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  1. fun, educational and a little scary!
  2. Out of town right now but will get on this when I get home
  3. Welcome to the club Jim! I'm usually up for weekday runs, but will be out of town. Look forward to meeting you on the trail sometime soon though! Any mods to your Bronco yet?
  4. i was getting moisture in one of the Rigid Ignite units i use as ditch lights... emailed them and made a claim under their lifetime warranty which was easy-peasy - they even sent me out an entire new set instead of just one light!
  5. thanks Sarah @Bradywgn71 for these great shots of Gadget and myself from the UT trip! and also thank you Ryan @4x4tographer for these stellar photos!
  6. damn Trailer Queen! ;)
  7. absolutely excellent videos @4x4tographer and @J2DXPLR - thank you for sharing! Jacq, i really like that handheld perspective as you looked toward the edge while walking over the little washout area that has been repaired.
  8. some shots of Gadget from Hole in the Rock - more trip photos here...
  9. great photos everyone! thank you for posting them. i only have few to add, i was mostly busy looking for the trail ;) coming into Camp Verde on the way up. stopped for a snack at the tiny Native American ruins just before Hall's Crossing. just starting to head in on the trail towards the Giant Washout on Thursday afternoon. nearby storms were already visible early Friday. just tiny Jeeps in a vast barren landscape. Friday night we stayed at "Frenchie's Camp". all the crazy weather did make for more interesting photos. impending doom coming from behind camp. the forecast called for a 1/2" of rain on Saturday - i think we got all of that in a couple hours. we sat halfway up the climb to Grey Mesa at "Dugway Camp" for the 2 hour delay-of-game. multiple waterfalls formed right before our eyes. some of us walked up higher on the trail to scope it out while we waited. back at camp, some lichen for @Lichen! Sunday morning the moon hung out over camp with clear skies just in time for us to leave!
  10. i like how far the sidewall lugs come in - for both the aesthetic and potential extra grip.
  11. what brand/model is that little guy?
  12. nice, still a step up from the current ones!
  13. great flex shot! what size are the Grapplers?
  14. welcome to the site Jim! looking forward to seeing your future posts on what all you find while exploring NV and CA! good luck with your rig mods, keep us updated on the changes - maybe start a build thread in the "Your Rig!" area...
  15. from some trails in the newly re-opened St. Clair area near Bartlett...
  16. FR42 is finally re-open! First time since 2005! Click here for details & to RSVP... Note this is an Offroad Passport Club members-only event. View membership options → (photo credit: TRAL)
  17. @johnpa, did you move? is that you driving this bus? @mynr1
  18. Brady and i took Gadget and his yet-to-be-named rig out this weekend:
  19. we did a quick little run on some trails out near Lake Pleasant this weekend. B doesn't have disconnects yet so had to keep it easy rated...
  20. P0430 was coming back pretty often. i installed 2 new NTK brand (seems to be who makes the OEM ones) O2 sensors on bank 2 (driver side). have fingers crossed. P0369 came back once more, again during an extended 80MPH freeway drive. it really sucks suddenly going into limp mode until i can get off the freeway and turn the Jeep off and back on again! i've since replaced the camshaft position sensor on the passenger side and swapped the intake/exhaust cam phaser actuators there to see if the problem follows one of them. waiting again now to see what happens. otherwise Gadget is good and has been taking me out to the desert often to enjoy this nice weather!
  21. good to hear from you MIchael! make the switch to GMRS, you won't regret it. do you have a link to the T-bolt clamps you like? i prefer the OEM spring clamps on cooling system hoses. however, the large couplers in my K&N snorkel/intake use worm-drive and i'd like to switch them to T-bolt style at some point.
  22. for @4x4tographer with his honey & peanut butter trail sammiches...
  23. i'm pretty sure my coolant temperature spike issue is solved. i had a no-name coolant temp sensor and swapped it for a genuine Mopar one about a week ago. since then the random temp spikes peak at 222* instead of 230*. she will still reach 230* under a load as expected (before the fan kicks into high and cools her down). but she no longer gets there with just casual street driving. i'm pretty sure that off-brand sensor was simply reading too high. so why did i have some crappy sensor even? well apparently i got an older head in the reman, which had a larger hole for the coolant temp sensor (than my original engine). the 2 variations of sensors have the same electrical connectors, just the older heads used one with a larger diameter threaded body. that style happens to be the same as the oil temp sensor used in the oil cooler housing on every year. i had the off-brand sensor in my box of parts because i had removed it from the aftermarket aluminum oil cooler that i installed a few months ago (in favor of a Mopar one). so then i had used it as i just wanted to get the engine fired up as quickly as possible. i had planned to replace that no-name sensor right away but ended up forgetting about it for a while!
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