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  1. I will probably not be updating this thread again. For those interested, the celebration continues HERE.
  2. I am unwilling to bend the principles of tread lightly, so at this time I must resign as Trail Coordinator for Offroad Passport. I do this with a heavy heart, but I leave knowing that I have been truly blessed to have met so many wonderful people here. Have fun and always be safe. I will see you on the trails.
  3. ^ As a "pickup man" I have always loved that song!
  4. Hello and welcome to the fun.
  5. Are you willing to hold hands with SCOT68 again? He might have mentioned something about that being an ideal birthday gift.
  6. My prediction is that Scott will break another U-joint and stress poor George out even more. LOL!
  7. We will probably run the trail from Catalina to Oracle since most people seem to feel that it is more interesting and challenging in that direction. I'm open to suggestions though.
  8. Can somebody please prepare Number7 for the fact that I will most likely "fall" into the huge crack again? I'm still a bit of a newb/noob, so it can't be helped. I'm kind of worried about him yelling at me and stressing out about the 10 hours and 25 minutes of daylight that we can supposedly do this run in. . . . By the way, my Jeep's rock lights are ready for our dark descent down the mountain!
  9. SCOT68 and I will be meeting at the Quik Trip gas station on Ellsworth and University around 6:10 am. From there we will travel up Ellsworth to Bush Memorial Highway. Gearhead will be meeting us at the 87 and Bush Memorial Highway, and the three of us will then wait at the usual spot for the rest of the group. Anyone else on the east side is welcome to join us on this route. Just be sure to let us know in advance so that Diane isn't worried when she takes a head count at the Shell gas station.
  10. Hello and welcome to the fun.
  11. ... Required Attendance Waiver and Emergency Information Please remember that I am required to collect a signed copy of this document from Offroad Passport members at the start of the run. CLICK HERE to read more information and download a copy that you can print yourself. I will have extra copies available at the drivers' meeting, but things go a lot faster if you bring an already signed copy with you. ... EDIT: THIS NO LONGER APPLIES, SO PLEASE IGNORE THIS POST! ...
  12. ... LO PHAT's Four Simple Rules 1) TREAD LIGHTLY! -- Keep your vehicle on the trail at all times. Don't throw any trash or cigarette butts on the ground. If you find trash along the trail please help by picking it up. 2) Keep the driver behind you in sight at all times. -- By doing this the driver behind you will know which turn you took, and you will know if he/she is experiencing any trouble. If you don't see the driver behind you stop. Don't worry about getting left behind. The driver in front of you will then also stop when he/she doesn't see you. This is often called the "rubber band" effect. The group will stretch out in the open areas and tighten back up in the twisty or difficult parts of the trail. 3) No drinking and driving. -- If you want one beer with lunch feel free to bring it. Beyond that leave the adult beverages at home. 4) Buckle up. -- Make sure that everyone in your vehicle is wearing a seat belt whenever your vehicle is in motion. ...
  13. ... It is time to celebrate! What: This will be another one of LO PHAT's crazy runs. That means you must come with a great attitude, be willing to try various challenges and obstacles, and plan for the possibility of the unexpected. Vehicle requirements are a suspension lift, 33" or larger tires, at least one locker, recovery points, and a spare tire. Where: Charouleau Gap Trail When: Saturday, February 8, 2014 We will depart as a group from the Chevron gas station on the north east corner of US-60 and Idaho at some ridiculously early hour of the morning. Plan to spend a full day on the trail, and be sure to pack accordingly. We will enjoy dinner at a Mexican restaurant before heading back home. Why: LO PHAT, Rhino, and SCOT68 want to celebrate their birthdays by wheeling a scenic Arizona trail with a few of their friends. Who: Confirmed (currently capped at lucky thirteen) LO PHAT -- green XJ Rhino -- red XJ SCOT68 -- white TJ Jeepindad -- white XJ tucsonWJ -- graphite WJ Tortured Metal -- tan LJ dustin g & Megan_G -- red ZJ Utah_jeepster -- orange TJ Rush -- white TJ BDKs93YJ -- ??? YJ My Green Jeep -- green TJ Chili -- silver JK Coocoo -- red TJ Hoping for a spot (friend of Chili) -- ??? TJ Digger -- white XJ macinyart -- white YJ Jason Ginsbach -- orange JK ** Please make sure you are familiar with and agree to LO PHAT's four simple rules (posted below). ** ...
  14. Please confirm the following people for this run: LO PHAT SCOT68 Matrix311 gearhead (riding with LO PHAT)
  15. Thank you for the awesome trip report. I enjoyed the pictures too. Would you be willing to post the pictures you had found of the dam back in the early 1900's?
  16. Now you must be demoted to the bottom of the list with the rest of us "maybes".
  17. I still can't believe that AZLugz finally let that 5.9 Limited ZJ go. It's an awesome Jeep for sure. Welcome to the Niner Club. You are going to love it!
  18. Happy birthday, Diane. Make it a great one!
  19. By the way, I think you deserve props for this totally honest answer. It sounds like you learned something in your 101 class, and that's what it's all about. Hopefully you had a lot of fun too.
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