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  1. 1986 Lowe manufacturing Superior V 14 Modified “V” aluminum boat. Advertising here first. If it does not sell, it's going on Craigslist next week for $2500. This is a commercial duty rated, double-riveted aluminum hull, designed for heavy-duty service. It is rated for max. 25 hp outboard and 725 lbs (including, all motors, equipment, & passengers) It’s a former Missouri Department of Conservation unit my Dad purchased as “hull only” at a state property auction around 1996-97, and located the trailer for it shortly thereafter. When purchased, the transom wood core was going bad & replaced, and an outboard and trolling motor were sourced. When he no longer could, I bought the boat, and fabricated 1/8 inch thick aluminum transom skin plates to both strengthen the transom, but also raise the motor to correct height for the 20 inch shafted motor he had located, (the transom is a 15 inch). Then, life happened and I lost interest. I recently located a correct length outboard (a low hours 15 inch shaft 1998 Johnson 8hp outboard, from the original owner). It had a recent water pump impellor replacement, starts easily, shifts cleanly, and it runs out as it should, and comes with a quick-disconnect 6 gallon fuel tank with good condition hoses and priming bulb. With a now-correct length motor, I trimmed the previously added skins and materials to correct the transom back to a std. 15” height and mounted the newly acquired outboard. The boat, sits on a solid condition mid 1990's single axle trailer manufactured by "Shore-Lander", with "bearing buddy" hub-covers. The, bearings were repacked and seals were replaced before I towed it out from Missouri (~ 12 years ago), and has not been to the water since. I’ve upgraded the trailer to 13" diameter radial tires and white spoke wheels, including a tongue mounted matching spare, as the 12 inch original tires were dry-rotted. I replaced the 1 7/8” coupler with a 2” coupler, moved the tail lights up high enough to keep them from being dipped in water during launch/retrieval, and added a transom-saver support bar assy. (internal spring loaded), which clips to the rear of the trailer and attaches to the motor’s lower gear-case, to reduce stress on the transom when being trailered. Included with the sale are; - a pair of marine grade foam padded folding seats (tan marine vinyl), mounted to pivoting/latching seat brackets. Seats are easily removable for storage by loosening the wing-nut adjusted clamps holding it to the aluminum bench seats - an anchor of suitable size for the boat - the aforementioned 12V trolling motor (no battery) - oars
  2. Good to hear you weren't seriously injured.
  3. Ryan, I first stumbled across the VLA about 25-ish years ago. Have been through their visitor center at least 6-7 times... Don't know why, but I am facinated by it...
  4. Just recieved this information via e-mail... LOTS of info to try to digest, but it appears closures of some of the trails some use, are about to be closed... The Bureau of Land Management Hassayampa Field Office has approved the Black Canyon Corridor Travel Management Plan. The plan establishes a balanced travel and transportation network of roads, primitive routes, trails, and areas for both motorized and non-motorized uses. This completes an interactive and public planning process that involved many agencies, various user groups and members of the public. Travel management planning includes the inventory and mapping, route designations, and other measures necessary for providing access to and across public lands for a variety of uses. “This interactive process has been a great opportunity for people to share with us how and where they use BLM lands, and in doing so helping inform a balanced land management approach for lands that the public can enjoy for various uses,” said Phoenix District Manager Leon Thomas. The plan designates 509 routes for motorized and non-motorized recreation in the Upper Agua Fria River, Bumble Bee and Lower Black Canyon travel management areas and encompasses the communities of Black Canyon City, Mayer, New River and Dewey-Humboldt in Yavapai and Maricopa counties, Arizona. Approval of this plan represents the completion of a multi-year effort that started in early 2017 with the inventory of the travel network in the Project Area. The BLM completed a 30-day public scoping period from May 8, 2017 until June 6, 2017. Two open houses were held and there were approximately 84 people in attendance. The BLM held a 30-day public review and comment period from April 23, 2018 until May 22, 2018. Two open houses were held and there were approximately 116 people in attendance. During to changing administration priorities, in late September 2018 work on the plan was suspended. The Final Environmental Assessment, Travel Management Plan, route reports and oversized maps of the travel routes have been published on the following ePlanning website at: https://go.usa.gov/xnp5H (case sensitive). For more information contact: Chris Gammage, Outdoor Recreation Planner at: 623-580-5512.
  5. Kris, The Smokies (IE: Appalachian Mtns.) and the Ozarks are VERY similar at first glance, and have nearly identical flora and fauna. The Ozarks being the oldest mtn range in the continental US, have degraded more averaging something on the order of 1/2-2/3 of the elevation gradients of Appalachia, but still a fun place to ride the "twisty's" . ;)
  6. We were rained out of going as far east (The Smokies of Tennesee & N. Carolina, as well as getting to the motorcycle museum in Birmingham, Alabama) as we had hoped due to flash flooding and heavy storm warnings in the areas we had hoped to visit, so after a few days of riding the Ozarks, it began to rain again there too, so we headed homeward... Here we are re-entering NM, just south of Antonito, CO. Next up was ride through Los Alamos National Laboratory, where upon exiting, we came across the 2nd largest Caldera in North America (the largest is in Yellowstone National Park) All in all it was a GREAT ride, and fun to open time with my nephew who lives in California... Hope to be able to get all the way on our next trip...
  7. Been home about two weeks... Attached are a few pics of our ride... First stop @ the VLA (very large array), which is a radio telescope which wa the largest in th northern hemisphere until about 8-12 years ago. Some of you may recongnize it as being the backdrop for the movie "Contact" starring jodie Foster. It is located on US 60 on the St. Augustine Plains, about 60 miles west of Socorro, NM. It was cold and raining from just shy of Payson, to Show Low, then a short break as we neared Spingervillee, then mostly rained the remainder of the way to Socorro, but the rain mostly stopped for us to get a few pics @ the VLA... This is a view looking north over the Ozark Mtn's, from Mt Magazine State Park near Talahina, OK Here we are riding the Peel, Arkansas Ferry which crosses an arm of Bull Shoals Lake on the Missouri/Arkansas border.
  8. His whole issue was being WAY too far up on the wall to his right, which essentially pitched him off the trail surface.
  9. FWIW: Those types of electrical connectors are know as "Weather-Pack" (due to the moisture sealing design (note the orange/pink seal. there is also a similar seal where the wires on BOTH ends of hte connector enter into the connector). An online search for weather-pac connectors will yield what you seek. ;)
  10. Good to see you are doing well Bill & Welcome to ORP ! ! !
  11. The guy who owned it was SADLY mis-informed on the purpose and care of the slide-friction device... (see above response to Kris's response...)
  12. EXACTLY... These units are SUPPOSED to NEVER have the friction surfaces lubricated. I suspect they were worn out and rather than replace it (~$70), the owner simply added lube to stop the noise. AND doing so made the sway control device about as effective as adding lube to brake linings... See attached link (this one from Draw-Tite Hitches), whose installation and usage instructions for this type of sway control device (item #6) clearly states that you are to NEVER lubricate the slide mechanism... https://www.draw-tite.com/product-assets/install/N83660.pdf
  13. You DO NOT have to pen a letter. A professionally worded one is available to you to read, and sign your name to, much like similar petitions, should you care to become involved as a participant for positive action...
  14. Departing in the morning with my nephew, for a couple of weeks (+/-) of two-wheeled "wind therapy", where we will be riding & visiting with fellow riding enthusiasts at a couple vintage m/cycling events we plan on visiting along the way.
  15. Further information released today indicates that NEITHER of the two people in the car saw the signs indicating the road above the falls was one way "DO NOT ENTER", as they drove up from the bottom. When it became apparent to them that they did not wish to continue, one got out of the car to guide the other in getting turned around, but the driver hugged the uphill so hard that the wheels climbed the bank uphill enough to cause it to begin to roll. Driver and the dog were both ejected, with the pup seen by a vet and released, but the 23 YO female driver was in very serious condition with multiple injuries. No real update of her condition, since yesterday. Vehicle was one of the newer small Bronco's (NOT their Wrangler competitor), and during the roll it also lost the engine, which is likely a good thing, as the more stuff that gets removed from a vehicle in a situation like this, the less total kinetic energy created by the total vehicle mass falling, which needs to be dissipated before it comes to a stop.
  16. How sad for those ignorant or addicted enough to be hooked like this...
  17. Welcome Will... Good people here...
  18. Welcome ... Hope to see you out on a trail soon...
  19. Nice shots Jim :... They are looking healthy. Must be getting plenty of water and food...
  20. This sucks for us, but we are not able to make this one... HOWEVER.... We are looking forward to at least enjoying some pic's & trip report's...
  21. Woo Hoo... Congrats ! ! !
  22. Sure, but first I would be removing some of the fluff (AKA mall-Crawler) items... NOTE: The front end sheet metal has been changed to the 1997 (& newer) style...
  23. For our longer stays on Lake Powell, where we typicaly head up the San Juan river arm of the lake, the closest ice is @ Dangling Rope Marina, which is close to 40 miles and a couple hours by water (and a $$ fuel bill). We've learned to take along a couple old moving blankets to wrap the coolers. It's made a HUGE difference in being able to conserve the ice such that we no longer need to make the $$ run for ice for our week-long trips.
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