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  1. Awesome tires on rocks and streets wet or dry. Great choice, and I think they're going to look bada$$. (Gosh tires went up fast! We got a set of KO2's earlier this summer for ~$250 ea.)
  2. The Bullhead 4 Wheelers have an annual event coming up in Parker. George and I have never been, but we know that these trails are rated difficult. Posting this in case there's any interest, maybe we can get a few of us going together. Nov 3rd - Nov 6th Start times are below in description. "VEHICLE REQUIREMENTS" • Requirement 35 " Preferred 37" Tires • High Clearance • Front and Rear Lockers • Rock Sliders • Front Winch and Recovery Points • (POSSIBLE BODY DAMAGE) THESE ARE SOME OF THE TRAILS WE'LL BE RUNNING DOWN IN PARKER - Truman's Revenge, Rio Lobo's, President's Choice - 3 Slabs, True Grit, Duchess, . - Snakebite, Jbs Revenge - The Duke, Deliverance, Five Falls, Desert Bar We'll be meeting at La Paz county park at 8:30 am. Or you can meet us at Cienega Springs Rd off the 95 Hwy at 9:00 am On Cienega Springs Rd there's parking about 500 yd on the left hand side and that's where we'll meet. A lot of us are dry camping at La Paz county park and some are staying in Hotels/Airbnb. There are other campgrounds you can stay at as well like Buckskin or Pirates Den which you may have to reserve.
  3. Happy Birthday WJChris!!! XOXO! ~D
  4. The reason I haven't said anything all week is because I didn't want to jinx us. I'm thinking of changing his name to ClifFord because, duh! Here is a ClifFord update: Sunday: @Number7 G was able to catch up with @stockjeep when we got home from the Gala. He was so kind as to press these axle bearings for us even though he was getting ready to leave for Sand Hollow the next day. Wayne!! Monday: G got it all back together & filled it up. Drove around Valle Vista Tuesday: Axle appeared to be fine. We drove ClifFord to Kingman and back for food. Wednesday: We could see a small speck of oil on the retainer plate on 1 side, most likely residual from the install. G washed everything so we can keep an eye on it. Thursday (today): No leak detected! I/we think we're a done deal!!
  5. I should have this made into a t-shirt
  6. until
    It's time for Offroad Passport's Annual Holiday party after the Holidays! Join us for an easy trail ride and big time fun with your Offroad Passport friends! We'll be grilling burgers & dogs for a potluck lunch, plus there's the infamous cut-throat white elephant gift game, kids gift exchange, and the annual cookie contest (and judging, yummy)! We're at a new location again this year with an easy desert trail ride to see some neat mining ruins before the party starts! Open to Everyone: Details and sign-up thread here...
  7. 1/7/2023: 13th Annual Holiday Party Trail Ride BBQ Gift Exchange Cookie Contest: near Nothing, AZ: 4x4 Easy It's time for Offroad Passport's Annual Holiday party after the Holidays! Join us for an easy trail ride and big time fun with your Offroad Passport friends! We'll be grilling burgers & dogs for a potluck lunch, plus there's the infamous cut-throat white elephant gift game, kids gift exchange, and the annual cookie contest (and judging, yummy)! We're returning to Nothing, AZ again this year, with an easy desert trail ride to see some neat mining ruins before the party starts! Meet-up: 9:30 AM at Nothing, AZ (an hour north-west of Wickenburg). Map link here... Note there's literally nothing there (just a dirt pull-out), so fuel up & stock up on the way (in Wickenburg for most of you). Trail Info: Easy 4x4 trail with a couple small obstacles (see here for more info...). A high clearance street-legal 4x4 is required. We'll run the trail to visit some mining ruins and then head back out closer to Nothing for the actual party. We should be airing up back at Nothing by mid-afternoon. Other Important Info: Sorry, No Pets! With the large group, mingling, food, fire, grilling, and eating, this event is not suitable for pets. Please leave your dogs/cats/falcons/etc. at home this time! This is a Potluck event! Please see the sign-up list below and let us know what you can contribute. Subject to cancellation or postponement due to rain. CB channel 4, or GMRS channel 17 (462.600 Mhz), or ham simplex 146.460 Mhz Bring a White Elephant Gift! Bring a wrapped gift to participate! $20 suggested gift value. 4x4 or outdoor/travel related gifts, or just something fun, but please bring something you'd actually love to win!! Take a number for each gift you bring. The highest number goes first by opening any present. The next highest number may steal the first gift or open another one and so on until all the gifts are open. A gift may be stolen no more than 1 time per round, and is completely frozen on its 3rd owner (i.e. after its 2nd steal). Kids Gift Exchange: Please let us know the number of children you are bringing and their ages! Bring 1 wrapped gift for each child you bring (let us know the ages when you sign up). Try to bring a somewhat age/gender neutral gift that costs around $10. Adults will randomly number the gifts, and put all the numbers in a hat. Kids will each draw a number to see which gift they get. No stealing or anything, just a fun surprise gift. Trading is allowed after all the gifts are open, if any of them want to. Enter the Cookie Baking Contest! Bring your homemade cookies! Everyone gather to eat cookies and cast votes NOM NOM NOM!! The cookie with the most votes wins a NEW Offroad Passport T-Shirt! Potluck Sign-up: When you sign up, please let us know what potluck item you'll be bringing. Suggested foods listed below. Remember, ORP brings the burgers and hot dogs, and there's no dessert category because the Cookie Baking Contest covers that! Hamburgers & Hotdogs, A Grill, Charcoal & Lighter Fluid: - Provided by Team Offroad Passport Potluck Items Needed Hamburger Buns & Hotdog Buns: @shellback91 Hotdog Buns Condiments (Ketchup, mustard, relish, mayo, lettuce, tomatoes, onions, etc.): Cheese for the Hamburgers: Sides/Salads/Appetizers: @4x4tographer & @Yodamom Chips, etc.: @shellback91 Milk to go with cookies (duh): Soft Drinks: Ice: Paper Plates, Plastic Cutlery, Napkins, etc.: Bottled Water: @Curly Trash Bags: Tables: @4x4tographer @Curly @MzPriss EZ-Ups: @4x4tographer @Curly @MzPriss Comment in this thread to let us know you are attending: @Number7 & @dzJeepChic (Leaders) @theksmith (Leaders) @4x4tographer & @Yodamom + 2 kids @Curly @shellback91 @MzPriss . . . . . . . . . .
  8. I started a picture thread and did a little wrap up of the winners and such. If anyone wants to share the photos you took please do it in this thread: September 2022 ORP Annual Gala Pictures Thread Thanks!
  9. The 13th Annual ORP event at Dogtown Lake (near Williams, AZ) was a huge success! We filled the group site there nearly to capacity, and it was a little 'cozy' but everybody seemed to be pretty comfortable. The two major complications were the abundance of mosquitoes, and the amazing downpour Saturday afternoon. Other than that everybody seemed to have a great time! I was so immersed in the experience that I forgot to take pictures, so I borrowed the ones below from Ann Marie aka @Riddler. Please post your pics in this thread to share with the group!! We want to thank all twenty-nine of you who came out to the event - you're why this group is so awesome! Special thanks to Ann Marie aka @Riddlerfor organizing the salsa contest! Special thanks also to Michelle aka @Yodamom for help with the 50/50 Raffle and T-shirt sales. There is no way I could do everything, so I really appreciate it! Salsa & Dip Contest 2022 We had a fine selection of salsas and dips to sample at the contest this year. They were all so delicious it was seriously difficult to decide which one was best. I had to go back and fill my plate 3 times! Congrats to both winners of the Salsa/Dip Contest who each won a new design OPR T-shirt. The Dip Contest winner this year was Andrea aka @andimac, winning with an amazing smoked cheese dip. The Salsa Contest winner this year was Doyle aka @Riddler with a tomato based salsa. Although he says he changes it up every year, he now reigns as king of the salsas for several years running!! Here he is sporting last year's contest prize: OOFD - ORP Overland Field Day Saturday morning @4x4tographer lead a trail ride enjoyed by many of the campers! They got back at about noon and everybody at lunch in their individual camps. And then, about the time we were going to start the inaugural OOFD games, we had an utter downpour! By the time it passed enough for folks to move around without getting wet it was too late for the games. 50/50 Raffle This year's 50/50 Raffle netted $142.00 to the club, and $142.00 to winners @Bradywgn71! Congrats guys! And thanks everyone who participated! ORP Trail Leader Appreciation Awards At the awards/announcements ceremony we gave away several of these badges as a way for us founders to say 'Thank You' to these members who generously and regularly lead trails and contribute to the function of the club. We are super appreciative of all your contributions here @4x4tographer, @gearhead, @shellback91, @WILL E, @SonoranWanderer, @Ladybug!! If you weren't able to attend the gala, your badge will be in the mail to you soon! (FYI no I didn't grow my nails out green, that's the person who made the badges manicure! ) Go ahead and post your pics!!
  10. Home safe and sound after a fuuuuunnnn weekend! Sorry about the rain and the mosquitos, I didn't know about that part when I booked it. I had a lump on my forehead when I got up this morning and I thought I must have bumped my head, but wrong; it's a cluster of mosquito bites. Like a little mosquito buffet line on my face. Updates about winners, etc. later!!
  11. We got new spacer rings from Teraflex, g cut the old bearings off, put the rings on, put the new bearings on, and now we're just waiting to find a press we can use.
  12. The campground managing company called me with some important information, so I made a couple updates to the 1st post: Campground amenities include vault toilets, water and garbage bins. (Original post stated flush toilets) FYI the spigots in the campground don't work right now, but there is a large tank of water where you can fill up a container to use in camp. Firewood is available for sale at the camp host. Proceeds benefit Dogtown Lake, a non-profit.
  13. Ryan @4x4tographer has graciously volunteered to lead the trail ride Saturday morning at the gala. All you need to do is just show up at 9AM ready to roll! Here's his agenda: Meet up/line-up at 9am and air down Aim to depart by 9:15ish Goal is to be back to camp by lunchtime Trail rating is easy - any high clearance, 4x4 should find it easy Short 31 mile loop on primarily gravel forest service and fire roads Primary point of interest is the summit of Bill Williams Mountain where we're have endless view from over 9,000 ft On our way back to camp we'll do a brief jaunt on some unmaintained dirt roads (up FR14 and FR48) We'll hit Bill Williams first, if we spend too much time up there enjoying the sites, we'll just head back to camp the way we came on the main roads. Route: https://www.gaiagps.com/public/gl1WgZTsFblqfYpjScGRWoCY
  14. I think that's the point. He needs more money because of the Jeep.
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