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    My husband, Jeremy, the driver and me, Jacq, the co-pilot / spotter started getting into the offroad and overlanding lifestyle summer of 2021 after we got our 2021 Jeep JLUR, we call it Nacho Honey Badger. We are @j2dxplr on FB, IG and YouTube.

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  1. Hi everyone, sorry it took me so long to finally get to editing our trail ride video! Here it is for your entertainment, made in 4K so you can enjoy on the big screen~
  2. We have been wanting to upgrade the MetalCloak Rocksport Shocks from our 3.5” Gamechanger to an adjustable shock kit because of how often we change our setup from fully loaded overlanding gears to fully naked and daily driving. After extensive research, Teraflex Falcon SP2 3.3 Fast Adjust Piggyback Shocks was the way to go and we wanted to share with you how we installed ours in case you have similar setup with the MetalCloak Gamechanger Suspension on a Jeep JL 4 Door Rubicon. We are really happy with the upgrade! It does exactly what we were hoping for and having the flexibility to adjust the shocks for different setup and road/trail conditions is awesome. We LOVE our MC 3.5” Gamechanger Suspension, but we think this upgrade works perfect for our use case. Looking forward to hitting some more trails with the group when the weather cools~ Most of you guys are probably pros when comes to working on cars. We are still newbies, but we included a short section in the beginning on how we jack up the Jeep without a lift in case anyone on here just starting to learn how to work on cars by themselves like us would like to know. PS: This was filmed in mid April.
  3. Thank you for sharing your cool build and your experience! We actually used threaded insert nuts so they don’t slide out like the pronged tee nut would.
  4. We were trying to figure out the best way to install the ICECO Fridge Slide to the back of our Jeep JL. Goose Gear Rear Plate System without the seat delete seems to be the best option with the least amount of work. We measured and drilled holes to install the wood inserts similar to the existing Goose Gear mounting holes for their system, but sized to work better with the ICECO Fridge Slide. It all worked out quite well, except the remaining rubber mat we left from the Mopar Cargo Tray added an extra thickness to the back passenger seats, and prevented the fridge slide to fully lock in place unless you give it a good shove. We have been using this with our overland setup for a few trips now and LOVED IT! Hope this is helpful for other Jeep owners who wants to install a fridge slide but not want to be limited to using the setup by the Goose Gear drawer system.
  5. Thank you for watching and the kind words!
  6. Hi Everyone! We finally got a new video of a trail/trip report uploaded on our tiny YouTube channel! Rice Peak via FR 29. We also published a blog post on our website if you prefer to read about our Rice Peak adventure and additional information that we did not mention in the video. Now that I got this one done, I can finally start editing our very first ORP club ride - Squaw Peak To Bloody Basin Rd led by @shellback91. Please give us a watch and feel free to share any feedback on what you would like to see in our future videos and what kind of information you would like us to include. YouTube Link (available to watch in 4K!) Blog Post with additional details and photos: https://j2dxplr.com/rice-peak-through-fr-29-and-camping/
  7. It was so much fun seeing everyone and meeting more fellow ORP members! I was having too much fun hanging out and exchange stories and did not grab enough good photos while the whole crew was there.
  8. We took a weekend trip to visit Yant Flat in Utah near St George last month. We camped at the top of Badger Canyon in Marble Canyon on BLM land and found an amazing camp at the end of a fun OHV trail in Dixie National Forest and checked out Yant Flat. Our adventure pup, Zyra had a great time on this trip too. We are so lucky to have adopted her and that she turned out to be super smart and easy to train for overlanding and hiking with. This was in late February (19th and 20th) and was in the mid 30s at night and mid 70s during the day. All and all an amazing trip for such a short time. Our goal is to meet new friends here and organize small group overlanding trips in the future with folks who would like to join us on our future adventures. PS: We are planning a 5-day overlanding trip from after work on Thursday 4/7 and be back on Tuesday evening 4/12. The trip will be exploring areas around Death Valley, possibly Alabama Hills, Trona Pinnacles, and then on the way back around Valley of Fire east of Vegas. It will be a lot of wild camping, offroading (mix of easy, moderate and difficult trails), hiking and filming. Please message me if you are interested in joining us. Blog post with more detail info and additional photos for the trip: https://j2dxplr.com/weekend-overlanding-trip-marble-canyon-yant-flat/ Our YouTube video of the trip is embedded at the end of this post. Our YouTube video of the trip.
  9. Thank you Marty @shellback91 for the great trail report and leading the run. We could not have asked for a better weather and conditions. We definitely had a blast meeting the ORP family and looking forward to joining on future runs. We did not take too many photos, but grabbed some screen captures from our GoPro, phone and drone video footages. There were not an abundance of drone footages because I was voiding flying close to private lands and where there were power lines. But we got a few nice shots of the overall landscape for sure. I hope to get the video edited and published within a few weeks. There is definitely a back log of trail running videos because we are hitting new trails faster than I can edit them. Please stay tuned as I will publish the video on our YT channel - J2DXPLR. Screen captures from video footages.
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