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    Had a great time seeing everyone yesterday! It was cool seeing total strangers checking out everyones rigs. I've never seen so many freshly washed and buffed ORP rigs in one place! We even attracted over a few new comers and ran into some other members that just happened to be out for the day.
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    After our Trans-Africa and South America trip, I had taken a more relaxed view of the topic of "safety on the road", at least for our overlanding trips within Europe. Of course, we prepared for eventualities, thought through possible incidents and our possible reactions to them. I would never have thought that even after more than 400 nights of lonely wild camping, the pump could go so badly again - even on a seemingly tranquil trip in Europe or Spain. We were simply in the wrong place at the wrong time, on a deserted beach in Spain. Article: In the wrong place at the wrong time - pure adrenaline - https://vanlife.4x4tripping.com/2022/05/in-wrong-place-at-wrong-time-vanlife-wildcamp-overlanding Not only was my ticker going - I was scared. Afraid that this was not going to end well. And with our reaction - we probably didn't improve safety for other travellers wild camping on the beach. The article is also available in german language Surfy
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    Serendipity....this is what happened yesterday. I like to drop by the pavilions on late Saturday afternoon to see all the great cars and thought to stop out there and put a for sale sign on the YJ. Imagine my pleasure at seeing a whole bunch of jeeps and also an old friend, Kristoffer. This was an Offroad Passport gathering, a club I had joined in 2009 but allowed to drop into a state of disconnection some time later. What a treat to rekindle some older relationships and make some new ones. The club seems to have changed quite a bit and I hope to spend more time with the group later this year. The old YJ (thanks for the nice shot by the way) is still quite operational perhaps even more so than myself. Thanks to all for the cordial responses. I have shelved for now the “for sale sign” issue. I am looking forward to attending more functions. Cheers.
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    I'm sticking with the Ham Radio.
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    We decided to try the EcoFlow Delta Mini to power our two electric fridges and misc. electrical needs. We bought a 160W folding solar panel to go with it. EcoFlow Delta Mini Link Solar panel folding link One reason we went with this brand is the fast recharge, better price, and we liked that we could use this and charge it off the Jeep while driving. We are considering adding a solar panel to the top of both jeeps as well. It has lots of plug options for solar, AC, 12v, and many output options. It charges from empty to full in under 2 hours. Also, off 300 watts solar 3 to 6 hours. We first tested it running one of our refrigerators for 48 hours in approx 72 degree ambient temps. With no solar for this test. It kept our cooler at 35ish degrees for 48 hours and drained the battery to 15 percent. Up next is to see how long solar takes to charge her back up. Hoping this helps keep our fridges running at least overnight during actual trail runs. Last few runs our cooler would shutoff even on eco mode with our XJ. I'll update with how this works after the next overnight trip in a few weeks. We still need to figure out a place to mount it in the WJ.
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    My rig got a name tag. I am not quite sure how I feel about the pin up girl on the ends yet. It came out crisp and legible so I am not quite sure what's bugging me about it but she aint going anywhere for now.
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    Fiona got some Barricade steel fender flares. Brady and one of his friends installed them - my only contribution was to drill a couple holes. i did help with trimming the OEM fender liners for re-use with the new flares. they have a gap, but will work just fine for now. B also finally received the custom plate he ordered:
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    So,................a grill in the grill!
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    It was so much fun seeing everyone and meeting more fellow ORP members! I was having too much fun hanging out and exchange stories and did not grab enough good photos while the whole crew was there.
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    End Result: We had a great discussion with the guy at Absolute Off-road and landed on a 2.5" RockKrawler kit with quick disconnects and bilstein shocks. Will be scheduling that install next month.
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    Hi all, Alan here. Randomly ran into Charles and kid last weekend on Bulldog Canyon who introduced me to check out the group! Fairly new to off-roading, got my first Jeep a few years ago when I moved here from Dubai in 2018 and enjoy easy to moderate trails and camping out! Am originally born and raised in England just south of London, but everyone thinks I'm Australian! Need to be better about tackling the trails with others. Last weekend I got my trails mixed up and thought I was hitting a dirt road for a leisurely afternoon drive. Turned out to be a moderate trail and I got lucky to not have issues! Looking forward to some group adventures!?
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    it wasn't too bad of a job - right at 5 hours from start to finish and all tools put away. faster/easier than the oil-cooler replacement was. the passenger side would probably take at least 2 hours longer since on that side you have to remove the inner fender liner, TIPM, battery tray, etc. the biggest PITA is removing (and reinstalling) everything that's in the way before you can even get the valve cover off. the only other challenge i had was getting the phasers back onto the camshafts. i had to use a stiff plastic pry bar and a lot of wiggling even with the chain tension released. i only found one actual rocker that was obviously bad, the rear-most on the exhaust side. there were a few cam lobes with dull spots, but they weren't dull all the way across and i couldn't feel a height difference so i did not elect to replace either camshaft. they must have been marred from previous bad rockers that were replaced under warranty.
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    Yeah I don’t really understand the concept of open carry from a tactical perspective. You’re showing your cards. I see it pretty often at the grocery of all places. To each their own! However, when Jeeping, I will occasionally open carry on some very long trips since it’s a heck of a lot more comfortable than a 7 hour trail ride with an IWB holster and a 1911
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    While AZ is a constitutional carry state, a CCW provides 3 benefits you otherwise don’t have under constitutional carry: Reciprocity with other states - important if you wish to carry outside of Arizona The ability to carry in restaurants where alcohol is served (you can’t imbibe) The ability to carry in schools zone (for when you are dropping off or picking up your children from school) Reciprocity is the major benefit, along with the additional training and knowledge you gain in the process on your rights, the law, and safety responsibilities.
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    I did a carburetor swap on my Wagoneer yesterday. My wagoneer runs very well, but is terribly slow on acceleration. I decided to risk $100 and see if a new/different carburetor would help any. (cliff notes: It didn't. ) The Jeep came stock with a Carter 2bbl carb that has a reputation for poor idle/stall , etc, although mine was working fine. I installed a Chinese copy of a very common Ford Carburetor, the Autolite 2100/2500. To start I removed the old carb. I had to install an adapter because the Autolite has a larger base and wider bolt pattern. There will be a bit of a restriction here, but I am not looking for race car performance here. New Carb installed I had to fab a throttle link because the old carb was a pull down set up, the new one is a pull back. This set up works great. (Not my carb, but this is what I did) I stole the air cleaner off of one of my other cars for a test drive. The carb worked great out of the box, I did have to adjust the Idle speed and mixture. No regrets on the install even if it didn't do what I had hoped. I have the other engine that I will be installing soon, and this intake/exhaust and Carb are going on that engine. Trivia: Did you know Carburetor is a French word that means "Don't Mess with it!"
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    A portable power module is a good investment. I run a Jackery 500 to power a Engle 43 and charging other electronics. It will keep the fridge at 34° for over 12 hours without the Jeep charging it on a hot day. I wanted a 1000 watt unit but the TJ has only so much room to fit a power module. After using one for almost a year, I think they are worth the cost. And the technology keeps improving and there's more manufactures to choose from when they first came on the market.
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    Well, the new Carb didn't make any difference in performance, the beast is still sluggish. So, its engine swap time. Pulling the original engine and installing the used one I posted about earlier. I've replaced the timing chain in that one, checked Main and Rod bearing clearances (in spec) and replaced all the freeze plugs as well as all the external gaskets and seals. My son helped me pull the hood off, and so it begins.......................
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    Hi Everyone! We finally got a new video of a trail/trip report uploaded on our tiny YouTube channel! Rice Peak via FR 29. We also published a blog post on our website if you prefer to read about our Rice Peak adventure and additional information that we did not mention in the video. Now that I got this one done, I can finally start editing our very first ORP club ride - Squaw Peak To Bloody Basin Rd led by @shellback91. Please give us a watch and feel free to share any feedback on what you would like to see in our future videos and what kind of information you would like us to include. YouTube Link (available to watch in 4K!) Blog Post with additional details and photos: https://j2dxplr.com/rice-peak-through-fr-29-and-camping/
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    Especially in May!!
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    a little just-for-fun project... i designed Gadget her own logo: made a decal with it for the shifter... before: after: and added it to the background on the tablet i use for gps/nav/streaming/etc. finally, even though i rarely need a flag (Sand Hollow or Glamis), i thought the logo would look good on a custom one by DevilWomanFlags.com.
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    Guys, Mother's day is coming up, time to step up your game. # Jeep Life.
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    the driver's side of my lovely 3.6L started ticking last weekend on our Mammoth area trip. Joe at On Point Performance & Offroad replaced all the rockers/lifters on the passenger side just over a year ago for me. however, he's booked up for a month and a half right now, so i'm going to tackle this side myself. it cost around $300 in parts/tools to do this side: (12) Valve Rocker Arm 5184296AH12 (12) Valve Lash Adjuster 5184332AA12 (1) Cylinder Head Cover Gasket 5184596AE1 (3) Spark Plug Well Gasket 5184778AB3 (6) Intake Plenum Gasket 5184562AC6 3.6L Camshaft Phaser Timing Chain Tools Engine Assembly Lube i did the spark plugs not too long ago, so i don't think there's anything else i need to change "while i'm in there". i'll probably work on it Sunday and will be using the videos from MotorCity Mechanic on Youtube as a reference: Part 1... and Part 2...
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    Another thing a person gains is no side eye dirty looks when you conceal carry. People can't seem to mind their own business these days so why give them another reason to get in yours by open carrying.
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    You know that Mark was in Moab one year when we were there, many years ago, running trails with the jeep guys (not Easter Jeep Safari trails...we always ran the ones that EJS wasn't on!) and the guys came to the rear of Gracie for the cookies, on her cookie tailgate shelf....which is on Rubicon models....LOL! (That tailgate shelf was one that I really wanted when I saw Mike Buckner out camping with his! - Steve built this one for me.) We also spoke of on-board air, and other camping/jeeping improvements we had made....Good to see that they paid some attention! It would be really special if Jeep provided cookies with that shelf!...just sayin... It was a nice tribute to the guys. Our friends Mike and Dave T and Phil and Dave Y and Jim as well. Some of you know Mike as he has been on trails before too...just not for awhile... smiles, ladybug
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    A friend of mine offered me this advice, and he was right. Drive it a while as it is, take it out on some trails and see what it is capable of. After that you can decide on what lift you want. I have been driving my TJ for over 17 years now with just a 2 inch spring lift and 31 inch tires. I go where the club goes with a few exceptions. I don't do trails rated difficult.
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    x2. I knew @ob1jeeper was a rock star but not to that level. @Ladybug is pretty awesome too. We keep good company here, that's for sure.
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    Pretty cool, right? Love seeing our very our very own @ob1jeeper & @Ladybug! Plus, a friend of ours, Chris Collard, was the guy driving the Jeep and was G & my host at Sierra Trek, when we went; nice guy!
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    You might be learning that your CB radio is no longer the favored means of communication on the trail (the EJS crew in Moab aside). Maybe you built a new rig and haven't set up communications, maybe you are getting tired of how obnoxious CB can be trying to keep signal and squelch properly adjusted on a band seriously subject to nasty interference. Or maybe you are sick of SWR maintenance. Your salvation these days lies in GMRS, and its smaller cross-compatible cousin, FRS. But darn it, another radio, more parts, more $$ flowing out the door. Ahhh, the life of overlanding... There are a number of threads on GMRS on this forum including how to get a license, general use, and other cool odds and ends, but what I have not seen was any thread specifically on budget GMRS. I had a few tid-bits on my November 2022 club run for El Camino del Diablo, but if you are not a paying club member, or that run did not interest you, you wouldn't have seen those. And since I have not seen any recent post(s) on maintaining a budget with respect to GMRS, I thought I would put this out here in a more central, logical place for everyone to enjoy and possibly add to. This is not intended to be a comprehensive buyers guide to GMRS although I could point options for those with more budget to burn. This is mainly focused on what you do need bare minimum and what are the cheep upgrade options to extend your range. I will explain a few GMRS radio/signal basics to help you decide on what and where to spend. I will not worry about Part 95e certification here although I certainly recommend it. I leave that decision to you. There are fairly reasonable cost radio options for both certified and non-certified radios. Prices listed below as of 4/19/2022. Sadly, prices have mostly gone up since I wrote a short version of this for the ECdD run. Antennnas The first and most important universal radio truth: a low power radio with a good antenna beats a high powered radio with a poor antenna. Output power does nothing for reception and without reception, you get to talk, but will never have any idea of you were heard. Also high power with a bad antenna could, but not necessarily will, eventually damage your radio. If you have a limited budget, invest on the antenna side before investing more on the radio side. A handheld (HT) GMRS radio inside your vehicle, unlike a handheld CB, will effectively send and receive with other radios outside of your vehicle. However the vehicle still cuts back both your reception and transmission ranges. An external antenna, for even a handheld, is HIGHLY recommended. Unlike with your CB, you have some interesting options for antenna cable. The wave length of CB signal requires that thicker cable to avoid what's called insertion loss. With GMRS (upper 70cm) , (and 2m/70cm HAM) you can use super-thin RG-316 or RG-174A. This increases your options of where to mount your antenna and how to route the antenna cable. 316 and 174 both go though (under or over) door seals with less chance or wind noise and water leakage. Just be careful of kinking the cable. That super-thin cable can kink or break easily. Another nicety of GMRS, no real need to measure SWR unless you are getting super custom. Things just work. Rule of thumb for GMRS antennas, use the least amount of cable necessary, but don't fret some extra, just don't coil it. Minimize the number of junctions in the cable. GMRS frequencies are far less sensitive to junction signal reflection as compared to CB, but still are a little. A two-part cable is perfectly fine, and common. Also note that you can buy a HAM dual-band antenna. Just look at the gain for the 70cm band for comparison to GMRS specific antennas. For pre-made antenna cable, I prefer to stick with Diamond or Comet. Bad cable can ruin an otherwise good antenna setup. Don't cheap out to save $5-10. It is not budget conscious to buy bad product only to have to replace it with good product later. I am going to assume you have an HT with a removable antenna since we are talking about budget. Yes there are inexpensive mobiles. But inexpensive HTs will still generally beat them in costs. Plus an HT can come out of your vehicle for spotting and scouting by reinstalling its factory flexible/stubby antenna. All-in-one Mag-Mount If you have a metal body panel vehicle, or at least a metal hood, the Diamond MR77SMA 144/440 Mobile Mag Antenna with SMA Connector ($55 from Amazon) is a super simple and inexpensive option. I used this as a semi-permanent option with HT radios for a few years on both my old JKUR and my Renegade Deserthawk and it was a great solution. It is not the thinest cable using RG58, but the SMA connecter makes it easy to feed through tight holes. It just connects to your Kenwood or Yaesu HT, or with the aid of a SMA gender adapter ($7), connects to most Chinese HT radios too (Baofeng, Wouxun, etc...). With a gain of 3.4:1 on the 70cm band, five watts and this antenna outside your vehicle will cross the Phoenix metro (North Scottsdale to the White Tanks). If you are using a dual-band radio, I recommend also getting a dual-band antenna. I have used antenna this on my JT Mojave (stuck to the hood) as a temporary setup and run this cable over the door seal with no apparent wind noise. I cannot speak for water tightness, as by temporary I mean only when running a few trails. The Diamond MR77 is about the best, inexpensive mag-mount solution available in my opinion, when accounting for cost, antenna gain and simplicity of connection. Midland offers a shorty mag-mount GMRS specific with a radio-side UHF plug that will have to be adapted to fit your HT's SMA, and the gain is less at just over 2:1. The antenna is $20 from Midland but with adapter parts and cable for your HT, more likely closer to $35. But this solution for GMRS is STILL better than the HT antenna inside your vehicle. Antenna, Mount, and Cable If a mag-mount won't work for you (silly modern aluminum body panels) I personally like something like the Diamond C110NMO paired with the Rugged Radios universal cowl bolt mount ($35 on Amazon). Be aware, there is a C110 model that is UHF (PL-259). You can use the UHF base but you will find your antenna and mount options may change. Also the Rugged Radios mount is drilled for NMO and requires modification for UHF. The GMRS market is better served with NMO. You can find either C110 model for between $40 and $50 depending on where you buy it ($44 on Amazon). The RG-316 cable can enter your JL or JT under the triangular insulation at the A-pillar and body junction on your front doors with zero leakage or wind noise. If you are using a dedicated GMRS HT, pair the C101 and Rugged Radios mount with the Midland MXTA26 ($60) for a super 6:1 gain, or the Midland Ghost Antenna ($50, Amazon link) at a 3:1 gain. If you are using a dual-band HT radio that supports transmit on the GMRS frequencies, the Diamond NR73BNMO ($57 from DXEngineering, $68 from Amazon) is a great option with a 5.3:1 gain on 70cm. If you need more cable length than the C101 has, you can add the Diamond C110SMA for an extra 10ft ($30 from DXEngineering or Ham Radio Outlet). If you are using a mobile with the PL-259 plug, then grab the C110 (non-SMA) instead. Total aside, if you have a JL or JT diesel, the JT Mohave, or the JL 392, you have a steel hood. Mag mounts can work for you. Radios I am not endorsing any of the below, simply pointing out cheap options. Not Part 95e certified, but only $25 is the good-ole UV5R. Note that there is a risk it is no longer able to transmit in the 460 MHZ range of GMRS. But per NotARubicon, this is now fixable. I make no claims or warranties here. The mic and 12v power adapter are really cheap here, making this a great radio for under $50 with accessories (not including the external antenna). Not Part 95e certified, but with more power is the Baofeng BF-F8HP (8-watt) that can be found on Amazon for $70. I put the same caveat about potential 460 MHz transmit limitation and opening up as above. Part 95e certified per their claim with a removable antenna is the Radioddity GM-30 for $50 on Amazon. Part 95e certified per their claim with a removable antenna also is the Baofeng UV-9G for $51 on Amazon. This one may not have a car power plug available. I strong recommend you get a 12v power plug (not a charger!) for your handheld. After the antenna, the power source is the next most important thing. Steady power from the car will ensure you get the full rated power output and reception sensitivity of the radio. 12v adapters for these radios usually runs in the $10-$15 range. On battery, as the battery fades, it drops voltage which reduces radio power output. Even with a fully charged battery, you likely will not get full rated output. I also recommend a mic. Those usually run in the $10-$15 range also. The UV-9G may require a mic adapter cable for another few bucks. I would be remiss for not mentioning a mounting solution for your HT! Check out JeepUniq from our own @JeepUniq for HT mounting options, especially if you have a HT with a mic. Nothing like loosing your radio on a bump in the trail because you did not have it properly secured. They even have adapters for use with any existing 67Designs and BulletPoint Mounting Solutions you might be using. Adapted from the ECdD Post If you need a good range GMRS setup on the cheap (prices revalidated on Amazon on 04/19/2022), I suggest a Baofeng BF-F8HP (8-watt) that can be found on Amazon for $70 or its older, cheaper cousin, the UV-5R (5 watt) for $26. Both can mate to a Diamond MR77SMA mag mount antenna ($55) using a SMA gender adapter ($7). Helpful accessories: Speaker-Mic ($8) and 12v power adapter ($19). Do note that you want a battery replacement adapter and NOT just a charger for powering transmissions off your vehicle 12v. Lastly, not required but you want to, get a programming cable ($23). You can program by hand if you really want to save $23. All-in cost for HT radio, antenna with SMA adapter, power supply, and mic: $115. This is well under Midland's cheapest "complete" mobile package, MXT275, at $165 which you can't take out of the vehicle for spotting or scouting. What if I Do Want a Budget Mobile Setup? Ok, you want some more power than a HT offers and you are willing to give up portability and a few more bucks for more power. Obviously there is the 15 watt MXT275 I mentioned above from Midland for $165 as a complete kit. The best put-it-together option I was able to assemble is a 25 watt Radioddity DB25-G GMRS Mobile Radio ($102 on sale, normally $120) with the Diamond MR77SMA mag-mount ($55) and an SMA to UHF adapter ($7) for a total of $164. 10 more watts for a dollar less! Both radios are Part 95e certified. Make sure your antenna is rated for the maximum output power of the mobile! 50 watts is as high as you can practically and legally go. But at that point you kinda tossed out the budget. At 50 watts you are over $200 for the radio alone, even for reasonable quality Chinesium radios. Am I missing something? Found a cheaper, but still highly effective GMRS solution? Maybe a better option than I have presented, for the same price? Let me know in the comments and I'll update the main post.
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    Betty Lou needed a good cleaning inside and and out after the last few years of playing in the dust and mud. I found Summit Mobile Detailing, who are based in Surprise, and decided to go with them. It's a husband and wife team that operate the business, I am not sure of their complete service area unfortunately. They are super friendly and have good rates, they even offer a veteran's discount which I wound up giving back in a tip. They offer all the usual detailing services that one can think of. I am in the 4th year of a 6 year ceramic coating so all she needed was a good wash, no buffing etc.. They managed to clean all the dirt and dust out of all the crevices inside which made me happy. I'm old, fat and not as bendy as I used to be so I often miss those areas. I may want to do something about all the pinstripes at some point but not anytime soon. They are not visible when looking straight on, just at angles. I would have to justify in my mind spending money to do that knowing I would eventually replace them.
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    I had some work done on my me-joints.
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    Yup...that sends you to the dentist to fix yo grill!
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    Then things go south and she punches you in the mouth while wearing that!
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    Thanks for putting this together @theksmith ! It was good to see everyone and meet some new members of the family. The cars were pretty cool too.
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    Except for that one time on Woodcutter's Pass, but she did just great!
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    big thank you to @lofreqjeff for reaching out the current organizer who said he would create a section for us... i'll have to meet up with him around noon that day to hold the spot. if you're checking out this event from the cross-posts in other groups, please take just a second to sign-up for a free (Basic Membership) account so you can reply to this thread - we do need to give the organizer an idea of how many rigs are coming. thanks!
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    47,500 miles. Performed some routine maintenance and changed my transfer case fluid. The JL service manual recommends changing the fluids on the 8-speed automatic at 60,000 miles (30,000 miles for the 6-speed manual transmission). At 47K, I'm a little early. However, I'm thinking of switching to a 30K cycle for all future changes, now that I've got first-hand experience with the change now. It's about a 2 hour job for me - so a nice Saturday afternoon project once ever year or so (I don't put many miles on the Jeep since I have been, and will continue to, work remotely on a permanent basis). I needed to drop one of my skid plates to gain access for draining the fluid, which was a bit of a chore as the t-case skid plate shares some fasteners with the fuel tank skid. All in all, it took about 30min to get it pulled apart. The only reason I need to drop the skid plate is to prevent ATF from draining all over the top of the skid. Replacing the fluid was a simple job, 20-25 min max including drain time. Replaced with STP ATF+4 fluid (MS-9602 compliant). Used some Permatex High Temp thread sealant to button her back up. Replacing the skid plate was another 20min job. I'm on the lookout for a Fumoto-style quick release valve to install on the drain for the T-Case. Would make this a 15min job, tops. There's a ton of room to get to the drain and fill plugs. Flip the Fumoto valve, drain through a clear plastic tube into a container. Refill with a quart pump. Boom - done! Dropping the skids allowed me to check out the belly more thoroughly - which was nice. No findings, so double nice! For having 47,000 miles on the fluid, it was remarkably clean. A quart pump always comes in handy! The thread sealant is visible around the drain plug in this shot.
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    Just got Betty Lou back from the dealership. She had all four of her ball joints and the sway bar bushings replaced. Everything was covered under warranty which expires next week, so I just got in under the wire.
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