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  1. Hi Frank! Nice Jeep! Friends of mine who have WJ's absolutely love them. Glad to see you're back out on the trails!
  2. I love this! Thanks OB!
  3. What a cool trip! Awesome pictures as usual Ryan, actually I'm very impressed. Thanks for the write up too!
  4. Home safe and sound. It was so much fun to see everyone and catch up. The salsa/dip contest was DELICIOUS!! The gala game was fun. Campfire time was just a blast. Thank you @theksmith for organizing a fun event.
  5. Killer photo of @theksmith in Gadget Jeep on the White Line obstacle, @SonoranWanderer.
  6. Hey @Franky, do you still want that winch mount for your sxs? If you still want it we'll bring it for when you swing by. Let me know
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