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  1. thanks for posting - i can't make it, but that event sounds fun! seems like something @Number7 would like
  2. it's been a long time since i worked with all this, so memory is a little fuzzy on everything... are you sure the Fortin has learned the vehicle correctly? and that it can communicate with the vehicle? i think you can enable the "3 button press" remote start feature on the Fortin while keeping all your other config options the same. then use the factory remote with that 3 button press technique to ensure the Fortin can actually communicate with the vehicle and start it. if not - do the lights on the Fortin module at least change when you do that 3 button press? does it blink out an error code? if that all works correctly, then ensure the Easyguard and Fortin are talking... i.e. do the lights on the Fortin change when you try to use the Easyguard to start? does it blink out an error code then?
  3. wow! sounds like the lesson there was: if you venture off-road, you should always know a George! a few of the trails in that area really are quite rough... i once ended up on some of those trails in my XJ with a small budget lift. i had started out from Lower Sycamore and just kept exploring further and further. as it got close to dark, i didn't want to try and return the difficult way i had come, so i was trying to exit the nearest way i could find back to the 87... i ended up getting stuck on a berm trying to get off the trails at a nearby ranch. it was just after sunset and i was pretty sure i was on private land at that point, so i was getting nervous about getting shot or in some form of trouble. i didn't have a Hi-Lift, winch, SPOT or even a decent sized shovel - total noob and completely unprepared. eventually some nice farmhand dudes saw my headlights out at the edge of the field and came over in their pickup. the one thing i did have was a tow-strap, and they easily pulled me off the berm and showed me the way back out to the 87.
  4. that's my reluctant local source if i'm in a hurry. they aren't the most pleasant folks to deal with and their price for smaller materials is about the same as the total cost with shipping from many online sellers. they're probably the right place if you need very large heavy pieces though.
  5. Steve, do you have any experience with oil-free synthetic media filters such as the AEM DRYFLOW in comparison to the oil-soaked cotton style?
  6. it's RTR (ready to run), so it's all built but you'd still need a battery and charger. i could lookup what would work for those if you're really interested in getting one.
  7. i used to run those on my WJ (the JKU 6" version)... i thought they were a good value for that price range. i've always heard that the similarly priced models of Bilstiens, Rubicon Express & ProComp shocks are overly stiff.
  8. you NEED this in your life: http://www.axialracing.com/products/ax90047 you can get a new clear body for it and paint it to match your real one exactly! it's got long arms, reservoir shocks, and no roof-rack - just like yours. even the rock rails and front bumper look a lot like yours - just missing your custom rear bumper! i bet you could trim its plastic fender flares down too.
  9. they just re-opened that, nice to see it getting used - and thanks for sharing your photos!
  10. mine would leak horribly during heavy rains when it was parked in my previous steeply sloped driveway. the dealer ended up replacing the entire "header panel seal" under warranty and that mostly stopped it. now i occasionally get a few drips from the A pillars, or at the front of the B pillars. it only happens when going slow offroad and usually only on inclines - so i think it's a combination of body flex and water pooling in the channels around the Freedom Tops at low speeds. it doesn't happen often enough to be worried about right now (thanks to living in AZ)! here is the mega-manual on how to troubleshoot and fix water leaks in the JK. this is the updated longer version that includes a bunch of factory TSB's and factory repair procedures: JK_Water_Leaks_All.pdf
  11. https://www.iflyworld.com/book-now/#?tunnel=PHX&grouping=perPersonFlyers&flow=packages
  12. this is off-topic from outdoor/4x4, but it's still a destination we went to iFly Indoor Skydiving this past weekend and i have to say it was an experience worth doing! Aimee got us a family pass for Christmas after i'd been talking about wanting to do it for months. we each had a couple runs and then paid extra for the "high fly" experience on our last flight. Aimee & B were both chicken to try it at first, but ended up loving it too! here's Brady kicking ass in the tube: i doubt it's much like actual skydiving, but i don't plan on jumping out of a perfectly good airplane anytime soon! one instructor was showing off between groups - flips, spins, walking on the walks, all sorts of poses, dives, and then exited the tube with a backwards flip while hands were crossed on his shoulders! it was pretty impressive and made us want to keep going back until we get enough experience to fly solo.
  13. Heading down Bonanza Wash on Tuesday, March 9. Where the heck?! Head north on US Highway 93, get fuel in Wickenburg, then meet us at the intersection of Highway 93 and Highway 71. From there we continue to drive north on 93, towards Burro Creek. (Yes, you know - one of my favorite areas!) We'll pause in the deserted "town" of Nothing Arizona and head off trail from there. This is a short trail - 4.3 miles one way, and I have done it once before....I'd rate it moderate because there is this one section... Sign-up and more info here...
  14. sounds fun, please add me! also FYI, your photo is not showing
  15. totally interested! Roswell, Carlsbad Caverns, White Sands, and the White Sands Missile Range Museum are all great places to see along the way... however, i also noticed you mentioned that Capitol Reef National Park is along the eclipse path... Capitol Reef borders the southern end of the San Rafael Swell which is a huge overland destination and has trails ranging from easy to moderate/difficult - all quite scenic. i couldn't help but think how awesome it would be to photograph the eclipse silhouetted by these 2 formations within Capitol Reef - they are known as "Temple of the Sun" and "Temple of the Moon":
  16. This has been rescheduled to 2/20! - Gila River Loop trail from the latest Wells book, maybe with some changes/additions to their route. - the trail is rated moderate but the book says it's mostly easy, with just one stretch that is "rough, narrow & brushy with one rocky ledge to descend". it says they did it with a stock Wrangler sport. Club members: Sign-up and more info here...
  17. Brady got these for Christmas from one of his uncles, he seems to like them: https://www.mythicalmeats.com/
  18. i've been getting a ton of dust inside the rear cargo area. at first i thought the tailgate wasn't sealing at the edges correctly because i recently adjusted the latch and guide-plate... but it turned out to be the flapper vent doohickey behind the spare that lets cabin air pressure escape when you close a door. every single flap had broken off and flown away! that vent is called a "Bodyside Aperture Exhauster" - Mopar part number 5058636AD. a new one came yesterday, just need to put it in still.
  19. not a drop of rain Saturday at camp till after we all had all gone to bed, then just light sprinkles overnight. we had a roaring fire, even though it was still above 40* when we said goodnight. great folks & conversation along with some espresso moonshine thanks to @Ladybug (and my thievery at the holiday party)! it didn't start pouring till we had a good start on the trail Sunday morning, and then all the low clouds/fog and rain made for great scenery and an exciting trail ride! there were lots of breaks in the weather, we even had a Sunny lunch stop, then afterwards we had crazy heavy rain, sleet, hail, and bit of snow. there was snow still on the ground in Oracle when i passed through on my way home! all in all, a really awesome little trip!
  20. had an awesome adventure on a few trails around Mammoth, AZ this weekend! click here for all the trip photos... @johnpa was our lifestyle photographer for the weekend! and @4x4tographer got this cool shot of Gadget braving the sudden winter weather:
  21. great photos everyone! here's a few i snapped...
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