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  1. count me in! @Heklathejlu you can borrow my handheld ham radio to listen in and transmit if there's an emergency
  2. random updates... last month i ran across another lil' dude while exploring more around Lake Pleasant: @defectivemonk was visiting us for Thanksgiving so we drove up House Mountain (near Sedona) on Saturday before this latest snow completely melted: i needed to catch up on some Jeep maintenance and projects so i was up early this morning installing speed bleeders and flushing Gadget's brake system. here's a stock bleed screw on the right and the gold one is a speed bleeder. they're basically just bleed screws with a one-way check valve inside, but they make things so easy when you're by yourself. flushing out the old fluid: new stuff starting to come through: i don't think color alone is supposed to be a good indicator of anything - i'm flushing based on mileage. still, it's just satisfying to see new clean stuff! Gadget also had a check-engine light last week with DTC P0013. it cleared itself the next day, but showed up again this morning. the code is for the oil solenoid that controls timing on the exhaust cam in the passenger-side head (VVT solenoid). i found that the electrical connectors on both solenoids for that head weren't clicked on all the way so i'm hoping that was the only problem. the MIL did clear itself again not long after i pushed them on correctly. otherwise, it's most likely just a bad solenoid which is simple to replace (and should also be covered under my extended warranty). this video shows what/where they are, which head is "Bank 1", and which solenoid is the "B/exhaust" one:
  3. let's ask @K7VZ - Virgil you still alive?
  4. CANCELED - I really wanted to do this run, but since there's currently a flash flood watch, i think it's best to cancel.
  5. FYI, the trip is still on for sure if there's some rain. it's mostly sand, so no worries of major mud. however, if it's pure flood level raining, then we'll cancel since it is in washes.
  6. no, he scampered away as quick as he came over - him and his brother were playing around all wild just like when our cats get crazy
  7. i explored more around this old homestead out near Lake Pleasant on Sunday. it's set down in a beautiful remote canyon. there are several seeps in the canyon walls nearby. and a tiny deposit of some sort of crystal-like mineral on one wall. some neat old vehicles. this big dump rig is forever stuck in the sand. these 2 little guys were running around the canyon like a couple of rambunctious puppies. the smallest one came over to see what i was up to. the whole place has a spooky vibe to it though... i was imagining a small happy family living here. one day their little girl accidentally broke this mirror while playing, bringing the whole family horrible luck and tragedy for 7 years... ...maybe the mine claim behind their house dried up. then one night the whole canyon flooded, washing away their livestock and most of their possessions... ...the little girl could have caught pneumonia and of course they couldn't get their old van running to get out to a doctor in time, so she passed away... ...after a few more hard years, the mom would have left for the city to escape the rough life and painful memories... ...and that's when the dad would have lost all hope. maybe this knocked-over chair under the tree out front was where his story ended.
  8. looks like nice stuff, thanks for posting!
  9. looks great, but i think it could use more cowbell
  10. that place is fun, only theme park i liked as an adult!
  11. like gearhead said, the Kenwood, Yaesu, or ICOM are all top radios. i went with a Kenwood V71A many years ago and haven't had any problems with it at all. I bought it for the remote-mountable faceplate and it was easy to hook up external GPS & TNC module to get it to do APRS. i accidentally fried my APRS module one time and never replaced it. since no-one else hardly ran APRS it was kind of useless (and since I have a SPOT messenger already). my Kenwood is a little long in the tooth though, i'd probably buy a newer Yaesu if i was starting over today (some have everything for APRS built-in and other modern fancy features), or i might would roll the dice on the off-brand TYT-9800... ...those cheap brands like Baofeng or TYT can usually also transmit on the GMRS frequencies (if they are dual band), which isn't strictly exactly legal. but, GMRS is becoming really popular since the changes to its regulations a year or 2 ago and having a CB, ham, and GMRS radios all mounted can be a PITA. the Kenwood i mentioned and some of the popular Yaesu dual-banders can have their circuit boards modified easily to transmit in the GMRS frequencies - again, grey area legally, but practically speaking no-one can really tell on the receiving end. whatever you get, it'll probably have too many functions to ever remember them all - so i highly recommend one of the Nifty mini-manuals which they make for several of the most popular brands/models.
  12. last night i went on a short run from New River to the Table Mesa area with a Facebook group and @Bradywgn71 & @kaspily, thanks for the photos Sarah!
  13. i really like this explanation of the whole "overland" thing right at the start of the article: "Overlanding is a trendy subculture of the off-road scene right now. People have been loading up 4x4s with adventure gear and heading out into the horizon for a lot longer than Instagram has been around, though. The idea is basically that you go car camping, but to really epic spots, and to do that you need an off-road vehicle with life-supporting accessories (cooking stuff, water, beer, maybe a sunshade) to be your home for days, or weeks or... years."
  14. Great article on Jalopnik about creating a reasonable overland rig: How I Made My Cheap SUV Perfect For Sleeping, Camping, And Off-Roading
  15. CANCELED due to flash flood watch Join me for a Black Friday fun run in the low desert to see a couple mines with plenty of equipment and other junk still there! Itinerary: Meet at 9:30 AM at the McDonald's in Florence (across from the Giant gas station): Map here... We should be airing up by mid afternoon, it all depends on how long we sight see at the mines. Trail conditions/rating: Mostly easy trails but with a few moderate spots where you'll need 4x4 low range and good clearance (off-camber ruts, short steep hills, soft sandy washes). A stock Wrangler or Tacoma with A/T tires would probably be ok but most other vehicles should have A/T or M/T tires and at least a small lift and no low-hanging running boards or other such BS. At least one suitable tow-point is required. Skid-plates on anything important are always recommended. A CB or ham radio would be nice. Sway bar disconnects and airing down is highly recommended! Other important info: Bring a lunch and plenty of water! Don't forget your chair and a camera. Limited 8 rigs max due to limited parking space at mines, after that we'll add you to the standby list. Attending: theksmith (leading) Number7 & dzJeepChic lofreqjeff CAVU2 Eugene johnpa Grunt mynr1 On standby: Just reply to this thread to sign-up or with any questions!
  16. last week i had the dealer change the front brakes and give me some new wiper blades under the MPP extended warranty (it covers replacing a few wearable items one time). then i did the rear brakes myself over the weekend. found 2 of the guide clips broken - one was wedged in sideways and dragging on the rotor a bit - so that's what that squealing was! i also asked that ole Airpark Jeep to look at a couple other noises that are concerning me but they couldn't replicate them because they are ass-hats and didn't really try! that's Airpark Dodge Chrysler Jeep and they always suck. man i really hate having to deal with Airpark Dodge Chrysler Jeep in Scottsdale, AZ. they are the worst new car dealer and Jeep service department ever. if you're anywhere near Scottsdale Arizona, be sure to run away screaming from the Airpark Dodge Chrysler Jeep car lot. that's my terrible negative review of Airpark Dodge Chrysler Jeep in North Scottsdale. again, do NOT buy your next Jeep Wrangler or Jeep Gladiator from that Jeep dealership. ok, i'm done baiting the search engines, but seriously: a big F.U. to the Airpark Dodge Chrysler Jeep dealership and their shady management. for other minor updates: i replaced some wire loom in the engine bay that was falling apart as well as my underhood light strip which had a few dead LEDs. greased everything and then did a little exploring Sunday afternoon near hwy 74. oh, and laid under the rig for a while looking at how to potentially mount a water tank... OBHS (on-board-hot-shower) for Gadget coming soon i think!
  17. this article on Popular Mechanics outlines the basics for capturing orbiting craft, such as the the International Space Station. don't get too excited, this is the sort of image they're after (from spaceweathergaller.com) i'm wondering if @4x4tographer or any other members here have managed to snag a photo of the ISS?
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