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  1. We're running Mud Springs trail, but only going as far as 'the big hill' where we'll break for lunch and anybody who wants to challenge themselves can go up 'the big hill' and back down again. Then we'll head back. It'll still be a full day of fun wheeling and gorgeous scenery. Bit of Trivia: Back in the day when the Offroad Passport team were noob's, 'the big hill' was as far as we ever got on the Mud Springs Trail, so in a sense it was the end of the trail for us then. Meet-up: 8:30 AM - Depart for trail 8:45 AM (or when everyone is ready) Baja gas station (Chevron) on Hwy 87 and Fort McDowell Rd: MAP Additional Info: No permit is required for this trip. CB Channel: 4 Ham Frequency: 146.46 Driver Requirement: This trail is for experienced 4x4 enthusiasts only. Vehicle Minimums: All vehicles are required to meet state legal requirements, (i.e.: current registration and insurance) Have functional seat-belts for each occupant Each vehicle must have a CB Radio or a Ham Radio in good working order Must have suitable recovery points front and rear High-clearance 4x4's with some lift and a low-range 33"+ aggressive all-terrain or mud-terrain tires Full skid plate protection & rock rails required A locker is highly recommended Vehicle Recommendations: Low axle gearing, upgraded axle shafts, 4:1 transfer case, 33"+ tires, custom roll-cage. CB Channel: 4 Ham Frequency: 146.46 MHz Trail Leaders: @Number7 & @dzJeepChic @theksmith Attending: @scottL Post to this thread that you'd like to go and we'll add you to the roster.
  2. @GRUNT I've never been there so I can't say the spot you picked for sure will fit a truck & car hauler, but there is plenty of room on the site, even it if doesn't fit in your space. So that is a YES!
  3. Hey @capsul, sorry but you got booted. Let me know if you want to claim a different camp site. Remember you guys, it's not 'officially' reserved until we get the $$, so as we get closer to the date, you could get bumped.
  4. I think that's the trail we took from Wikieup to Yucca a year or two ago. Def not used very much anymore, for shore. Glad you & Gadget came out unscathed. Pretty pictures and great report!
  5. I agree @Surfy, your pictures are beautiful! Thanks for sharing them.
  6. I really enjoyed watching your demo of Gadget's modifications! Your walk-around was definitely most engaging, and the mods are the most cleaver and functional. You did a great job on all the work, and on the video you entered. Kudos K!!
  7. @theksmith yeah, going through a mental list of trails around there I guessed it. I thought either Dupont Cabin or the asbestos mine trail (forgot the name) we went to. Okay, I'll find a picture.
  8. @theksmith Yes! I thought the picture was so obvious. It's from the Welcome AORC run we did. Your turn.
  9. @Lichen nope. Think local but way east.
  10. @Number7 nice try but WRONG. @theksmith, no it's in AZ.
  11. I just read (almost) this whole thread. This was fun when we were doing it. Anybody want to play? Name this trail:
  12. Hey everyone, I've added new choices to the Poll. A wine tasting tour with Eugene, and House Mountain trail with Curly. Thanks to both of you for offering to lead these!!
  13. @Curly Tell me which one, and I'll add it to the poll to see if there's interest.
  14. @Curly Those are also good ideas. Would you be interested in leading an alternate trail? I've never been to the Honakai Ruins, or Outlaw Trail, so I'd still like to do them even if it's touristy.
  15. As in, 'You picked a fine time to leave me loose wheel'? What happened to Al's wheel?
  16. @gouacats okay cool! I'll put you on the attending list, and you can choose your spot later. Any of them would fit a rig with little trailer.
  17. I think there is still mud on Clifford from that time we went to the Maze with your Mom, @theksmith. I hate it too!
  18. Nice! You just inspired me to google camera shortcuts for my phone. My volume key operates the shutter too, which means I don't need 2 hands to take pictures with it after all. Yeah! It's a game changer!
  19. Weird weather yesterday! I was partly cloudy all morning and rained pretty hard as we were on our way back to air up. It was fun none-the-less to get out of here and go wheeling. Here is a link to all my pictures: Diane's Pictures G doing a 'Saturday Night Fever' move End of the trail for us. This is as far as we got on Ajax.
  20. Hey @CAVU2 I hope you don't mind, I moved your pictures and videos to a separate pictures thread. I sure appreciate you taking the time to post them, people love to look at that stuff!!
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