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  1. Gulp! That would have been the scariest night! I'm glad you guys are alright!
  2. Hey Jack! I recognized your YJ as soon as I saw it in the pics. Go great that you found the group and hooked up yesterday! I wish I could've been there, I would have liked to have visited with you. It's great to hear you might get out with the gang again in the near future, sweet! ~Diane
  3. I don't go anywhere on dirt without disconnecting first. Even if I'm to lazy to air-down (especially if I'm too lazy to air-down), I always disconnect to smooth out the ride.
  4. Except for that one time on Woodcutter's Pass, but she did just great!
  5. I'm not even sure why this made me laugh but it did.
  6. Pretty cool, right? Love seeing our very our very own @ob1jeeper & @Ladybug! Plus, a friend of ours, Chris Collard, was the guy driving the Jeep and was G & my host at Sierra Trek, when we went; nice guy!
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