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  1. made me think of Clifford's many unlabeled switches....
  2. great shot of Gadget from the Dirt Gala thanks to @4x4tographer:
  3. i didn't record one, but we just did forest road 142 from the 87 back to the 260 - along with and unplanned jaunt down the 142F spur road to a little peninsula giving us a nice overlook into West Clear Creek.
  4. chillin' and snackin': these taste better than the piles of bigger brown berries over by the trees: the RV crowd and main party spot: tent campers, and @johnpa's ground nesting area: roaming gangs of feral children: happy campers with fancy beers ( @KtroubleA ) spur of the moment side road to overlook West Clear Creek: always make em' laugh during the selfie ( @GRUNT )
  5. Gadget's all by herself out in the field saving the spot while i sit in the shade...
  6. Camp location is confirmed! Get directions using the Google Maps link in the first post of this thread and that will bring you right to me. Plenty of room for everyone!
  7. here's more info about how that happened... the last i heard from some FB updates, the young lady is partially paralyzed.
  8. Everyone be sure to check this thread for confirmation of the campsite location on Thursday morning. I'm going up tomorrow night to verify/claim the spot. FYI, you can use Strawberry, AZ weather as a gauge (same elevation and general area). Currently expecting around 70* for a high and 49* for the low - i.e. perfect camping weather!
  9. Yes, french-kissing the children is prohibited - sheesh Marcus, I thought that was a given. In all seriousness, we definitely don't want any of our events to be source of spreading an illness - COVID or otherwise! Considering we'll be outdoors in open air, and a relatively small group... I think most folks are good with just not touching (not shaking hands, hugging, etc.), washing hands often, and not getting right up in each other's personal space. We do need to be mindful about sharing food, and adults should take extra care to watch how their kids interact (not sharing toys, etc.) We're confident everyone here can follow best practices for the setting and be respectful of other individual/family's wishes. If anyone doesn't want other folks to get any closer to them than 6 ft, then they just need to say so. If anyone chooses to wear a mask they are welcome to. It should go without saying, but if anyone has any symptoms of an illness or has any reason to think they may have come in contact with someone that is sick, please do not attend.
  10. it's 1 week till the Gala for most of you (a few of us are going up early)... man, oh man, i'm excited! couple things... looks like we're still going to be on fire restrictions - i'll bring a propane powered camp-fire and G & D and myself will bring a full-size tank each. we could probably use a couple more propane fire-rings and full-size tanks if anyone can help with that. we could also really use some extra tables and EZ-ups (to display jack-o-lanterns, for the salsa contest, etc.). thanks in advance - can't wait to see you all!
  11. Ever been stalked by a cougar? I don't mean in a Scottsdale nightclub... anyway, just check out this hiker's crazy video: https://unofficialnetworks.com/2020/10/12/wild-footage-of-a-cougar-following-and-charging-a-hiker/
  12. welcome to the site - hope to see you at the Gala! please be at camp by 9am if you want to go on the little trail ride. the Salsa contest and games are in the afternoon, so there's plenty of fun to be had either way! have fun breaking in your new gears next week .
  13. We got a cool prize for the pumpkin carving contest now instead of the originally planned t-shirt!! It's a surprise, but I can tell you that part of it lights up and another part of it is edible and looks yummy!
  14. i made the mistake of using a random chinese brand of faucet supply lines for the hoses that connect my heat exchanger into the system, and they started leaking recently so i replaced them with new hoses from Lowe's. the chinese ones had natural colored seals inside which seem to have just melted away. i'll just have to see how the black rubber in the new ones holds up to the heat. if these deteriorate too, then i'll just switch to barbed adapters and hose clamps. here's an end that was connected to the heat exchanger, the seal is completely gone: the seal in the other end was starting to come apart as well:
  15. 30k miles!?!?!? you need to get out more!
  16. turned out the the whole tailgate was jostling around on harsh bumps. i just needed to make a slight adjustment to the plastic glide-plate that's next to the striker and all good again!
  17. changed oil & filter, washed air filter, new cabin air filters, and greased all the things! oh, and got a rotate & balance a few days ago too. ...let's wheel!
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