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  1. I actually realized that after I posted it, but I thought the folks around here would still see the humor because just go into *ANY* auto parts store these days and ask a simple question.
  2. WTB: Jeep TJ Rubicon w/ manual trans, hard top, cold factory A/C, less than 100K miles in excellent condition and NO rust. If anybody knows anybody selling their grandpa's garaged-kept Jeep hit me up!
  3. @shellback91 for #2 Drink a big glass of water, put a few rocks of salt in your mouth and let them dissolve slowly. You'd be amazed at how well this works. I carry some of that Pink Himalayan salt with me now.
  4. X2 what K said, wow! Great pics Stacey!
  5. My favorite tires because of you & your annual tire purge. Seriously the best tires, though.
  6. Amazing!!! Thanks for posting!!!
  7. @J2DXPLR awesome video you guys. The drone footage is amazing!!! I enjoyed that you captured the utter vastness of the area.
  8. I forgot to mention how impressed I am with the radio's y'all are using, and how Kristoffer was able to spot talking into a handheld. What a great set up, regardless of rain, but especially in the rain! While watching Ry's video I could hear K over his radio, meaning everyone could hear him over their radios, and it dawned on me that everybody had a pretty clear idea of what they were going to do to get lined up on the obstacle, before they even got to the obstacle. Oh the wonders of modern technology.
  9. Duuuuude!!!!! On the up side, @theksmith didn't have to shower that night. Awesome videos @4x4tographer. That part of the trail looks more gnarly than the last time we were there, and the rain certainly adds to the spine-tingling fun!!
  10. Awesome photos @kaspily & @Bradywgn71 @4x4tographer. Isn't it just so amazing up there? Sorry you all ran into a storm and didn't get all the way back to the Hole-in-the-Rock. Utah weather in the springtime can be such a bugger! Looks like some offroad fun regardless. Glad you're all safe.
  11. Are you sure he didn't tell you to ba-a-a-a-a-ack up?
  12. Great to hear from you @BigTuna117. Ice storm sounds a little to heavy-duty weather-wise! Glad you're doing good and the Jeep continues to perform well for you.
  13. Great trip report @shellback91, sounds like you guys had a nice weekend. I love that area, especially the Hovatter Homestead. I spread some of my dad's ashes there right before discovering the gravesites of the father and a daughter on the hillside nearby. Always kind of got to me how they died.
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