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    carnage report from Rocktoberfest 2021: the new wheels got some major gouges, but the fake bead-lock rings worked very well at keeping their valve stems and rest of the wheel out of the rocks. i slid downhill and drug my driver rear Nemesis aluminum fender flare against a boulder while on the Safelite trail. it held up great though - didn't bend and didn't transfer any damage to the body. i've already filed the rough edge back smooth and touched it up. of course the rock rails and skids got scraped-up quite a bit... just doing their job though! i did come down on the driver side rail hard enough to bend the middle of the hoop though (also on Safelite). i haven't re-painted them yet, but did file/sand out the sharp gouges. the only costly damage appears to be my rear driveshaft - not sure when this happened. unfortunately it's dented at that one deep gouge, not just scratched. i'm worried about that being a weak point which could lead to it twisting during some future hardcore trail. an aftermarket shaft was already on the wishlist, but now it's top priority. happy to report no new body dings except for a couple small scrapes on the rear of the hard-top from backing into tree limbs while trying to get a different line at an obstacle on Black Inky Spring. Gadget did good - she's getting a hand-wax for a reward!
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    from Rocks and Wheels (RAW) Rocktoberfest 2021 first day (photo credit @dzJeepChic)... try from the left: try from the right: try starting over: but in the end, shame for a thousand years on myself and all my descendants:
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    Marty thanks for putting together a great trip! Also thanks to the guys who jumped in & got me back on the trail! Working on getting new links. Al
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    The gang and I just completed a 135ish mile "overland-style" run from Camp Verde to the Mogollon Rim. I must say I had a blast and I hope everyone else did as well. I got to meet 2 new members of the ORP family and catch up familiar members of the ORP family. We had a hiccup along the way and the consensus was that the recent rains have tore up these trails too. It seems to be a common theme on a lot of trails this year. I did not take a ton of pictures but will post a couple I have below. Those who attend were: @Ken Ford @Cullen McCarthy @Large_Marge @Trail Toy @mynr1 Day one had mud, lots and lots of mud, the rigs definitely got their mud baths. There was also rocks, ruts and wasps among other things. Cedar Flat Road was moderate as listed but a little more worn out and bumpy than reports from a previous run. Here's a couple of pictures from that trail. Quick stop for lunch in the shade. From Cedar Flat we ran Apache Maid east to Lake Mary Road. This section of the trail was a muddy mess for a good portion. There were mud holes of all sizes and nastiness everywhere. If you tried to avoid them there were just more waiting you some where else. I got to slippin' and sliding around more than once. We all made it through without sliding into tree's or each other. It was too much of a mess for me to get out and take pictures. The next trail we tackled was Willow Valley. Trails Offroad has this as an easy trail, we all agreed that this not accurate in the least. Once you bear right at their Waypoint 6(FR 109) this trail is pretty tore up and a high moderate in my opinion. It is really rocky and rutted out. It was slow going from here forward. This part is where @mynr1 inverted his sway bar link after hitting a nasty hole. @Trail Toy, @Ken Ford and @Cullen McCarthy jumped into action and got the link back in the right position. It was bent so they unbolted it and tied it up and got Al rolling again. Thanks guys! At the end of that trail we took Lost Eden to East Clear Creek which was uneventful until got to camp. We were too tired by the time we made camp so we dealt with the weirdness. See below for that weirdness. This poor little fellar was dead in the tree, his brother was laying decapitated not too far away. We cremated him and left this guy alone. RIP little dudes. Day two we woke up to a cool crisp 39 degrees. We broke camp leisurely because it was too cold to move any faster in my humble opinion. We headed out about 8:30 for the days adventures. These trails were all relatively easy with no major challenges along the way. We took East Clear Creek to FR 96(Part of the Cabin Loop Trail) on the way to Buck Springs Ridge, Rim Road, Battle Ground Ridge then back to Rim Road west to trails end. Along the way we got see some great fall colors and some pretty cool scenery. Rim Road is now one of my favorite areas and I will be returning there as there is a lot to do and see. Here are some dirty rigs visiting Buck Springs Cabins. These cabins are still in use today. Epic View from Buck Springs Trail and Rim Road. Battle Ground Ridge Monument.
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    It was great meeting all of you. I hope to do another run like that soon.
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    Home safe. No issues with sway bar. Thanks again guys! Marty good trip! Thx, Al
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    Got home a few mins ago, 1 hour 10 minutes later than normal as there was a semi truck fire on the I-17, so much fun sitting in the I-17 parking lot for over an hour... Great trip, nice to see new faces and familiar ones, thanks again for putting this together Marty!
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    Day 3 - Twister & Wayne's World Pics >>>> HERE Saturday October 16, 2021, we met at the Powerhouse in Kingman, and caravanned to The Black Bridge staging area where we aired down. We had a larger group this time because another group decided to join us. Still we had zero carnage or breakage, and no issues running both trails and being back to the Black Bridge by late afternoon and home before dark. Wayne @stockjeep is an excellent trail leader and kept us all moving at a comfortable pace all day. Twister is one of my favorite trails because it's easy to walk and take pictures. Wayne's World not so much.
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    Day 1 - Black Inky Spring Memorial Run Pics >>> HERE Thursday, October 14, 2021, we met at the Powerhouse in Kingman and caravanned down I-40 to the Griffith Road exit, where we aired down. Before departing for the trail we stopped at the memorial for Larry, Wes and Virginia, our friends who were killed when their rigs collided with a train there on Easter. It was a somber moment. Black Inky Spring trail has changed a great deal since the last time we ran it. There were several places where almost everybody winched. There were multiple (really unusual!) mechanical failures that day: wheel studs that sheared off, a power steering hose that ruptured, a broken pinion shaft, and then the really hit the fan. It was dark by then, and we had gone into recovery mode. Several Mohave County Search and Rescue teams had been deployed, they located us just as we made it to the main road. We had to leave the Jeep with the broken pinion shaft. Finally back on the main road on the way to air up, another Jeep suffered a seized alternator which shreaded the serpentine belt, and then the guy towing him over-heated and got a flat. It was a hell-of-a-day on the trail! We aired up at midnight and got home at 1 AM. Our trail leader Wayne @stockjeep didn't get home until 3:30. Test https://photos.app.goo.gl/7N3PHFVRE8xdyn6R6
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    George's favorite pics of Creampuff from Rocktoberfest2021
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    some more photos from @dzJeepChic of Gadget doing work at Rocktoberfest 2021:
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    the 2.5" Teraflex coil spacers that Fiona came with have been crumbling apart in the rear for some time... we just kept sweeping up the chunks from the driveway for a while Brady had Columbus Day off from school and work, so we finally had a chance to replace the spacers and factory coils with 2.5" lift Teraflex Coils that @AZRNintheJeep242 had given us (thanks Darryl!). talk about dry-rotted, sheesh... one of the front spacers was cracked, and the other was OK - no idea why those were in so much better shape than the rear. anyway, Fiona is sitting pretty on 4 new-to-her coils now, and everything else seems to be holding together... so we're ready to go flex-test to see if any additional bump-stopping or fender trimming is necessary. hopefully we'll have time next weekend to do that and then Brady can finally start wheeling her!
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    my paint restoration process is... pay someone else to do it!
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    Great to meet you too, glad you enjoyed the run. Thanks for helping out with Al's issue when it happened and at the end of the run! Your rig got a work out for sure, but performed well. I am eye balling a couple of overnighters in the future and some of the guys here may have some things coming up.
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    Thanks gents, we did enjoy ourselves. I also learned a few things about leading one of these types of runs that will help me out in the future. That view from Buck Springs Road was awesome to say the least. I was not expecting it or any of the other countless views and scenery up there. Shame on me for taking so long to get up there. I will definitely be visiting again, there is a lot to do and see.
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    Made it home. It was good to see everyone and meet @Ken Ford and @Cullen McCarthy! I'll get a trip report started as soon as I can so we can share any pictures.
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    Today is Day 4, and we had all been scheduled to run The Wedges. But we cancelled because we're tired, and kind of want to quit while we're ahead! This year's Rocktoberfest was a huge success in my opinion; they had a variety of trails to choose from everyday, and they kept the group sizes smaller than in years past. The smaller more intimate trail rides were a lot more fun. Rocks and Wheels did an excellent job of organizing and coordinating the event this year. There was even a meet & greet bbq Friday night with live music!! So Rocktoberfest 2021 is in the books, and I'm already looking forward to next year's event.
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    Day 2 - Safelite Pics >>>> HERE Friday, October 15, 2021, we met at the Powerhouse in Kingman and then caravanned east on I-40 to Blake Ranch Road and then south to the trailhead. Safelite is a very enjoyable trail with lots of obstacles that are mostly optional. Our group all opted to try the majority of the obstacles, and we were still off the trail by about 2:30. Fun trail, great group, awesome day.
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    Thanks to @Trail Toy for enduring hot metal shavings from drilling out rivets, and getting that spare tire in there just in time for the trip tomorrow!!! Adios stubborn spare tire brackets, hola 35inch spare tire!!
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    Maybe we can make a deal with Kris's guy and get a bulk discount on buffing
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    Nice to see Brady twisting wrenches on his rig. Too many kids these days don’t have any mechanical skills or at least an appreciation for those skills. Those rubber chunks laying in the floor remind me of Michigan rust falling off one of my many work beaters.
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    Absolutely beautiful trip! Exhausting in a GREAT way! This is exactly what i needed, a brain break from the corporate wheel. This weekend was the first overland trip for the family! Nice to have another truck out with us! Also cool to see a RTT (roof top tent) in action. @Cullen McCarthy had a great setup! The views were just amazing! The best across all our trips thus far! My second favorite part of the trip was at about 500am Sunday morning I opened the rear hatch to watch the morning rays bring light to the dark skies to hear the elk calling. Marilyn and I repositioned ourselves and enjoyed listening to the unique elk calling. The dogs definitely had their ears perked in curiosity! Great trip @shellback91! I GREATLY appreciate your planning and effort for this trip The company and laughs were to be remembered! Thanks for sharing so many bucket list trails @mynr1 ! I have those saved in my phone for future planning! @Ken Ford thanks for bringing underbite Louie!! What a character! Photos and videos: I didnt get many photos of day 1 as the terrain required both hands at pretty much all times and I was already traveling at the rate of a snail so...didnt need to add to the snails pace by stopping for photos and vids. https://photos.app.goo.gl/goC3FJtFaVsdEsqT6
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    Getting your diffs hung up was the problem. When some one got hung up they would just spin tires and make holes between the rocks making it even harder to find a line. Short wheel base and huge tires is the way to conquer this obstacle. I was the third Jeep on this rock garden so it was not too dug up, it took me a few attempts and then I found my line and crawled up without pulling cable.
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    Looks good! My rails have just enough space to get enough little pebbles in there to annoy me. After a weekend like this last one I will be digging those out. A wise man once said, "Mud, it's the herpes of the Jeep world", I tend to agree. My neighbors are gonna be angry when they see the mud piles on my side yard, it was EVERYWHERE! I would also like to learn @theksmith's buffing process and compare to what I do. I need to go over mine again, my method seems to hide pinstripes until I am at a certain angle which is okay. If I do not want to see them I don't stand at that angle.
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    I forgot I saw those "blue birds" Saturday & Sunday more than once. I wasn't sure what they were but they were pretty big, now I know what they are. I also noticed the Ravens/Crows are a little bigger up there, spooky bastards!
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    Little side (repair) project this weekend. My RuggedRidge RRC "sliders" are pretty flexible, in addition to being frame mounted. Any motion in the ocean from the body of the Jeep, or flexing of the sliders is causing contact between any grit, mud, and rocks unfortunate enough to be caught between. In a few places, we've worn down through the primer and to the sheet metal underneath. Initially, my project idea was to remove the sliders, lay down a coat of clear coat to prevent rust, and then add a layer of Xpel Bed Rail/Rocker Guard Film over the top of the affected area. Picked up a can of Duple-Color automotive clear coat and a roll of Xpel on The 'Zon. Laid down some painter's tape and some trash bags to mask off the area we wanted to paint. Visually, it's clear coat, so not much to show on that front. I laid down 3 coats of clear and let it dry overnight. It should take a few days to cure, based on the label. While I was waiting, I freshened up the sliders a bit with a few hits of Rustoleum Bedliner spray - they had several areas of surface rust from previous scratches. Sanded down the rust and went to town. I ended up NOT installing the Xpel film (yet). The bodywork is a little more complex than I first though, with 1 painted "overlapping" body panel (right of the above photo), and a body panel gap (left in above photo) that will take a little more finesse than I was prepared to summon this weekend. Here's the "finished look". Looks pretty much the same. I was able to adjust the rails away from the body, but if they take a big enough impact nothing will prevent it from pushing back to its original position closer to the rockers. There is about a 1" gap at the moment on both sides. The body of the JL is surprisingly not just straight lines. There are subtle curves on the rockers, rear hatch, etc... which become more noticeable when you set something straight right next to it. The next project might be to attack the 3 years of Arizona Pin-striping I've collected since I bought the Jeep! I'll have to ping theksmith and ask him about his buffing process since Gadget is always shiny! Our last exploratory run to visit the town of Packer was extremely brushy!
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    thank you for organizing/leading this and posting a trip report Marty - sounds like a great overnighter! ...and i agree with you, that portion of the Mogollon Rim is one of the best parts of AZ.
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    Great trip report and pictures @shellback91! Except for the 2 little furry lifeless critters, looks like it was a nice run, thank you for planning, executing, and reporting!
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    Good to met you too and thanks for joining us. Louie is a kick in the pants, it was good to meet him too and he is welcome anytime.
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    Made it home myself with out issues. Finished unloading the TJ an hour ago. I took the Leaf Blower and blew out the interior! The dust was ridiculous! Us older rigs didn't come with the luxury of Cabin Filters. Anyway,well worth it. I had a blast of a weekend and wanted to thank everyone for having me and Louie along. Another great weekend with great folks and great views. Thanks everyone for putting up with Louie. Hes all Bark and no bite but his under bite can be little intimidating Really appreciate @shellback91 for all the pre-work putting the trip together. Still trying to learn how to use my Nav to pre-plan myself but I'm sure it takes alot of work putting the file together. Anyway, made for a relaxed weekend on my part just following his lead without a care in world. Will be on the look out for more over night trips in the future. Was nice to meet you @cullen McCarthy, heck of a nice rig you got going for you. With 35's it should be unstoppable. @MyNr1, glad we were able to get the sway bar issue resolved. Like Cullen, I was more worried about your drive home on Highway 87 more then anything. As always, great hanging out with @Trail Toy & @Large_Marge. Apologize for not taking part in the Apples and caramel around the camp fire but to be honest, was completely exhausted and the two beers did me in. LOL. Anyway, always fun and laughs when hanging out with you two. Thanks again Everyone!
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    i was wrong - sorry to blemish your good name!
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    Cream Puff never pulled cable during the 3 days of wheeling.
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    Yes, you can make a Jeep less aerodynamic.
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    We have about 99% of everything packed and ready to go. Just a couple/few things to pack in the morning and then we hit the road for our first overlanding trip!
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    Rocktoberfest 2021 is off to a roaring start. Yesterday (day 1) we ran Black Inky Spring Memorial Run. So much carnage (breakage) we didn't get off the trail until midnight last night, home at 1 AM. Sorry kids, no pics today I needed sleep more. I'll post some as I can. Good news is @theksmith & @Number7 both came through unscathed, ready to hit it again. Today we're running Safelite. Will report & post pics soonest.
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    Wow that’s a hell of a story! Love the photos. I’m sure you guys are going to remember that run for a long time!
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    I would like to add my nameCw . this would be my first badge
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