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    I made it. Three nights four days. Thanks to Jim, jgaz, for the valuable information
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    what a crazy day! the only "on the trail" photo i got was this scenic shot of Woody coming up out of the creek: carnage report... @gearhead suffered a punctured sidewall, but fortunately told us he has Discount Tire replacement certs. @CAVU2 destroyed a rear tail-light when his rig tried to reverse-cowgirl a tree that was in his blind-spot while backing up. @SonoranWanderer did great at maneuvering the extra length of his new Gladiator Mojave - only a few new scrapes on the factory skids, control-arm mounts, etc. Gadget so far looks to have escaped with only a few minor new scrapes on the underbelly too. some other folks had a worse time... air & RAZR rescue... on what i think is currently the sketchiest part of the trail (an off-camber, steep, loose down-hill), a guy had rolled his RAZR and suffered a compound fracture. i didn't see him up-close, but a couple folks said was acting a fair bit delirious and had lost some blood. others had righted his RAZR before when we got there, but the brakes weren't working and it was blocking the trail as no-one wanted to try and maneuver it out of the sketchy area without the ability to stop! we had just passed the others from his group in their 2 side-by-sides before here, supposedly heading to Oracle to get parts/supplies. they'd left their buddy with a couple dirt-bike riders that just happened upon the scene. supposedly his "friends" had been complete assholes, smacking his arm and joking around - not to mention leaving him with strangers to wait for the air evac. there was some discussion about the fact the injured guy should probably look for some new trail partners. we also wondered if all of them had been drinking based on their eagerness to leave the scene. after the evac, the dirt-bikers and our group worked together to get the RAZR fixed and off the trail. i just recently started carrying spare fluids again and was able to give them brake fluid to refill the RAZR, plus a pair of needle-nose vice grips to pinch-off the busted brake-line. then one of the dirt-bike guys rode the razer up past the sketchy area and we moved it up to the top of the hill just off the trail. Kevin donated a can of Fix-A-Flat to one of the dirt-bikes with a low rear tire, but it was still losing air from the valve-stem. Woody gave him a new valve core but it was still leaking after i aired him up. Woody had a metal cap with an o-ring seal, and we figured that would hold the low PSI they run long enough to get to pavement. this whole side-adventure killed a couple hours at least, but we made great time on the trail otherwise. more nice folks... later, a older couple came up behind us in their TJ while we were navigating a tight rocky area. the guy "hadn't been on this trail in 10 years", and his lady friend, Pam, seemed a little nervous about this technical section they were about to do. it turned out he was a great driver and didn't need any spotting at all. they followed behind us till we went over to the optional "Step" obstacle. Pam shot a couple videos and was nice enough to take down our info and send them to us: we got off the trail well before dark, but all still had to drive back to Phoenix. it was a long, but memorable day and everyone from our group had a great time. here's a big "thank you" to @gearhead for organizing and leading this run!
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    These 2 guys are having way too much fun. Riding a home built rail cart to Goat Canyon Trestle in Carrizo Gorge, Anza Borrego park in Cali. George should ditch the bicycle for this!
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    The fam and I took a little spur of the moment trip up to Sedona yesterday to get out of town for a bit. We ended up running through Broken Arrow, as @Yodamom hadn't see it yet, and I think it's frankly one of the biggest bang for your buck trails in the area. I love living in the north valley as that puts places like Sedona just 1.5 hours of our driveway and makes for an easy getaway whenever we want a dramatic change of scenery. A few photos just as we entered the trail and aired down. Submarine rock is my absolute favorite part of this trail. I could spend most of my day hanging out there. When there are no vehicles around and the tourists quiet down, its amazing how quiet this large of an open space really is. Chicken Point always has some pretty dramatic scenery. A little flexing just before Devil's Staircase Here's the staircase itself. The girls hanging out with the Jeep at Chicken Point. Brynna really wanted a photo with one of the Pink Jeeps since "her room is pink and he pants are pink and pink is her favorite color". She's also let me know that she wants her own pink Jeep when she's old enough to drive.
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    i bought a set of Dirt Bagz for my JK Unlimited to cleanup several different sized bags i previously had shoved under the back seat. these are available for 2 and 4 door JK's as well as JL Wranglers. they come in a pair. a nice touch is that they are left/right specific so the zippers face the same way on each side. i measure each one to be about 19" x 8" x 4" plus another inch every direction if you really stuff them full. you can easily get quite a bit of junk in. the lids also have a thin pocket accessible via internal zipper. the main zippers are large and don't get tangled in the heavy duty fabric. they appear to be mostly made from PVC coated nylon or similar. the sides are further reinforced with 3" webbing sewn in. the webbing also contributes to the overall stiffness, so they keep their shape even when empty. i cut up the box they came in to make an additional stiffener for the bottoms. my favorite feature is they fit on the floor in front of the rear seats when you want to fold those down! so now when i fold down the passenger side to deploy my sleep platform, there's just one bag to move, and a dedicated place to put it. the placement still works even if the front seat is all the way back. shipping was fast, only took 2 days to arrive here in AZ. they're a little pricey considering you can just grab any old tool bag for much less... however, they seem to be high quality and are purpose-built/sized to the exact space available making for a really clean & convenient storage solution.
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    She never talks to me about stuff. We need counseling
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    Brady doesn't get his license for a couple more months, but he already has a Jeep! we looked seemingly FOREVER to find an affordable older JK without too many miles and in decent shape - apparently they're made from solid unobtanium! anything that was a good deal was gone the same day it was posted, otherwise we'd find ones that had clearly been in major wrecks or customized really poorly with tons of junk that was falling apart. we finally found this "Jeep Green Metallic" 2009 Wrangler X with only 41k miles! we were the first ones to go see it the same day it was listed, and were ready to make a deal. B has named her Fiona, from the movie Shrek! i don't think it's been cleaned inside since 2009, and needs a fair amount of TLC - but all small projects we can work on together. she drives really nice (once i took the tires down from the 47 psi they were at!) and seems to be in good mechanical condition overall. there's a Teraflex 2.5" coil spacer lift installed, along with their 9550 shocks. the lift clears the oversize tires fine for street use. she also has front disconnects, but the tires are a bit too big for the lift and would probably rip off the fenders if you did disconnect. the 35" A/T's from Hercules (a discount brand made by Cooper) have nearly full tread and perfectly even wear so far. they're on 15" steel simulated beadlock rims which just barely clear the front calipers. the long term plan is to either go down a tire size, or install a bit more lift. she came with a bikini top only, and most of the straps were broken off. however, we were very fortunate to find a full OEM soft top on Craigslist yesterday! the purchased top includes all the hardware, which is awesome because we aren't sure which brackets and such Fiona even still has. Gadget is not impressed with having to sit outside a couple days until we get the top installed! more updates soon as we dig in to all the little projects and maintenance together!
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    Video Links, including DPS rescue. https://www.amazon.com/photos/shared/J9_hAbA7QvSCwi_NlDH-1A.Pr-dqEiQ5YtZoLxzNIlII_ Pictures. https://www.amazon.com/photos/shared/_-7QmnhtSM6LZQuUKrr8rA.znM_5sLpFT-oJZgAoy30LU
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    George @Number7 had a little adventure over last weekend, rescuing his friend's Rhino SxS. Below is his friend's write up about their experience. When he mentions in the story that they had to go over a spot that he had marked on his map as 'impassable' he's talking about Rocker Panel Pass (which G says is rougher than ever right now). If you were with ORP on a trail ride in 2010 and we found a tortoise out past Rocker Panel Pass, that's about where the Rhino was. Rhino Side by Side Adventure On Monday 2/8/21 we did a fairly strenuous hike on a high ridge above Horseshoe Canyon so we planned an easy ride on our Rhino side by side for Tuesday. The plan was to visit the area of the 2019 Verde forest fire shown on the map below. We had been on the trails in this area on a small 2WD quad ATV in 2001 2001 2021 The Rhino we now have is 4WD and well equipped with large oversized tires, skid plates, etc. We started out from the Bush trail head and went north on forest trails 1848,403,1852 and 1096. The trip took about four hours and was unusually tough with many rocks, boulders, washouts, steep up and downs, etc., so we decided to take a different route back. Plan was to take 160 east to 1855 south, then 1851,403 and 1847. Many times we have found that trails numbered with 3 digits are more traveled and in much better shape than 4 digit trails, hence we choose 160 going east. Surprise, the 160 trail was TERRIBLE. The further we went the worse it got. The downhills were so steep and rutted that we were at the point of no return back up those hills. We have driven our Rhinos 15,000 miles on all types forest trails in the last 16 years with no accidents, this time we flipped ours on its side. We were stuck on this very steep hill, miles from any help and no cell phone service. For about 10 years we have carried at Spot device which can send a SOS message to search and rescue folks and provide them our exact location. We had never had occasion to use it before but needless to say we did now. The device indicates when a SOS is sent but there is no feedback showing the message was received. We waited on site for 1 hour and then started hiking on down the trail realizing we would probably not reach help by nightfall. A short while later a low flying helicopter went past us and hovered directly over the Rhino. A short while later they spotted us and landed a short distance ahead of us and got us onboard. LIFT OFF…..OUR RHINO CIRCLED IN RED The Maricopa Sheriffs copter took us directly to the Bush trail head where our car and trailer were parked. . There two officers awaited us along with our daughter who had been notified of the SOS by them. They checked our health and asked for identification so they could complete a report AND SEND US A BILL FOR THE HELICOPTER SERVICE! I once heard someone was charged $1700 for the service. We got our drivers licenses from the car and I inquired as to the possible cost, the officer replied he was JOKING, hallelujah and many thanks to the Sheriff’s search and rescue team. The officers said that we were on our own as far as retrieving our Rhino and they would not be helping in that endeavor. Retrieving the Rhino turned into exciting 1.5 day adventure which will be documented in the near future. RETRIEVING OUR RHINO 1/10/21 The rescue helicopter took us to our car at the Bush trailhead. While driving home I called our friend George Zalman who operates the OFFROAD PASSPORT jeep club. We live close to each other and only about 10 miles from the trailhead. He was home and told us to swing by which we did. We showed him where our Rhino was on a topo map and he was very familiar with the area. He said he could retrieve the Rhino with his jeep and would pick me up at our house in a few minutes. The shortest way to the Rhino from Highway 87 was the dreaded 160 trail. The Jeep folks are aware of how bad that trail is and about 2 miles in we came to a section I had marked on my topo map 20 years ago as an IMPASSE (see red X on attached map). George has modified his jeep to handle about any terrain and I cannot describe how tough this section of 160 is, I’m still in disbelief that we got through it (sorry no photos). We got to the Rhino and got it upright by winching to a large hillside boulder (again no photos). Next problem was it would not start. All the gas had run out on the ground but an onboard spare gallon tank was full and we used it but still no luck starting. We tried dripping gas directly into the intake, bypassed brake starting switches, and everything else we could think of to get it started but with no success. It was getting dark and the decision was made to tow it out. Without describing all the details I will just say that doing this in the dark was a nightmare. Because of sharp switchbacks it was not possible to hook the Rhino directly to the jeep but instead we had to drag it using the winch cable and I was onboard steering it in the dark with no lights or power steering because the battery was rundown. It was critical to drag the Rhino brakes on the steep down hills to avoid smashing into the jeep. After about an hour of this my 87 year old arms gave out (they had been steering the Rhino for over 5 hours earlier that day). George said we only had two more hours to go but I wimped out. We left the Rhino and it took us an hour just to jeep out. I got home about 10:30 that night. ANOTHER DAY ANOTHER TRY 1/10/21 George was available Tuesday afternoon and I recruited our grandson Kramer to be the Rhino pilot. He and George went in the Jeep to get the Rhino while Del and I towed our trailer to the Sugar Loaf trailhead and several miles on the 402 trail so as to shorten the Rhino towing distance. To our surprise the tow crew appeared with the Rhino in less than 2 hours. In the daylight they had unhooked the winch on some steep hills and let Kramer freewheel down. In summary, it was an interesting 2 day adventure with lots of lucky happenings after the not so lucky wheels up flip. The most important lessons learned are: 1. Do not proceed beyond the point of no return 2. Do not proceed where passage is doubtful Many thanks to George and Kramer and the Guardian Angel that kept us injury free.
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    Here's a few that I took....Not much left of the assayer's office, nor the sup's home office...Still cool to see some of that equipment, and always fun to see water in Burro Creek! smiles, ladybug PS- You should all know that I am not ill. I only picked up one rock yesterday - a beautiful piece of quartz, which I gave to Mia and Marilyn....I am fine!
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    So @4x4tographer (husband) convinced me to finally create an account so I stop bugging him about what is happening. Really looking forward to hanging out with you all next weekend.
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    last Friday evening i drove up to Kingman, AZ for a night run that was posted on a Facebook group. the run ended up being just myself and 2 Kingman locals, Ric Swats and @stockjeep (Wayne). we did Bull Run which starts out as a fairly easy climb up to an old quartz quarry. after you weave your way back down the other side of the little mountain, you enter a rock-crawly tight wash that Ric swore was a trail! however, after a wrong turn, Wayne took over lead and i asked him if they created the trail by just following a drunk Javalina through the desert one day. a mile or less from the exit (back on easy trail), i stayed behind to camp while the crazy Kingman boys finished the run and headed home. i woke up just before 6 to a nice sunrise over Kingman! after gassing up and getting McDonalds in town, i head south to run the Hualapai Mountain trail - a graded road that runs the ridges along the major hills of the Hualapais. stopped along the road to eat my breakfast: the pavement ended up at the top and after passing a collection of little homes, i aired down and enjoyed the view. it's a long trail that passes a few tree-lined camp spots early on but then becomes mostly shrub brush. i did find one nice little shady valley down a short spur trail, so that's where i had lunch. a young couple came in on an old beater CJ and their faces dropped when they saw me parked next to an existing fire ring. they perked up when i told them i wasn't camping there, just having lunch! at some point you finally stop running ridges and shelf roads, then start to descend fairly rapidly. near the bottom (on the south end), i stopped to look around the Boriana mine ruins a bit. there's a huge tailings pile there, but it's heavily eroded and looks like it might have been twice as big at one time. a little further down the road i took another short spur to the Copper World mine. the main adit was "kind of" gated, but also flooded. lots of junk there! back down on the desert floor, i decided to try a random set of trails to make my way over to Wikieup. i started in Bar I-L Wash, which was full of Joshua Trees and things blooming. obviously i'm not a rancher, so are all baby horseys this skinny, or was this little dude malnourished? have you ever pulled up on a place and immediately thought, "oh yeah, that's haunted"? i saved exploring that one for next time another short spur led me to some old surface mining prospects, and more baby critters. didn't stay for pictures long there - dad came running around the corner looking all sorts of bothered! as i started to climb back up in elevation, the trail definitely appeared less used. soon i realized my planned route was going to take me much higher that i had realized. i had a nice view of that wash i came in on though: then i didn't take any pictures for a while... my path gradually turned into a total ATV-width shelf road with constant inconveniently placed boulders. i managed to nervously squeeze Gadget through, but came very close to breaking a rear window and had to absolutely drag my rims across the sides of some of the big rocks. now i normally like a good afternoon nap, but being off-camber on the side of a mountain will keep you wide awake. my little route ended up climbing all the way back up to over 6,000ft again... i really gotta pay more attention to those topo lines when route planning! coming back down, things widened up and i calmed down, so i tried to get a photo of a not-as-bad example of the sort of obstacles one could enjoy on this trail. of course pictures never do justice to that real-life leaning feeling! oh, and there had been numbered trail markers every so often along the entire route... with no indication that this was for narrow rigs only, i took them to be personal taunts - like they were saying: "this is a perfectly good real trail, stop being a wuss"! after the off-camber and narrowness and boulder scraping, i realized the past few miles had taken a long time and that i still had a looong ways to go before pavement! Gadget looks like she's sighing from the same realization here... next up the path became easy, but with insanely tight brush. i know i've led a few of you down some crazy "trails" while exploring, but this was the worst paint scraping i've ever been through. ...but before that, this darn cow absolutely refused to get out of the way for several minutes. the sun was getting low and so i hauled butt once back on normal dirt trails, stopping only briefly to look at the ruins of an old mining town named Cedar. finally an actual road! the fire in the sky was almost completely gone as Wikieup came into focus. i aired up just after sunset. i'd been going hard since right after 6am, but still needed to drive another couple hours on the 93 to make it home. i was slightly loopy by the time i pulled Gadget into the garage, but it was a very memorable day and i wouldn't trade adventures like that for anything!
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    Well! Another CK trip on the books! This time we attempted to earn the new Badge of Honor that Jeep added to their BoH program. If you'd like to learn more about the BoH program, check this out. Badge of Honor in a nutshell: The program is entirely free, but only available to Jeep owners with a valid VIN number You use the Jeep Badge of Honor app to check in at the trailhead. GPS coords verify you were really there A few weeks later, a sweet badge shows up in the mail at your house. Some people put them on their rig, others get more creative @gearhead's YJ is always looking sexy. Square is rare! Most of you know CK. Always a fun trip. Probably one of my more favorite trails due to it constantly changing from run to run. There's always something a little different for you every time you run it. Obstacles that were difficult have been tamed, some minor items are now major hurdles. Having last run the trail with several people in this same group just last November 2020, 5 months brought MASSIVE changes to the trail that I honestly never expected. The view from 6,000 ft, just as you make the climb out of Oro Belle. The weather was gorgeous sticking around 70-80 most of the day for us. Sunny with a few clouds and a nice breeze to help keep it comfortable. We met up just after sunrise at one of the large dirt lots off of Castle Hot Spring Road. Apparently it was a popular day. The lot of jammed packed with other offroaders, SXS trailers, and a few other Jeep groups. We made some quick friends with a nice guy named Troy who was hanging out with another group. We aired down and got moving by 7:30. Of course, nothing ever goes perfectly on a trail ride, right? The Jeep Badge of Honor app is suffering a nationwide glitch where all of their new trails have disappeared, including CK. From what I've seen, the check in system and coordinates weren't quite show-ready. As a fallback, was stopped for the obligatory "CK ROCK" poser shots as our proof we were there. A fresh shot of Oki up on the CK rock with her new shoes! @AZRNintheJeep242 3-wheeled (maybe even 2-wheeled) it up! @K2man56 has one of the most distinctive rigs I've seen. Love it! Our group blew through the first 5-6 obstacles with little to no trouble. Well, I did manage to stall out my 8 speed automatic. We rolled through all the obstacles leading up to the Private mine at Burro John. As we dipped down into Humbug Creek it was bone dry again (as it was in 2020). Always sad to see. Its normally one of my favorite sections of the trail and makes it extremely memorable for everyone when there is 2ft of rushing water flowing down the creek. However, it also makes it easy going as you can see the boulders you're navigating around. As we came to the end of the creek we ran across a group of side by sides that were having electrical trouble. Additionally, they were DRUNK as hell, in what would end up being the theme for the rest of the day, and cementing the SXS culture stereo-type (unfortunately). They asked if anyone had a voltmeter, and thankfully @gearhead did. He offered to let the guys borrow it while the rest of our group pushed forward to our designated lunch spot at Fort Misery, just past the mine. Thats where we ran into a NEW obstacle on the trail. Brand new. Like - not there 5 months ago. The miner down there in Burro John redirected the trail into Humbug Creek years ago (part of what makes it so memorable). However, there are also constant changes being made to the exit to get out of the creek. More dirt and rock has been piled up on the bank of the creek that was NOT there in November of 2020. The SXS's don't make it any easier, as they spin their wheels and tear the crap out of the bank, rutting it out pretty good. The change looked fresh. The dirt was very loose and extremely easy to tear up. @AZRNintheJeep242 climbing out of the creek I was a bit more violent getting up the loose and steep bank. Once we made it up, we ran into another group of drunk SXS drivers blocking the path, so we had to wait for them to move along. Sort of a good thing too, as ANOTHER drunk SXS high-centered his 4 seater coming up the berm we just climbed, cutting us off from @gearhead who was still hanging with the group that was using his volt meter. @AZRNintheJeep242 was nice enough to pull the SXS off the bank and clear the way for others. The guy offered to buy @AZRNintheJeep242 a beer at the top, but we're pretty sure he'd already drank it. @gearhead eventually got tired of waiting for the drunk electrical engineers to fix their rig and just gave them his volt meter, which was mighty nice of him. I'm always amazed at how kind, helpful, and generous the ORP family can be. Mike, of course, made quick work of the bank. Once we were all back together we stopped for a nice lunch for about an hour in a wonderful cool and shady spot on Humbug Creek just past Fort Misery. From this point, you're about 2/3 of the distance through the trail. We passed by Castle Rock, the various memorials, a few small creek crossings (with real water!) and then stumbled upon a complete traffic jam of Side by Sides just before the ledge obstacle. Roughly 20-30 SXS's were just partying on the narrow shelf road. Apparently someone was stuck on the ledge and needed to be recovered due to being high centered. Guess who that was!? It was @AZRNintheJeep242's new BFF! (we found this out later as we came upon the ledge and found him turned around. He was prepping to go back down the mountain against the flow of traffic). As we waited for the jam to be cleared, our SXS friends continued to pound beers, smoke something a little stronger than cigarettes, and cause a ruckus. Several were pretty friendly drunks, however we did see one woman fall out of her rig with a 3-4 year old little girl and almost tumble over the cliff. So, fun times. Eventually the jam was cleared and we let the SXS circus move ahead of us so we wouldn't have drunk and high drivers on our heels all afternoon. One of the drivers was nice enough to get a little too close to our Jeep and put a nice little gash in my soft top with a fire extinguisher bracket on his rig. He offered me a beer as compensation. Then, we came upon "the ledge". I have no idea if this obstacle has an official name, but it had undergone some more recent changes. Some morons actually built a by-pass around the ledge by stacking a literal ton of rocks off to the left of the trail. You can see the new bypass in the below video at around 30 seconds: @Trail Toy making it look easy. A decent lift and skid plates are necessary for this portion of the trail now, for sure. Not even 5 years ago I took my 2015 Jeep Cherokee Trailhawk up this on a Jeep KL Club run, bone stock, on 30" tires and no rock rails. So that says something about how this portion of trail has been totally torn up. You can see the HUGE transformation this section of the tail has undergone here: Here's @K2man56 feeling out the ledge If you know the trail, there is a secondary ledge just 100ft up the road from the 1st ledge. This one is a little more tricky as it's configured like this: CLIFF DROP OFF | BOULDER | RUT | BOULDER | RUT | CLIFF FACE Its EASY to high center here now, and you can't gun it as you might take a 75ft tumble off of the shelf road if you suddenly got traction on the passenger side and pivoted around the lefthand boulder. 35's and a lift certainly help here. Most of us got up with some good use of our skid plates. Unfortunately we had some trouble getting @AZRNintheJeep242 over this portion. @K2man56 was nice enough to give AZRN a boost up and over. Video courtesy of Sarah (@Trail Toy) Once we got past that point we were scot-free! Minimal traffic and a nice, beautiful ride up the side of Wasson Peak where we topped out at about 6,500 ft. Eventually we landed in Crown King were we grabbed some great food, hung out, talked about the day, and bought some of the General Store's world famous fudge! The local CK fire department was out selling tickets for their annual fundraiser. They're giving away 2 different rifles and a Jeep ZJ as part of the raffle this year. They were nice enough to let the kids check out one of the Fire Engines. If you're not familiar with the department, they're entirely self-funded and rely on volunteers. They work hard, and were instrumental in helping to save the town from the horrible Horse Fire last year. They also deal with a lot of SAR and medical issues up there to help keep people safe when they get into a bad spot. The pandemic crushed their fundraising last year, so if you support their hard work, check them out and consider participating in one of their fundraisers this year. HUGE shoutout to @Yodamom for taking so many videos throughout the day! I've only posted a portion here. I'm planning to put together a "remix" of all of the videos a little later.
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    The roof is on, the windows are in. Drywall starting soon! This is the granite for kitchen and bathroom counters.
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    Been a crazy year healthwise for us. Additionally, with us selling our house in mid May we had a push to get her back together. Thanks to @theksmith for multiple visits. She is alive and back together. Currently finishing up the drawer system and waiting on the correct size water tanks to come in. We'll be without a garage for a while so will attempt to finish up wiring in the refrigerators, invertor, and water pump soon. Planing on Trail Hero in October for sure. Pictures of the new metal frame and getting wood cut and fitted. Up near seats the two refrigerators will go. Behind that is the water tanks (14 gallons). Then a large drawer on slides. Under that is a pull out table.
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    Not to beat a dead horse, but I can't help but think about the irony of a brand new Polaris SXS broken down and "dead in the water" on the side of the trail needing help from a beat up 30 year old YJ puttering by.
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    During a recent trip the wind was very strong and required something other than standard tent stakes. I borrowed/stole this idea from Steve (ob1). They worked awesome. They are made out of 3/8 rebar. Along with my professional welding skills I now have my own set. Thanks Steve
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    Yeah! They poured the main slabs today! It's frickin freezing up here Frank! Brrrrr
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    Not bad for a non-mechanic. Built this 2700 piece Porsche. Alit of fun and just amazed at how they developed this model. Next up, a Ferrari
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    My wife and I have a friend in town for the weekend that wanted to hit a trail. I decided to take them on an easy run to Four Peaks. It's an easy trail and I've been wanting to check it out for a while. Nothing to terribly exciting to report back other than it's open, in good condition and wasn't too busy. We ran across FR 143 with no side detours. Only saw a couple other rigs out there(One Jeep and a Yota), an Audi SUV that seemed to be in a hurry, some bicyclists and a minivan at the roundabout. Here are some pics. Great View of Lake Roosevelt Time to air up with my helper.
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    Been meaning to post a pic, the new tire set is wider by a tad compared to the MTs but SOOOO much quieter.
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    Next time any of us are headed to Sand Hollow or near the AZ Strip, we should check out Glitter Mountain. It's an old Gypsum (selenite) mine where the ground is scattered with crystals! Old Gypsum Crystal Mine Littlefield, AZ 86432 Google Maps link.... Here's an article with a little more info on the place. If you go, be sure to respect the mine claim owner's wishes: "...the mine does have an active mining claim on it, and the owner of that claim has requested that people do not enter the pit, or break out new chunks of gypsum. The claimant has actually enjoyed the excitement about the mine, and agrees that it is fun for explorers of all ages to find and learn about the minerals in the earth, but is concerned about people getting hurt and the liabilities associated with it."
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    Ok so for those interested just an update on my horse chase! The rancher and I tracked his hoof marks for about 3-4 miles back into the net of washes. We used the dirt bikers and ATV drivers as helpers but eventually lost the tracks after maybe 45 minutes. We returned to the staging area using 413... I gave him my phone number so he could update me if anything happens. I think they are going back with a search team or something as they were returning to the staging area on Bartlett Road on my way out. Ill update this post if I hear any news.
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    good times, great to see you all - thanks everyone for coming out and for bringing all the stuff we needed to make this a successful event! quote of the day came from Brynna: "i got a cactus too, but my dad pulled it out of my butt!"
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    Before and after, thanks Kris
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    yesterday was our 7th time going up to the Mogollon Rim area to cut down a tree thanks to the National Forest Christmas Tree Permit program! i highly recommend this as an awesome family activity and the NF has made it even easier now that you can get the permits online: Apache-Sitgreaves Tree Permit... Coconino Tree Permit... we missed the last few years after i got Gadget since i haven't had a roof rack or trailer. the last time we went was when the @Bradywgn71s came with us in 2015: but this year i had a plan... @aimee took this shot from our neighborhood as we left the house bright and early! we almost didn't go because i worried about mud after this week's rain. there's been plenty of snow on some of the previous trips, but this year has stayed too warm for much of the white stuff. fortunately the mud wasn't bad at all. after driving around some offshoots of FR300, we saw a nice little grove of Fir and then Aimee picked out a pretty little tree. Brady "chopped it down" using my trusty 18v reciprocating saw and a long demolition blade. after the required poses with the tree, it was time for my genius plan... no roof rack, no trailer, no problem! i mean that will totally not fall off at 75 MPH for nearly 2 hours right? on the way out of the forest, i continued Aimee & B's least favorite tradition - making them listen to Jingle Cat's Meow Christmas! and well the tree... completely survived hwy 260 and the I-17 all the way back to Phoenix! there were a lot of open mouths and smiles and pointing from passengers in other cars though it's not the fullest tree we've ever found - but it came out nice once Aimee got it lit and decorated. and now that it survived the freeway, we just have to keep the cats from destroying it! Merry Christmas to all our 4x4 friends!
  32. 7 points
    FYI: If you carefully remove the Grand Cherokee badge, the letters can be repurposed into.......... Hey. It was a slow night at work.
  33. 7 points
    To all you vets out there....THANK YOU FOR YOUR SERVICE. Al
  34. 7 points
    We had such a fun long weekend!! Thank you for this great time!! Link to photo album Sarah's photos
  35. 7 points
    chillin' and snackin': these taste better than the piles of bigger brown berries over by the trees: the RV crowd and main party spot: tent campers, and @johnpa's ground nesting area: roaming gangs of feral children: happy campers with fancy beers ( @KtroubleA ) spur of the moment side road to overlook West Clear Creek: always make em' laugh during the selfie ( @GRUNT )
  36. 7 points
    Thanks to the Orp staff for a great weekend. Kris, the trail ride was perfect. Good to see new faces and old friends. John
  37. 7 points
    I took my buddy Al up to Mt. Graham. We stayed at Riggs flat lake at almost 9000 feet. Nice little lake you can kayak. Also the views to the west were majestic. I would have posted but someone forgot to pay his dues so he got kicked off the site. My bad.
  38. 7 points
    Just wanted to start a thread to help offer assistance, supply hunting, grocery shopping assistance, etc. If someone needs something or an errand run please post it up. If you aren't comfortable shopping due to an underlying medical issue please reach out. I am sure our community can help each other out. Stay safe out there! -Sarah
  39. 7 points
    We didn’t careen off the highway and explode. Home safe. Big thanks to everyone that helped us out!
  40. 6 points
    we had my family, @mynr1, @KtroubleA + GF and @r.barraza + family attend the camping this weekend. this was the maiden voyage for Kevin's new Opus trailer. fully deployed: Gadget & @aimee's WK2 in our corner of camp: Al left Saturday morning, and so it was just us, Kevin and Rene running Pyeatt Draw. everyone did great on the trail! Rene suffered some rear corner damage and busted taillight, but that was the only carnage. Brady drove the entire thing in Gadget (his first rock-crawl trail) and did awesome, I'm very proud of him! Kevin had to bail at one of the last couple exits, his stock JLU just didn't have the bumper clearance for a few of the ledges. Rene's 4Runner (with lift) made it over everything. him and Brady (driving Gadget) ran up to The Filter where we found a nice JLU, missing a tie-rod, sitting right in the middle of the obstacle (not that we were planning to try it anyway)! thanks for coming on the trail ride guys! Aimee got this photo on the way out of camp Sunday morning. while we didn't get any rain at camp, it did pour hard here in north Phoenix just after we got home and unloaded everything. random photo while out walking around:
  41. 6 points
    About a week after @johnpa completed his Canyon backpack trip I hiked down the Bright Angel trail for one of my volunteer patrol shifts. The canyon received 5 to 7 inches of snow that Tuesday. Early that morning there was about two inches on top of a lot of ice. It was very, very slick! I was using shoe traction devices with 3/8” spikes and taking a very short stride. I was told that the mules didn’t attempt the trails that morning. Doesn’t say much for my good sense does it?
  42. 6 points
    some shots @aimee got of Brady driving Gadget from our Pyeatt Draw weekend... i'm super proud - he absolutely owned that trail! this is my "good line, but go super slow now, you're about to come down off the ledge" spotter pose
  43. 6 points
    I finally had some time to process and upload videos. Here are select photos and videos I took.
  44. 6 points
    New pictures from the project. Things are happening!
  45. 6 points
    My favorite Peeps meme
  46. 6 points
    This cracked me up so much, and I don't even have a cat.
  47. 6 points
    So we traded in our Ram truck and picked up a 2020 V8 Grand Cherokee Trailhawk. A huge shout-out to the amazing Martin Swanty dealership in Kingman, AZ. There were by far my best car buying experience. We negotiated via email and they were very fair with no games. Then drove up and were done in 20 minutes. I highly recommend using them. The Phoenix dealers were playing a ton of games. Ask for Chuck if you decided to check out this dealership. So now a three Jeep family....God help us! So now that Chris is busy on the other two Jeeps I have something I can do easier off-road trails with. Loving all the fancy features and it is fun to drive! Up next is a set of Animal Off-road rock sliders. We are considering their bumpers too but it gets pricey! We have named her "Cupcake" for now as her coloring is Red Velvet. d rock sliders.
  48. 6 points
    New Years Day a few of us got together to follow @theksmith around in the desert, exploring some trails and washes on his side of town. It was one of those "If we can drop down into this wash, I think it will take us all the way to the road over there..." kind of days. BTW, the wash did go through. It was a nice relaxing day of sunshine, tunes, and rocks. I needed it. Along for the ride were @Number7 & @scottL. All my photos are here: Diane's Google Photos
  49. 6 points
    Great weekend! Enjoyed the trail ride & thanks for everyone looking out for me. Al
  50. 6 points
    I was doing some file purging & digging through old picture files, and ran across a few that perhaps a few here would find interesting. Who says a YJ has limited articulation? "Mini-Rubicon" ... These pic's are from my working days, doing vehicle development. These were courses we built and used for evaluation of vehicles and systems... This particular vehicle is sporting a rather unique full hydraulic suspension system, which allowed for 20-plus inches of wheel travel, all while keeping the body as level as the terrain would allow. Following the first few phases of development work here in AZ, we took it to the Rubicon Trail, which this vehicle's suspension allowed us to do with ease. Sadly, the complexity of the controls system, and the multitude of the hydraulic components of the system proved to be both too expensive (significantly more than doubling the cost of the base vehicle), and over the multi-year time we spent on development, re-designs, and testing, we were never able to get the reliability to meet levels deemed commercially acceptable ... Even with these pitfalls, it was one of the more challenging and fun projects I was involved with in the latter parts of my career...
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