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    So @4x4tographer (husband) convinced me to finally create an account so I stop bugging him about what is happening. Really looking forward to hanging out with you all next weekend.
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    We had such a fun long weekend!! Thank you for this great time!! Link to photo album Sarah's photos
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    chillin' and snackin': these taste better than the piles of bigger brown berries over by the trees: the RV crowd and main party spot: tent campers, and @johnpa's ground nesting area: roaming gangs of feral children: happy campers with fancy beers ( @KtroubleA ) spur of the moment side road to overlook West Clear Creek: always make em' laugh during the selfie ( @GRUNT )
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    Great weekend! Enjoyed the trail ride & thanks for everyone looking out for me. Al
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    Thanks to the Orp staff for a great weekend. Kris, the trail ride was perfect. Good to see new faces and old friends. John
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    We had a great time at the annual dirt gala! Thanks to everybody who made it out there to attend - what a great crowd! Interestingly, some of our longest members were there, along with some of our most recent members, and many others from everywhere in between. COOL! Here are some pictures we took at the event: Our home for the weekend: G checking out the 4x4tographer manor: The RV & trailer area: The teeny tiny snake we found by our camp P1140119_Trim.mp4 Hanging around waiting for the fun to begin: Navigator game pics: Looking forward to the next one!!
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    Was really great seeing everyone again! Our family had a wonderful weekend with you guys! Here's a few photos from the event. Might have some drone footage over the next few days. Friday night stargazing was pretty solid. The Pleiades, the California nebula, Perseus, Double Cluster, & Capella are all visible in the next image. @ob1jeeper & @Ladybug's new ride! It was really great seeing you guys and Conan the Barkarian again! Clear Creek Canyon and the trail ride
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    Though we could only come for the afternoon, we had fun with the driving course, and of course we enjoyed seeing many of our friends. Thanks guys & gals...
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    I'm 99% sure that I'll be there. I've never carved a pumpkin, so don't be surprised if mine looks like Nancy Pelosi. A lot of people may be up there hunting/scouting.
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    Replaced all my lug nuts today, actually a tire shop did it for me. I do not own an impact wrench and none of my tools could get them loose. They are pretty chewed up and I did not want to round them off and make matters worse. Nothing glamorous but I do not want to have issues should I get a flat somewhere. I ordered an extra bag of 5 accidentally so I have some extras should they be needed. Maybe I will throw some on the spare so they all match up. They were expensive, need to be used & I can be OCD that way. Now I have to noodle through tire rotations because I want to avoid going through this again. I see a couple of jack stands in my future. (Don't tell the boss)
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    It was a great getting to see old, as in known for a long time, friends and making new ones! I will try to figure out how to post my pictures. Thank you to everyone for being patient getting my land yacht through that forest road. "It's just a forest road..." - And thanks to the ORP crew for planning all of this!
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    Awesome Kris for securing a great looking camp site! Bummer that we have a yet-to-be-repaired RV, and are quite pooped after 5 weeks of being on the road cross-country.....so we're going to come up Saturday for the day and to visit, and we'll be happy for that! smiles, ladybug
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    Yes, french-kissing the children is prohibited - sheesh Marcus, I thought that was a given. In all seriousness, we definitely don't want any of our events to be source of spreading an illness - COVID or otherwise! Considering we'll be outdoors in open air, and a relatively small group... I think most folks are good with just not touching (not shaking hands, hugging, etc.), washing hands often, and not getting right up in each other's personal space. We do need to be mindful about sharing food, and adults should take extra care to watch how their kids interact (not sharing toys, etc.) We're confident everyone here can follow best practices for the setting and be respectful of other individual/family's wishes. If anyone doesn't want other folks to get any closer to them than 6 ft, then they just need to say so. If anyone chooses to wear a mask they are welcome to. It should go without saying, but if anyone has any symptoms of an illness or has any reason to think they may have come in contact with someone that is sick, please do not attend.
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    I know this is a "today" thread but I'm going to add previous and up coming days to that. Tues: 5 new 285/70R17 Bridgestone Dueler A/T Revo3 tires installed. Today: Installed new brake pads front and rear, replaced 2 broken wheel studs and installed a Metal Cloak rear diff skid plate. Tomorrow: Install front and rear interior grab bars. Next Monday: Install all new correct style lug nuts, previous owner had 3 different kinds requiring 2 different size sockets... Can you believe that?
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    After 12 years, it was finally time for my 30,000 mile maintenance. It's amazing what happens to all rubber parts after 12 years in the Arizona heat. Belt, hoses, all fluids flushed and filled. The biggest expense was two new front half-shafts. Still, I can't complain. Only $1,800 spent after 12 years!!
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    Michelle and I are hell-bent on taking the @Bradywgn71 down this year. Well, provided I don't run Michelle into a tree like she did to me last year.
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    over the weekend i took nearly everything out of the rear cargo area trying to isolate a new noise... i know, shocker! i haven't found the culprit yet - but i did inadvertently find and fix: a loose shock bolt a spot where the evap canister relocation bracket was rubbing a rattle in the tailgate a squeak in the Front Runner shelf
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    Hey all! Was a great weekend. Was great seeing some old friends and meeting new ones! Kris and Diane, thanks for setting this up and for a fun time. i drove past the area coming home from Prescott and looks like some rain and Snow had come through late Sunday or early Monday.
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    We had a great time! Sorry, but I couldn't figure out how to paste pics in my post. Here is a link to my Google album. https://photos.app.goo.gl/oGwTjEdGzysnd7Y18
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    this was a GREAT time! awesome turn-out, thanks everyone!!!! started a photo thread - post em' if you got em'...
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    Gadget's all by herself out in the field saving the spot while i sit in the shade...
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    I mounted the Element fire extinguisher on the Sport Bar.
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    You probably already captured this from @4x4tographer but we plan to carve pumpkins, the navigator game (he keeps saying something about revenge for the tree last year ), we have our 2 girls (5 and 9) coming and I just convinced him to make Salsa tomorrow to enter the contest. If you can’t tell we are excited.
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    You think? Most of those miles were with ORP. I walk a lot. I've lost 25 lbs. since May!
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    it's 1 week till the Gala for most of you (a few of us are going up early)... man, oh man, i'm excited! couple things... looks like we're still going to be on fire restrictions - i'll bring a propane powered camp-fire and G & D and myself will bring a full-size tank each. we could probably use a couple more propane fire-rings and full-size tanks if anyone can help with that. we could also really use some extra tables and EZ-ups (to display jack-o-lanterns, for the salsa contest, etc.). thanks in advance - can't wait to see you all!
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    Ever been stalked by a cougar? I don't mean in a Scottsdale nightclub... anyway, just check out this hiker's crazy video: https://unofficialnetworks.com/2020/10/12/wild-footage-of-a-cougar-following-and-charging-a-hiker/
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    I'm going to try my hand at salsa....and pumpkin carving. The only child I'm bringing is my inner one. Oh, and Cher's Dad. I close my eyes a lot when Cher's Dad is driving, maybe we should take a stab at the blindfold nav too.
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    My wife took some pictures too, thought I'd share a few. Another picture of the rigs some scenery and what not.
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    Thanks to @4x4tographer for leading this run! I'm glad that @theksmith was able to go on my short but interesting bonus run. I decided to air up under the shade of the covered parking at the church at the end of the dirt road. While I was doing so a priest walked by and asked if my jeep was a diesel or just really noisy.......no joke!
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    My 2005 TJ has 423K miles. I'm keeping it and letting my daughter and son-in-law use it.
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    2021 JLURDGranite Crystal MetallicBlack 3 pc HardtopSteel BumperSafety/Advanced Safety Group8.4" U-ConnectLED LightingTrailer Tow GroupIntegrated Off-road cameraCold Weather GroupMopar Hardtop HeadlinerMopar All Weather Floor MatsMopar Stainless Door Sill GuardsMopar Hinge Gate ReinforcementMopar Grab Handle Kit
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    thanks for looking Tim! i felt like there were 3 general areas within the first 1/2 mile that were flat-ish, 2 of them bordering shade/trees better than the other - and yes, after that the road turns impassable to RVs. i actually checked quite a few of off-shoots from the 260 and most spots within RV reach had a trailer or tent "saving" their spot (i was up on a weekday). i don't know if they are hunting camps or just people that drive their cars up from the valley for several weekends in a row? i'll be going up Wednesday night or Thursday morning before the event to claim something and will post in this thread either confirming the spot or letting everyone know if there's a last minute change. even if this area is full, i feel confident we can find something within another 20 minutes of this location.
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    Noises & rattle can drive me nuts at times so I can relate to the frustration of the hunt and not finding it. When I drove truck hunting those down was always an adventure.
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    New to the group, and our family will be attending! Arriving on Friday. I will utilize the same payment method as @4x4tographer
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    Ol’ Bessie is getting a little too friendly with Gadget there!
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    Thanks @theksmith but I can't take full credit, Mrs. Shellback91 (Stephanie) took those. I only transported her up there. @4x4tographer pictures are nice shots as always!
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    Made it home. I t was great to meet everyone again and for the first for some. Thanks for leading a great run Ryan!
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    We will have our 2 kids, and ours would be considered 'kids' based on age - twin girls, 9yrs old
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    Devon and I were geocaching today near the campsite so we drove over to look at it. We found 2 campers in 2 different spots, both looked like they had been there for a few days. We drove on a bit but found the road deteriorated about 3/4 mile from pavement, enough to discourage trailers and Motorhomes. We crossed over to the other side of 260 and checked over there, but didn't find any suitable sites. If you are into Geocaching, there are several caches nearby.
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    thanks @gearhead for organizing and leading a great night run. we had a good turn-out, including @scottL's nephew Drew in his brand spankin' new pimp-mobile (an all black Gladiator on 37's)! hard to photograph night runs, only managed to get one shot that wasn't just a blur:
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