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  1. My wife went missing. The police told me to expect the worst. So I went to Goodwill and got all her stuff back!
  2. Thanks! I read through some of reviews with pictures and could see how it gets installed, so looks like it's the right one.
  3. I'm rebuilding the double cardan joint on my front WJ driveshaft for the first time and overall things are going smoothly. The re-assembly is definitely easier than the dis-assembly! I have a question about if a seal is needed on the surface shown with the red arrows below. I know the ball-centering yoke (first pic) has needle bearings, a spring, and a seal. I think the ball contacts the surfaces with green arrows, so I plan to apply grease to those surfaces shown with green arrows, but it seems like a seal is needed to keep it clean. These are the parts I ordered from Amazon for reference: Spicer 211544X Socket Yoke Assembly Spicer 5-1310X U-Joint Kit Spicer 2-86-418 Seal Amazon recommended the seals because others order them too, but when I disassemblED the driveshaft there was no seal present, which may be why it had failed in the first place. Maybe the seal fell off...? .
  4. It was definitely a great day to be out on the trail. Thanks for allowing me to tag along and then cooking lunch for us. Wow that was above and beyond! It was great meeting you guys and I look forward to the next time. Joel was a super nice guy. I thought it was awesome he let us load those tires and he hauled them off.
  5. Hi Ryan! Nice to meet you as well. Thanks for tagging WILL E...looks like I won't have to go it alone. :)
  6. Thanks Diane! It's a bit of an older rig that rattles and squeaks a lot, but I am loving the WJ so far.
  7. Thanks for the invites! I was actually planning to join the Vulture run this Saturday, but had forgotten about my sons soccer game. I may just do a quick shakedown run through Bulldog Canyon this weekend to make sure it's trail-worthy before venturing too far outside of the valley.
  8. It's been a while and a lot of major life events has kept me away from this group, but I finally am ready to get involved! I no longer have the 4Runner, but recently picked up a 2004 WJ that I'm itching to get out in the dirt.
  9. Thanks for the warm welcome. I look forward to seeing you in the near future.
  10. Thank you! Glad to be here. And definitely look forward to getting some dirt on my "clean" rig.
  11. As a side note...here's a few pics of my Wrangler from 6-7 years ago when I lived in QC. Enjoy!
  12. I am happy to be back in the valley of the sun and ready to get back to exploring the AZ backcountry with friends and family. I previously lived in Gilbert and Queen creek for 10 years, but have been living in Portland, OR for the past 6 years. While in the PNW I had a great time exploring around the Cascades and the small coastal towns and wanted to share a few pics of my 2006 4Runner for your review. Note: The picture of the red Wrangler was taken in the hills near downtown Portland, but you can see my rig in the background, so it counts as a picture of my rig. I look forward to meeting new friends through this forum and exploring the backroads again. Have a great day! P.S...I forgot how to embed pics into the body of this post, so appreciate guidance for that.
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