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    For Black Friday @Number7 and I ran the Chloride Mines trail near Chloride, AZ. This is the trail where the Painted rocks are located. We ran it west to east, the opposite of directions shown in Wells trail guide. It is a very scenic trail, with eastern and western views from the Cerbat Mountains. We could see all the way to Valle Vista from one vantage point. There are 2 campgrounds along the way, but neither of those will accommodate a very large group. They were kind of funky, you had to carry your stuff a long way to the table and fire ring. The trail itself is easy with a couple mildly moderate spots. It took us 2.5 hours including a quick (it was freezing!) lunch stop. Overlooking Chloride
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    Thanks @Sonoranrunner more info and pics soon! Great meeting the group and hope the return home was all safe!
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    Al, Gunny and I ran the south Cherry Creek road yesterday and the first 20 miles were easy and scenic. The last twenty were pretty bad. There are many switch backs which were almost impassable. One was completely washed out and we only got through by driving over the culvert and tree branches. Pic's to follow Then we came across a Polaris and he made the mistake of making fun of Al's new York accent.
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    Happy Thanksgiving from us to you! Hope you're staying toasty today, we are. First fire in the new stove.
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    Had a chance to get away with just my wife to the woods the past few days! We found a really great site just off of Schnebly Road that was extremely quiet. Not a soul around! We had a good time hiking, took a brief trail ride out to the Schnebly Hill Vista, did some day drinking, and did some reading. Michelle got to flex her painter's muscles and I did a little photography off in the nearby woods. All in all, a pretty nice few days out of pocket. Here are a few iPhone snaps: We also had the chance to test out a few upgrades, as exciting as they were A new skylight over the shower, recently replaced. Our previous dome was OEM and lasted 16 years before needing replacement. We had a bit of roof leakage on the factory skylight where there were some cracks in the fixture. It rained a bit while we were out and we didn't notice any leakage, so thats a win! Secondly, we put our new bank of 6 Interstate 6 volt batteries to the test. Our previous battery bank was 11 years old and finally kicked the bucket during the 2021 Dirt Formal Gala. The Interstates worked flawlessly, with a TON of power. They're wired up in series-parallel and were capable of running our furnace all night (gas/forced air set to a comfortable 70 degrees) with our usual usage of the cabin lighting, water pumps, etc. In the morning, they powered our 2,000 watt inverter to push out some delicious coffee from our coffeemaker and ran our toaster, lights, radio, etc. When checking the power reserves, we'd only gone through about 1/3 of their capacity in spite of our pretty liberal usage of the power.
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    Michelle and I took the Jeep with us on our recent "Parents-only Camping Trip" just off of Schnebly Road near Munds Park over the weekend. Got to test out a new 4-tire inflator that @theksmith graciously helped me put together! Worked great and should help save some time when airing up. We took a short jaunt to see the Schnebly Hill vista. Spent a little time in the woods with my Fuji as well.
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    Thought this was informative. https://www.drivingline.com/articles/it-runs-forever-3-of-americas-most-successful-unkillable-engines/
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    @Number7 and I met up with @Ladybug yesterday to pre-run the holiday party trail and pinpoint the party spot. It was a gorgeous day weather-wise, and the area is very pretty. The trail is easy with a small side of short, mildly moderate, rocky patches.
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    Yesterday we went to check out a local point of interest. Union Pass is at the summit on Highway 68 between Golden Valley and Bullhead City, AZ. There is an abandoned homestead and sections of the old Kingman Road pavement, dating to pre route 66 days. We found our way on trails from Golden Valley and stopped at the homestead, and then took the old pavement to the end and had lunch overlooking Union Pass. It's not a destination but a great little tourist stop if you happen to be going through.
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    No worries, that makes total sense.. thank you! Honestly, I have never thought of it that way. I’ll be sure to be more mindful next time. Those are definitely things to consider. We definitely want to be trying to preserve the environment as much as possible while keeping trails open
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    @CAVU2 and I went out with @Ken Ford, @Franko, and @LaZorraRoja and run the FunTreks Walnut Canyon trail. The Gila River turned out to be flowing a bit high for everyone to cross so that option was not taken except by me as an experiment. Oh and by another group of Jeepers who weren’t going to do it into that saw me run my Mojave across. More on the mild debacle in the photos. Here are some initial pictures from the tail gunner.
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    @SonoranWanderer fording the Gila (Exploratory) the group didn't cross. https://www.amazon.com/photos/shared/cY70mGd3SdWb1fBCd3nV7w.pwspaSQcqVnoQzvlqKx-Al
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    For your favorite older car or technology challenged adult, I give you the ViewMaster GPS
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    Been pushing to get Project Wag done in time for some Holiday wheeling, but I don't think this jeep wants to wheel. Pulled the intake and exhaust to repair an exhaust leak and replace the freeze plugs. You can see the temporary one I put in when I first got it running. Well, that started leaking yesterday, so today I decided to get after it. You can see the temporary plug, and if you look closely, you will see 3 small freeze plugs in the cylinder head. Those are getting replaced as well. The big surprise was the numerous cracks in the manifold. Not sure what I am going to do about it, replacements are available. It doesn't look like they are leaking.
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    Started out an easy day changing the ignition switch ( not the lock cylinder) in the project Wagoneer, but of course, nothing is ever simple. Found the Turn signal switch was cracked and going to break soon, so off comes the steering wheel. I'll be finishing this Job Thanksgiving afternoon.
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    Pretty major update on this. BLM cancelled the TMP for the Black Canyon Corridor. Big ups to @Large_Marge for sharing the news via AZBCE on the ORP Facebook page! Updates project status can be found here: https://eplanning.blm.gov/eplanning-ui/project/78300/510
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    I was just hanging out when they came along. We stopped and chatted for a while. They just picked it up! I told them about offroad passport so they might join. So old school meets new school:
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    FYI, we'll post the details & sign-up thread for the party later today!
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    Where do I start!! I am so happy I've made the decision to join your community and had such a great time on this trail run! The best part was meeting those of you who made it out - and your cute pups! It was such a pleasure talking and getting to know each of you.. Desi also enjoyed being there and chatting and mentioned that you all were so nice! Thank you all so much for making my sister and I (and Diesel ) feel so welcome, for all the tips you've shared, and for all the help you've freely given along the way. I've already learned so much! Can't wait for the next one! I'll be joining the trail run in Bulldog Canyon 11/20 You'll definitely be seeing more of me. Have mention you all by name @Trail Toy Jason thank you for making us feel welcome from the get go, and all the information and tips! Plus airing up my tire and not charging me for it haha. You are a great leader @Large_Marge My pleasure snapping those pics Sarah! Desi loved talking to you too! @AZRNintheJeep242 Darryl thank you for letting me use your CO2 to fill up. It works amazing.. what brand was is it again? @dougnsue Love how passionate you are about photography. One of my hobbies too! @We Just Go Rick & Sue and @Christopher Chris & Jody, enjoyed talking to you and meeting other off-road dogs! Little Gracie was just too cute... The pictures were also amazing Rick! Thank you! Thank you all again. Can't wait to meet more of you friendly ORP people in the future. See you out on the trails!
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    Had a great time meeting and running with you all today! Beautiful country. Not crossing the river looked like this: https://youtu.be/AM7FyM7OUpE
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    You may be a Jeeper but that doesn't mean you can't appreciate a classy ride.
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    added a chase light (a.k.a. dust light) to my rear license plate / rear camera / 3rd brake light assembly... before: after (with chase light on): after (with brake light on): i swapped my previous 20-LED Custom Dynamics Red Truflex strip for one of their 40-LED Dual Color Truflex. the new one does amber for the chase light or red for the 3rd brake light. it was a fairly quick project. first, i made a wider mounting plate out of aluminum, painted it and also refreshed the paint on my license plate frame. i had to run an additional wire from my relay/fuse box to the back. that feed for the chase light was run through the N/C contacts of a standard 5-pin 12-volt relay. the relay's coil is triggered by the brake light so that the chase light cuts out whenever the brake is pressed. then i just needed to change out my JST connector from a 4-pin to a 5-pin (the round connector is for the camera): and to wrap it all up, i bought a new custom switch faceplate from CH4x4 for that spot in my DIY switch-panel. i'm not sure this is actually going to be visible in the dust during bright daylight, but at least all the wiring is done now if i want to add something brighter.
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    we were doing #throwbackthursday photos on the Facebook group with "when you got it" versus now shots... Gadget's grown pretty slowly over the past 5 1/2 years, but i'm really happy with how she looks and performs now!
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    42,000 miles. Performed a diff gear oil change front and rear. The oil in the front was surprisingly dirty, probably a testament to how often it gets used (the JL has a front axle disconnect, so the front differential isn't churning during normal road driving). Replaced the Royal Purple from my previous change with MasterPro 75w90 (front) 75w140 (rear), mostly because it was available in the right weights at the local auto store. Photo unrelated, but a fun "Then & Now" Both on Crown King about 3 years apart.
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    Hello from Indiana! Our family rig is a 2019 Subaru Ascent with a CVT RTT. We will be doing some off-road modifications this winter. We have already driven across the country to the west coast multiple times. Looking forward to learning more about overlanding here!
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    FYI - first aid kits are an eligible FSA expense... just in case anyone else ended up with extra "use it or lose it" funds here at the end of the year like us. the fsastore.com site even carries the high quality Adventure Medical brand, which made it easy to burn our leftover FSA money on something useful. the Adventure Medical Sportsman or Mountain series are great for an overland vehicle or bug-out-bag.
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    As John said, per-ran Cherry Creek. SHOULD NOT BE "ORP" sponsored event! It will take heavy equipment to repair some of the wash outs. The Polaris problem was he cut the switch back to short & right rear wheel pulled him down into the wash out. Notified Sheriff in Young & they were on there way out to the site to make sure no bodies. ( we did not see anybody around) I have trouble with posting pic's so sent pic's to John to post. Al
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    thanks to @4x4tographer for this photo from our Turkey Creek run:
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    Nice! Roy & I did that trail a few years ago. Camped @ the top, nobody around. Painted Rocks Kooool! Al
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    New Top! I am trying out the new Bestop Trektop® Glide Slantback.
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    I wish I could have joined the trip. Looks like a lot of fun and great folks. Bulldog is my favorite trail. My FSJ group attempted Elvis. Unfortunately the M715 Ambulance managed to tear the steering box off. Broke all the tabs/mounting on the box (Truck frame was okay). The trail fix didn't work so he spent the night there and we got him a replacement box off of a junker.
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    @Trail Toy Thanks for taking us up and over, Jason! I had a blast and I learned a lot. Apparently at one spot I didn't pick the correct line and was 3-wheelin' it for a while. Noobs...whatya gonna do??? It was a pleasure to meet everyone and get in some more trail training. Michael
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    Yesterday we went cove (s)hopping at Lake Mead again, and what looked promising on Google earth was just a disappointment . This one was weedy, mucky, buggy, and there were cows. It was a nice Jeep ride, but no place we're going back to any time soon.
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    I just updated my Garmin maps on the jeep radio. It was not an enjoyable experience
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    I would like to join. My first ride with the group so be gentle
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    I recognize that old engine.
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    up early this morning checking the trail conditions for my upcoming Saturday after Thanksgiving run...
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    Fun time on Schnebly Hill Road! Started on the road at 6am, got to see stars in the sky and the sun rise as we approached Sunset Point area. Love those moments, so gorgeous! @d3lbort thanks for taking the picture of Marilyn & I at the vista view point! Your sister was a great conversationalist (unlike my two kiddos lol)! Hope you both had fun at the hike afterwards! @Christopher - was great meeting you both!! Thanks for the What3Words app recommendation! I will be exploring that today! Thanks for joining us for lunch at the Golden Goose Doug, perfect patio dining weather! @dougnsue - nice meeting you and great conversation! Hope to see you out on the trail again soon! @AZRNintheJeep242 - nice seeing you again!!! How was the new air setup? Didnt get a chance to touch base after the run! @We Just Go - thank you for sharing the history behind Schnebly Hill Rd & Sedona! I definitely need to do this before some of our runs, research! So much interesting history all around us!!
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