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    The 13th Annual ORP event at Dogtown Lake (near Williams, AZ) was a huge success! We filled the group site there nearly to capacity, and it was a little 'cozy' but everybody seemed to be pretty comfortable. The two major complications were the abundance of mosquitoes, and the amazing downpour Saturday afternoon. Other than that everybody seemed to have a great time! I was so immersed in the experience that I forgot to take pictures, so I borrowed the ones below from Ann Marie aka @Riddler. Please post your pics in this thread to share with the group!! We want to thank all twenty-nine of you who came out to the event - you're why this group is so awesome! Special thanks to Ann Marie aka @Riddlerfor organizing the salsa contest! Special thanks also to Michelle aka @Yodamom for help with the 50/50 Raffle and T-shirt sales. There is no way I could do everything, so I really appreciate it! Salsa & Dip Contest 2022 We had a fine selection of salsas and dips to sample at the contest this year. They were all so delicious it was seriously difficult to decide which one was best. I had to go back and fill my plate 3 times! Congrats to both winners of the Salsa/Dip Contest who each won a new design OPR T-shirt. The Dip Contest winner this year was Andrea aka @andimac, winning with an amazing smoked cheese dip. The Salsa Contest winner this year was Doyle aka @Riddler with a tomato based salsa. Although he says he changes it up every year, he now reigns as king of the salsas for several years running!! Here he is sporting last year's contest prize: OOFD - ORP Overland Field Day Saturday morning @4x4tographer lead a trail ride enjoyed by many of the campers! They got back at about noon and everybody at lunch in their individual camps. And then, about the time we were going to start the inaugural OOFD games, we had an utter downpour! By the time it passed enough for folks to move around without getting wet it was too late for the games. 50/50 Raffle This year's 50/50 Raffle netted $142.00 to the club, and $142.00 to winners @Bradywgn71! Congrats guys! And thanks everyone who participated! ORP Trail Leader Appreciation Awards At the awards/announcements ceremony we gave away several of these badges as a way for us founders to say 'Thank You' to these members who generously and regularly lead trails and contribute to the function of the club. We are super appreciative of all your contributions here @4x4tographer, @gearhead, @shellback91, @WILL E, @SonoranWanderer, @Ladybug!! If you weren't able to attend the gala, your badge will be in the mail to you soon! (FYI no I didn't grow my nails out green, that's the person who made the badges manicure! ) Go ahead and post your pics!!
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    beautiful scenery already just coming into the Courtright reservoir area. weird building at Courtright. looking down stream while crossing the dam. the official start of the Dusy-Ershim! no time to warm up, just head for the sky straight away. top of the slab, looking back at the reservoir. plenty of dust on the trail, but i couldn't even imagine how difficult it would be when wet. most of the trail weaves through very dense forest. passing by "the bearded man". Wayne getting into the challenging stuff on Thompson Hill. Thompson Hill is an exceedingly steep, seemingly never ending pile of rocks and dirt. everything from bowling-ball to 40" tire sized boulders shift constantly in the baby-powder soil as you scramble towards the top. climbing the hill is much like a toddler trying to find the edge of the McDonald's play area ball-pit. Wayne and i both had to winch and stack to make it to the top. anti-stacking purists can relax, the entire obstacle changes from one rig's attempt to the next, there's no evidence left of our having re-arranged the rocks in any useful order! the Dusy is often compared to the Rubicon, however beyond the fact that they share somewhat similar views of the Sierras, i found them to be completely different animals. the 'Con is like a constant extreme rock crawl, where this was more like a really long extreme trail with plenty of difficult rock crawls mixed in. the Dusy is also much more remote, both the trailhead and finish are 2 hours from the nearest one-horse town and there's absolutely nothing but forest, mountains and small lakes on the trail. the Rubicon has 3 entrances and cell phone signal at least some of the time, and people run it nearly daily. if you break down on the Dusy, it could be several days before someone came by. Mac led the first day, i led the second, and Wayne wrapped it up for us on the third day. some areas had more sandy soil, but much of the roads were black powdery dirt (between the boulders!). the trail crosses several small meadows as well. Mac definitely had the right rig for the trail - a 2 door and 37's. he'd also already run the Dusy many times. Wayne also had the short-wheelbase thing going for him in his TJ, but had to work harder in many places to avoid diffing-out with only 35's. i don't think there's more than 100ft of straight trail on the Dusy. it's constant turns and lots of those are tight ones between treese and/or boulders. my 4 door was mostly at a disadvantage with all the tight spots, though the 37's helped keep the belly off most of the obstacles. even when not climbing, dodging, or articulating, there are still plenty of just plain bumpy sections that keep you jostling around in your seat. there's also quite a supply of "inconveniently placed" boulders. the forest would thin out briefly at the tops of some climbs. which rewarded us with great views of the surrounding peaks. we ran across 3 downed trees in the trail. i was able to move one that had broken up into pieces, and fortunately the other 2 were by-passable. a chainsaw would not be a bad idea on this run - there are many places with such thick forest that there'd be no way to get around a large downed log. more boulder fields! Wayne getting out to check the way on Divorce Rock. it's not a major obstacle, but does provide a little pucker! more tight forest squeezes! getting close to the end there are several stellar viewpoints. the descent during the last hour or so of the trail is really challenging. IMO, it's worse than going up Thompson Hill, mainly because there's a real possibility of can-opener-ing a door on some of the tight turns between large rocks. nearly done! that's it, we made it! here's the sign looking back at the north end of the trail we made really good time since there were only 3 of us, averaging 5 to 6 hours of intense wheeling each day for 3 days. we were treated to spectacular 360 degree views at the last night's camp. personally, i liked the Dusy better than the Rubicon. they are equally challenging trails, but in very different ways. the Dusy being much less traveled was appealing to me, and the overall vibe is just more chill even though you're still wheeling your ass off for 3 to 4 days on either trail! it was great to also not see a single scrap of trash, and very few bypasses or widened trail areas. the Dusy is a pristine, difficult, man and machine testing overland experience.
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    My wife and I were in Santa Rosa/Healdsburg/Russian River Valley wine country out in CA over the holiday weekend and I came a cross a classic Jeep. We stopped by the Hook & Ladder Winery and they had a Jeep FC-170 that was converted to a fire truck. This thing was pretty dang cool. I could not get inside to take pictures of the interior but from what I saw it was pretty neat. I found an article on Motor Trend that gives a brief history on these models. Apparently they were built by the Willys Overland corporation back in the day. This particular model of FC(Forward Control) Jeep was built using a 103.5-inch-wheelbase chassis that was similar to 104-inch Willys Wagon chassis. This rig is a true 4x4 Jeep which I found pretty damn cool. It's engine provided a whopping 105 horsepower! I did not manage to get the year of this beast, I was too far into the wine to think to ask.
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    The next day we stop at Cathedral State Park for a 2 mile hike. And then stop at Pioche - where the first 72 people to die here were from "Lead in the Head". This was the most violent town in the west. Consolidated Shaft #1. And the start of the tram line that goes down to a large mill on the other side of town.. And Steve posing at Boot Hill Cemetery...In front of Murderer's Row.... Murderers Row...nothing fancy here. A few of the headstones identified the names and who shot/stabbed them. After Pioche, we headed to Ely, where we are now for a few days. All is going well except for today and tomorrow with lots of rain....Plan B. or C or D....we'll figure it out.... smiles and love to all, Moses
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    @Mac Ruiz, @stockjeep and myself are back from the Dusy-Ershim... what a trail! i have to sort through a bunch of photos, but here's a couple to get us started... sign at the North end (finish-line for us) of the trail: Wayne climbing a portion of the infamous Thomson Hill:
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    Made it home, now it's time to clean up. Had a good time this weekend minus the rain. It was good to see old friends and meet some new ones. I will apologize if I didn't say goodbye to folks in their RV's, I don't know the etiquette so I wasn't going to be rude and start beating on doors. Thanks to everyone who put this together and thanks to @Yodamom for some killer moonshine! It was very good.
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    thanks to @jgaz for the suggestion to use a pressure test kit... i borrowed a loaner tool from Autozone and found that *both* the old radiator caps i had used were not sealing correctly. the brand new one i got this week from the dealer tests OK and the entire cooling system is also holding pressure correctly. lessons learned: 1) always replace the cap when you replace the radiator. i'd heard this advice before, but just forgot to get one when i bought the radiator and then i was in a hurry to finish the job so i didn't run back to the parts store. 2) if you're going to carry a spare part, be sure it's good!
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    In August of 2021 Ryan ( @4x4tographer ) led a group on a tour of N. Az., along the Jerome Perkinsville road. We came upon a washout on FR 354 that was too big to cross, so we had to backtrack quite a ways to get around it. Yesterday, a friend who lives here in Cottonwood ran the trail and made it all the way through. He says the road closed signs are still up facing one way, but not the other. From the pics, it looks like someone took it upon themselves to fill in the washout. Whether they replaced the culvert isn't clear, but the road is passable again. Here is what he told me " The signs are still on the North side going South but gone from the South side going North. We went North and only saw signs right at the washout but they were down, off to the side and heavily damaged. Not sure FS did the rough bypass but it works." Pic of the washout, repair on the left side of the pic. Video: Washout bypass 2022.mp4 Link to original trip report: https://offroadpassport.com/forums/topic/5930-820-8212021-northern-arizona-overland-traverse-photos-trip-report/ Tim
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    Home safe and sound. Was a great weekend minus the mosquitos. Was great seeing a lot old old faces and seeing plenty of new ones.
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    Home safe and sound after a fuuuuunnnn weekend! Sorry about the rain and the mosquitos, I didn't know about that part when I booked it. I had a lump on my forehead when I got up this morning and I thought I must have bumped my head, but wrong; it's a cluster of mosquito bites. Like a little mosquito buffet line on my face. Updates about winners, etc. later!!
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    Labor Day weekend, went up Thursday evening until Sunday night. Milk Ranch Point Road sure does have many a great spot!
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    a pano from camp on our last night:
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    And my final for tonight...the last town of this day was Ellsworth. And on our way back to camp...a real treat to see! Good night from Nevada! A Land of Wonder and Vastness and Really Cool Stuff!
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    I’m not interested in taking the class only because my current volunteer gig at GCNP provides me with WFA at no cost as part of the program. But if I may, I’m going to make a few comments and observations about my WFA course experiences. I believe that you are on the right track being able to customize the course to your area and wants. For example. My original and first recertification was with with NOLS. Excellent hands on but I didn’t really think our SW issues were covered quite as well as they could have been. It seemed like their course outline was tailored to all of North America. Don’t get me wrong, we had excellent instructors, the above comment was just my observation. For example. I thought snakebite instruction was somewhat lacking. My first WFA training that was provided by the NPS was with UNM (University of New Mexico) wilderness medicine program. It consisted of about 10 hours of online training that I was skeptical about at first (I’m old). That turned out to be very good training. The ability to go over a module again was great. The second part of the class was an 8 hour module of in person hands on training. The UNM training was a fantastic course. Also, going back to customized training, the UNM course covered major bleeding wounds. NOLS was really lacking in this area. Its my thought that some WFA courses are hesitant to cover wounds that might be caused by a firearm. The UNM course was excellent in this regard covering use of tourniquets and wound packing. I’m not going to get into a gun debate but I’m sure some of you are also firearms enthusiasts. YMMV. My last WFA was all online due to the fact that I had three previous in person classes and my program was overloaded with new volunteers that need training. Id have to look up who it was with but it wasn’t a bad refresher course. One last comment on location. I fully support the hands on simulations being outside. However being able to have the lecture portion indoors is an advantage IMO. I sweated thru two days of my original NOLS course in mid Sept. and smoked by the end of each day! I like the idea of possibilities of MCSO rescue squad being involved. Also don’t be surprised if you need to get CPR training separate from you WFA course. Good luck.
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    i finally had some time to run two large wires from the engine bay to the rear (2 AWG power wire). one feeds the DC-DC charger in the back from the alternator and the other will be power coming back from the house battery to my existing aftermarket fuse/relay box. i chose a spot on the driver side of the firewall to drill the big hole. this is the second one of these Daystar rubber firewall boots that i've used. i add some RTV on the metal edges to help it seal water-tight. i've been using this generic version of Techflex F6 split braided sleeving instead of split corrugated loom lately. 3/4" diameter worked well to cover the double 2-AWG cables. after hooking up these cables to the rear power panel, i could finally finish the other big connections and install the battery. i'll want to make some sort of cover for the panel i think. so far, in terms of loads, i've only re-wired my rear power ports and fridge to run off the new lithium house battery. i made this little breakout/switch box for the cargo area out of a plastic project enclosure, 12v locking socket, rocker switches, and a 3D printed dual Anderson PowerPole (PP45) port from eBay. the reason the fridge is on it's own switch is the Dometic only has a soft power button instead of a true mechanical switch, and so even when "off" it's electronic control panel draws a bit more current than i think it should to leave connected all the time. the second switch isn't used yet, but might be for a cell booster or other "at-camp" accessory one day. i still need to do some additional rewiring to have the rest of my accessories fed from the house battery. with all this done i could test out the 120V 17A BT Victron Charger and my new Victron 500A Smart Shunt that you might have noticed got added to the main house distribution panel in one of the above photos. the single Victron Bluetooth app showing both devices: here's the 120v shore-power charger's main screen: and the SmartShunt's main screen: in the screenshot above, only the fridge is connected to the house battery and so the current through the shunt is a negative number (i.e. power is being drawn). it was just cycling off, hence the very low amp draw. finally i was able to also crank up the rig and see the Renogy 50A DC-DC charger do it's thing. here's another screenshot from the SmartShunt's app, this time the Renogy charger is supplying more power to the battery than the fridge is drawing, hence the positive current number. i also took a brief run down a nearby wash to make sure the mounting platform and battery hold-down are going to be secure. i have a slight vibration/rattle, but i think just adding one more mounting point at the top of the distro panel will calm that down. you can just barely see the house battery hiding beside the fridge when looking from the rear: so all the core elements seem to work as intended! now i just need to do that additional accessory rewiring and i want to clean up some cables going to the starting battery's fuse panel too. then hopefully this project is complete. i'll get to fully test at least the fridge and my 12v oven running off the new system on the Rug Road trip i'm leading next month!
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    The reason I haven't said anything all week is because I didn't want to jinx us. I'm thinking of changing his name to ClifFord because, duh! Here is a ClifFord update: Sunday: @Number7 G was able to catch up with @stockjeep when we got home from the Gala. He was so kind as to press these axle bearings for us even though he was getting ready to leave for Sand Hollow the next day. Wayne!! Monday: G got it all back together & filled it up. Drove around Valle Vista Tuesday: Axle appeared to be fine. We drove ClifFord to Kingman and back for food. Wednesday: We could see a small speck of oil on the retainer plate on 1 side, most likely residual from the install. G washed everything so we can keep an eye on it. Thursday (today): No leak detected! I/we think we're a done deal!!
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    We finally got to the ghost town of Piermont....and although we did not hike over to the stamp mill and mine tailings, we were able to see old foundations, plus the remains of an 1870 log cabin. The views were absolutely stunning... Oh, and we saw wild horses today! Made my day! On our way back to Ely, we encountered more rain... We were glad to have avoided it until then. And we'll be glad that this is the last day of rain for awhile..! And yes, that is a coating of hail on that mountainside. Tomorrow we head over to Austin - via US 50 - the Lonliest Highway in America.
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    we rented another camper and Freya did great towing the little 4,000 lb trailer up to Dog Town Lake for the 2022 Gala.
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    We ran the roads from the longer entry from the KOA (exit 167 from the I-140) and from Williams downtown (exit 163). The road from the KOA side is not good for RVs or taller trailers. Significant low hanging trees, several lovely deep drainage ditches, and one large mud hole. We recommend if you are coming with a trailer or RV to go to Williams downtown and then out the tar road to get to Dogtown lake. The dirt from this side is also shorter and no mud or low hanging branches. Just watch out for the people flying out from the campground. When you are leaving if you want to dump your RV or trailer the Circle Pines KOA (exit 167) will let you dump for a $15 fee. There is a free dump at the Loves Truck stop as well but that place is typically way too crazy to pull a trailer or RV into. Other observations: We noticed several mosquitos even in the heat of the day so bring bug spray. They had wood for sale from the camp hosts. Bring extra drinking water. Not seeing much in the way of potable water. Looking forward to seeing everyone. We will be arriving early into one of the few spots that can fit us on Thursday.
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    Only 4 days until the gala! 2 quick business things before the festivities begin: 1. ORP Waiver Emergency Contacts Form If you have a printer - please print and fill out the waiver & emergency form and bring it with you: http://www.offroadpassport.com/forum/showthread.php?t=966 We will have some on-hand - See Diane Please give your filled out and signed form to Diane at camp We need one from every adult participating even hanging out in camp. (okay for couples share one form). Also, please fill this out again even if you have done so before. Thank you! 2. ORP Pets Policy We have come this close to prohibiting pets at this event because sometimes not everyone follows the few simple guidelines in the ORP Pets Policy. We really don't want to do that, because that makes it a lot harder for a lot of people to get away for the 3 day weekend. So we ask that pet owners read and follow these guidelines, especially at this event where there are more people and pets than usual. The campground also has strict leash policies. PLEASE READ: Offroad Passport Pet Policy (Official) Our priority is the safety of our members and their enjoyment of Offroad Passport trips and events. Friendly, non-disruptive pets are welcome on most trips. Trip leaders have final say whether pets (in general or specific ones) are welcome on their run. Pets must be well behaved around other pets and people, including small children. They must be on a leash and in the owner's control at all times. Owners are responsible for cleaning up after their pets (picking up their waste) in a timely manner. Members whose pets exhibit dangerous, threatening or disruptive behavior during an outing (such as biting, growling, snapping, barking, chasing, taking food, begging for food, marking other people's property, etc.) will be asked to keep their pet in their rig or at their camp, away from rest of the group for the duration of the trip. Pets that repeatedly disrupt or threaten group safety will not be allowed to attend future trips and events. Thanks everyone for your cooperation! Now let's go have fun!!
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    Added a buddy for my Jeep today! $1800 off Facebook marketplace. Came with solar and new battery, articulating hitch, 7 foot smittybilt canopy.
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    making good progress... i didn't purchase a shunt/monitoring system yet, but otherwise the power distribution panel is done (pic below). i'll still need to connect several wires into the Jeep after it's mounted. everything is packed together pretty tight, which was unavoidable but does make the panel wiring a little messier looking than i'd like. i put an aluminum & fiberglass heat shield between that 120v charger (blue thing) and the battery since they are almost touching. the Renogy has cooling fins on the back and is supposed to be mounted vertically like this for passive cooling. the slots cut in the panel behind there are just to give it even more breathing room. after we get back from the Dusy-Ershim trip, i'll run the large gauge wire from the main battery back to the above contraption and do a little rewiring so that most accessories are powered from this instead of the main. then hopefully everything just works!
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    The Bullhead 4 Wheelers have an annual event coming up in Parker. George and I have never been, but we know that these trails are rated difficult. Posting this in case there's any interest, maybe we can get a few of us going together. Nov 3rd - Nov 6th Start times are below in description. "VEHICLE REQUIREMENTS" • Requirement 35 " Preferred 37" Tires • High Clearance • Front and Rear Lockers • Rock Sliders • Front Winch and Recovery Points • (POSSIBLE BODY DAMAGE) THESE ARE SOME OF THE TRAILS WE'LL BE RUNNING DOWN IN PARKER - Truman's Revenge, Rio Lobo's, President's Choice - 3 Slabs, True Grit, Duchess, . - Snakebite, Jbs Revenge - The Duke, Deliverance, Five Falls, Desert Bar We'll be meeting at La Paz county park at 8:30 am. Or you can meet us at Cienega Springs Rd off the 95 Hwy at 9:00 am On Cienega Springs Rd there's parking about 500 yd on the left hand side and that's where we'll meet. A lot of us are dry camping at La Paz county park and some are staying in Hotels/Airbnb. There are other campgrounds you can stay at as well like Buckskin or Pirates Den which you may have to reserve.
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    thanks! we were looking for an A/T tire for noise, handling, MPG, and mileage - but with a somewhat aggressive looking tread just for the coolness factor. we also wanted something that was "Three-Peak Mountain Snowflake Symbol" rated since B will likely be going to college further north next fall. it came down to these Mickey Thompson Baja Boss A/T's or the venerable BFG KO2. they both have 50k mile tread warranties, and are both going for around $400 in the 35x12.5R17 size most places. Amazon happened to have the Mickey Thompson's for $375 and B slightly preferred their look anyway, so we had Discount Tire price match. also, pro-tip, if you are getting the certificates (road-hazard insurance), have them also price-match those from discounttiredirect.com - for whatever reason the certs on the "direct" site are about a third less than the normal in-person store price.
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    We are in and out of cell phone coverage....check us out on facebook if you get a chance...I'll post there as well....Nevada is so very awesome! We are seeing stuff we have never seen before...like a 100 ton smelter! An almost complete stamp mill with concentrating table and rifling table! Such cool stuff! smiles and love from Tonopah (momentarily!) ladybug
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    link works for me. i saw this on a FB post recently too, still pending investigation on why they veered off the road. my guess is something sudden health related happened to the driver given his age - i.e. heart attack or stroke, etc. it is a sad story. we could all meet our demise at any time in more mundane ways, just a reminder to seize every day.
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    Great pic.s Karin! Sounds like ya having a great time. Stay safe & enjoy the rest of your trip with the group! Don't let John eat all the "cobbler"!!
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    Big thanks to you all for making this a successful event despite the crazy rain! In addition to everyone that @dzJeepChic mentioned in the first post, I'd also like to thank @Curly & @Bradywgn71 for scouting out the the group camp-site ahead of time.
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    Made it home safe as well. Thanks again for putting this together for all of us..... and thank you to all that went. Great bunch of people and a great weekend! Definitely adding Dogtown Lake to my list of future camp sites! Thank again, Ken
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    Tim, could you and Devon please feed them well so they aren't still hungry by the time we get there tomorrow?
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    I swear it’s only 200 more feet!
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    great question! Wayne added his 5 gallons early on just to get the weight off the back, Mac i think made it without any extra. my low fuel light came on just before the end so i added my 4 gallons then. i could have probably made it to the gas station with just 1 extra gallon though.
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    photos & trip report from the Dusy-Ershim adventure over here...
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    Gadget's being a bit of a PITA this week with some cooling system issues... on Saturday i made it part way up the 93 when suddenly the radiator separated and dumped half the coolant. unfortunately it was 4:30 AM and took 3 hours to get a tow truck to take me back home. a replacement Mopar radiator is on backorder everywhere, but i was able to pick one up at the local Autozone for $300. here's something that you don't see everyday - a new Ferrari at Autozone! here's where the driver side tank on the thing just came apart: i managed to replace it and get the system bled in under 3 hours. a quick test drive coupled with the fact that the interwebs told me a driver side rupture was the common failure point made me think the 139k mile radiator was the only problem. Sunday morning i tried again - she did fine on the long climbs up the 93 this time, of course i was watching the temps like a hawk. we murdered a million bugs before Wikieup even! then i thought she got a tad warm climbing between Tehachapi and Bakersfield, but not too bad and so i chalked it up to being paranoid. however monday Morning i left my hotel in Clovis to head for the Dusy trailhead and suddenly she was running hot again. i pulled over and found the coolant overflow tank was full. i parked for an hour while she cooled off, but i notice the coolant didn't suck back into the radiator like it should have. so i pulled the tank and poured all the coolant back into the partially empty radiator and added some water to the overflow tank. i also swapped to a spare radiator cap that i had with me. Gadget did fine on the long climb up to the Dusy after all that, so i thought perhaps the radiator cap was just faulty. she stayed cool all 3 days on the trail, but i did notice she kept puking into the overflow tank, then pulling it back in when i shut her off. unfortunately on the way home she started getting really warm and i ended up limping her across the desert in the 113* weather by only going 60 to 70 and running the a/c on for a minute off for 10 minutes for most of the way. the temps would get progressively worse and worse till i would have to stop and let it cool down for 30 minutes and add some water to the overflow tank. today i replaced both hoses, the water pump, and the radiator cap and put in all fresh coolant (another $300, all Mopar stuff). i was expecting to perhaps find evidence of a leak at the pump, or a worn out impeller, but everything looked ok. here's the old pump: my last rig's engine suffered a combustion leak, and so i still had a block-tester kit and ran that test. thankfully there was nothing detected, though i can give you a false negative under certain conditions. i also looked down in the engine valley to see if my relatively new oil-cooler was perhaps already leaking, but don't see any evidence of that. so now i've replaced the majority of the cooling system and i'm in the middle of doing a couple warm up / cool down cycles to be sure i've fully bled the system... but i'm not sure what the main problem was or maybe still is.
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    Gadget's back from the Dusy-Ershim! photo thread started over here...
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    I'll need to re try that loop that we had to turn around on some time soon if anyone is interested in a Schnebly redo. Got a 2" lift and 255/70r17 (31 inch) tires on the KL.
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    Inside the Berlin mill....a 30 stamp mill complete with concentrating table and rifling table.... Looking back into Berlin and its homes that are here. This is a state park, and well preserved. We couldn't get to the town of Union, so headed over to Grantsville next. An old adobe building from the 1860s. And their most impressive mill. Talk to me if you want more details about some of these! Many of these mills were stamp mills, or ball and rod mills, and/or included cyanide leaching tanks or mercury rifling tables, etc etc.... From the old mill, looking down on the trail. The assayers office is the building shown. It actually still contained labeled bags of samples! The remains of the stamp mill at Grantsville.
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    Just remember, Carburetor is French for " Don't mess with it!"
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    I put together a 4 tire inflator (and perhaps deflator) system. Pretty easy since I already had a compressor and tank mounted as well as a quick disconnect on both the passenger and driver sides. I've been moving from one side to the other and filling each tire one at a time. There are lots of videos on how to do this as well as some premade kits. I didn't need or want a premade kit because the hoses were going to be way too long. I knew I was going to use Haltec H-5265 Standard Bore Lock On Air Chucks. They are expensive (about $10 a piece) but every video that used them just loved them and I do to. They are only 'open' when attached and they attach quickly and very solid. So I can fire up the compressor before starting, I don't have to wait till all 4 tires are connected. I tossed together a spread sheet for different options. hose and connector options. The hose and connectors (T connectors or manifolds and hose ends) were surprisingly expensive, especially the 1/4" NPT male connectors for 3/8" hose. And hose typically came in 25 feet (too short) or 50 feet (too much hose). Poking around I found that Harbor Freight sells 'remnants'. These are 8 to 15 feet long (most are closer to 8 feet) but come with the male ends already attached. They're just 7 bucks each. https://www.harborfreight.com/38-in-x-8-ft-15-ft-rubber-air-hose-remnant-60356.html I picked up 4, cut them down to size and used these brass barbed fittings. https://www.amazon.com/dp/B07C26JJR2?psc=1&ref=ppx_yo2ov_dt_b_product_details So overall I got away pretty cheap and the hoses are easier to store since they are just the right size. A quick test in my garage has me believing this is a few minutes faster than filling each tire one at a time. Deflating I am not so sure, I used one of the deflaters that removes the valve from the stem and those work really quick. When it cools off a bit I will do a comparison and write a thread with lots of details and pictures as well as the comparison results.
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