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  1. Thanks for the warm welcome. I look forward to seeing you in the near future.
  2. Thank you! Glad to be here. And definitely look forward to getting some dirt on my "clean" rig.
  3. As a side note...here's a few pics of my Wrangler from 6-7 years ago when I lived in QC. Enjoy!
  4. I am happy to be back in the valley of the sun and ready to get back to exploring the AZ backcountry with friends and family. I previously lived in Gilbert and Queen creek for 10 years, but have been living in Portland, OR for the past 6 years. While in the PNW I had a great time exploring around the Cascades and the small coastal towns and wanted to share a few pics of my 2006 4Runner for your review. Note: The picture of the red Wrangler was taken in the hills near downtown Portland, but you can see my rig in the background, so it counts as a picture of my rig. I look forward to meeting new friends through this forum and exploring the backroads again. Have a great day! P.S...I forgot how to embed pics into the body of this post, so appreciate guidance for that.
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