch of mud! 😆
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