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    Previous member back when I had a Jeep JKU. Due to work reassignment to CA I sold the Jeep and stopped all 4x4-ing activities. After retirement I purchased a Cayenne and missed off-road exploration so here I am wanting to do some very light off-roading.
  1. Scramblin_Jim

    2001 tj

    OMG Mike, I will I every locate you without the squeek?
  2. move it to the southern border and use instead of a fence. .
  3. I have two 2-gallon ones; one water, one gas. Never a bit of a problem. Had them about a year now. Taken them on several trips. Mounted using the adapter for the stock spare tire; max weight is 4-gallons worth for this carrier. I actually like them very much as they are much easier to handle than 5 gallon Jerry cans which I had before. No need to siphon out the gas with one of those gas siphon hose that rattles, just use the included spout that comes with each can. That way ya get ever drop of gas out of the container. I have a bike cable lock around them to prevent them from walking off. Only negative about them is no way to prevent someone siphoning out the gas as the cap is not locking. When not carrying the water one on the tire carrier, I just put it in the back of the Jeep. Never worry about how it is sitting back there as the cap has held without leaking in all positions. I'm thinking about getting one more of each; placing the gas containers outside and the water inside the Jeep.
  4. At the Thanksgiving I went down to the car show at the Civic Plaza and drove several cars. I did drive both the 2014 Cherokee Limited and the 2014 Grand Cherokee Limited one right after the other around the downtown Phoenix streets. Both vehicles were the 2 wheel drive versions clearly aimed at the families not offroaders. I liked the ride quality and size of the new Cherokee much better than the Grand for a seat of the pants approach to vehicle testing. Price of the two vehicles tested were in the $30's with the Grand approaching $40K! Inside the show they had a Sport version of the Cherokee that started in the mid $20's. Again I was not there to consider buying either vehicle as I am more than happy with my Rubicon and would get another Rubicon before either of these vehicles because of where I drive my Jeep. Like others have said, if you lived in the ice and snow states, then this is where the marketing is aimed at. And of course around here there are thousands of the older Grand Cherokees just commuting never to see the trails as we all do. That is the reality of the market place. If I wanted a Jeep product for my wife to drive back 'n forth to work then I would look at the new Cherokee over the Grand. . . but then again her Avalon is such a nice big reliable car that gets 24mpg in town and 38 mpg (driving sensible) when we take it on road trips. Why would I make the switch?
  5. me too, but I'm not cutting mine off. Its a badge of honor.
  6. Sadly to say I have never considered taking advantage of my 2010 Wranglers Bluetooth capabilities and tried to set something up with my phone the other day. The phone could not find my Jeep in search mode even when I press every button I could find on my Jeep's radio. Is there a code to enable the Jeep's radio to "talk" with the cell phone? If so, how is it found and done?
  7. got home about 3:30. I drive slower than Roy Karen this was a great trip. I really enjoyed it. An area I always wanted to explore but just never got around to it. Loved the Dutch Oven cooking and the cookies. Thanks for putting it together and leading. Great job!
  8. OK I'm standing down on the breakfast. I will bring the onion I was planning on using. I also have ham/cheese hours-doers. I will have 2 gallons of extra gasoline and wood. that ought to heat things up just kidding.
  9. Wellllllll, it is really breakfast food but I like breakfast anytime. Scrambled eggs with shreaded hashbrowns and sausage, onion, green chiles (mild), and shreadded cheese on top. Takes about 50 minutes to cook. I'm using a 6 qt Dutch oven. I was not planning on feeding the whole troop on this dish, just one of the pot luck items. Probably feeds 4 very hungry people, maybe 8 little old ladies Will need other dishes to provide more food for all. Not into breakfast at night, I could do something else.
  10. I'm game for either one. Dutch Oven Mt. Man Breakfast can be served for either dinner or breakfast.
  11. Yep you are correct about it not happening. Been in my house 7 years now and not a day goes by that I don't think about having the garage floor coated. Its a 3-car garage and one side is full of "junk". I recently got a storage shed and plan on this winter moving the stuff out and trying to get the third car into the garage. With all the junk in the way, it should be relative clean and free of vehicle oils and tire marks. I'm thinking of trying the U-Coat-It product and coat the one stall. http://www.ucoatit.com/2011web/main.htm Which product did you use?
  12. I find this thread most interesting as I am now starting to research out if using a iPad gen 4 would be a good solution to replacing my Toughbook. I like the idea of using the Carolina Metal Masters JK grab handle, which has a rammount connector. Looks like this is a good solution for getting the computer off the passenger seat and more at eye level. How does this setup work with a passenger in the seat? Does the location of the iPad on the mount cause the passenger a danger being too close to their knees, face, etc.? How do you keep tracking/plotting your GPS location when you do not have cell towers or internet connect? Is this where the lightening connection on the back of the iPad can be used to feed in a GPS signal like I do with my USB connection to the Toughbook? I use a Garmin GPSmap 60CSx as my GPS receiver.
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