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    Awesome time up at the Overland Expo. Been trying to get up there for it every year since we moved to AZ and never got a shot until this year. We took the RV and found a spot at the local KOA, which was surprisingly nicer than we thought it'd be. You're packed in like sardines, but the park was very nice and clean, with plenty of things to keep the kids entertained (huge bouncy area, large playground, and a forested "discovery area". Our site was right at the northernmost edge of the park, right at the base of Mount Elden. The event itself was, in a word, awesome. Sooooooooooooo many things to look at. Rigs of all shapes and sizes, gear of all flavors. It was pretty impressive. We also ran into @lofreqjeff and Mrs. lofreqjeff, which was an awesome surprise! I was really happy with the way they organized the layout of the event, with "similar styles" of overloading grouped up for easy perusal by interest. For example, there was a dedicated motorcycle area, a van life area, some "alternative" vehicles (like Subarus), "Toyotaland", and then the more typical Jeep vs Bronco stuff. There was also the biggest marketplace of offroad parts that probably exists on the planet! Mecca for those in this hobby, for sure. LOVED this decked-out Delica. Took me back to our time living in Japan where these things were all over the place on the road. Got to see the EGOE NEST in person for the first time. It's an impressive and well-built system. Pretty much "Ikea for Overlanding", they sell a wide range of parts you can use to customize your own trunk box / sleeping platform however you want. Fits a huge range of vehicles. Trailsoffroad.com was there as well, repping the brand. I had the opportunity to stop and talk with Wade for about 10-15 minutes. Wade has written a huge number of the trail reviews here in Arizona. They had a nice booth and tech demo area, and this nice JL with an Ursa Minor camper conversion. All the major brands were out. Eibach, Toyo, Rigid, KC, 4WP, Bilstein, Factor 55, ICON, Magnaflow and more. This Gladiator had a very clever "dog bed drop seat". It allows you to have a full-width dog bed in the rear that easily flips up revealing more storage underneath. A cool Subaru with rock sliders. Here's their IG page. Loved the black-out camouflage wrap on this Chevy THIS was by far one of the coolest things I've seen, Similar to the Ursa Minor conversion for the Jeep JL and JK - American Safari has an XL version. Basically they provide you with an all new top with tent, but they also extend your bed by 15" to give you expanded interior room. It was unbelievably cool, even though it kills your departure angles. But it's still better than a Gladiator's tail end. It was a cool $20,000 for the conversion though - so you've have to be pretty serious about keeping your JK/JL. Frankly, I'd rather buy a Gladiator and get a camper bed cap cover by Alu-cab. Note the clever use of space for drawers in the bumper on both sides. ALL of the YouTubers were there. X Overland, TrailRecon.... all of them. Overland X by far had the most impressive presence. They had their entire motor pool of vehicles there, including their all new Tundra. Sweet Lexus in the KC booth. This is Brad from Trailrecon's new Bronco. He was floating around with a big crowd. Awesome JL at the AEV booth. Pretty sweet van conversion. Nice lounge area on top of this way too expensive rig. Rivian had a few rigs there you could test drive on an obstacle course. Loved these clever camp set ups from Snowflake, based out of Japan. The versatility was amazing. Super modular and very well thought out. Check out this quick video to see it in action: We even caught a Sasquatch hanging around the OME booth! TRED CRED had a nice booth with beautiful patches and decals for a huge number of major trails in a ton a states and countries. Nice Merc conversion. And another Loved this wrap on this Lexus. UP TOP had a really nice rack system on display I've never seen before. Some tail light conversions that I've been eye-balling. Was nice to seem them in person. After a hard day of walking around in the sun, @Yodamom broke out the Flamingo cozies and some refreshments! All in all - it was an awesome experience. I'll definitely try to go again in the future.
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    Updated pics after installation - went ahead with the 2.5" lift, shocks, quick disconnects (and brakes for good measure) - next up will be tires/fenders/bumpers/lights/grill insert/ I could go on and on... again I appreciate the feedback from everyone.
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    We used to stay at the KOA when the kids were small and we had the pop-up. It was also a great spot to stay when taking update classes in the summer for NAU. But......as Ryan said, the spaces are tight and you are right on top of your neighbors. Pro tip- even if you don't stay there, you can pay to dump your RV tanks. $15 will allow you to dump twice. No expiration on the 2nd dump date. (Sounds weird, doesn't it? )
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    Continuing with my engine swap... Boy, talk about getting Tunnel vision. I'll get to that in a minute. To pull the engine, I had to remove the interior transmission tunnel cover to access the engine to transmission bolts. No access from below. Once that was done, it was time to pull the engine. This was as far as I could get................. The engine wouldn't come out, no matter what I tried. So I gave up and went camping with Steve and Karen. Here is the tunnel vision part! Steve told me about this sneaky bolt. It was hiding behind the heater duct. I was convinced that there was no bolt in that spot. In my defense, I've pulled plenty of engines, never had one with a bolt right there. The final result.............. Note how close the oil pan is to the sheet metal. My lift was all but maxxed out. I barely squeaked by on clearance. I'd been sweating it, so I shortened all the chains to make sure I could get it out. Next is to swap the manifolds and other parts over before putting the other engine in.
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    STELLAR report Ryan - thanks for documenting so much of it for those of us that didn't want to brave the crowds! did you buy anything? i know some of those "show specials" are pretty hard to pass up...
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    Marty, found your tire cover!
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    Here’s a new backpacking meal that I tried a couple weeks ago on my latest Grand Canyon backpack trip. I started with this package of instant potatoes. I know what you’re thinking, “instant potatoes” Yuk! My wife is one heck of a cook and when she said “I’d eat those” I knew it was a winner You will need to bring two cups of water to a boil. While the water was being heated I dumped two packages of this chicken into the water. Remove the boiling water with the chicken from the stove. Stir in the potatoes. Add this package of bacon bits. Let the concoction sit for one minute and serve. My sister (that eats like a bird) and I had no problem eating the whole 4oz package. Tasted great! This meal checks a lot of boxes: Quick, no soaking (rehydrating) necessary Not much water required Very little stove fuel needed ( No ten minute simmer etc.) Light, easy to carry, ingredients Not much trash bulk Filling Tasty (mmm bacon) Chicken adds a lot of protein Easy clean up (wipe out the pot with tortilla) I would make this again in a heartbeat.
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    this weekend i worked on installing a pair of Teraflex Heavy Duty Rear Falcon Brackets/Skids. i previously had some EVO weld on control-arm skids that were hacked up to fit the lighter duty Falcon bolt-on skids. the new HD brackets can be installed at factory height or 2 higher positions, and this was the main reason for the switch... after getting my bump-stops dialed in for 37's and to keep the rear pinion out of my gas tank skid, i ended up with some unused up-travel on the rear shocks. raising the axle mounting points will give me a little more ground clearance and allow full use of the available travel (increase droop). turns out this was a crappy job lying on the garage floor under the rig with a grinder in my face! i needed to cut off all the existing shock and sway bar bracketry and shorten up the control arm mount as well. because of the limited space to work you i was shooting sparks right back at my head most of the time. a plasma cutter would have made this much faster and easier. here's the removed bolt-on skids and some of the metal that had to be cut-off: i got them installed good enough for a clearance test, but still have some work to do, including welding in place for long term abuse. using the second possible install position moves everything up nearly an inch. i did a hard hard romp run with the zip-tie test in place and confirmed the new location doesn't bottom out my shocks... i actually still have about a half inch of available travel at full bump-stop compression. that's not quite enough to move the brackets up to the next higher position though. i still need to do some cutting/shaping on the factory control arm brackets. these new ones have an integrated skid that is supposed to wrap upwards at the front (the need to still be bent along that cut-out line you see). even though they increased clearance underneath, these stick in towards the center of the Jeep way further than required. i'm going to cut them off at the red line and then weld back in a vertical support to help reduce their "land anchor" status. hopefully i'll have time to finish this project later in the week...
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    Got the new front shackles on and new spring bushings. A bit of a pain doing it on the garage floor but the weather wasn't too bad today to be working in the garage. My bushings were toast. The driver side rubber was almost all gone and the passenger side sleeve was so worn down it just fell out. Didn't have to press it to get it out. I haven't test driven it. As long as I have it on jackstands I figure I will replace the valve cover gaskets. With the tires off and the axle on the lowest jack stand setting it's much much easier to do work in the engine bay.
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    Hello Diane and all. I need to read this thread but just checking in. We have ran this trail 7 times in past years. Each year it gets a bit harder over all since its seen so much more traffic. So far the forestry has not done here what they have done to Rubicon. Few years ago one could do this on 33s with lsd and good driver. Today No one should go with out lockers and 35s min., its just to hard on axles to be spinning tires with that much gear on a jeep. T hill is steep and has big rocks. Last year we ran solo and i did pull rope(first time ever too here) to not break the jeep and not get well stupid in very remote place.. My 4.5 lift on our jk is at about 2.7 lift loaded for this trail. Towing I have the location for good parking. We tow. Shaver has some super steep roads. I would not tow to any of the main Dusy gates. Where we stage trails its about 25 ish miles to Court Right Res. shaver is half way point in this near 100 mile loop. Fuel can be an issue. I never ran out but we have had and seen those that have. Long ways out and back for fuel and parts. Do to the time of year you can count on a no fires allowed as well i would bet. Everyone needs a permit to use even a gas stove. They are free on line. Little test of your how to make camp fire that you wont get to do... I get one ever year. We just came back from Rubicon 13th-19th. Snow, wet, muddy . was a great early springs /slash last of the snow run. Hardly a sole on it. first two days we watched so many S-64s dumping rock , not countable. Must have cost hundreds of thousand of dollars. They do not do that at the Dusy. Trail was raw and as always in may/June, like heaven on earth. Here is a pic of the start of T hill its about .8 mile from here up its gets steeper rocks bigger narrows to a shelf road of boulders. From start its about 10 miles in first day from the south gate. Trails is mostly rock so its slow.
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    working on raising the rear shock mounts, under the Jeep all day with a grinder - no fun!
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    Excellent report Ryan @4x4tographer thanks for sharing with us. All those camper vans they are so cool! I've always been curious about the Flag KOA, seems like a great location. Thank you for wearing ORP swag to represent the club.
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    you'd have to take out a second mortgage to afford anything made by Snow Peak beyond their titanium spork!
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    “The Dave Ramsey” was strong with me on Saturday. I didn’t spend a dime! We were “this close” to buying a collapsible steel fire ring by Fire Binder that folded up into a 10x8x3” package. Super slick, but the 2ft diameter and $200 cost was tough to justify. I was also in love with the camp tables by Snow Peak. Super clever.
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    In the Jeep XJ there is a wiring harness for the cabin and one for the dash. I had already went through and remade cabin harness to just have the tail lights and fuel pump wires. The dash harness took quite abit longer, but I still managed to pull 3 pounds of wire out of the thing. You have to appreciate my wife putting up with me working on my wiring harness in the bedroom but its the kind of work best accompanied by a movie. I had put colored tape over everything I didn't need and remove it back to the fuse box, then pulled the fuse and clipped out the wire. Down to the basics: Did I forgot to rewire the cars horn? Yes. Unrelated I have decided to put the horn on its own circuit. The other issue I had to go after was replacing the cat. I went to Autozone to buy one and the only thing they had local was $500, ouch. I said no to that, and went with a universal 2.5 inch cat for $60 and with some help/parts from my dad, I got it welded together. It ended up leaking after I had it in so I went with some wrap to seal it up. I has a very satisfying crackle when it comes down from high revs now. Forgot to take a picture of the weld, but just imagine something shamefully bad. The fiberglass wrap gets really hard so its adds some structure and the pinhole leak is sealed up. To be honest, I expect in 3-5 years it might start leaking again, hopefully I am a better welder by then.
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    9/9 - 9/11/2022: LUCKY 13th Annual ORP Dirt Formal Gala | Dogtown Lake |near Williams, AZ | 4x4 EZ | Games & Prizes!! It’s that time of year! Join us for the LUCKY 13th annual ORP Dirt Formal Gala in the beautiful ponderosa pines of Williams, AZ. Chock full of friends, family, games, prizes, laughter and dirt – there’s fun for everyone! Stay with us at improved group site at *Dogtown Lake Campground where you can enter the salsa & dip contests, or simply sample and vote (YUM), enter the 1st ever ORP Overland Field Day and win prizes, or watch it all from the comfort of your camp chair. You don't want to miss out on this! *We navigated away from our original plan to return to the Cinders OHV this year due to the devastating Tunnel Fire. We'll be monitoring the O'Leary Campground and Cinders OHV regeneration progress and hope to return someday. But we couldn't let that hinder our plans to host an awesome weekend with our ORP fam, so we grabbed the Group Site down the road at Dogtown Lake. Check out the historic town of Williams and Route 66 Explore scenic trails in the Kaibab National Forest Fish or hike at Dogtown Lake Enter to win official Offroad Passport swag in a range of epic camp games And more! Grab the family and come spend a weekend tent or RV camping with us. Don't be that person hearing about all the great stuff you missed for the next whole year - sign up now! LOCATION Dogtown Lake, just 7 miles south of Williams, AZ | Click here for: MAP We reserved the group camp site at Dogtown Lake campground. All campsites can accommodate tents, trailers and RVs. Campground amenities include flush toilets, drinking water and garbage bins. There are no hookups or dump station at the campground. Overflow parking is also available. Campers are drawn to the area's hiking and fishing opportunities. The lake is stocked with trout, crappie and channel catfish. Visitors can enjoy a guided nature trail near the lake and a hiking trail that leads to a scenic overlook of the area from the top of nearby Davenport Hill. The calm waters are inviting for canoes, kayaks and electric motorboats. Single motors of one horsepower or less are permitted. ABOUT THE GROUP SITE The group site is Loop C in the image below, highlighted in yellow. If your RV set up is too large for the group site, we found these nearby alternatives for your consideration. Site 30 on Loop B (closest to the group site) is $88/night and can accommodate 2 RV's up to 40'. Site 3 on Loop A (across the lane from group site) is $60/night and can accommodate 1 RV up to 40'. COST Camping Fee (includes 2 night stay in group site): $60 per single vehicle $85 per vehicle pulling military style trailer / "bar-cart" $120 per vehicle pulling travel trailer, or RV, or RV pulling a vehicle MAX RV Length = 30' Camping Fees NON-Refundable after Aug 21, 2022 There are 3 Easy Options for Paying-in-Advance: 1) PayPal: Log in: Jump on to your PayPal account or app Input: Send to info@offroadpassport.com Forum Name: Include a note with your forum name and "2022 Gala" Payment Type: Choose "Friends & Family" as the payment method to avoid processing fees 2) Zelle: In your bank's app or website: Look for a Zelle option in the "Make Transfer" or "Send money" feature Send to: info@offroadpassport.com Message: Please include a note with your forum name and "2022 Gala" 3) Mail a Check: Make check payable to Offroad Passport Please indicate your forum name, 2022 Gala in the memo Mail check BEFORE August 21, 2022 to: Offroad Passport 3120 W Carefree Highway Ste 1-784 Phoenix AZ 85086-3202 If you are not able to Pay-in-Advance, please see Diane @dzJeepChic at the Gala event with cash or check Non-Campers Suggested Donation: This is ORP's annual fundraising event, and the reimbursement money from the camp site is our primary fundraising source. Non-campers can help out too by making a donation of $15/person (adult). Club & Supporting Memberships cover our absolute most basic operating costs and so we're really relying on this event to help us out. ITINERARY Will be updated as we nail down event details Friday (9/9) Arrive anytime after 2 PM, most folks show up mid afternoon. Setup your campsite. Dinner (self-prepared) and campfire social time, be sure to welcome any new faces! Saturday (9/10) Trail ride / ORP Overland Field Day Fishing or hiking at Dogtown Lake Check out Williams on your own for touristy stuff, or just hang out and relax at camp! Offroad Passport Annual Salsa and Dip Contest! Prizes, prizes, prizes! Campfire social time, visit with old friends and get to know new folks! Sunday (9/11) Leisurely break camp, bid friends adieu & head home anytime! IMPORTANT NOTES Familiarize yourself with Offroad Passport's Pet Policy Be sure to bring everything you need for meals, including to cook with. While we don't know the exact layout, the campground description mentions some common grills and tables Alcohol at camp is OK - please be responsible and respectful. ABSOLUTELY NO DRINKING & DRIVING! This is a family-friendly event! Please print, sign, and bring this form with you to the event. SATURDAY ACTIVITIES Saturday Trail Ride: TBD Difficulty: EASY. Stock high clearance vehicles should have no problem ORP Overland Field Day Team challenges testing overlanding basic skills Details and Sign up HERE (coming soon)! As much fun to watch as it is to participate Prizes for the winning team! Annual Salsa & Dip Contest: Enter your homemade salsa or dip! Back by popular demand, we are keeping the chip/veggie dip contest! Keep on ice until Saturday evening. Offroad Passport supplies the chips, but you're welcome to bring more. EVERYONE come hungry!! Enjoy the chips, salsas and dips and VOTE for the winners! The salsas and dips will compete separately - prizes for the winners! 50/50 ORP Raffle: Also back by popular demand is a 50/50 raffle! Tickets on sale Saturday afternoon/evening 1 Ticket Drawn Saturday evening - winner gets 50% of the ticket sales! Tickets: $5/Ticket | $20/5 Tickets HOW YOU CAN HELP! Bring a bundle of firewood for the community campfire pit Bring your corn hole or other lawn games to play at camp Make a donation (see "Suggested Donation" info above). ATTENDEES Interested in joining in on the fun? Drop a comment below and let us know! Please indicate your camping set up; Tent, RV, Truck/Trailer? THX! @theksmith (Camping Fee Paid In Advance) @dzJeepChic & @Number7 Truck & Tent @4x4tographer & @Yodamom RV & Jeep (Camping Fee Paid In Advance) @shellback91 Jeep & Tent @Stacey and Scott Jeep & Military Trailer @KtroubleA Jeep & Opus2 Trailer @K2man56 Truck & Travel Trailer @Mick Bowers Toyota LC & Tent @Rawhyd Jeep & Tent @Ken Ford
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    i hear there are a few really tight spots, so it will be good that i'm narrowing them a little too!
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    the OP in this thread was from 2013... and today i finally saw a tweel in the wild! the bulk trash pickup front-end-loader cruising down my street:
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    we ran across a deal for a rando chinese brand engine/tranny skid for $95 on Amazon last week. it looks just like the $200 Smittybilt one, and is surprisingly fairly beefy - should be fine for moderate trails. B installed it this afternoon and i only heard a couple curse words coming from the garage!
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    Marty, the whole family is coming to this event but we're only bringing the Tundra, not sure if you want to update the sign up list to reflect that? Right now it has both @Trail Toy & @Large_Marge on the list even though we're only bringing one rig. We don't need to bring 2 rigs considering gas prices and the trails are easy enough for the Tundra, thanks!
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    I hit the trail with Charles. We got lucky with some cloud cover. A nice day to be out with the jeeps. It's gonna get hot folks!
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    Highly recommend the cafe for a calm atmosphere, and great food in Crown King! We say go for the shrimp tacos, they were a stand out item!! This little lake/pond/reservoir was so neat for the family! Nice little offshoot next to CK. Scenic, great fishing, and can’t beat the weather with a high of 71!!!!
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    @Large_Marge and I thought about going to the expo but in the end decided not to, prices of gas, parking and admission and then the crowds made it hard to want to go. Instead we went fishing, and what an epic fishing day it was! We drove up to Horsethief Basin Lake (7 miles south southeast of Crown King) and fished for about 4.5 hours, the whole family was there along with a friend of the twins. Collectively we caught 8 bluegill and 4 bass, there were 2 times we had fish on but lost them before getting them to shore and 1 that buried itself in the weeds along the shoreline which resulted in a broken line as I attempted to pull it out. Afterwards we drove into Crown King and had lunch at MJ's Cafe which was very good!
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    Thank you for sharing your cool build and your experience! We actually used threaded insert nuts so they don’t slide out like the pronged tee nut would.
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    We were trying to figure out the best way to install the ICECO Fridge Slide to the back of our Jeep JL. Goose Gear Rear Plate System without the seat delete seems to be the best option with the least amount of work. We measured and drilled holes to install the wood inserts similar to the existing Goose Gear mounting holes for their system, but sized to work better with the ICECO Fridge Slide. It all worked out quite well, except the remaining rubber mat we left from the Mopar Cargo Tray added an extra thickness to the back passenger seats, and prevented the fridge slide to fully lock in place unless you give it a good shove. We have been using this with our overland setup for a few trips now and LOVED IT! Hope this is helpful for other Jeep owners who wants to install a fridge slide but not want to be limited to using the setup by the Goose Gear drawer system.
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    I’m not sure exactly what inserts goose gear uses but I’m going to assume you used a pronged tee nut to secure your fridge slide. Not trying to be “that guy” but I’m going to show you what I ended up doing on the DIY base board in my LJ that I used to own. This shows the slide minus the fridge. Here is a shot of the bottom of the baseboard. I installed my tee nuts in a counterbore to keep them below the face of the p,y wood. Early on one of the tee nuts dropped loose from the base board when nothing was screwed into it. Not a difficult repair but a bit time consuming. When I fixed the loose insert I bedded it in epoxy and while I was at it I embedded the rest of the nuts the same way. My issue might well have been a fluke but I thought I’d mention this to you.
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    ordered some steel to fix/re-engineer my sliders
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    Heading N on I-17 last Sunday, we passed 3 Water tankers hauling portable shower trailers. My guess, they were headed to the Expo grounds. Today, leaving Whitehorse lake, we saw 3 Jeeps w/adventure trailers headed for the lake. Williams had lots of Off road/overland vehicles on the main street.
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    Katie and I are going up to Flag for the weekend and we’ll be at the expo on Saturday - hope to see you guys there!
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    I updated the 1st post: ABOUT THE GROUP SITE The group site is Loop C in the image below, highlighted in yellow. If your RV set up is too large for the group site, we found these nearby alternatives for your consideration. Site 30 on Loop B (closest to the group site) is $88/night and can accommodate 2 RV's up to 40'. Site 3 on Loop A (across the lane from group site) is $60/night and can accommodate 1 RV up to 40'.
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    Sign me up please. I'll be sleeping in my Jeep or a tent if my wife comes along. I'll get payment over as soon as I can, may be a few weeks.
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    You know what to do! Sign @Yodamom and I up (plus the kids)! We'll have our RV. We'll get payment sent over in a bit.
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    Sorry to hear that man. Hope you have a great trip! We’ll place some extra flags for ya!
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    Was digging through the “Overland Sourcebook” magazine I picked up at Overland Expo this weekend. They have a 30% off code for Gaia Premium. Hopefully it’ll help someone out!
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    We're thinking that next time maybe we'll go up early on a Fri. or Sat. and fish, then camp overnight and fish again the next day before heading home. It's very nice up there, so peaceful (until people show up in the late morning, lol) and beautiful.
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    I have never worked with tubing like that (I'm not sure which line it is in the picture). Do you need to use cutting and flaring tools?
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    bringing this old thread back from the past since it's fire-ban season - i updated the first post with a couple newer options for propane campfires.
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    i'd like to run Terminator, or Predator, etc. as a real night run - like meetup at 8pm.
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    My rig got a name tag. I am not quite sure how I feel about the pin up girl on the ends yet. It came out crisp and legible so I am not quite sure what's bugging me about it but she aint going anywhere for now.
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    It seems like using them on dirt roads or trails would be a bad application for the concept since you could get rocks and other debris in the honeycomb holes. Course, maybe that wouldn't hurt anything?
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