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  1. David, are there any photos of it set up for folks to see? I tried to find some on the web but couldn't.
  2. Thank you everyone for the kind words! We're going to be seen here and there at ORP events and adventures whenever we can, so we'll still be around at least for a while. I'll post our travel pics here to share with the group, and of course I'll be viewing all you your amazing adventure photos here. @Number7 is still leading the Baja trip this spring, and we're still planning on running the Ducey this August and attending the Dirt Formal Gala this year. So like @theksmith said, for all intents and purposes, everything here is remaining the same. We love our ORP Family!!
  3. @Number7 is making progress on the winch installation on the Smurftruck.
  4. Thanks Wayne!! The trips were so much fun, and our absolute pleasure.
  5. For the last several years George and I have found ourselves yearning to spend more time at the beach. After moving to Kingman, the wish turned more into our constant focus, to the point that we're planning to move to Mexico within the next year or so, to invent a beach-bum lifestyle for ourselves. Obviously, numerous logistic issues arise in terms of our ORP responsibilities when considering an international move, and under these circumstances George and I can't devote the kind of time and energy that we feel ORP deserves. While it was a very difficult and emotionally bittersweet decision, we've sold our interest in Offroad Passport to Kristoffer, and we're confident that he will carry on the vision of ORP we all three always shared. Offroad Passport is the most worthwhile thing that either George or I have ever done. It's gone from the idea of 3 wheeling buddies into a thriving community of helpful and considerate adventure-minded folks. Considering the places that we traveled to, the things that we saw, the experiences we experienced, the people we met, and the friends we made; this turned out way beyond any of our wildest imaginations back in the day. And thankfully us 3 original wheeling buddies remain friends today, even as we go through life changes. We're super enthusiastic for the future of the club and will still be members, attending adventures and events as time/travel allows.
  6. Oh, the sounds that have been coming from the garage! George @Number7 is mocking up the winch installation in the front bumper.
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